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Fading Echoes

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*~Fading Echoes~*

The full moon rose high in the clear night sky, stars shimmering and dancing over the skies. The cool spring air hung everywhere. A female mature Albino hatchling sat on the edge of a high ledge. She let the breeze blow through her skin and cool her down, it was refreshing. It was also the perfect time for flying, the night held far more adventure than the day, shrouding everything in a sense of adventure and mystery, painting the world in a new light. The night was full of adventure, especially for her, even if she lived in one place her whole life.


Lyric shook herself and unfurled her wings for flight. Her two black horns were glossy and striking, even out against the black of the night. Instead of her skin an off-white color, they were instead, a pure white. Her head was almost heart shaped, her most striking feature of all when looking at her from the front. Her tail twitched in anticipation as she perched from the ledge of the cliff like a gargoyle. Then, she spread her wings and took off, shooting through the air like a bullet. She enjoyed the sensation of flight. She closed her wings to her side and plummeted towards the ground, and at the last moment, caught the air with her wings again. Smaller animals on the ground scrambled away from Lyric, shouting unknown curses at her as she went past.


Her snow-white skin glittered in the light of the moon, revealing countless of scars criss-crossing her body, wich was lithe thin. Wings beating to mantain height, she swerved around buildings, dodging imaginary obstacles. She had learned to fly five months ago without having any assistance. She had practiced for weeks by jumping off a high ledge into a lake, letting instinct and experience be her guide. Lyric was far from stupid; she found a suitable location and learned to swim before she took her first leap. Lyric tried to think of everything through before she made any action, which is more than most other dragons in the orphanage could say.


Up ahead, she saw the orphanage; the same one that she was born at. She flew towards it, her wing beats steady as she landed outside of the small building. The Orphanage was square with no roof on top, dragons scuttled here and there, carrying eggs and placing them inside the Orphanage; others, simply had packages tied to their backs. Lyric sighed, unborn hatchlings would be placed in the left side of the building, hatchlings who had actually hatched would be moved to the other side and would wait to be picked up. Some of the unlucky ones stayed up to two years, but Lyric had stayed in the orphanage for her fourth year. No one adopted her, they would take one glance at her and move on. She knew why, because she was an Albino. A colorless dragon. She had learned the hard way that colorless dragons wern't appreciated in the dragon society.


She strode over the floor of the Orphanage and walked up the steps to her room. She noticed that her door was slightly cracked open. She crept closer and slowly opened the door wider to reveal two figures slinking around in her room.


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