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Gifting center "Bleeding Moon Dragon"

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Gifting center "Bleeding Moon Dragon" is a gifting/adopting center, that is functioning similar like "Dragon Cave Community Notice Board, Departures". Main goal of this center

is that to:

● Eggs/Hatchlings find good home

● Dragon owners find for what they are looking for

● Dragon owners help each other, by leaving a egg/hatchling to ones that don't have those



*What to use?Transfer or trade?*

-Be sure to, when you are posting a offer to you use transfer option. Remember, this

is Gifting/Adopting center


*Don't force anyone on anything!*

-Do NOT force anyone to accept your offer, if he/she doesn't want to


*My offer is still there, noone took it*

-If your offer isn't accepted during 24 hours, you CAN quote it and ask again

are there interested ones


*Notify old owner*

-If you took some offer, you are obliged to quote a post from previous owner, and say he/she to you took it.All previous owners deserve to know where did their eggs/hatchlings

went! Also, thank previous owner, cause he/she enabled to you take that you took.


Use command to mark offer as taken!

-Update every transfer, if it is taken!


Template for leaving a egg/hatchling

*If you want to leave egg/hatchling fill up following:

 <which dragon>, <CB/Lineage>, <Generation> + link for transfer



Blusang egg, Blusang x Silver Stair Lineage, 2nd Gen <link for transfter>


Nebula hatchling, CB <link for transfer>



This part will be edited soon!

Also, help is welcome!



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Closing. Eggs/hatchlings can be traded and gifted in the existing topics.

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This appears to be a duplicate of many of the existing topics, as such it will be closed.


(rubyshoes you ninja! ) laugh.gif

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