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Favorite TV Show Characters

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Who are your favorite TV show characters - the ones who transcended the show for you and stayed in your mind, and who you look back on as "That was an amazing character"?


A couple of my own:

Amelia Pond, Doctor Who - A ginger full of spunk and fire. I adored her, sobbed like I never have before over a TV show when she left, and still kind of want to be her.

Adelle DeWitt, Dollhouse - Cold, efficient, alignment uncertain... she fascinated me from the beginning, and the complexities that were built into her character did not disappoint over the two seasons the show ran.

Topher Brink, Dollhouse - Just watch the show. Please just watch the show.

Kaylee, Firefly - Though I could name pretty much the entire crew of Serenity as my favorite characters, Kaylee stood out because I identified so much with her personality. No, I'll never be a genius mechanic, but her childlike innocence coupled with the side of her personality that was decidedly not innocent made me understand her point of view more than anyone else's.

Zuko, Avatar: The Last Airbender - Fire Prince, tortured, emo dude who you wanted to slap half the time. Loved him from the beginning. Still do.

Sokka, Avatar: The Last Airbender - The one non-bender in the group who was the leader, the heart, and the fun of the Gaang. Seriously, how can you not love his horrible, horrible jokes?


Gimme yours! I'm quite sure I have a dozen more, but I don't feel like stuffing everyone into one post. laugh.gif

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- Ice King, Adventure Time. He's old and creepy and disgusting and childish and has no social skills... and somehow I have a huge crush on him. You just really can't help feeling sorry for him, though. He honestly tries to be friendly; he's just extremely misguided about it. (Although right now he seems to know more about how to treat girls than Finn does) And he's just generally so emotionally expressive and hilarious and sad and fluffy and CUTE!


And how can you not love this dorky face?

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