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The Masquerade || OoC Thread || Open

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: . T h e . M a s q u e r a d e . :

Welcome to a roleplay inspired by dark psychological horror... Will you face the Eldritch?

|| Open & Accepting :: Link to the RP Thread :: Chat Box ||How this roleplay will work . . .Hello, hello dear stranger… Welcome to [The Masquerade]! Do come in, take off that coat, warm yourself up next to the fire, you must be so cold after your trek? It was sunny you say, well, well! Look at that. That chill must simply be a figment of my imagination, or do you feel it too? Never mind it, stranger, you’re here because you want to know more, right?


The world out there is a strange and unusual place. It has many things that can’t be explained, and you are right to make your way out here. Ceron is the place where many of those ‘things’ began, and where all of them will end. Do you think I’m crazy? Do you not feel those eyes that watch you as you turn off the lights to climb your stairs? Do you not feel that brush against your skin when you’re standing in a doorway wondering if you want to walk out of your house at night? Have you never once heard your name only to find out that no one called you? Didn’t you ever find it weird how certain mannerisms of your neighbours or childhood friends changed? These aren’t just incidents that you’ve made up, though you’ve likely convinced yourself that they are naught but a wild imagination. You’ve come here for answers, and answers you’ll get. The true question is ‘will you survive it?’ Can you handle the answers you seek?


Most importantly of all, in the end, will you be able to escape them?

Ceron is going to be ran sort of like a game of dungeons and dragons or a game of World of Darkness would have been run, except that there aren't any dice. This is a story of discovery, and a story that is going to be shaped by the players. Each with different tales and where one action can cause a ripple effect across the story. What your character does does matter. Your character can change the town’s perception of the strangers for the better or for the worse. Kindness is but a fickle whim in Ceron and that’s important to keep in mind.


What will take place in Ceron won’t be revealed, and where it may not be exceptional or entirely unique or ground breaking, understand that your character will go through experiences in a town of horrors. Your character may not come out human and consequences may be imposed on your character by the storyteller at different parts of the story. Your character may die; though that happening without your permission is unlikely, it is possible. However, there is one thing that I can almost guarantee, the character that walked into Ceron will not be the same walking out of Ceron if they do choose to stay the night.


I am pulling a lot of inspiration from my own mind, but also from ideas and situations as encouraged in the new World of Darkness game: Changelings the Lost. This inspiration is pulled from the dark fairy tales of old and even from old wives tales. You do not need to know any other information on these series. Actually, the least you know the more fun it may be!


This roleplay is likely going to be at a slower pace than most roleplays as well, simply because as it will be storyteller (me) dependant, I am not always around as I do work full time and do have two nights a week where I’m out of the house.


If after all this, you’re still interested, I encourage you to read on.



Welcome to . . .



Everyone who first comes here thinks that it is a beautiful village. Small. Quaint. Has that touch of simplicity. They see the rolling mountains in the distance, the beautiful beach view, our old fashioned homes, the farming fields behind the village, the village square where the musicians are always playing, and the beautiful masquerade masks upon our faces. They see our place as a sort of haven; a beautiful unofficial resort welcoming them to stay the night, to stay the week. To stay forever...


Looking at it from an outsider's point of view, I can't blame them for being enticed to stay. Years ago, this place was my safe place as well. But it's what they don't know that they should be afraid of. It's what we don't say that should make the hairs on the back of their necks rise and their skin chill. They don't see the horror in our eyes. They don't see that behind every smile there is fear.


And we can't tell them. We can't say a single word about it. Instead, we have to welcome them. We have to be kind and warm to them. We have to smile, laugh, and bring them in the square to dance all day. To make them lose themselves in the moment. We have to keep them there until the sun begins to set and as the air gets colder, and once the darkness falls, they'll be stuck here forever.

Here are the things that you need to know about Ceron:
  1. The town has a population of about 200 people.
  2. Everyone who is a citizen of Ceron wears a masquerade mask. Those masquerade masks range from a simple eye mask with feathers to a full facial mask. Most of the masks seen are completely unique.
  3. The citizens your character will encounter on the streets are all dressed to the nines in ball gowns and clothes ranging from the Medieval to the Victorian area. The people in the shops are generally dressed casually.
  4. Most of the buildings are made of stone or brick, especially in the center of Ceron. It’s only along the sidestreets where you’ll find wooden houses; they’re kept out of sight from the courtyard.
  5. There are musicians playing in the village square starting from mid day well into the early hours of the morning and people can always be found dancing in the square to the music.
  6. On the outskirts of the village are the farm lands. Beyond them, you can find the mountains and a few wooded walking trails. On the other end is the beach. Jump on in! The water’s always warm.
  7. There is a cemetery that lines the right side of the village. It holds the biggest house that serves not only as a bed and breakfast, but also as a little gift shop. Their cemetery is more decorative than most. Rather than being place of mourning, it’s decorated as a place of celebration with statues, large trees, and seating areas.
  8. You’ll find gift stores, old fashioned tailors and cobblers, bakeries, mask shops, a costume shop, many small bed and breakfasts, and an apothecary in the village.
  9. There is no internet in Ceron nor is there any cell phone reception.


It started with a bus ride . . .

I found the advertisement for it on the internet, though the girl sitting across from me told me that she found it in a magazine. “Welcome to the Masquerade!” it read, adding on later on that it was one of the most beautiful places to visit. I suppose what really brought me here was the fact that I needed a vacation and that the price was really cheap. So I took the bus out to Illune and caught the bus to Ceron from there.


I’m not sure what to expect, but the reviews online said that it’s going to be a party. Someone even dared to say that it’s the trip of a lifetime. I don’t think it’ll be that good, but it’s my chance to get away for a couple of weeks. The pictures were all surreal too. Who knows, maybe it’s going to be just that memorable.


The bus driver said it’s going to be a seven hour bus ride. I suppose I’ve had worse.

Your characters are going to arrive in Ceron on the bus from Illune. It’s an uncommon shuttle that only comes twice during the summer to take people in and out of the village and there’s been advertisements appearing up online, spreading across the radios, and even some found in various magazines. Edited by Khallayne

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The roleplayers . . .

  1. Khallayne :: Storyteller [Ilys Webb]
  2. Mistress of Whispers :: Player [Lee-Anne 'Wisperlee' Mayland]
  3. Mousia :: Player [Jennifer 'Jen' Klein]
  4. XiaoChibi :: Player [Eden]
  5. Reserved :: Kingcobra2018
  6. Reserved :: Psycho Cat
  7. Reserved :: RainDash
  8. Open
  9. Open
  10. Open
  11. Open


The people of Ceron . . .

It started with a smile, that soft warm smile that lured me towards the dance floor. The next thing I knew, her arms were up in the air and she was spinning, and I was dancing circles around her. Everyone around me was laughing and then every thought of worry or fear escaped. The weight of the rest of my responsibilities was gone. Here, all I had to do was dance. It was alluring, seductive… Promising.


I never wanted to leave.

Below I’ll list to you the types of people that can be found inside of Ceron and what marks them apart from the others. However, this list will be short at the beginning and added to as the roleplay continues.
  1. Citizens :: The citizens of Ceron are recognized by their masquerade masks. None of them are ever seen without them and they wouldn’t dare consider taking it off. Most citizens are known as friendly and kind hearted. Being hospitable is a way of life for these people and they’ll share their traditions with anyone who will give them the time of day. ** Not open for character creation at this time. **
  2. Tourists :: The tourists are the people coming off of the bus. They’re all varied and each have their own reasons why they wanted to visit. ** Open for character creation. **


The rules . . .

There was something in her eyes when she asked me for the fourth time if I really wanted to keep dancing. She had invited me out here but there was this nagging feeling that she didn’t want me outside. I couldn’t understand why. The night was beautiful. The music had snared me in its web. Just one more dance, I promised her, then we could go in.


I didn’t even notice when the sun began to rise.

The rules below are split into categories. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.



  1. Be courteous of your fellow RPers.
  2. No powerplaying, godmoding, metagaming, or any other negative-gaming things.

    + Unless both players are in agreement that this is allowed.

  3. If you notice someone breaking the rules, please send me a PM.


  1. Please first PM me your character application.
  2. Once I've given the approval, I ask that you post your character application into the OoC Thread.
  3. Currently only tourists are available for play.
  4. You may have up to two characters to begin, this number will change in the future.
  5. There is no limit on how short or how long your character description has to be.
  6. Each field must have a written out description, whether that’s keywords or sentences. If you provide a picture, I still request that you write out a description as it is easier to reference quickly.
  7. All images must be linked, unless you have an image that is modest in size as a posting header.

Joining & Starting

  1. Your character must be approved before roleplaying.
  2. Your first RP post you write should be an introduction to what brought your character to Ceron.

    +This should introduce your character, a touch on how they think, and show what they're like. Everything you can think of goes here.

  1. Interaction is key. Give your roleplay partners something to work with and join into the events. Don't sit on the sidelines waiting for someone to reach out to you.
  2. OoCly Tag roleplayers who you are posting with at the start of your post.
  3. There is no global posting order in the roleplay. However, please give those that you’ve tagged in a post 24 hours to reply.
  • To describe tagging to those who aren't familiar with it, tagging is when you say who your character is interacting with, or who your character focused on. You can tag more than one person. You would tag a character or that character’s roleplayer above a post by writing within OoC comments “Tag: -list names-“.


An example of a tag is listed below. For this example, say I'm writing with:

  • Storm who roleplays Mike and Susan,

Jenna who roleplays Lorn and Risk, and

Night who roleplays Joren and Danny.

{{ Tag: Susan, Lorn, Risk, and Danny. }}

IC Notes
  1. Your characters may die. It’s unlikely without your approval, but it’s there.

    + Members are not allowed to kill off the characters of other members without permission. As Storyteller, however, if you put your character in a situation where they can be killed, your characters may die. You will be given a warning.

  2. I will be hosting IC ‘Events’ where a post will follow an event template. Each event will have a risk factor and a title. The risk factor will show how likely your character is to get hurt in the event.
Edited by Khallayne

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The character profile . . .


Character Name - Self explanatory

user posted image|: Concept - The concept should be a few short words describing your character or the inspiration that came to make your character. See below for an example profile. :|

user posted image|: Gender - Self explanatory :: Age - Self explanatory :|

user posted imageRoleplayed by your username



What does your character look like? Are there any distinguishing marks? Any visible ticks that they do? How do they walk? How do they hold themselves? Do they look confident or do they come off as hesitant about themselves. An appearance can say a thousand words about a character. Feel free to write as much or as little as you want. However, I do request that you write out an appearance. If you want to provide a picture, please link it before or after your description. Do not use a picture as your whole appearance.



How does your character act? Is she confident, rebellious, a hopeless romantic looking to find true love? What kind of traits does he have and how does he react under pressure? Does he believe in the occult or not? Whatever you wish to write about how your character is and who your character is, is what I want to see.



What do you want us to know about your character’s past? Were they from a stable household or a broken one? Did they have it easy? Were they wealthy or poor? Did they have any kind of schooling?



If there is anything else that you want to add about your character.


The Good

Skills [ List up to three skills or traits that they’re good at. Whether that’s good with computers, good at recalling memories in duress, decent at cooking, a marathon runner, etc. ]

Personality [ List up to three traits that you would define as your characters strengths personality wise. Perserverance, courageous, knows when to flee instead of fight? ]

Likes [ List three things that your character likes. ]

Other [ If there is anything else that you want as a strength or good trait that isn’t defined in the other categories. Up to three. ]


The Bad

Skills [ List up to three skills or traits that your character isn’t good at. These must be equal to their strengths. If you give your character three skills, they must have three things that they’re bad at. ]

Personality [ List up to three traits that you would define your character as having. Whether they’re flaws or vices. ]

Dislikes [ List three things your character doesn’t like. ]

Fears [ List two fears that your character has. ]

Other [ If there is anything else that you want to add that isn’t defined by the other categories. Up to three. ]


Permissions and Limits

For context, in this roleplay your character may go through some changes as they have to try and survive Ceron. Ceron is a dark fantasy world. Throughout the roleplay, your character will come across situations where the world will have a residual effect and influence your character. Your character may change whether it’s an appearance, an ability, or turning into some sort of monster/monstrosity. Just keep in mind that none of these things will likely benefit your character. They’ll be consequences from their stay in Ceron. It’s all part of the horror, after all!


Permissions [ Do you give me permission to do these changes? With your consent or without your consent? Do you want me to run them by you first or would you like this to remain a surprise? If you say no, your character will remain completely human throughout. ]

Limits [ If this is a yes, what are your limits to the changes? Are there things that you don’t want to happen to your character? ]


Events [ Things may happen where your character may be the first to see or hear things, or feel something that isn’t there. Do you want to receive these prompts at all? If so, would you like them PMed to you or posted in the thread as a roleplay prompt? ]



[SIZE=5][b]Character Name[/b] [/SIZE]
[IMG=http://i50.tinypic.com/23k27n4.png]|: Concept :|
[IMG=http://i50.tinypic.com/23k27n4.png][SIZE=1]|: Gender :: Age :|[/SIZE]
[IMG=http://i50.tinypic.com/23k27n4.png][size=1][b]Roleplayed by[/b] username[/size]





[SIZE=4]The Good[/SIZE]
Skills [ up - to - three ]
Personality [ up - to - three ]
Likes [ one - two - three ]
Other [ up - to - three ]

[SIZE=4]The Bad[/SIZE]
Skills [ up - to - three ]
Personality [ up - to - three ]
Dislikes [ one - two - three ]
Fears [ one - two ] 
Other [ up - to - three ] 

[SIZE=4]Permissions and Limits[/SIZE]
For context, in this roleplay your character may go through some changes as they have to try and survive Ceron. Ceron is a dark fantasy world. Throughout the roleplay, your character will come across situations where the world will have a residual effect and influence your character. Your character may change whether it’s an appearance, an ability, or turning into some sort of monster/monstrosity. Just keep in mind that none of these things will likely [i]benefit[/i] your character. They’ll be consequences from their stay in Ceron. It’s all part of the horror, after all!

Permissions [ permission ]
Limits [ limits ]
Events [ events ]


The mini profile . . .

A mini-profile will be listed in the roleplay thread. These will be formatted to all look the same, and should be shorter than your character profiles, but they should link to the appropriate posts where people can find everything easily. Please follow the form. The blurb is your choice what you want to write in it. The URL section will be filled by me once everything is set up.

profile✘✘✘ Khay ✘✘✘ beginning


『 ♀♀ 』✘✘✘ 『 Inquisitive 』✘✘✘ 『 Stubborn 』✘✘✘ 『 Self-doubting 』❝ Brushy. Brushy! BRUSHY! ❞✘✘✘
  • A young woman who has more than a small knack at getting herself in trouble. Khay took the trip to Ceron to get away from everything. She wanted some peace and quiet with nothing more to do at the beach. <-- Can have anything written here in any format about your character. It's your blurb.
            • ⤷ Khallayne
[list][list][size=5]ღ[/size] [size=1][url=PROFILE URL]profile[/url][/size][color=white]✘✘✘[/color] [size=5]CHARACTER NAME[/size] [color=white]✘✘✘[/color] [size=1][url=LINK TO OPENING PARAGRAPH]beginning[/url][/size] [size=5]❣[/size]
[list][list][size=1]『 ♀♀ /♂♂ 』[color=white]✘✘✘[/color] 『 Trait 』[color=white]✘✘✘[/color] 『 Trait 』[color=white]✘✘✘[/color] 『 Trait 』[/size]
[list][i]❝Character Quote.❞[/i][/list][/list][/list]
[list]Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character. Blurb about your character.
[list][list][list][list][list]⤷ roleplayer[/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

Edited by Khallayne

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Canons and NPCs . . .

These are the people who you’ll meet in the roleplay who’ll either be a citizen of Ceron or have some sort of importance. Some of these characters may become adoptable at a later date. More will be added with time.

✘✘✘ Tay ✘✘✘


『 ♂♂ 』✘✘✘ 『 Quiet 』✘✘✘ 『 Diligent 』✘✘✘ 『 Sympathetic 』❝Going to the middle of nowhere, huh. I know the feeling. ❞✘✘✘
  • Tay is the driver who drives the bus to Ceron. He’s in his late 50s and his graying brown hair and a knowing smile. He tries to be social (as it comes with the job) but he’s a rather quiet guy. He’ll ask but he’ll never pry. He’s likely to sympathize with people. He says that he’s been bringing people up these parts for the past twenty years and has great things to say about Ceron. But there’s this tiredness in his eyes that shows that his age may be catching up to him.
            • ⤷ NPC canon character

✘✘✘ Allita ✘✘✘


『 ♀♀ 』✘✘✘ 『 Caring 』✘✘✘ 『 Gentle 』✘✘✘ 『 Town greeter 』❝Come, lose yourself in the music! Make this place your home. ❞✘✘✘
  • Red hair, brown eyes, about 5’3”, fair skinned –

The first thing people will ever notice about Allita is her smile, it’s a soft, warm look that she holds for the visitors of Ceron. Allita is the village greeter and takes her duties very seriously. She’s always found near the village gates. Though on the surface she is a very sweet, kind and gentle woman, there is this sort of coldness to her. It’s a feeling that creeps up on people like a ghost of a touch running down your neck. If anyone needs help, though, she’s the one to ask. There’s nothing about Ceron that she isn’t aware of.

          • ⤷ NPC canon character

✘✘✘ Ira ✘✘✘


『 ♂♂ 』✘✘✘ 『 Charming 』✘✘✘ 『 Patient 』✘✘✘ 『 Warm 』❝Look at you, darling. Don’t you just look beautiful. ❞✘✘✘
  • Brown hair, blue eyes, tall with a bit of delicacy –

Ira is the mask maker of Ceron. He’s a charming young man whose door is always welcome to those who would like to join in on the masquerade. He’s one of those people who come off as if he’s trying to hard but it isn’t difficult to see that his intentions are always the best. Known as an optimist, Ira tries to see the beauty in everyone and only wants to accentuate that in his masks. His voice is always warm, almost mesmerizing.

          • ⤷ NPC canon character

✘✘✘ Ace ✘✘✘


『 ♀♀ 』✘✘✘ 『 Cold 』✘✘✘ 『 Secretive 』✘✘✘ 『 Passionate 』❝Don’t say a word. You’ll just ruin this moment. ❞✘✘✘
  • Blond hair, green eyes, tall, a little heavy set –

Ace is a musician and it’s clear that that is entirely what she’s centered her life around. Her love for the violin is known to be stronger than any love that she could possibly have for anyone else. Her personality is one of secrecy and distance, but the warmth that flows through her music is impossible to miss. It has this attraction to it, a sort of passion that wraps a person up in the warmth. Her music is said to make all the troubles disappear while she plays. She can be found in the courtyard under the pavilion day and night.

          • ⤷ NPC canon character

✘✘✘ Lorn ✘✘✘


『 ♂♂ 』✘✘✘ 『 Bubbly 』✘✘✘ 『 Carefree 』✘✘✘ 『 Attentive 』❝Stop. Just stop. You worry too much. Look around you, what do you have to worry about? ❞✘✘✘
  • Black hair, dark brown eyes, short –

Lorn doesn’t try to impress anyone. He is comfortable in who he is and there’s no if ands or buts about it. He wants to be everyone’s friend and doesn’t want to leave anyone behind. However, perhaps the easiest thing to see about him is that he doesn’t believe in setting limits for yourself. He’s easy to talk to and willing to spend those minutes with anyone need an ear to listen to them. He’s the owner of a bed and breakfast near the main entrance.

          • ⤷ NPC canon character
Edited by Khallayne

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Character trackers . . .

A character tracker is a place where you can keep track of details about your character. Whether that’s character goals, equipment the character possesses, etc. is up to you. You can keep track of character relationships, or what has happened to your character, or anything you want. When you update that post, I just ask that you post in the thread saying so. That will allow me to just take a quick glance and double check the information. This is entirely optional.

  1. KhallayneLink to post
  2. Mistress of WhispersLink to post
  3. MousiaLink to post
  4. Roleplayer name – Link to post
  5. Roleplayer name – Link to post
  6. Roleplayer name – Link to post
The format of the content in your post is irrelevant. However, please title the top of your information post as:
[size=7]Character tracker . . .[/size]



The characters . . .

profile✘✘✘ Ilys Webb ✘✘✘ beginning


『 ♀♀ 』✘✘✘ 『 Worn 』✘✘✘ 『 Diligent 』✘✘✘ 『 Baker 』❝It’s not better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. People who say as much are trying to convince you that it’ll be okay. It isn’t. It’ll never be.❞✘✘✘
  • Ilys is a widow who is looking to forget. She wants to forget her loss, to forget her hurt. She knows that she can’t cope with what has happened and though it happened three years ago, she hasn’t been able to move on. Ilys wasn’t always a nice person though she did have good intentions. The loss of her wife made her feel as if the world had something against her. The pity from the people around her has made her bitter. It’s closed her off and allowed her to bury herself into her work. There’s a part of her that wants to do better and to be better, but trusting people again has been difficult and she’s not sure if she’s ready to let anyone else in close, friend or otherwise.
            • ⤷ Khallayne
profile✘✘✘ Jennifer "Jen" Klein ✘✘✘ beginning


『 ♀♀ 』✘✘✘ 『 Creative 』✘✘✘ 『 Fit 』✘✘✘ 『 Hardworking 』❝I believe concretely in three graces: a comfy chair, a novel or two, and a really dashing cup of tea.❞✘✘✘
  • Jennifer Klein: a paradox woman. One part head-bower, order-taker, and hard worker. One part rebel, visionary, and activist. Depending on the day and circumstance, all of these things apply, though almost never within the same twelve-hour span.

As for appearance, Jen is of average weight and stature, though her body is toned and fit due to the sports she does and her workout habits. She has thin, dark brown hair that goes a little beyond her shoulder and light brown eyes that nearly always sparkle with childish delight. Her skin is on the paler side and it devoid of freckles or beauty marks, though she does have birthmarks here or there. Her clothes often consist of loose, pastel blouses and pencil skirts or dress pants or a nice pastel dress. She often wears simple high heels or flats with this. Otherwise, she wears athletic clothes. Namely, yoga pants or running shorts with a T-shirt or tank top and sneakers. If you see her in neither of those, it's probably because she's in her pajamas at home with book in hand.

She works at a small book publishing office as an editor-in-training. The woman plans to become editor-in-chief and perhaps even CEO, though those goals are far-flung and she is aware of the time it will take of them to even possibly be attained. However, she is also fit and active in her free time and goes for runs every morning before work. After work, she goes to the gym on Tuesdays and Fridays, as well as playing dodge ball at a women's athletics center on Wednesdays. She lives a typical kind of life and would be perfectly happy to continue living that way. Although this is her desire in life, the woman's fate is drastically altered when her mentor suggests a vacation to improve her performance. Due to several advertisements for a Ceron holiday, she decides to visit the quaint city (and it is awfully quaint) for a time. However, she doesn't realize the horrors of the place, what sorts of atrocities await her after her first night...

          • ⤷ Mousia
profile✘✘✘ Wisperlee (Lee-Anne Mayland) ✘✘✘ beginning


『 ♀♀ 』✘✘✘ 『 Intelligent 』✘✘✘ 『 Charming 』✘✘✘ 『 Adventurous 』❝ Frak! ❞✘✘✘
  • Curiousity got the cat, or in this case: is
about to get the cat. Prying a little too deeply in other people's business, Wisperlee is now cooling her heels in Ceron until 'certain offended parties' lose interest in her.
          • ⤷ Mistress of Whispers
profile✘✘✘ Eden ✘✘✘ beginning


『♂♂ 』✘✘✘ 『 Quiet 』✘✘✘ 『 Jaded 』✘✘✘ 『 Cranky 』❝Paradise. That's something that I've yet to feast my eyes upon in this world.❞✘✘✘
  • A young man that has yet to see the true meaning of life. He's in his mid twenties' and is a writer with a bad case of writer's block, and is also a pianist and artist. Ever since he found out the meaning of his name at a young age, Eden has been on a quest to find paradise, a place where he can be free. Eden has decided to go to Ceron so he could sketch and paint the landscape, and maybe his muse would be revived while he's at it.
            • ⤷ XiaoChibi
Edited by Khallayne

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Character tracker . . .



- phone

- laptop & usb sticks

- photo/video camera

- carry-on toolkit

- flashlight

- paperback novels: Catcher in the Rye, Star Trek Novel, The Wasteland

- Gummi Worms

- Bottle of water

- Keys

- Wallet on a chain: cash, credit card, driver's license, student ID, guitar plectrum & expired all-week pass to a paintball hall

- Multi-tool on chain: large blade, small blade, LED light, saw, scissors, screwdriver, slotted driver, bottle opener, can opener, corkscrew, file, awl and leather puncher


People Met

- Nora: bossy, rude, arrogant, but a challenge


Places Explored




Wisperlee (real name: Lee-Anne Mayland)

user posted image|: Veronica Mars' meets 'Gossip Girl' meets 'Hackers' :|

user posted image|: Female : 21 :|

user posted imageRoleplayed by Mistress of Whispers



Wisperlee is a little shorter than average (1.63m or 5'4") with a lithe, athletic build (she jogs every morning and plays on the university dodgeball team). Her beach blonde hair is styled in a choppy, uneven bob which is cut shorter in the back and longer in the front. Her bangs, dyed bright blue, fall from the right of her forehead to the left of her chin. Her eyes are a very dark blue, bordering on dark violet, and while she keeps the rest of her make-up neutral, she emphasizes her eyes. Her nails are painted to match the blue in her hair. In Ceron's pleasant temperatures, she wears faded jeans (both blue and black) with a tight t-shirt. In the evening, when it gets colder, she might wear a faux-leather jacket decorated with a host of buttons that range from simple smilies and logos, to slogans like 'Save the whales!' and 'Free Tibet!'



While she keeps her secrets close to her chest, Wisperlee has an otherwise outgoing and winning personality. She is naturally nosy and loves exploring, especially in places where she's not supposed to be. Stubborn and inclined to face her fears head-on, she often forgets that 'discretion is the better part of valour'.



Combining an innate talent for uncovering secrets with a budding skill at hacking computers and websites, Lee-Anne Jones ran an anonimous gossip blog about her highschool peers. Her information was never wrong and between the blog's insane popularity and ad revenu, Lee-Anne made a tidy profit.

Highly intelligent, Lee-Anne went on to study Languages, Cryptography and IT at a Michigan Institute for Technology (MIT). With her hacking skills more finely honed and wanting to move beyond mere gossip (both for the challenge and greater profits) she started hacking companies and selling the information to their rivals.

It started out small with personnel files and such, but in a few years she was moving onto company secrets. Predictably, at one point she stole information from the wrong people (or maybe she sold it to them; Lee-Anne is still not sure whether the people folllowing her are her victims or her clients). Once she realized the van parked outside her building at all hours and following her around was NOT the goverment, she decided it would be best to leave town for a while.

After considering and discarding several 'holiday destinations' (she would have loved visiting Bermuda, but felt that travel arrangements that did not require an ID - aka bus as opposed to plane - would serve better in shaking her pursuers) Lee-Anne finally settled on Ceron. The little town sounds lovely and surely a place where people go masked all the time must be full of secrets to keep her inquisitive mind busy. She has taken on the name Wisperlee (a very old and discarded hacker alias) to further throw her pursuers off the trail.


Other (Equipment)

Wisperlee carries an off-the-shoulder bag, modified from an old US Mail post bag, containing her phone, laptop (boy, is she in for a surprise), several USB sticks, photo- and video camera, small carry-on toolkit, flashlight, bottle of water, spare clothes, three tattered paperbacks (Catcher in the Rye, a Star Trek novel and The Wasteland), packet of gummi worms and keys to her student dorm room. She keeps a small wallet (containing cash, credit card, driver's license, student ID, a guitar plectrum and an expired all-week pass to a paintball hall) and 13-tool Swiss knife (large blade, small blade, LED light, saw, scissors, screwdriver, slotted driver, bottle opener, can opener, corkscrew, file, awl and leather puncher) on a chain in her pants' pocket.


The Good

Skills: Computers (specialty: hacking), Athletics (specialty: thrown), Subterfuge (specialty: discerning lies, half-truth and omissions)

Personality: Courageous, Inquisitive, Outgoing.

Likes: Uncovering secrets, Music (she plays the guitar), Sci-Fi (especially Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica).

Other: While Wisperlee has no pro-active combat skills (though she does have excellent aim and might be able to work with that), she does have an inner drive that keeps her going through rough situations and physical confrontations. She's also multi-lingual and has some experience with cryptography.


The Bad

Skills: Medicine (can barely apply a band-aid), Outdoor Survival (wouldn't recognize poison ivy if it hit her in the face), Art (can't draw, sculpt, etc).

Personality: Stubborn, Does not acknowledge discretion as the better part of valour, Does not conform.

Dislikes: Judgemental people (even if they essentially paid her bills when she ran her gossip blog), Emo people ('life is beautiful, stop sulking!'), Bullies.

Fears: 'Nothing!' That is to say; as a genuinely courageous person, Wisperlee has never encountered a fear that she could not conquer. What she doesn't realize is that she fears *boredom*; a life where everything has been explored and nothing is new. She also fears being completely alone - not being temporarily cut off from others, but the loneliness that comes with being the only person left.

Other: When it comes to danger, Wisperlee has a 'first in, last out' attitude and will protect others before she protects herself. This might be excellent for the survival of the group, but it's potentially (very) bad for the survival of Wisperlee herself. Also, while she's intelligent, she has come to rely so much on online resources that she's hopeless when it comes to looking information up in books.


Permissions and Limits

Permissions: Yes!

Player input - Given her personality, I think a development to 'keeper of secrets' would be cool. Developments could be that she somehow *needs* to uncover secrets as sustenance, or that she *cannot* willingly divulge a secret even if it is in her own interest to do so. But I'm definitely open to other ideas!

Limits: I've explored several 'gloomy, emo' characters already and as such, those currently hold less interest for me. I also don't mind things happening that are unpleasant ic (I love 'Call of Cthulhu', as an indication), but would appreciate it if they are fun/challenging ooc (i.e. leaves room for character development, doesn't railroad me, doesn't completely change the feel of the character).

Events: I love getting prompts! I have no preference for receiving them in post or through pm - whichever is more fun for the other players (aka maintains the suspense, but also doesn't have them left out).

Edited by Mistress of Whispers

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Character tracker...



  • get rid of slight writer's block
  • find inspiration
  • make friends
  • have fun on holiday


  • got on bus to Ceron


  • tie-dye suitcase
    • clothing
    • hairdryer
    • laptop and charger
    • several novels to be edited
    • nailpolish
    • knitting needles and yarn
  • purse
    • umbrella
    • iPod and earbuds
    • wallet with money, bus pass, and I.D.
    • brownie
    • pen and paper
    • makeup
    • razor
    • plastic fork


No information.


Jennifer "Jen" Klein

user posted image|: Dedicated Bibliophile :|

user posted image|: Female :: 24 :|

user posted imageRoleplayed by Mousia



Jen is a typical Caucasian woman. She has dark brown hair that is often worn down, light brown eyes, pale-ish skin, and an average stature and weight. Her eyebrows are shaped and she uses makeup, but has made no other major changes to her appearance, having had no "cosmetic procedures" done. The woman has never broken a bone or anything similar, giving her a strong bone structure. She used to play women's hockey in high school and college, as well as softball in college. She still plays dodge ball on Wednesdays after work. Her avid love of sports and being active has shaped her figure, as is easily imaginable.



Jen is the type of person to remain active and fit, but that is not the center of her life. The woman actually prefers a nice cup of tea on a chilly day and huddling to herself in an armchair with a good novel in hand. Due to this passion for literature, she's an editor-in-training at a small publishing office with slow-by-steady business.


Personally, she is quite the bibiophile, as anyone with half a brain would discover upon meeting her. She always have a book in hand, on her mind, or on her lips. That is to say, the only times Jen isn't directly relating to books is when she's sleeping. Even in times when it would seem inappropriate, Jen is relating an experience to something she'd read. Hard to avoid, with the sheer amount of things that had caught hold of her attention through choice or through trade. It doesn't bother her, though. Not many things do.



Her life as a child was a good one, though they often lived paycheck to paycheck, so to speak. She learned to read and write at an early age and has been focused solely on language from that time. While she was good at school and academics in general, her true passion had always been in literature. She had two older brothers, Robert (oldest) and Jacob (middle). They got her into sports - principally hockey. There she excelled and her standing with her brothers was good. As for her parents... Her fathers were Lucas and Wendel Klein. All three of the children were biologically related to one father or the other and were birthed by a surrogate who was very kind but had no means to mother them or otherwise be a part of their lives. Jen's own biological father was Wendel Klein, but she had no favorite.


After attending a well-known college, she went her own way to live in a city far from where she was born and raised. There, she began her life as an editor and found her place. She does still maintain a healthy relationship with her brothers and fathers.


She had begun a novel of her own about a man who discovers an Alice in Wonderland-type rabbit hole (which, admittedly, wasn't coming along as quickly as she had hoped) when she decided that a vacation was in order. While Jen is usually not the type to take vacations, she was told by her mentor that taking some time off could improve her performance. The adverts for Ceron kept popping up on her computer and, being easily persuaded by the hype, she decided on that as an appropriate destination.



Nothing outstanding at the moment.


The Good

Skills [ photographic memory - fit and active - quick-witted ]

Personality [ patient - fun-loving - hardworking ]

Likes [ books - tea - comfort ]

Other [ none ]


The Bad

Skills [ withholding truth - time management - poker face ]

Personality [ fearful - controlling - resentful ]

Dislikes [ incomplete things - brats - those born wealthy ]

Fears [ fires (pyrophobic) - water (hydrophobic) ]

Other [ none ]


Permissions and Limits

For context, in this roleplay your character may go through some changes as they have to try and survive Ceron. Ceron is a dark fantasy world. Throughout the roleplay, your character will come across situations where the world will have a residual effect and influence your character. Your character may change whether it’s an appearance, an ability, or turning into some sort of monster/monstrosity. Just keep in mind that none of these things will likely benefit your character. They’ll be consequences from their stay in Ceron. It’s all part of the horror, after all!


Permissions [ I am alright with most changes to her character, but I wouldn't like to by notified and checked-with first. But I'm easygoing. ]

Limits [ I would like for Jen to maintain at least a bit of her morality in a sense that she has the capability to be horrified, scared, and emotional as normal. Other than that, I'm all for giving her multiple personalities or anything you could come up with. As for her body... I'd prefer a humanoid type of look and an ability to speak, but I'm okay with a wide variety of things. ]

Events [ So much win right here. But yes. If those could be PMed to me, it'd be great. ]

Edited by Mousia

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Ilys Webb

user posted image|: Worn Wander :|

user posted image|: Female :: 28 :|

user posted imageRoleplayed by Khallayne



Ilys has a head of thick black hair that falls down to her waist. It’s always tied up in a ponytail with the same off-white scrunchy that she’s had for years. She has narrow caramel coloured brown eyes that look weathered and aged before her years. She’s light on her feet and stands at 5’6” tall. She’s a rather shapeless woman who has a stronger upper build from years of working in a bakery. She’s usually found wearing things that are practical and sturdy versus something that just looks pretty.



Ilys was once a spirited young woman with a strong passion for life and work. She had a strong set of morals and ideals; she was by the book. Open of heart to any who needed someone to listen, but silently quick to judge those who didn’t fit the mold she believed in. She wasn’t a saint by any means, easily a person who would look down to those who didn’t conform to the standards of society or who lived on the streets. She felt that people chose the path they walked and it was because of their choices that they had ended up there. However, though she held herself on a higher moral ground than others, she was a hard worker and was willing to overlook those who had ‘wronged’ and who had ‘ruined’ their lives. Ilys would give in any way that she could, whether that was always having a few extra helpings of soup and bread from her home for those who needed it or by donating what she could to those who didn’t have it. She genuinely wanted to be a great neighbor and someone who did good things. She just had her downfalls.


After the loss of her wife, Ilys withdrew from the rest of the people around her and buried herself into the bakery to lessen her pain. It made her more hesitant to open her heart again and she became someone who was petrified to lose again. She doesn’t try to create many relationships or to find many friends because there’s always that doubt that it isn’t going to last and she doesn’t believe herself capable of picking up the pieces. But amidst the pain, she’s still a diligent woman who will throw her all into anything that she attempts to do. Above all else, she also wants to be able to move on.



Ilys grew up in a well to-do family. They weren’t rich but they were well off. She was never short for food and rarely had to go without something. Her parents were Amita and Eden Thynne, and she was the middle child (but first daughter) in a family of 6. James, Lucas, Elliot, and Bray for her brothers from oldest to youngest, and her sister Piper. She then lived a regular and healthy childhood. She went to school, listened to music and had friends.


She met Nathalie Webb when she was 16 in high school and she’d tell you that it was love at first sight. They married when she was 21. Managed to save up to buy a bakery with the help of their families at the age of 22, and started their own little bread and pastry store. They had their happily ever after until the winter when Ilys was 25, where Nathalie got into a fatal car accident and didn’t survive past the week.


Ilys kept the bakery and has been trying to piece her live together ever since, but she’s only been a shadow of her former self.



None at the moment


The Good

Skills [ baking – lying – time management ]

Personality [ patient - caring - diligent ]

Likes [ sweets - music –family ]

Other [ none ]


The Bad

Skills [ honesty - driving - organization ]

Personality [ mistrustful - judgmental – self-centered ]

Dislikes [ blood - couples – creepy crawlies ]

Fears [ car accidents – pain ]

Other [ ghost stories ]


Permissions and Limits

For context, in this roleplay your character may go through some changes as they have to try and survive Ceron. Ceron is a dark fantasy world. Throughout the roleplay, your character will come across situations where the world will have a residual effect and influence your character. Your character may change whether it’s an appearance, an ability, or turning into some sort of monster/monstrosity. Just keep in mind that none of these things will likely benefit your character. They’ll be consequences from their stay in Ceron. It’s all part of the horror, after all!


Permissions [ All and everything! ALL THE DESTRUCTION… Considering I’m the storyteller. ]

Limits [ Read into my thoughts. Stare deeply into my eyes. You know them. It’s through osmosis. ]

Events [ Alas, I’m not applicable for these. ]

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Just a note to anyone following, I got the intro up so anyone is free to begin bringing in characters and posting. =) This roleplay is officially started!


Edit: Also, I don't know how much information you guys want on the back story of the NPCs. Is that hinting enough and you'd like it to continue that way? Would you like more? Is that too much?


Edit 2: Also got us a cbox. Don't know if we're going to us it... But I figured I may as well just in case. Cbox.

Edited by Khallayne

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Character tracker . . .




user posted image|: On the quest for paradise and is that you, Heichou?!:|

user posted image|: Male :: 25 :|

user posted imageRoleplayed by XiaoChibi



Eden has black hair that's styled as an undercut and grey eyes with dark bags underneath. He usually wears clothing that range from black, grey, and white, but is open to other colors. He dislikes neon, though. A quirk of his is to wear a monochrome checkered scarf that he received on his 12th birthday, so the scarf has the "well loved" charm to it. To his dismay (and slight embarrassment), his height is below average, and is around 5'5 1/2". In order to "fix" his height issues, Eden often wears boots, but he prefers sneakers over them. Due to Ceron's moderate weather, Eden often wears plain T-shirts, a hoodie, his scarf, and a pair of jeans throughout the day. At night, he wears an outfit that consists of a black pea jacket, his scarf, jeans, and whatever shirt he wore during the day. Eden looks somewhat like this.



Like some, Eden is an introvert and prefers to keep to himself, but he has no problem when it comes to speaking his mind. He's sassy, snarky, and a bit of a jerk if you catch him on a bad day (which is pretty much all the time). Since he lacks sleep, Eden is usually cranky. Despite this, Eden is a kind person, and one can often see him giving his spare change to the needy. Eden has a strong sense of what's right and wrong, but he sometimes bends his morality in order to help himself.



Eden was born in a suburban neighborhood, and lived a perfectly average life. He went to school, got good grades, had friends, and well...had a normal childhood. When he learned the origin of his name, Eden began to question the meaning of his name. "What was it?" and "can I go to the garden?" were common questions Eden had pestered his parents. By the time he was seven, Eden had decided that he wanted to find "the garden" and "see paradise." As a child, he started to play the piano during his last year of elementary school when he was ten. His skills were rather good, and Eden tended to gain attention because of his musical talent. During his years as a teenager, Eden's interests began to take an artistic turn, and Eden had discovered art and writing. By the time he was a senior, he had decided to major in art and hopefully become a well known artist in the area. Eden was accepted in a well known art school near his hometown, and Eden thrived there. By the time Eden graduated, he had realized how pointless his major was. There wasn't much "use" to it, and the only way that he'd actually became well known was if he died and left some material behind were some of the epiphanies that Eden had realized. Eventually, Eden began to grow jaded, and began to dive deeper into the paintings he drew and the music that he had been slaving over for years. He had also began to write a novel about giants terrorizing humans, and the people trying to defend themselves, but he has ran into a bad case of writer's block. While looking up landscape photos, Eden had came across a picture of Ceron. Intrigued, Eden decided to board a tour bus to the town.



Nothing that I can think of at the moment.


The Good

Skills [ musical ability - cleaning - writing ]

Personality [ loyalty - kindness - honesty ]

Likes [ lemons - competition - perfection ]

Other [ none ]


The Bad

Skills [ public speaking - expressing self - vision ]

Personality [ snark - pride - judging ]

Dislikes [ criticism - disrespect - disorganization ]

Fears [ love - loss ]

Other [ Eden has insomnia, which explains the bags under his eyes and his cranky disposition. ]


Permissions and Limits


Permissions [ I'm fine with most changes to Eden, but I'd prefer not to be notified. Surprises are pretty cool, and I'm easygoing with them. ]

Limits [ I'd prefer little to no changes to Eden's overall appearance. ]

Events [ I find them realllllly intriguing, and I'd like to be PM'd if there is one that someone has in mind. ]

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Character Tracker...


-Nothing so far-


Elenora "Nora" Audra

user posted image|: Sherlock without Watson :|

user posted image|: Female : 22:|

user posted imageRoleplayed by RainDash



Nora tends to be looked over. Her short bright red hair and blue eyes are often hidden under an olive green army cap with a short brim, which has been turned inside out for luck and the fact that a companion of her's drew on the outside. She figures that she prefers to keep her differences on the inside, but she finds that often people ask and find out anyway. She wears a splattered white hoodie, with various stains. She usually wears a solid color shirt under it. She also wears a black vest over the solid colored shirt which conceals a holster with a Glock. Instead of jeans or skirts, she wears black slacks, which -depending on how long she's had them- also have stains. She stands at six feet tall, but often slouches. She never wears makeup, and most people assume that she actively tries to be on a diet due to her thin frame, when in reality she simply forgets to eat.



Most people call Nora a psychopath, others a kind person. The mystery of Nora is how much she likes to confuse others by acting either cold and distant or warm and welcoming. Some people guess that she simply likes some people better than others. She prefers a good book or a solid mystery. Anything to not be bored, this can often include narcotics. People irritate her, especially when they ask questions which figures should be 'obvious'. One of her favorite games is to walk up to random strangers, tell them everything she knows about them, then promptly walk away. Other people are nothing but a source of amusement for her, and often tries to guess how long until they are either killed or become killers. If she is reminded of John or her 'Watson' (her previous companion) she will suddenly clam up and insult the person she is talking to, regardless of her previous opinion of the person.



Born in Chicago, Nora often had to put up with gangsters and classmates. From the first moment she tried to make a friend in school, she knew that people were not going to be worth the effort, as most of her classmates refused to acknowledge her. However, She had a follower, John, who would follow her and try to help her out on her homework. She allowed this, and until Senior year, they were near inseparable. Senior year, there was a gang shooting, and Nora narrowly escaped with her life. John, however, did not. She withdrew from others and started to pursue a career in Criminal Justice.


It took three years, only because she spent the extra year studying Japanese. She earned her Justice Degree, but disgusted by the system, she took a bus. She didn't care where it went, and ended up traveling all over and solving any mysteries that appeared mildly interesting to her. She recently had another companion, who preferred to be called 'Watson'. Nora didn't understand the nickname, but allowed it. A few months ago, Nora ended up in a firefight. While attempting to incapacitate her attacker, he managed to hit her shoulder.


She yelled at her companion and shoved the woman out the door. One her shoulder fully healed, Nora left on the soonest bus, her ego bruised and not aiming to stumble upon Ceron, but aiming to figure out how important she truly is.


Other (Equipment)

A black backpack, which contains: a first aid kit, gauze, camera, magnifying glass, 3 paperback books (Various Arthur Conan Doyle novels), Two packs of nicotine patches, and a Swiss Army knife.

In her pockets/holster: Gun (Standard Police Issue Glock), another Swiss Army knife, lock picking kit, wallet (cash, gun license, two credit cards under assumed names).


The Good

Skills [ Deduction - Lying - Memory ]

Personality [ Persistent - People Reader- Intelligent ]

Likes [ Mysteries - Quiet - A good story ]

Other [ Speaks Japanese ]


The Bad

Skills [ People Skills - Staying in one place - Distant ]

Personality [ Cold - Egotistical - Mistrustful ]

Dislikes [ Stupid People - Loud Places - People who think that they're better than everyone for seemingly no reason ]

Fears [ Not being as important as she thinks she is - Getting too close to people ]

Other [ None ]


Permissions and Limits


Permissions [ I would like a PM for any changes, please. I'm not picky, but I do like to know about these things sometimes. ]

Limits [ Human in appearance. ]

Events [ Just PM them to me! I love evil plotting. ]

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Ooh this looks like a pretty cool roleplay and I'm definitely considering joining! :oo I haven't ever participated in anything fancy with PMs and stuff before though so uh sorry if I mess things up a haha aha ha


When we submit the profiles do we put in the mini profile as well?

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Well, I did. So, I guess so. *Shrug*


Just remember to play by the rules, we've got a mod and an inactive mod on this. tongue.gif

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Yes. =) I'll be using the mini profile to attach the profiles to the top of the threads. xd.png


Skarx, I saw your form! I only have two minutes so I'll be back later today posting and officially accepting you. If you want to post your profile and get posting, that's fine by me!

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I didn't realize this was such a literate RP. Well, to put it simple, I suck at those, so my reserve can be taken down so a better RPer can join in my place ^-^'

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Character tracker . . .


Currently hoping to have a good time.




Mikael Laplante

user posted image|: On call first aid! :|

user posted image|: Male :: 27 :|

user posted imageRoleplayed by Skarx



He has short light brown hair that is just long enough to be able to pass his fingers in them. His dark brown eyes always seem to be calmly watching everyone around him and he always has a smile on his face. Standing 5’8” tall he looks very healthy and solid thanks to both his daily jogging and work. If he travelling he always has a backpack, but if he has a place and go out for just a bit he will instead wear a waist bag on his back or side.



He cares a lot about people and will always try to help them as long as they are not having problems simply because they are lazy or unwilling. Thanks to his work he can deal with a wide range of events since when he goes to someone's call he never know what exactly he'll find there, how bad the situation is or the situation could change drastically and very fast.


He is impatient, likes to drink after work and finds that there is no use going around the subject when saying something. No matter how bad it is, when something needs to be said he says it fast and clearly. He like jokes, but if he ends up being made fun of, hurt or insulted he will make the other person pay for it. How he will take his revenge though depends a lot on what the person did and who it is.



Mikael grew up looking up to his parents who were both doctors. Though before he realized what their jobs were he used to have a grudge against them because he was always babysit or put in a daycare thanks to their work hours. Having always been surrounded by people he made many friends and came to like people in general. He used to want to be a doctor too, but choose to instead become a paramedic to be 'on the front line'. Since he was not a very patient person, for him going to help people directly to bring them back to the hospital was the best choice he could make and he worked hard for that role.


His life as a paramedic was the first real difficulty he had to deal with, the previous troubles seemed puny compared to the first time he saw someone die when they tried to help the person. He quickly learned that you had to give your best, but it would not always be enough. You were going to be too late, people were going to die in front of you while you are trying to treat them or you would get too late to the hospital. Each time he would hate himself for failing the other person and would end up drinking after work. As time passed the feeling became duller as he grew used to it and understood he was not going to save everyone and passed more time with his friends rather then drink alone.





The Good

Skills [ First aid – Running – Sense of directions ]

Personality [ Helpful – Diligent – Mental flexibility ]

Likes [ Jokes – Alcohol – Calm places ]

Other [ None ]


The Bad

Skills [ Cooking – Cheering up people – Dealing with children ]

Personality [ Impatient – Blunt – Vengeful ]

Dislikes [ Bad taste jokes – Spicy food – Dead or wounded children ]

Fears [ To be unable to move – Lightning ]

Other [ None ]


Permissions and Limits


Permissions [ Do whatever you want I will deal with it as it comes! I like challenges. You don't need to warn me about them either I'll learn as they happen it's more 'fun' that way. ]

Limits [ The death of my character is the limit, unless I really deserved it by being VERY stupid (jump off a cliff style). Then go ahead and kill me. ]

Events [ I find it very interesting. I'd like to be PM about them if you'd like to keep them more secret. ]

Edited by Skarx

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I'll admit I am not good with simple small talks. I doubt I'll have much imagination to give out in form of posts until we actually get there. :S

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I must agree, I might be able to squeeze one more in, but I'm out of options.

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My character (Wisperlee) just dug up some information on Nora and is waiting to see how/if the other woman reacts, but after that there's not much else for her to do on the bus. So I'd be okay with continuing on to the next event/location if that's the general consensus smile.gif.

Edited by Mistress of Whispers

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Sorry about that guys. Having computer trouble and I haven't had my phone on me as my partner has been having it to get on. Everything should be fixed by I'm hoping tomorrow! >,<.


I can't log on to dc at work either so I ran out of options. The most I've had time to come on was for a split second here and there. I'll jump and get things started for you guys tomorrow once everything is back and running.



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It's ok if you are busy in real life and even more if your normal PC is having trouble. xd.png

Thanks for letting us know though. :3


I was just posting here to say my next post would be when we kind of get there so my post partner would know.

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