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How high can you count? !Easy mode!

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argh XP

though idk what the current rules are.....it says that post was last editted 9/2........



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Not sure I am correct but this is how I read post #1 there is no automatic return to zero when any one posts. So


I believe the correct posts would be



Fizzix Posted on Nov 10 2013, 06:19 PM

Might as well have fun with it. mad.gif

tricky as mod and level 10 so - 3 = 87


WaterScorpion is 88


and I am 89


I hope we are back on track now otherwise link me to the change in the rules from post #1 that apply. I'd hate to waste all of those posted numbers if we don't have to do so. ninja.gif

Edited by DustyBelle

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Current powerup: mad.gif The next mod to post resets the counting.

Use mad.gif in your post to claim it.


If Fizzix used the powerup, it's 5 (apparently my posts are +3)

Edited by MetalDragon

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