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Our war, their burden.

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History (Narrative)


”Allow me to tell a tale from a long time ago… yet in essence, not so long ago. A time, of conflict and war… It was almost ten thousand years ago. Wars raged between the many factions, the orks, the goblins, the elves, dwarfs, humans and trolls… so many sides. While my kind, the dragons, had sat idle and watched these pointless wars for millennia. We watched as some species faded away, and the others grew only stronger to continue their conflict. It seemed as though it would never end, as though peace could never be found. But then, came something none could have foreseen. The Great Drought began, many water supplies began to dry up, causing everything to dry up… the farmers fields that these species depended upon so heavily began to burn from the heat, destroying most of the much needed food supply. As time went on, even the oceans began to shrink, a sight that had been unimaginable to all years before. As the drought continued for years and years, the wars were forced to come to a halt, as no side could properly sustain themselves. With time, the water veins deep below the surface began to dry as well, whole forests began to die, and then burn… scorching our once beautiful land. As these resources began to dry up, so did the herbivores of the world that so desperately needed the nutrients… and with time, the carnivores also began to starve. Proud hunters were forced to become scavengers, simply hoping for something to drop dead for the sake of their own survival. For several hundred years, this drought lasted. The once proud races of our world had all grown weak. All of us, including the dragons, seemed as if we would fade away. Our future looked bleak, hope had long since faded from the eyes of nearly all, including the young ones.


“Many of the races began to believe that this was a punishment brought upon them by the gods they believed in for all the wars they had fought, for all the crimes they had committed. They began to pray and beg for forgiveness, some even went so far as to demand offerings from their own people to these gods, claiming that it was the only way to appease them and end this horrible drought. But nothing came of these offerings, as it had only been a way for those who believed themselves superior to get food for themselves. The dragons watched this in disgust, that anyone could be so deceiving and underhanded. Yet, while they felt pain for those that had been deceived, they also became disgusted at them as well, as they had allowed themselves to be deceived. Not just in these times, but in the times before the Great Drought as well. As time progressed, the dragons began to look down on the other races as being ignorant and foolish.


“But then, one day… a cool breeze began to blow throughout the lands… many felt a sudden surge of hope, while others who had not been around to see the old times became confused. As the days turned to weeks, the weather began to cool off once again… Plant life that had been dead for hundreds of years began to grow once more… slowly, but surely… “The weeks turned to months and the months turned to more years… The oceans began to rise once more and with time the water supply began to return. The dragons hailed it as a return to the old age. But the other races… they hailed this as a sign from their gods that they had been forgiven. That they had finally managed to appease them… this led to more offerings being demanded, to keep said gods appeased… but in reality, these offerings simply allowed the corrupt to live in luxury.


“Because of this, the dragons lost what little respect they had for the other races. Anger built within us as the wars began to resume. The very idea that after hundreds of years of waiting of starving and dying… that they would start these wars up again, enraged the dragons. As this hatred continued to build, even more years passed. The Great Drought had taught these races absolutely nothing!


“Soon, ideals of joining these wars to destroy the other races began to spread among the dragons. Ideals of domination and power. The more time that passed, the more these ideals boiled within them. Then, it happened… a relatively young black dragon by the name of Kievo began to speak his mind… He organized a gathering within the birthplace of the dragon species, a cave far within the eastern mountains of the world, beyond the reach of the lesser races. It was here that he began to speak of the dragons standing together in unity, to destroy the races that had stained not only themselves, but our entire world, with their actions. He called upon the dragons to rise up to their rightful place in the world, second to none. To follow him in a new era, an era that would be led by dragons.


“Many of the dragon elders began to criticize him, claiming that he was no different than those races he intended to obliterate. That this course of action would make us as low as the other species. That the dragons had always stood idle and that they should always remain idle. But their words had little effect… Many of the dragons had already made up their minds to follow Kievo to power and glory. I, Velsor, was there, as was my only remaining brother, Drago. Together we listened to Kievo and we too rallied behind him; we had no idea what we were about to create, what we were about to cause… Blinded by hatred and anger, all we wanted was to destroy the lesser races.


“Days after this, Kievo declared himself the leader of the dragons, that his word was our law. His first order of business was to banish the dragon elders and any who dared to follow them. His orders were carried out, one after another, as he readied us for war against the other races… There were some who were uncertain how to react and were nervous as the dragons had never seen conflict before. While others were becoming ever more impatient and eager… Kievo soon discovered a problem within his plans. That the dragons took longer to grow than the other races, which meant that all dragons that would be lost in conflict, would be devastating blows to our ranks. Whereas the lesser races, such as the humans, grew and matured relatively quickly…


“Kievo then put a halt to the plans, and called for another gathering… This time, he proposed that we form an alliance with the mages. Because, like the dragons, they had remained idle for thousands of years. Yet, unlike the dragons, they had hardly been fazed by the Great Drought. Through the use of their magic, they simply rejuvenated themselves… This idea was met with great conflict, as few liked the idea of an alliance between the two. They wanted to see the other races destroyed. It was from here that Kievo decided he needed to secure his power, as this hatred of the other races that he had only helped to fuel now threatened his own power. He decided to create a chain of command below himself, consisting of those that had proven themselves loyal. He adopted the usage of 'generals' from the humans, for the first ranks… There were to be ten of them, and my brother and I were among these generals. The lower branches were then to be picked by each of us, from those that we felt we could trust…


“As Kievo proposed the alliance once again to his generals, the idea was accepted by them with no second thoughts or questions. As such, Kievo proceeded with five of his generals to the northern lands and there he proposed the alliance to the mages… At first, they acted with shock and anger, that someone would even ask such a task of them. But it was only a matter of hours before they realized they had grown the same hatred towards the other races… The alliance was accepted, and the mages even agreed to use their magic to create a new armor, specifically designed for dragons, to help protect them from the weapons of the lesser races…


“Weeks passed before Kievo finally gave out the order to attack the lesser races. The generals gladly passed down these orders, and the war shortly began… Dragons filled the sky as far as the eye could see, heading to the fight. At first, the mages seemed to be everywhere, aiding in the conflict… A quick victory seemed almost inevitable. But it was not, the mages had a change of heart and decided that it was a mistake to have ever agreed to join this war. But not all within their ranks agreed to this change of heart, and they became split… Most of the mages were called back from the conflict while only a few remained behind, choosing to fight for power. This betrayal enraged Kievo, and he gave the order to destroy the mages.


“It was at this point… That the war became known as the "Supreme War”. The dragons easily crushed most of their enemies, but the mages were able to put up a stronger fight than most others… With their magic, they inflicted many casualties upon the dragons, but with time the mages, along with all the other factions, were broken. Kievo’s victory was secured, and the dragons were at long last second to none.


“The order was given by Kievo to destroy the lands that had belonged to the mages, to ensure that their magic could never be used again. So that none could ever threaten his rule. Only those that had chosen to continue to fight alongside the dragons were truly spared from his wrath, they were allowed to keep their magic and were rewarded greatly for their service…


“Then came the victory celebration. The dragons, now having obtained control of everything, began to gather in the largest mountain range in our world… Standing on cliffs and rock edges, above and below each other, they gathered, with Kievo standing at the very top of the tallest mountain, his generals directly below him. One after another, beginning with Kievo, they began to raise their heads up towards the sky above them, and unleash their terrifying roars. More and more dragons continued to join in with them, until all that could be heard throughout the mountains was their roars. This represented a new age, one ruled by Kievo…



“Two thousand long years passed. For the new generations, the Supreme War was something that had long since come and gone… Kievo had delivered what he promised, the dragons finally lived openly doing whatever they pleased, and the lesser races were terrified of them… The days of dragon slaying, while always uncommon, had now passed. To the dragons, the world was at peace. To Kievo and his generals, there was so much more they could do… So much more power they could claim. Kievo had also began to feel threatened by the mages once more, as they had been allowed to grow in numbers once again for their loyalty. Hatred boiled within the lesser races, combined with great fear, creating a dangerous combination. There were even those within the dragons that believed the other races should be treated as equals. Kievo began to become paranoid that someone would try to get rid of him, so that they could take his place. That perhaps the mages intended to restore the old ways. As a result, Kievo gave the order to crush the mages for the final time, and to ensure that no one survived that time.


“This order came as a great shock to the dragons, that their leaders would go so far as to betray their old allies. It created even more fear in the hearts of the lesser races, and as a result the dragons became split in their beliefs. This was a decision that Kievo would live to regret… As Kievo began to crush the mages, conflict erupted amongst his own ranks, between those that were loyal to Kievo and those that believed in bringing equality back to the world, that they could live in harmony with the other races. Soon the other races themselves began to rise up and fight, many chose to fight alongside the dragons that were fighting to free the world of Kievo’s tyrannical reign, and many chose to fight against both sides believing that the dragons were the cause of all their problems, and that they should all be destroyed. Two of Kievo’s generals even felt that Kievo had gone to far, and decided to change sides. Years continued to pass, as the war continued to rage and ravage our world once again. But in the end, Kievo’s victory was once again inevitable.


“It was then that in a last act of desperation, the leaders of the mages gathered together and attempted to cast a spell that was meant to completely reshape our world… To purge it of Kievo and all like him. To rid the world of evil and allow all to live in complete harmony. A spell that for tens of thousands of years had been forbidden. However, this spell required that all those who aided in it’s casting be completely pure of heart… And very few were. The spell backfired and finished plunging our world into chaos. All at once the forests were burned to the ground, the oceans dried up and the very ground beneath our feet was scorched. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions quickly plagued our world, the constant stream of volcanic ash pouring into the sky began to block out the sun itself, all over our world everything was dying. Kievo’s dream had led us to ruin. Everything we wished to rule had been destroyed. All but two of his generals now realized that the dragons had become the very thing they hated, they were no different from the other races that they sought to destroy. Kievo and his two remaining generals watched as the world plunged into what would be an endless nightmare. The other generals now felt betrayed by Kievo, anger filled their very souls as they came to realization after realization. All they had done was make the world worse, not better. They engaged Kievo and his two loyal generals in battle, seeking to destroy him.


“Drago and I were among those that were forced to realize what we had helped to create. After the battle, the nightmare that had confronted the world began to lessen… But it did not completely go away. Looking out upon the world from the tops of the mountain, all that could be seen was the scorched ground; the world had been led to ruin. Kievo’s two loyal generals managed to escape and flee, claiming that they would some day return. While the rest of us swore to never discuss the battle again. Never to reveal what really happened… All that mattered was what we had done… Our own race looked upon us with hatred for following such a power-hungry maniac; the mages could only look upon us in despair. They felt hatred not only for us, but also for themselves, as they had helped to create the nightmare. We disbanded, having gone from sitting upon the throne of the world to mere outcasts. Many among all the races felt the need to hunt us down and destroy us to ensure that Kievo’s dreams were truly dead.


“To this day, thousands of years later, very little has changed… The very ground beneath our feet remains hot and scorched. Forests remained destroyed, and the oceans remain mostly dry, but have regained some water. Wars have not returned, but conflict never ceased… There are those among all races who have been dedicating their lives to restoring the world that we destroyed. The hatred for dragons has faded from most, as it matters little to the newer generations… But there are still those that feel absolute hatred. There are still those who feel they should raise armies once more and lead the world into war. This is something that many of us have come to accept, that there will always be conflict. This cannot be changed, no matter how many try.


“To look out upon the world I helped to destroy, it makes my very soul despair. That I could become exactly that which I hated. An insane dream that I shared in would end like this… and that those who would pay for our actions would not be us, but rather, the whole world…


“But then… There are those who still believe in Kievo’s actions, that he was right, and that it is because of everyone else that this has happened. They dedicate their lives trying to realize his dreams, some even go as far as to seek out old magic to try and revive him… But as the mages were almost entirely crushed, the magic they seek is near impossible to find, and surviving mages very rarely possess magic such as that. There are also those who believe in seeking out ancient relics, in the hope that they might possess the power to heal the world…


“But it doesn’t really matter how hard they try, none of them will ever succeed…”






The world has changed from what it once was, every day is now a fight for survival. Many factions continue to clash for power and ideal. The mages seek to bring restoration to their ravaged lands and their lost history, while the humans wish to recreate their lost civilization and to replenish the lands with life and vegetation. The dragons seek to redeem themselves for the actions of their ancestors. The orks want to raise their armies once again and pillage the lands. The elves search for a way to restore their forests…


Each race desires to restore what it has lost, but this does not mean that all are good. There are those who seek to ascertain their own power and start the wars again and there are those who seek to follow in Kievo’s dream of creating a world dominated by dragons. Some seek to revive Kievo for this, while others want this power for themselves…


Yet there are also many who believe that by finding ancient relics, they will be able to restore this nightmare of a world to it’s former glory. But if there really are any relics, and if they do contain power, they could easily be used for evil deeds instead…


And last but not least there are some who choose to follow none of these paths, believing in whatever they choose. Honor, war, fear… The reasons go on, as some seek to learn more about themselves or about the Supreme War, or perhaps something else…


There are so many paths, but which will you take?




The world is known as Kevatia.

The lands are vast, the eastern lands are filled with vast mountain ranges and no flat land at all. There is still some volcanic activity here and on occasion there are still earthquakes. To the center of our world, the area is vast steppe as far as the eye can see but this land is totally scorched. To the south, everything is again vast steppe with large dead forests that were burned during the conflict. The trees here have hardened to the point they are nearly unbreakable. To the far north, there are more mountains… These are the tallest mountains in this world, and despite the climate they are still covered in snow; this is the coldest area on the planet. The lands to the west are a combination of all the other areas: vast plains, burnt forests, mountains, steppe, even some deserts varying in their size… There are some large lakes spread throughout the world, and some small rivers as life begins to return, in all these areas some plant life has begun to return, as have some trees. Some wildlife such as deer and elk have also begun to return, but this is all limited as the world is still in a bad state. The planet has two moons, one a bright golden color and the other a bright silver, the golden moon being moderately bigger than the silver moon. As a result of the dried up oceans, all act as more land. The continent was surrounded on all sides by water and at what was previously the edges of the continent, there are now vast miles of sand that eventually lead to thousands of miles of dried up and cracked earth, these are the harshest places on Kevatia. Completely devoid of all forms of life and extreme heat higher than that of many volcanoes, making this landscape a deathtrap for any poor souls that wander here.






No god-modding.

No spamming.

No power playing.

No flaming.

Keep it PG-13, of course.

If you have to go on hiatus, please say so. It saves a lot of waiting.

Maximum of three rule infractions.

I place no limit on how many characters you can have. I simply ask that you know your own limits.

Unfortunately, because of how this RP is set, water dragons, deep sea dragons or shallow water dragons will not be allowed.

You can be a dragon, an ork, an elf, a dwarf, a troll, a human, a demon, just about anything goes. (Except Godzilla and King Kong). Some hybrids allowed, I’m not really too strict on this stuff. It’s possible I may reject a species that hasn’t been mentioned at some point.

No Guardians of Nature.

Nothing that begins to resemble a paradise, this would conflict with the world being in a nightmare state.

Remember, NO species was unaffected by Kievo’s wrath.

There will be no OOC thread made.

No modern technology, this includes guns of any kind as well as artillery. Good old fashioned explosives made from raw materials are okay, though. This can't be bypassed by combining magic with technology.

No killing other peoples characters without their permission. You can kill and revive your own characters as much as you like.

Put “Quack” in the Other section of the form so I’ll know these rules have been read. Any forms without this will rejected.

Last but not least, when I'm not here MetalDragon is in charge. He can also approve character forms.


Please PM the following Form to Me (or to MetalDragon).


Character Forms


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Good, Evil, or something else?:[/b]




(Please note, as I decided to make this afterwards, the dates below may not be 100% accurate to what I originally imagined.)


??? - 10,000 years ago = Age of Conflict


10,000 - 9,300 years ago = The Great Drought


9,300 - 9,100 years ago = Age of Conflict Resumed


9,100 - 8,700 years ago = Rise of Kievo


8,700 - 8,170 years ago = The Supreme War


8,170 - 6,000 years ago = Age of the Dragons


6,000 - 5,600 years ago = Decline of the Dragons


5,600 - 5,400 years ago = Age of Revolution


5,400 years ago - present = Apocalyptic state.

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Approved Forms





Character Name:Velsor



Species:Black dragon

Appearance:A typical black dragon, he is completely covered in scars and is missing his left eye, the horns on his head have both been broken off, and the tip of his tail also seems to have been cut off. He seems to have many spear and sword wounds all over him. Much of his wing membrane is missing, either having been cut or burnt off.

Background:A young black dragon at the time of the Great Drought, he watched as many of his fellow dragons starved and died, losing all of his brothers and sisters but one. When the Great Drought ended, he also watched begrudgingly as the wars below started again, and helped bring Kievo to power. He became one of Kievo’s ten trusted generals, and aided greatly in Kievo’s rise to ultimate power during the Supreme War. It was not until it was to late, he realized all the mistakes he had made. After the revolution and the creation of the apocalyptic world, he fled to the eastern mountains to seek shelter from dragon slayers of all different species, including other dragons who wished to kill him for aiding Kievo.

Personality:He is cold and brutally honest about what he thinks, he believes that all hope of restoring the world is gone. Believing that those who dedicate their lives to restoration, to the search of relics, or even the search for power, are merely wasting their lives. He won’t attack someone simply for being there, unless he’s fought them before, or they attack him first. He has little problem with saying what he thinks about someone.

Abilities:He was given many abilities by the mages during the Supreme War, but these abilities have long since gone. Only a few now remain, such as his signature “Annihilator Beam”, which he fires from his mouth. This however, has likely lost most of it’s kick.

Good, Evil, or something else?:Neutral.

Other: Nothing interesting.




Character Name:Drago



Species:Black dragon

Appearance:Not your typical black dragon, unlike his brother Velsor. He is covered in a silver colored armor, all across his back, up his neck and down his tail. The armor around the neck completely covers it and is extremely flexible, it has a strange helmet attached to it, in which there are holes cut for his eyes and horns, the horns are somewhat short having been broke before, the helmet only covers the upper portion of his skull, and now the lower. The armor only covers the upper side of his tail, as well. He has some armor on his legs, but little. His wings of course are sticking out of the armor, with very little armoring on them, otherwise it’d be to heavy for him to fly. There is no armor on his underside.

Background:Like his brother Velsor, he watched the Great Drought and it’s affects. Unlike his brother Velsor, he felt little remorse for those that died. He also helped bring Kievo to power, showing extreme loyalty as they had a common goal: power. Drago became a very much trusted general of Kievo’s, and was easily one of the more brutal generals. Having very little regard for others, he would often kill subordinates that he found to be irritating. He like his brother Velsor, realized the mistakes he had made. In his eyes however, the mistake was letting Kievo be the one to achieve power, rather than taking it for himself. He helped to overthrow Kievo, and then fled to an unknown part of the world, for many years he sought new ways to find power, but as time went on he gave up this insane dream.

Personality:He is very cold and cruel, he will often kill those weaker than himself merely for pleasure, or because they were irritating him. He is blinded by the ideals of power and control, even though he gave up on these ideals he often has relapses. He has the potential to be quite manipulative and will feed lies to those ignorant enough to believe them.

Abilities: He was given many abilities by the mages during the Supreme War, these powers have almost completely faded away, thankfully. Recently restored, his signature attack is the "Murder Beam". At first it appears to be a normal breath of fire, before it turns green and shoots straight like a beam of light, exploding on contact with whatever it hits.

Good, Evil, or something else?:Between Neutral and Evil.

Other: Nothing interesting.




Character Name:Bielgrath



Species:Black Marrow

Appearance:A typical Black Marrow dragon, except for the fact he has many scars all over him, from swords, spears and other weapons. His wings even look a little crisp, as though they were at some point burnt.

Background:Bielgrath was initially a adventurous dragon in his days as a hatchling, he wished to know more and more about the other species, to the dismay of his parents and the other dragons. Always rebellious, he rarely did as he was told and instead did as he pleased. However, after he wandered into a human village, he was attacked by it’s inhabitants and nearly killed. He fled for his life, badly injured. From that day forward, he swore he would have vengeance and became hateful of all the other races. Becoming an outcast amongst the dragons for his views, he watched in pleasure as the Great Drought began to decimate the other species. After all, what did he care? A corpse dead or old, still a meal to him. As the Great Drought ended, he watched in anger as the races began to recover…but then he heard of a gathering that was being called together, by a dragon named Kievo. As he had become an outcast amongst the dragons, he watched the gathering from the shadows, listening to Kievo’s ideals and dreams he became interested in this young dragon, he saw wisdom and great potential within Kievo. He continued to watch from secret as Kievo’s influence and power grew stronger and stronger, becoming impressed at the accomplishments of such a young dragon. When the time for war came, Bielgrath offered his services to Kievo, who was aware of the fact Bielgrath had been watching nearly everything. Bielgrath was made one of Kievo’s generals, taking great pleasure in the fact that through Kievo, he would finally have his vengeance on the other races. He became Kievo’s single most brutal and ruthless general, and even when everything fell apart, he stood by Kievo’s ideals and fought against the rebelling armies and generals. He was however overwhelmed and fled, swearing that he would one day return and have his vengeance upon everyone.

Personality:He seeks to revive Kievo and restore him to the throne, to claim vengeance upon all races. He is a ruthless cutthroat who will attack anyone unlucky enough to cross his path.

Abilities:Bielgrath’s only abilities are his skill and experience, he does not use any form of magic, his claws and teeth are his weapons of choice, and he uses them very well.

Good, Evil, or something else?:Evil.

Other: Nothing interesting.




Character Name:Irina



Species:Blue Nebula

Appearance:Relatively normal for her species, has no visible scars or other wounds.

Background:Irina was hatched not to her own kind, but to a human. This human helped to raise her, and taught her about the world. Passing down knowledge about the Great Drought and the Supreme War…but then as time went on, said human grew older and eventually died, leaving Irina alone. She traveled for quite some time, exploring the world and it’s history, trying to figure out what she could do to help fix the horrible nightmare…One day, she encountered a village that had been recently razed. She suspected that it had perhaps been the work of dragons, as she had learned of what her species had done in the Supreme War, only to find that this was instead the work of rampaging orks. When she attempted to confront them, she was defeated with ease. Had the orks been smart enough to realize she was unconscious rather than dead, they would likely have finished the job. When she awoke, she saw a small child sitting in front of her, simply looking at her in amazement. As Irina fully gained consciousness, she learned that the child had become orphaned thanks to the orks and that this was the only survivor of the village. Remember the kindness shown to her by the human that had raised her, she took this child for her own. That was years ago, they continue to travel together today as very close friends…

Personality:Irina is very headstrong often feeling she can do things through sheer determination, often falling on her face in the process. She is extremely kind and tries to help others where possible, feeling an extreme guilt over what her race had done, she often refuses to trust other dragons, thinking that her species is the worst. At times, she can be a bit clumsy, knocking things over without realizing it.

Abilities:Irina has no real abilities, she is however quite fast and agile, giving her a slight advantage. She cannot take strong hits from an enemy, however.

Good, Evil, or something else?:Good.

Other:Nothing interesting.




Character Name:Alicia




Appearance:Has very short scarlet colored hair, just barely reaching her neck. Wears a somewhat tattered dark green shirt with long sleeves that have been cut off just before the elbows, wears tattered black jeans and black boots that look very old and have turned mostly brown from years of dirt, has purple eyes and wears a tattered grey scarf. Has a large hunting knife strapped to side of her left leg.

Background:At a young age her village was besieged and razed by orks, her family and friends were killed and she was the sole survivor, only seven at the time. She was at a loss for emotions and feeling, if she cried the orks would find her, but it was hard not to. She heard some noise that was out of the ordinary, a loud roar. She went to look and there she spotted a dragon fighting the orks, it seemed as though it was more blindly attacking them than actually fighting. The orks were able to defeat the dragon with ease, knocking it unconscious. They didn’t realize that the dragon was still alive, and they continued on their way. Alicia waited for the dragon to wake up, as she had nothing better to do… After the dragon ’Irina’ awoke she took Alicia as her own, and they’ve been together ever since, protecting each other.

Personality:Unlike Irina, Alicia is distrustful of others and can act with hostility towards acts of good will, she seeks vengeance against the orks that razed her village, but also knows that they most likely have been killed by someone else. She can however act with kindness herself. While she can be vengeful and act with hostility, she has never been the most fond of conflict and generally refrains from it. She is relatively hot-headed and can act without thinking, but also knows the limits of her own capabilities.

Abilities:She has no special abilities, but she is a quick learner and quite observant, as well as relatively stealthy from her practice avoiding other humans, or other life in general.

Good, Evil, or something else?:Good.

Other:Nothing interesting.



Username: Sean175

Character Name: Caecilius

Gender: Male


Species:Magi dragon

Appearance:Not your typical Magi dragon, his face shows signs of extreme age and wrinkling, he has scars all over his body and is missing his right eye, which has healed over. His claws are chipped and broken nor do they seem to have healed right, he is missing most of his front teeth.

Background:At a young age Caecilius had a hatred for the other races, he wanted to see them all destroyed. He hated other dragons because he saw them as weak for choosing to co-exist and not to get involved in any of the conflicts. He became a strong supporter of Kievo when he arrived and was later appointed one of Bielgrath's subordinates, his knowledge of magic being one of the primary reasons for his high rank. He was out on assignment by Bielgrath when the mages cast their spell and the generals betrayed Kievo, and it was not until days later that he had learned of Kievo's fate. Outraged he stormed off to seak out his former commander Bielgrath once more, but with time he was forgotten about by all and eventually dropped out of history.

Personality:Caecilius despises the other races and sympathizers, he is almost as ruthless as his commander: Bielgrath, but lacks the calculating abilities and manipulation skills of him. He is loyal without any question and will attack anyone he declares to be an enemy.

Abilities:His strength is in his magic, his combat skills were once honed to be formidable but the millenia since the wars have allowed his skills to rust and decay. His magic is still very potent, however.

Good, Evil, or something else?:Evil

Other:Nothing interesting.



Username: Sean175

Character Name: Krevkant

Gender: Male

Age: 5,912

Species: Bleeding Moon Dragon

Appearance: A nearly typical Bleeding Moon Dragon, his wings and body are scarred up and his left horn is broken at the tip, the spots on his back are a very dark red.

Background: Born near the beginning of the 'Decline of the Dragons', Krevkant suffered a very difficult life from the beginning. The other hatchlings from his group were all anti-Kievo, along with the dragons that raised him. He however was very supportive of Kievo and believed that Dragon Supremacy should never be challenged. Several years before the begining of the revolution, Krevkant managed to get into contact with the Kievo loyalists and alert them to the views of his siblings. He returned to his home with several black and red dragons and set fire to everything, killing everyone. This earned him the respect of many other dragons in Kievo's army, but caused those that sought freedom to become quite bitter towards him. While never having achieved rank, he fought on Kievo's side until he was badly wounded in the chest, forcing him from the war. By the time he had recovered, Kievo had been defeated and the world had been devastated. Believing that Kievo was dead, he took off with several other dragons, swearing to restore Kievo's order and kill anyone who so much as attempts to oppose them.

Personality: Krevkant is brutal and arrogant, he has no fear of death and as a result challenges vastly superior foes without reconsideration. His lack of compassion for anything is often considered savage even by the standards of Kievo's followers.

Abilities: Due to his injuries, he flies nowhere near as fast as he once did and can often be out flown by even larger dragons, but makes up for this in his own ability to fight, rarely fighting a fair fight he will take any sucker punches he can get and go for fatal blows whenever possible.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Evil.

Other:Nothing interesting.



Username: Sean175

Character Name: Grenack

Gender: Male

Age: 12,116

Species: Royal Crimson

Appearance: His appearance is relatively typical for a Royal Crimson dragon, except for good portion of his tail is missing as though it were sliced off. He has some scars along the shoulders and underbelly.

Background: Born to a relatively large family, he was treated especially well and had many siblings from the same hatch as himself, the first few months of his life were great, but this would not last. The humans had seen dragons flying near their towns and sent out many dragon slayers to get rid of them, finding their peaceful home and attacking. The adults were all killed in an attempt to save the hatchlings, to which almost half of the hatchlings did manage to escape, but Grenack had a portion of his tail chopped off by a dragon slayer in his attempt to flee. He returned after the frey to look upon his home as his family lay dead, he sat there for several weeks trying to nudge his family back to life, but in vain. His hatred for humans boiled over even as a young hatchling and as he grew larger he became more destructive, seeking to give the humans the same fate they had given his family. He watched in delight as the Great Drought swept through and made everything suffer, even though he had also reached a point of near death from starvation. When the drought ended and the wars began again, his hatred for the humans caused him to crack mentally as he could not comprehend such the arrogance and stupidity of these other races that had barely risen up from starvation and were already back to the slaughter, he proudly followed Kievo quickly ascending to the rank of General. He became close friends with General Bielgrath and ruled as a tyrant, using his power to badly squeeze the remaining human settlements. He fought alongside Kievo and Bielgrath when things the other generals turned against them, but was the first defeated and forced to flee. Once a great tyrant, he disappeared quietly into the night and was never heard from again.

Personality: His heart is cold and he has often been told it is made of stone, he enjoys inflicting pain on the other races, especially by killing those they hold dearest so that they are suffered to face the same fate as himself, letting them live in their misery for a few days before finally sweeping in to kill them as well.

Abilities: A skilled warrior, he likes to fight in close corners even if it to his disadvantage, as he believes it also keeps his prey from getting away.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Evil.

Other: Nothing interesting.



Username: Sean175

Character Name: Talikia

Gender: Female

Age: 10,116

Species: Sunrise Dragon

Appearance: A typical sunrise dragon with a few scars, but these scars are often hard to see due to her naturally bright scales.

Background: Born in the age of conflict she grew up in a clan of dragons that traveled the once great forests of the western lands. It was a happy life except for the occassional dragon slayer, who was always gotten rid of quickly by the older dragons. She cared little for the problems of others, even dragons as she cared only about her own clan. As The Great Drought swept through her clan was devastated, the dragon she believed was her father was one of the first to die. Though not truly knowing her parents as the clan had agreed that they were all one big family, the older dragons all being parents to the younger dragons. Only a few of her clan survived the great drought and the dragon she believed to be her true mother was the last to die. Broken mentally she left the clan once the drought was fully over. Discovering that the other races were already resuming their conflicts she grew bitter towards their lack of intelligence, she fled to the mountains and as time continued to go by she listened to the ideals of Kievo, she had come to blame the other races for the deaths that befell her clan, even though they had nothing to do with it. A prominent supporter of Kievo she quickly became one of his generals and unlike other generals such as Bielgrath, Grenack, Drago and Velsor, she did not recruit her full limit of ten colonels, but rather only two. As the Supreme War came to a close she felt a sense of relief as the other races had been put in their place. Easily the most peaceful of Kievo's generals, she did not approve of the fight that later erupted between the dragons and the remaining mages, believing that Kievo had merely become power mad and feared that the mages intended to take his power. Rarely second guessing this believe, that possibly the mages did intend to betray them, she became bitter towards Kievo and the other generals as her loyalty slowly faded away. She was one of the last generals to turn on Kievo and fought against him in the final fight of the revolution. Afterwards, she declared that the other generals were just as evil as Kievo despite their help fighting against him and left them for good.

Personality: She retains her bitterness towards the other races, but also towards followers of Kievo. She considers herself a true dragon-supremacist and can only be trusted by other dragons and the occassional mage, assuming of course they don't sympathize with the other races.

Abilities: Greatly prefering the use of her dragons breath to fry her enemies in combat, rather than to get close for normal fighting, though she is decent at that. She however praises her reasoning power and her intelligence, often attempting to calculate as many possible outcomes to a sitation as she can.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Evil. Dragon supremascist at heart but highly anti-Kievo.

Other: Nothing interesting.






Username: MetalDragon (MD)

Character Name: Dahlia

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Human

Appearance: Of average height and with a build leaning towards the slim side, Dahlia has strawberry-colored hair that reaches down her shoulders. Her red eyes go along with her hair's color. Usually it's kept in a side ponytail, but she lets it loose when she's just resting or anything similar. Dahlia wears a black tank top with a brown vest over it and a pair of light blue trousers, with a pair of black boots. When she's not wearing it, Dahlia has a brown jacket tied around her waist, and she carries around her backpack made of animal hide. She wears a black cape, which is red by inside. All of her clothing is tattered and not in a good condition. Her weapon of choice is a pair of chains, with long blades crafted onto one of their tips with the other end adapted for being wielded as a longer, heavier whip. In addition, she carries around her chains wrapped around her torso.

Background: Dahlia was born in a small human community, after the mages'failed spell. This community worked together in order to ensure their survival. While she's heard tales from the past and about how it was before The Supreme War, she only really knows the world as it is now - a wasteland. When she turned ten years old, a vicious dragon attacked her group in a rampage. Her parents, who were unsure of what were the odds of them successfully repelling the assailant, instructed the child to run away as far as she could. The last vision she had of her family or anything to do with them was her little house being consumed by the dragon's fire. As a child out in the wilderness, it seemed as if Dahlia was going to perish or become someone's dinner for sure. But a few days after the attack, a group of goblins found her inside a cave, starving. Unwilling to let the girl starve to death, they decided to take her to their village, where they took care of her for the next seven years. In this period of time, thanks to her newly found caretakers, Dahlia learned how to hunt, craft a variety of items related to survival, and how to fight using a quite peculiar weapon in the form of chains with blades strapped to their tips. One day though, Dahlia left her caretakers for personal reasons, and parted ways with that goblin tribe. Ever since then, she's just been roaming the lands of Kevatia, in her own quest to find survivors of her group and perhaps exact vengeance against the dragon that burned her home down.

Personality: At a glance, she can come off as uncaring for others, if not completely selfish. She refuses to trust anyone unless she is sure that the person is not a bandit, a cannibal or anything of the sort, and even then she takes a while to open up to them. In such post-apocalyptic world, she decided that before anything else (this includes others' lives) comes her own survival, and she is willing to do nearly anything to ensure that. Dahlia's temper is not the best. She gets angry quite easily and sometimes, seemingly unprovoked. But once one earns her trust, Dahlia is quite good-hearted to those she calls friends, and is perfectly willing to help them as she is able to, although very few are her friends.

Abilities: In order to use her chains, Dahlia is very dextrous and quick with both her feet and hands. She also has the knowledge of how to craft a multitude of basic items and weapons in order to allow her to survive the hostile environment she was born in, such as basic bows, arrows, etc.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Neutral

Other: I helped you with the rules you nubcake



Username: MetalDragon

Character Name: Ingrid

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Species: Human

Appearance: Ingrid has pumpkin hair that reaches down her neck. She wears a small rose on her hair, and her eyes are a dark-ish yellow. She wears a red dress, with the skirt cutting right on her knees, with short white sleeves, and a pair of black boots. All of which are in a fairly good condition. Ingrid also wears an amulet, with a tear-shaped ruby on it. She carries her weapons sheated on her hips, which are two daggers with sharp, wavy blades (reminds of a keris).

Background: Ingrid was a strange child, often labeled as insane. By the other children and her own family. When the other kids would have fun playing with their toys or games with their friends, she'd have fun by plucking an insect's wings off, and playing with her mother's kitchen knives. The other children would see her as creepy (and for a good reason!) and stay away from her, but Ingrid never missed their company. Her father died when she was six years old, of an illness. When she was a teenager, a bandit raid happened in her town, and among the victims was her mother. The thugs tried to kidnap her, but the girl often hid a kitchen knife in her dress. The moment they tried to touch her, Ingrid took it out and cut through their throats. It was the first time she shed blood - and how it was amazing to her! To see that liquid fly through the air, and its beautiful color just delighted her! Ingrid killed the bandits and ran away from her town, but she wanted more. This resulted her in killing random innocents in various other towns, and thus she has a bounty on her head in most places with civilization.

Personality: Personality-wise Ingrid is unstable, and she is best described as a complete psycho and outright insane. She will often speak and ramble madness, which may or not be comprehensible, and is usually hysterical about it. In addition to that, she suffers frequent mood swings, which means that she may go from an "okay" person to someone who just wants to stab your face in a matter of seconds. Pain also happens to be pleasing to her. However, Ingrid is capable of speaking coherently... When she can help it, anyway. She doesn't like cockroaches and loves chocolate.

Abilities: Ingrid has a much higher endurance than an average human and can take a lot of punishment before going down. This also has to do with her enjoying pain. She is fairly skilled with her blades.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Leans towards evil due to her personality, but is neutral in regards to dragons, Kievo, etc. It's not like she knows much about them.



Username: MetalDragon

Character Name: Salazr

Gender: Male

Age: 9,155

Species: Brown Copper

Appearance: A fairly large Brown Copper dragon. His metallic scales have several scratches and are somewhat worn-out. His eyes are red.

Background: Salazr was a fairly normal dragon, until Kievo arrived. His ideas quickly stuck into the Copper dragon's head and ever since then, he was never the same again. An intense feeling of xenophobia developed in his head. His mind was taken by a sudden hatred for other races. Yes, he was right. The others races didn't deserve this world - all they deserved was enslavement or death! The dragons were the superior race! When the Supreme War broke out,

Salazr fought for Kievo and killed whoever dared to defy him. But in the end, Kievo and his dragons were defeated. Salazr fled, and swore not only to kill everyone who was against his overlord, but to bring Kievo himself back to lead another war.

Personality: Salazr is best described as a dragon supremacist. It's not unusual for him to attack and burn down any small villages or towns on sight, out of spite for other races. When confronted, he is a very violent dragon. Rarely can one reason with him. As a Kievo supporter, he'll happily aid anyone who is a fellow supporter, often labeling them as "brother" or "sister", but he has no tolerance for dragons who have chosen to side with other races other than their own kin.

Abilities: Salazr is vulnerable to most types of magic and cannot use it himself. However, he makes up for it by being stronger than an average dragon and his fire breath is extremely hot, to the point even fellow dragons have trouble resisting it. He's also got some tricks up his sleeve he can do with his flames. Because time has worn them down, his scales do not protect him very much, even if he's a metal dragon.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Evil

Other: I see the goblins



Username: MetalDragon

Character Name: Shinobu

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Species: Human

Appearance: Shinobu has long brown hair that cuts off just above her waist, and her eyes are blue. She wears a simple dark brown tunic with long beige sleeves and a black pair of trousers underneath. She wears a pair of worn-out brown boots, and a pair of sapphire earrings. She also carries her weapon of choice - a saber - on her waist, though it doesn't have a sheathe. Shinobu also carries around a brown purse with many kinds of medical herbs inside, and a spellbook about advanced healing spells that she's currently studying.

Background: She was born in a fairly large town. Her mother was a cleric and her father was a blacksmith. While she was still a child, her mother taught her things about healing, medical herbs, etc., while her father tutored her with swords. After all, both knew that after the Supreme War, their town was always at risk of being attacked, be it by a dragon or by other types of raiders. Nothing of that kind happened... Until the town was sieged by a group of orcs and trolls. She was 19 years-old by then. Shinobu almost lost her life that day, she only lived thanks to her mother's extense knowledge in the field of healing. Her father defended his family and survived the attack, but nearly half the town was left in ruins. After the attack, her parents forced her to leave home, because they feared another attack could happen. She's a new traveler, with barely any experience in the wilderness, who hopes to be able to reunite with her parents again one day.

Personality: Shinobu is a soft-spoken person who is very kind, sometimes overly so. She often places other people over herself and will stop on her way to help anyone who requires her assistance... Even if they're going to try to kill her afterwards. She is quite naive and is also a friendly person. She hates any kind of violence and will refuse to fight with other humans or anyone who highly ressembles one (such as elves). If it's truly necessary, Shinobu will fight back against aggressors ONLY if she's overwhelmed or if something of value is at risk. She avoids killing as much as possible. Her opinion of dragons is neutral, but she doesn't like Kievo or his supporters.

Abilities: She is a very skilled cleric with lots of knowledge about medical herbs and healing spells, thanks to her mother teaching her. The advanced spells cost her energy, though. Ironically, while she despises violence, Shinobu is very skilled with her saber. Her main weakness is her naiveness. She is kind, way too kind, to the point she is easily manipulated by others.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good

Other: Duendes



Username: MetalDragon

Character Name: Enya

Gender: Female

Age: 9,115

Species: Mage

Appearance: Her long hair is black as coal and her eyes green as emeralds. Because of her rejuvenation spells, she still looks young despite being well over nine-thousand years old. She wears an ivory long-sleeved tunic and a black short cloak, and a black and white long skirt that matches her top. While her tunic has no patterns, her cloak and skirt have several yellow celestial designs such as stars and moons. Enya wears a pair of plain sandals as her footwear and an odd amulet with a seven-pointed star attached to it. While she carries a black wand around with her, most of her magic is casted with her bare hands.

Background: Enya was born to a family of high-class mages and thus had access to quality education and mentoring, which resulted in her growing a very talented sorceress. When the Supreme War broke out and some mages changed sides, her family was among the ones who turned on the dragons and ended up dying in the conflict, while she was badly injured but managed to survive.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg, because eventually a genocide began in the form of the slaughter of mages by dragons. Thus began Enya's intense hatred for these creatures, and vowed to see them destroyed. She gathered some mages in an attempt to combat the dragons' massacre, but all she ended up doing was lead her group into a trap and get most of them killed. Enya was then seen as a traitor to the mages and exiled to the west, a desert-like area devoid of life, where she managed to survive the onslaught and watched the world eventually come to ruins. Upon hearing rumors of ancient, powerful artifacts, she began her quest in an attempt to find these not to restore the world but to extinguish the dragons. She is seen as mad by the surviving mages.

Personality: Enya is a stern, intelligent woman who won't stop at anything in order to achieve her ultimate goal, which is to rid the world of dragons. While most of her power has faded away, she is still confident that she can take on most foes and come out alive. Enya carefully researches her subjects of interest and is cautious while travelling as she knows dragons are hunting down surviving mages, especially the older ones like herself. While she absolutely hates dragons, Enya will often avoid them in order to stay alive and conceal herself and use the anti-Kievo ones to her advantage. She can be quite short-tempered, but will rarely resort to violence, instead choosing to use her sharp tongue on those who tick her off. Enya absolutely hates dragons and believes they should all disappear, as in her eyes they do not deserve any second chances after their slaughtering of mages.

Abilities: Once an incredibly powerful sorceress, now a fallen mage. Most of Enya's magic has long faded away as she avoided using it in an attempt to conceal herself from being hunted down by dragons. She is not one to be understimated though, as she still knows an array of offensive spells of various types and elements that she will not hesitate on using to take down her foes. The only spell that still works for her at full power is her rejuvenation spell, which is how she's still alive. She knows a teleport spell, but it only works at short ranges as a way to evade enemies. Enya does not know how to handle a sword and will often refrain from being close to the enemy, instead choosing to keep her distance and bombard her targets with strong spells.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Her ill intents towards dragons cement her as evil.

Other: goblins





Soleas (Inactive)


Username: Soleas

Name: Nendir

Species: Elf

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Background: During the conflict. One of the most affected species were the elves. Some of the elves chose revenge to fight back against the dragons.Others chose to just live in peace.but doom reached all. Nendir and his friend Losdir chose to flee the forest land and head to the coolest place on the planet.On their way his friend got killed by an invasion of the orcs,But Nendir managed to escape.On his way to the mountains he heard the roar of the dragons and decided to turn back. and went to live back in his forest lands.He was one of the best hunters but now he cant find anything to hunt,He rarely found birds in the sky,Witch he shot for food.And now Orcs tried to invade the forest lands again,Nendir's whole family were brutally murdered and Nendir managed to escape the attack and went to the Human Kingdom.

Personality: Friendly,Peaceful but can fight well,intelligent and Loyal

Abilities: One of the best bowmen,can shoot rapidly from any range

Good,Evil?: Good

Other: -Snip-




Epic_Ninja_1 (Inactive)


Username: Epic_Ninja_1

Character Name: Celariel

Gender: Male

Age:25 (appears)


Appearance: Short brown hair, midnight eyes, tan skin, other elven features (pointed ears etc)

Background: Celariel's family was slaughtered by dragons, and ever since he has hated them, vowing to take revenge on his family's killer.

Personality: Celariel was always a sneaky child. Last to be found in hide and seek, and always pranking his friends, he is generally cheerful and well liked. He does have a burning hatred for dragons, and wishes to kill as many of them as possible, but he doesn't mind the dragons who believe in equality.

Abilities: Celariel is an expert sniper and a fair knife fighter, however because of his sneaky ways he cannot block with a shield, or use heavy armor and weapons. That said, he does not actually need them, due to his ability to set up a stealthy ambush.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good

Other: -Snip- Since I am not sure if elves are ageless (cannot die of age) I made my character appear to be 25.




Jass (Inactive)


Username: Jass

Character Name: Elly

Gender: Female

Age: 7

Species: A human witch.

Appearance: She has long black hair usually tied into two small ponytails and crimson eyes. Her skin is a peachy color. She wears a black shirt covered with a hoodless sweatshirt. Elly wears a pair of black tights and and a black skirt. She is very small since she's a child.

Background: Elly was often a bit...destructive, breaking certain things by accident most of the times. She later on was able to use magic, which she discovered by accident. Her first uses were trying to help and fix things, but it proved too difficult for her and it instead did the opposite, which caused other people to avoid her. Because of this, she is usually hanging out with the crows, eating with them, talking with them like they were her friends. She has even named them.

Personality: Elly is usually found hanging out with the crows. She wants to help other people out, and is usually caring to everybody. She happily introduces herself to anyone who wants to be he friend.

Abilities: Elly can summon things like fireballs, weapons and barriers, but since she is extremely young, it requires her to use a lot of stamina in exchange. Most of her spells requires her crow friends to be involved. Depending on this, Elly can probably understand crow language using magic.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Right now she's in a neutral and clueless situation, but she can be influenced throughout the plot to either become good or evil.

Other:-Snip- Might make another witch.



Username: Jass

Character Name: Kitsu

Gender: Male

Age: 18 (That's what he looks like)

Species: Kitsune (Nine tailed fox. He currently has three tails.)

Appearance: Kitsu has short, white hair with pale skin. His eyes are a gold yellow and wears a kitsune mask (fox mask) and his left side of his face. He wears a white kimono and red kimono pants. He is bare foot. Kitsu also has a pair of white fox ears on his head and three white tails sticking out from his bottom.

Background: Kitsu had possessed a baby inside a mother's womb. When he was finally "born," he lived throughout in a average life as a villager with his "parents." Later on with his life, had had developed a tail was able to learn magic, and had the ability to hide his tails and ears while at it. When his second tail emerged, he was somewhat near 14-15. The third tail had developed a few years after.

Personality: Kitsu is a bit childish, and never seems to take things seriously. He likes watching people, especially when its the night time, since people don't notice him often in the darkness. Kitsu is often careless, and doesn't seem to care if he gets hurt.


- Shape shifting: Kitsu can shape shift into a fox, a fully humanized boy and a humanized boy with fox ears and tails. He likes his half humanized form the most.

- Possession: Kitsu and leave his mortal body and possess someone else. This will work only on babies that are in the mother's womb.

- Absorb: Kitsu can absorb plant life in order to restore mana. This can cause a bit of a problem since not much plant life is left.


The only thing Kitsu would probably use most of the time is shapeshifting into a fox.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Neutral. He doesn't want to get on anybodies bad side.

Other: -Snip- He hates getting splashed with water.




colourcodedchaos (Inactive)



Username: colourcodedchaos

Character Name: Morbari kar-Ascalon

Gender: Female

Age: 288 (roughly middle-aged)

Species: Dwarf

Appearance: The third thing you notice about Morbari is that for a dwarf-woman, she's quite tall, standing at around four and a half feet tall in bare feet, not counting her rather elaborate helmet. The second thing is that her beard, for all the dwarrow are bearded from birth, is as shiny and lustrous as that of any priestess of the Mountain Court's higher circles, which gives a clue as to her status; another clue is said beard's unusual colour, a soft burnished-copper where dwarf beards tend to be black, white, or the myriad greys between. But the first thing they notice, before the muscled shoulders, the strangely-coloured stains on her expensive-looking armour (for no dwarf is without armour, even when sleeping), the bright, quick eyes, even before the enormous battle-axe strapped to her back... is a simple staff. Well, simple is doing her craftsdwarfship a disservice; it is simple and unadorned, yes, save for a black stone shard set in a crown at the top that glistens when it moves through the air, but to anyone with even the merest hint of magic, it gives off an immense sense of power. That is a mage's staff, named to the dwarrow as Tharkel bazagal-Ankalagon, Dragonslayer King of Staves in the common tongue. That a staff bears a name while its maker still lives when a hero's axe might need the valiant deeds of the maker's grandchildren says much about Morbari's power as a wizard of the Earthen Nations.

Background: Morbari was born in what is called the Times of the World's Curse by the dwarrow, when the dragons of Kievo descended upon Khazad-a-Zigral. This was a massive city set deep within the Runespike Mountains' highest peak, devoted to the study of earth magic as set down by generations of buzun-Ulganinhen, the living goddesses of dwarrow-magic. For centuries before her birth, the city had been besieged by the fell spectres of hunger and thirst, and now it was beginning to bite. The door to the citadel's hall was barred with the Tears of the Earth, three great pillars of mithril as wide as tree trunks and ensorcelled so that anyone who touched the doors was filled with unrelenting misery and despair. The way out was shut, and the dwarrow of the Goddess' Peak were shut in.


In this place, the cave systems were long and winding, old mining tunnels that had been reclaimed by vermin and dark creatures. Rat-kings screamed and hissed in the Long Night, tearing the faces off of unwary children who ventured too far into old shafts. Nests of strange white snakes were discovered, snakes that moved as one and whose venom was deadlier than any known poison. Spiders and scorpions and living, walking toadstools and all manner of foul creatures infested the outer reaches, little by little hemming the mage-dwarrow in until there was nought but despair and fear. So the dwarves did what everyone desperate did... and ate their foes.


This was Morbari's world as a young dwarf, poring over ancient scrolls in the darkness, trying and failing to translate them, all the while painful hunger gripping her body as she woke and stabbing it so she could not sleep. The mages did what they could, and many new ways were found to make eating the flesh of colossal rats delicate and refined, but food was always scarce and - heartbreakingly for those unhappy elders who remembered the days of yores - ale was almost non-existent. Then, nought but a decade ago, something changed in the mountain.


Beneath the Goddess' Peak lay ancient lakes of liquid rock, and one such lake was trapped by the magic of the Tears. The wrath of the lake was terrible to behold, until at last the gatehouse surrounding the citadel door was dragged into a pit of fire, rockfalls sealing it up thereafter. The dwarrow built a great bridge over the faraway flames and returned to the citadel, taking the great keys to the outer doors and returning once more to the world of sunlight. As someone who had provided so much food to the Theyn's court and to the city at large, Morbari was sent as an emissary to the party of confused shepherds who'd seen a doorway open where a sheer cliff-face used to be, and soon after she journeyed to the court of the King, though she was a Queen by now. As she walked through the sun-baked earth, she brought in her head the knowledge that some old secrets still survived... and that some old ways had power to bring light to even the darkest places.

Personality: Dwarrow women are a hardy bunch, speaking little and swift to anger. This is especially true of Morbari, for as a sorceress of the Earthen Nations she has command over stone itself, great rocks carving themselves into beasts and warriors to do battle with cave monsters and the remnants of the hill-troll kingdoms. Forged in hardship and starvation, she has no patience for the weak, fat princelings of men and elves, and an outright hatred of dragons rounds out her allegiances. Of the mages she knows little, save outside her order, but her beard is long for a reason (as the dwarf saying goes) and she learns astonishingly quickly, especially now that hunger is less of a problem. Just don't ask to try her recipe for stewed cave bat with fungoid surprise, because she'll cook it for you and you'll have to eat it, and definitely don't mention the history of the Dwarves unless you like having your ears talked off.

Abilities: As a dwarrow-mage under the 712th living-goddess, she has a natural affinity for working magic with stone and metal, to the point where it seems that Kevatia itself is filled with rage. Of course, such magic takes time and energy that she does not always have, for earth-magic's cost upon a mage is high even for the legendarily hardy dwarrow.


As a citizen of Khazad-a-Zigral, she is a fine user of a one-handed battleaxe and is adept at fighting in a tight space. However, her techniques are honed against animals; a master swordsman would have no trouble besting her in a contest of technique, though getting through her armour might be a tad tricky. In addition, her stubby little legs mean that getting into combat isn't all that simple for her, since she has never learned to ride and has a dwarf's innate distrust for all things equine.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good. She's seen too much hardship for any other outcome, and she has the knowledge to look for the ancient secrets of the mages.

Other: -lolsnip-








Character Name: Lou

Gender: F

Age: 3,000

Species: Shadow Walker

Appearance: Lou is a ghostly gray nearly misty color. She has distinct markings on her belly that look as though she was clawed there. Lou has small paws, overly sized wings, and a lean body.

Background: Lou trained with her parents as a young hatchling. She learned to play the part as a dragon and a human. Her mother had been killed when she was 1,000 and never trusted anyone since her mother's death. Her father died of te same fate 1,000 years later. To this day she repeats and goes over her teachings in her mind.

Personality: Lou is fierce, bitter, loyal, sometimes giddy, rarely sweet and plain vicious. She holds dear ones at arms length and pushes everyone else away. She does this because she doesn't want to get hurt again. When her parents were murdered, she vowed to never love anyone else the same way.

Abilities: slip between worlds of shadow and life, morph into human form

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good

Other: -Snip!-


Username: Lothuialel

Name: Camile Carstairs

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Shadow Hunter

Background: When Cam turned of age (10 years) She was brought up to a Shadow Hunter home and trained to be like one. She was forced to leave her friends and family.

At age 15, she fell in love with her partner. The young man was sweet and showed her things she never truly knew before. He showed her how to play piano and violin. Both of which she is great at playing. She carries a portable violin with her and plays when she is bored.

At age 16, the boy she loved betrayed her. He killed her family and tried to kill her. However, since Cam is superior in knives and swords, she eventually killed him instead. She was never the same after this.

Personality: Camile is protective, clever and sarcastic. She protects her friends and family to where she would die to save them. Yes, her family is dead, but she protects their lineage and their history. That is what she means when she says she protects them from harm. She is highly intelligent and can guess what you are about to do without asking. She never truly means to be cruel and so unlikeable, but this is how she protects her heart from breaking. She is hard to catch.

Appearance:Cam's Link

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good

Powers: Illusion (She makes her enemies see what she wants them to see to distract them)

Other: -Snip- She uses Runes.







Username: Melomancer

Character Name: Drakaht

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Species: Vampire Dragon

Appearance: Nothing special, just a typical vampire dragon. Has no distinguishing marks since he has only recently become an adult

Background: His father was a Swallowtail dragon, and mother was a Ridgewing dragon.As such, he is an excellent flyer due to genetics. He was turned by an unknown female vampire dragon, who also killed his parents. He has embraced his vampire heritage, but has vowed to be good and try his best to not cause pain. As such, he only sucks blood from other dragons when ABSOLUTELY necessary and never bites eggs.

Personality: Tries his best to not cause unnecessary pain, is friendly and trustworthy.

Abilities: Can fly very fast, has basic vampric abilities, can transform eggs into vampire eggs.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good

Other: -Snip-



Username: Melomancer

Character Name: Nar Helonisk

Gender: male

Age: 35

Species: Orc

Appearance: Muscular, has various scars, almost naked except for a loincloth. 2.4 meters tall

Background: He was raised in an orc village, he was taught from young that their species was superior. And that they could just take whatever they wanted from other races. He quickly matured into a huge, tall, muscular orc. He is intelligent, and quickly rose among the ranks of orcs to become chieftan.

Personality: Brutal, but capable of seeing reason. bad tempered, vengeful and violent.

Abilities: Supreme strength. Above average intelligence( For orc standards) He carries a huge club made of solid obsidian

Good, Evil, or something else?: Neutral-evil. He naturally is violent, but does his best for the good of his race.

Other: -Snip-



Username: Melomancer

Character Name: Taryav

Gender: Male

Age: 9587

Species:Seragamma wyvern

Appearance:nothing special.

Background:He was raised in a clutch of especially vicious Seragamma wyverns that inhabit a mountainside. His colony is especially huge, with him being one of the warriors.He watched the great war destroy the other races. He didn't really understand anything going on, but from what his superiors told him, their colony had to be wary of everything on the outside world. Including other dragons.

Personality:He is violent, and cannot be reasoned with.He loves bloodshed. He takes orders well from superiors, and is not intelligent. He is one of the strongest seragamma wyverns for his size.He cannot work out complex solutions and cannot speak in complete sentences.

Abilities: moves very Fast, Sharp claws that can regrow.regenerative ability that lets him recover severed limbs over a course of several weeks. Hindered inteligence.

Good, Evil, or something else?:Evil




Character Name:Eidolus



Species:vampire dragon

Appearance:Eidolus is very pale, almost albino. Her most striking features are the numerous fang scars on her body. She frequently allows her vampire children to drink her blood until they become self sufficient

Background: bitten when she was around a thousand years old, she quickly embraced her new life and started turning many dragons. She sired many powerful vampires throughout the years, including her lifelong project. The sinister seven. A group which consists of seven vampires whose abilities exceed even her own. Drakaht was meant to be the final piece in the project, but his good nature ultimately brought an end to the project and got the other six killed, fortunately for humans. She thoroughly enjoyed the war, having more and more blood for her and her children to feast on without effort.

Personality: evil and selfish. She cares only for herself and her brood. She used to be kind, but after being turned, her personality was lost in he ravages of time. She is cunning and has a sharp tongue. And even sharper fangs.

Abilities: She has faint mind control and can communicate with her vampric children from long distances.

Good, Evil, or something else?: evil

Other: -snip-


Username: Melomancer

Character Name: Refers to himself as: Construct-five, also responds to C5.

Gender: None

Age: 14,058

Species: Golem/Construct

Appearance:C5s appearance greatly depends on his surroundings, but usually, he is a large, vaguely humanoid figure. He has a broad chest, massive shoulders, and large forearms ending in fingerless hands. A large, indestructible, glowing crystal sits in his chest. Although it cannot be shattered, broken, or cracked, enough damage done to it will cause the blue crystal to slowly change color, eventually turning dark red, followed by losing it's light completely, resulting in C5 shutting down. The crystal is extremely dark red when inert, but gets its dazzling blue coloration once powered.

Background:C5 was a construct created by a Dwarven civilization, the fifth of a set of 8 Golems. He was meant for gathering information and scouting, and not specifically for combat, although he was still strong enough to hold off the dangerous beasts that lived near the Dwarves. The crystal holding him together was mined by the Dwarves deep beneath the earth. No other crystals are known to exist apart from the 8 used to build the Golems. In the great war, he was the only construct among his siblings that did not take part in battle, leaving him the only survivor. Losing power, he has been buried inactive for ages, waiting for a power source to come by.

Personality:C5 has an extremely serious attitude, just like the Golems. He has information about almost every topic stored within him, although he cannot recall anything about the great war due to the data being corrupted from being inactive for too long. He is unable to understand jokes, except for extremely common Dwarven jokes. He is programmed to receive attempts at conversation as 'Inputs' And will answer in a robotic, emotionless fashion.

Abilities:C5 is extremely adaptive, making his body out of the strongest material nearby. As long as the crystal is powered, it can continue to gather materials to rebuild C5s body. His body changes depending on the environment he's in, since he uses many different materials. Doing this for too long can drain the crystal of energy, and as such, repeatedly destroying the body is the quickest way to power down the crystal. The crystal can be powered by almost any source of energy. Solar energy, oil, electricity, extreme heat such as lava are a few ways to power him.

Good, Evil, or something else?: His actions depend on inputs received and information gathered from the environment, so it varies greatly.



Primial (Inactive, never started. His form has been removed until I receive some kind of confirmation that he ever intends to RP here)





Username: Soulking

Character Name: Armin

Gender: Male

Age: 200

Species: Magma Dragon

Appearance: Normal except his legs have no cooled down lava on them

Background: He is a magma dragon quite a happy one for that matter. Because he was hatched to two magma dragons and a guardian of a nature praised him while he was a hatchling for killing large prey despite not being a adult. Then he became a adult and left his parents simple as that.

Personality: He can seem to be evil but he really wants to restore peace

Abilities: He can burn his cooled down lava plates and use it to burn creatures up to ashes. He can cool down his lava so he can keep the creature dead but not burned up he uses this for hunting. Everything else is typical abilities for a magma dragon.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good

Other: Nothing really-Snip-



Character Name: Eren

Gender: Male

Age: 190

Species: Thunder Dragon

Appearance: Regular

Background: He met with Armin when Armin was 10 and he only just hatched they became great friends

Personality: Very serious at times and cunning

Abilities: He can shock his enemies with lightning all else is typical

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good

Other: -Snip-


Username: Soulking

Character Name: Levi

Gender: Male

Age: 210

Species: Ice Dragon

Appearance: Pretty much regular with more icicles on him.

Background: He also met with Armin and Eren and became friends with them

Personality: Very coldhearted and arrogant

Abilities: He can throw his icicles and reform them and also breathe extremely cold breath to freeze enemies

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good

Other: -Snip-





Username: draco8967

Character Name: Cloud

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Species: Human

Appearance: Cloud

Background: An Ex-solder with a past unknown to him. He have beat anything that have try to stop him from beating his rivals and enemies. He thought have no feeling for anything thought he cherish everything

Personality: Brave, Courage, Willing to help the need and fight the evil ones.

Abilities: Magic (Lighting, Ice, Healing) Sonic blade

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good

Other: Carries 7 swords with him and once combine together. Each sword combine increase damage and power, but get heavier. -Snip-





Username: gloryKAT

Character Name: Lavawynd (Also known as Lava's Bane)

Gender: Female

Age: 15,290


Appearance: For the most part, she's a standard Magma dragon. However, she has reinforced her claws with metal and has pillaged all of the scraps of metal she could find, and has created herself a suit of armor. However, this suit of armor eventually melted from the heat of her scales, and bothers her greatly. Lavawynd has a pair of artificial metal wings upon her back, right by her shoulders. She was once able to fly with the power she had gained from mages, but currently, she is only able to fly for about 15 minutes without rest before crash landing.

Background: Lavawynd was formerly associated with Kievo. She too saw potential in the young dragon, much like others. She aided in the war, but now is ashamed of what she has done.

Personality: Lavawynd is a recluse, and she hardly talks. She is a nomad, travelling from place to place to find a more suitable home when someone bothers her enough or when she feels threatened.

Abilities: Firebreath, reinforced, sharper claws

Good, Evil, or something else?: Evil (formerly) No affiliation (current)

Other: -snip-





See the next post.

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Approved Forms, continued



Katzyn (Inactive)


Username: Katzyn

Character Name: Sonata

Gender: Female

Age: Young adult (in her early 20's)

Species: Human

Appearance: Lightly-tanned skinned, golden-browned hair with bright blue eyes, Sonata is fair to look upon, though no dazzling beauty. She is lithe and of middling height. She prefers to wear browns and dark greens, to better blend in with her surroundings in the forest.

Background: When she was young, her parents died during an Orc raid upon her small village. Sonata was lucky to have survived - her older brother had rescued her and carried her off to a safe hiding spot within a copse of trees, even though he had been previously injured during a hunting accident before the Orc raid. Unfortunately, due to his wounds, he, too, passed away, leaving Sonata all alone to fend for herself at a young age.


Starving, weak, cold, and thirsty, little Sonata wandered through the thin forest that had been surrounding her home village, looking for anything she could eat or drink. Overhead, a white dragon named had been flying over the devastation of the village, and spotted the little girl staggering between the trees.


The white dragon approached Sonata carefully, and Sonata was so distraught and delirious with hunger and thirst that she was not afraid; the dragon took her to her nest and cared for her carefully, and Sonata eventually grew up with a love for dragons, the race her parents had hated even more than the Orcs.

Personality: Sonata is very easy going, happy, and generally nice. She doesn't tolerate hatred towards dragons. She does, however, have a deep fear and hatred for Orcs and any who would side with such foul creatures.


She can be a little awkward when dealing with humans - having been raised (for the most part) by a dragon, her dealings with humans had been rather scarce until she found herself roaming the land by herself once more. She enjoys talking and interacting with dragons.

Abilities: She is good at surviving in the wild - her aim with a bow and arrow is not perfect, but she hits her target more often than not, and she has figured out how to trap and/or snare small prey and fish for aquatic life.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good.

Other: -Snip-


Username: Katzyn

Character Name: Astras

Gender: Male

Age: Egg -> Hatchling

Species: White Dragon

Appearance: A normal white dragon with lovely blue eyes.

Background: Hatched from an egg given to Sonata by the white dragon who saved her from starvation and dehydration.

Personality: Cool and collected, it takes a lot to rile Astras up. He enjoys being with people, having seen how kind Sonata is to other dragons, and he is eager to meet other humans. He doesn't, however, enjoy watching Sonata hunt or eat animals, as he prefers to dine upon plants only.

Abilities: As he gets older, his healing skills manifest and become strong.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Good

Other: -Snip-





Username: Eldricht-Aviary { Forums }, Eldrichtidiot { Main Site }

Character Name: ' Ali ' Almas

Gender: Female

Age: 11,083

Species: Lumina

Appearance: Though sharper and more predatory in build than most other Lumina dragons, she's in no way less clean. Despite her lack of a good, clean hideout all these years, she's had herself and her minions to help keep her prim and potent in look, keeping her as ' luminous', if not moreso than her kin. Her scales seem to shimmer with a more aquatic luster, but she says it's just due to her Shimmerscale grandfather, and nothing more. Her eyes are the color of jade, and are normally well trimmed with the accent of mineral powder. She's missing a quarter of her tail, but still keeps herself dressed in various wraps of silk, though only wrapped around the collar of the neck, the shoulders, the haunches of the legs, and the base of the tail, as well as a few jade, coral, and gold trinkets kept in a few scarce areas. These are just for channeling and aesthetic purposes, though. She doesn't like moving in armor.

Background: Almas came from a long line of pureblooded mages, most from the older blood on her father's side, but damn, if she didn't hate the politics it brought with her. She hated the softness and difficulty of agreement on the politics, the lack of control, the lower species aggressions and lack of contributions, the cushiness of the mages, all of it. From the stories of the lower species to their encounters, to the history of the dragons against the lower species for years, she hated the fact they still tolerated them, still kept themselves subdued to them, and didn't take what was theirs. A Dragon supremacist at heart.

So she took it upon herself to at least reform her small part of it, delving deeply into the darker studies and committing the acts they were too afraid to. Mostly the toning down of population for lower species, and some hunting assignments for other darkly-inclined individuals for certain books or ingredients. Her cold and merciless nature in her bluntness and spite scared most mages, but when the Court remained unopposed, she wasn't much of a match on her own against them, especially with her father still in the way.

When Kievo came to power, he was just the cue she needed to change pace. If the dragons were to rule over and above the pests, he seemed like just the guy. And he did need a lot of folks' minds changed or taken care of, after all. In time, she proved herself to be a great political consort and asset, her manipulation skills, dark techniques, and lethally black heart in combat and assassination earned her a place as a valuable resource and loyal associate, even if not as highly promoted as the Generals. She even killed her father when he found out of her position, though he was old enough to not be as much of a match as he could have been before. Couldn't have anybody turning her position in to the authorities.

She still remained an unphased loyalist when it all fell apart, though she wasn't present with Kievo and the others at the time, fighting off traitors elsewhere. She took pursuit of one of the traitor generals, Jolenar, after Kievo vanished, when he raided her treasury and took her testing relic among other less worthy things, instead of heading back ,seeing it as more use to the generals and herself should she come back to them later. Had she kept the relic, it would've been her greatest assistance in tracking down the great king again, when he vanished - - had she been able to fix all the bugs and get help on finishing it.

...When she got to him, though, she found him dead, being eaten by what looked to be the undead dragons of the marshes, raised by an old colleague of hers, and without a relic. She was more upset about the lost of her precious treasure than the loss of her former business partner, though. Despite weeks of searching, she never found a trace, from marsh to coast, until she caught new word that it was stolen by the last little survivor of his clutch; the son that kept him from complete loyalty to Kievo.

Unfortunately, tracking his son and the relic he stole from his dead father proved harder with the quick and brutal burst of aggression, of activity, from the lower species. She and her minions had to retreat and hide themselves away deeply, back in an old loyalist temple, in order to keep safe.

So she pulled back to await the return of the generals, instead. Perhaps then she could find the censorkip.gif*** hatchling, find the relic, FIX the relic, and find Kievo then. Though she doubted they could keep her held back from killing the hellspawn when she found it, defiling her own personally enchanted little tool with his grubby paws...

Personality: You'd think even a Lumina would have some heart, but even for her kin, she's as blackspirited as they come. A cold and wicked woman, her temper is swift, and her punishment swifter, to those who would otherwise doubt the prowess that got her to where she is. Highly intelligent, her cunning and guile had earned her the hearts of many a politician and mage before her truly monstrous nature was revealed in the war - - metaphorically at first, then literally when they died. She seems to have the morbid habit of collecting dragon hearts for her lurker minions. Says it keeps them pacified in certain categories. She's known for sharp talons and sharp tongue, which is rumored to be both good with a joke, as she has one morbid sense of humor, and good in cursing. She's rarely one to curse a dragon out of anger, but those who have been cursed never spoke otherwise again. Possibly literally.

Though her ' affection ' and ' love ' of her servants only goes so far as she can throw them for their usefulness or uselessness, she still dreams of the day that the generals come back together, Kievo returns, and they can muster up the magical assistance needed to fully restore the world in their image. Especially without the lower species. Then maybe she can get better servants than Cavern Lurker dolts.

There's something of a child in her, though whether spoiled or deprived is debatable, and even her servants agree a nice mate could probably simmer down her attitude, as she tends to become less tolerable and humane when things don't go her way or their way. None of THEM are volunteering, though. Truly a pinnacle of pride and predatory grace, the only ones she'd presumably see as equal are the other generals, or equally powerful magical individuals, if they could withstand her attitude. And even then, she doesn't act like she cares. that's to be left for more personal interaction. Privately. She's got public reputation to keep, whether she's alone or not.

She's also known to love torture, especially of turncoats. She's got a bigger gut for gore than most men, and bigger senses of sadism. She's not afraid to mutilate a servant in example in front of newcomers.

Abilities: Raised from the family of pureblooded mages, she's a gal to be reckoned with. Other than the complete control over her family servants, and whatever heedless little males are brainwashed by her spells making up the rest of her minimal forces, she's known to have kept her magical training up for all the years she's been in hiding, awaiting the day the other generals would finally find her and reunite their fun little party. She's not unwise enough to let her skills in the dark arts wither. Who knows when she'd have to put someone out of commission?

This makes her a powerful mage, and one of the most easily accessible if found, due to the culling of the rest. Her weaknesses are more of the physical sort than of mystical flaws.

Her specialties lie in manipulation and degenerative magics, such as curses, hexes, elixirs, and a multitude of other spells to work from the inside-out. This also applies to her physical attacks, which regularly involve deceit, dirty tricks, smooth, elegant movement, and sharply poisoned talons. Defensive spells and counterspells are her secondary talent, while she's not one to immediately lash out blindly. She was known to be able to take on large groups on her own, but that was years ago. She'd need assistance now for a group larger than seven, especially if they're as fast or faster and sharper of talon than she is. Bigger dragons aren't a bigger deal to her for her size.

Her greatest weaknesses are her pride, and her healing, as much as she hates to admit to the former. Though ****ing with her appearance is sure to unlock her inner monster in terms of lack of mercy, your best bet for actually bringing her to a point of distraction to kick her ass in is bringing her down enough to where she couldn't keep fighting unless she agitated more wounds or bled more over her precious white scales. Her healing magic is severely lacking, and is normally where her servants or where the military medics normally came in. She'd have to flee to be mended by someone else, if not herself. She still fears death above failure, even if it hurts her heart to retreat and make a fool of herself.

Best bet is insulting her brain, or her magical prowess.

Her other strength is in the amount of servants lurking back in her hideout awaiting her call, which, when last counted, was at least Thirty, when counting the hatchlings old enough to fight properly. Their loyalty is unmatched, though, and they're definitely quick to come when she calls. They've been loyal to her since she killed her father and took his place as head of the house, and they're just as loyal to the cause of Kievo, willing to join his ranks when she commands them. Blind little sheep they are. There's no hope if they attack you in a complete swarm, but fighting them off in broken-down packs should do the trick on them. More than seven will do you in, though.

Good, Evil, or something else?: Evil to the bones.

Other: It seems that if there's one thing she hates, above all other things, it's not getting taken seriously, and being assumed of. You respect her, or you're made to respect her. Simple as -snip-.

Other things she hates are rumors or insults on her integrity as a woman of power. This is mostly done by the lower species, as dragons know the power of a dragon female when they see it. Be it mocking her pride of appearance or mocking her precious little posse of servants, this is one of many reasons she despises the lower species.

Post-war, she probably will settle down from servitude to Kievo and find a mate, though, if that fun fact is appreciated. She'd still prefer magic users, though. She'd rather keep pureblood in her breeding, thank you, even if she has yet to actually breed.

She also loves fruit and alcohol.








Username: HorseChick

Character Name:SilverStream

Gender: Female

Age: 231

Species: Soulpeace

Appearance: Normal appearance of soulpeace dragon

Background: Her parents got killed by humans when she was a hatchling.After that,she lived alone and had to live on her own.She now hates humans.

Personality: Gentle and protective to dragons,but she will kill any human she sees.

Abilities: Invisibility

Good, Evil, or something else?: Neutral


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Forms will now be accepted, and RP'ing may begin immediately following this post!

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Celariel shot the Brimstone dragon in its head. "Get out of here you stupid lizard, and stop trying to kill me!" He muttered. Drawing his knife, he ran out and stabbed it multiple times, until it finally ran off. Well thank the forests that happened...

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[Let the RP begin,I will post my actual RP Post soon]

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((Okay. I haven't RP'd in like ages, so... Chances are, I'm going to suck epically. Cope with me for a little pl0x!))


A soft breeze blew at the natural shelter, a small cave, where Dahlia was sleeping by the entrance. Using her backpack as a place to rest her head at and covering her body with her cape made the place somewhat comfortable to sleep at. The sunshine hit her face, and her closed eyes twitched from the sudden harsh light a little before they opened. The girl drowsily sat up, yawning, as she rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms. Despite the lethargy by the morning, Dahlia could call it a good rest, and difficult were the times she could earn such thing, given the world's chaotic situation. After warming herself up a little by stretching some more, she quickly picked up her backpack made of animal hide and opened it. Her paranoia over having items stolen often saved her objects from being taken by some thug. Even though had someone tried to rob her over the night, she'd certainly have woken up to deal with the thief, Dahlia was sleeping right on her pack after all.


It was time to check if her belongings were all there. As Dahlia dug through all the clutter, she remembered that her bow broke during her last hunt. She had to make a new one as soon as possible, she thought. She then turned her attention to her waterskins, there were five of them in the backpack. It was important to keep track of how much water you had in such hostile environment. Dahlia checked the first one. Empty. So she moved on to the second one. Also empty. Third time's the charm, right? Nope, also nothing. At least the fourth one had a little bit left, which she drank. The last one was full, but now finding a water source was top priority. Much higher than a new bow.


"Time to move on." Dahlia thought to herself, as she closed up the backpack and put it on her back. The girl also picked up her special chains from the ground. After wrapping them back up on their place and tying her loose hair into a ponytail, it was time to face the outside once again. Dahlia walked out of her cave, scouted her surroundings for a brief moment to see if there was anyone nearby trying to ambush her, then moved on.


((I hope this is all right.))

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A dim blue light faintly lit the dark and damp room, it seemed to be an ancient cavern... Water can be seen slowly running down the walls, with some puddles on the floor, the source of light nowhere to be found... A loud dripping sound echoed throughout the cavern as water dripped from the ceiling, but only once every fifteen to twenty seconds... "Gah...! That cursed dripping!" a voice yelled as a dragon approached from further within the cavern, first it's appearance was hidden by the shadows but as it came into the light, it was none other than Bielgrath. "It's bad enough I've had to stay here for all these years, but that infernal dripping is simply intolerable!" he snapped angrily. Bielgrath paced back and forth for a few minutes and walked over to where the water was dripping from and quickly slashed at the ceiling with his claws, the drip silenced. "Why did I not think of that sooner?" he asked himself, as the minutes passed the drip failed to return, Bielgrath turned and began to head back deeper into the cavern, now satisfied. Soon the dim light that had lit up the room began to fade out...


Drip drip drip! "Graaaaaahhhhhh!!!!"






In a small burned out village. a soft but warm wind blew. Old buildings stood there made of stone and half collapsed, a few others were made of wood but almost all of these were fully collapsed,and all were at least partway rotted, some dead trees were between some of the houses, while the village itself seemed to be centered in a now dead forest.


Alicia walked between some of the houses, looking back and forth as she walked, her arms crossed and a somewhat impatient look on her face. "Irina, where are you?" she called out, but with no response. She continued to walk around the village going between all the houses as she searched. "Come on Irina, it's not funny anymore!" she yelled again, when suddenly she looked to her side and a part of a roof to one of the collapsed wooden houses lifted up, Irina stood there. "Geez, what's your problem?" Irina said as she threw the roofing off her that she had been hiding under. "I don't know, I just don't like it here....I guess I'll feel better once we've left." Alicia said, and uncrossed her arms. Irina tilted her head a bit confused, "....Let's just get going, okay?" Alicia said again, no longer impatient. Irina quickly nodded her head and jumped towards Alicia, landing next to her and folding her wings to her sides. Soon they both began to walk in a direction, "I wonder who this village belonged to, how about you?" Irina asked, "I don't know, but considering the fact they aren't actually very big houses, I'd have to say one of the smaller races." Alicia responded, "...That's it, dwarfs must of lived here!" Irina quickly responded.



Alicia glanced momentarily at Irina, having no idea what a dwarf was. As they continued, a few blades of grass were in random spots across the scorched around, only being one-three blades to a patch, and no more than four patches. The dead trees were totally petrified, the branches not even slightly flexing with the winds. Alicia looked up at the sky as she walked, there were a couple clouds overhead that looked very dark. She crossed her arms again and continued walking, eager to get away from this place.

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Caws of of crows came as they pecked at the corpse. The crows took their share of the rotting meat, ripping tiny, red, fleshy bits off the corpse. "Hey! Back off! I-its my turn now!" A voice shouted. A seven year old girl was standing a meter away from them. Most of the crows took attention to her, facing their heads towards them. The girl slowly walked towards the corpse. "Please get off, I'll have to burn you into ashes if you don't." She begged and threatened at the same time. The crows quickly started dispersing, leaving a few behind who were too stubborn to have her take the meat. "...Fine. I guess I'll share with you, since you the ones that discovered the food before I did." She said.


She wasn't sure how to eat the dead animal, as half of its meat was already taken away, and that it seemed to be a few days old, resulting maggots and bacteria to be inside. ...It's so gross...! How does other crows eat this? She silently thought. Elly, the young girl looked around. The crows were now stalking her and the corpse. It's either taking it or leaving it... She sighed. Elly looked around. One of her friends, Crowbar, was with the corpse. "I guess you're stubborn too, huh?" She quietly muttered.


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Dahlia stopped and looked back one last time at the cave that served as her shelter. There was something important to do before she left. "Oh, right. I better keep track of this place." she thought as the girl once again took off her backpack and searched its inside. Dahlia pulled out a roll of paper from the main compartment and a piece of charcoal from one of the small pockets. Quickly unfolding it, she took a look at the paper.


It was a map, one Dahlia sketched herself in order to keep track of her location and surroundings. That way, the wanderer would never end up walking in circles like a complete fool. And she could return to places if she really needed to. She would use whatever she had at her disposal to do the drawing, be it simple charcoal, juices from a fruit or her own blood. The girl looked at the other symbols she had drawn on the paper, and sketched a rough cave where she thought she was currently at, with the charcoal she had in her right hand. Dahlia then looked at the map to see where she'd have to go to get water. North-east of the cave she just drew, there was a tree symbol. For her, that marked the small spots where life had begun to reappear. And where there's life, there surely is water! It was just like an oasis.


Dahlia quickly turned to the direction she was supposed to head off to as she rolled her map back into its original state and put it plus the charcoal in the backpack and the girl was truly ready to move on now. The cave had served its purpose of shelter already, and she was going to leave it to whatever would be the next wanderer or bandit group to use it. And in case she had to come back, perhaps they'd forget a goodie or two for her to take?


The wandering girl left off to her next destination, heading north-east, the soft wind blowing on her face.

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Elly sighed and watched as crows swarmed all over the corpse. She had decided not to devour that corpse, despite her being hungry and all. You can have the maggots... She thought to them. Now she needed to scavenge for more food. I wish my corw friends would scavenge some for me...but... She looked at her friends. Seems like they already got what they want... She wondered if she was going to find any food in this place.


"I guess I'll have to scavenge some food by myself..." She sighed. She hated scavenging alone. She was extremely terrified when she depended on her own self to survive. "Maybe I could bring one friend..." She looked to see if any crow has been satisfied with their meal. "Ah! Corneille!" Elly called out. Immediately, a crow flew towards her, and landed on her shoulder. "Corneille, I'm going to have to scavenge for some food. I'm going to bring you with me just in case something happens, alright?" She asked the female crow. A caw was replied to her, causing Elly to smile before heading off.


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Celariel began looking for a spot to camp for the night. Eventually he found two trees which he could make his shelter out of. Gathering some long branches, he stuck them in a crisscrossed fashion in between the trees. Then, he hung his wool blanket over that, ending up with a sort of tent. Celariel then took stock of his supplies. "Hmm... a pickled apple, some stale bread, and an old carrot. Hope the water supply is better than this..." Celariel checked his three canteens. "First one is empty, and the second has enough water for tonight, I hope the third one is full..." Luckily, the third one was full, but he was going to have to go foraging for food and water soon.

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The further they got from that village, the less Alicia seemed to be irritated. Irina had noticed this and was now becoming confused, she had rarely seen Alicia become irritated and now wondered, what could possibly be in that village...? Thoughts began to go through her mind of returning to the village once Alicia went to sleep, to investigate further. They continued to wander, further and further away. They continued, and continued but they were still within the dead forest, "...This place sure is big, would of been nice to have seen what it looked like before..." Alicia said as they still continued to walk, the longer they continued the more they found everything looked the same.


"...I don't understand, it didn't take this long to get in." Alicia said, now a bit worried. She stopped and sat down, her feet were tired from walking all day. "Yeah...maybe we just went in a big circle?" Irina suggested and Alicia simply looked at her "I hope not, otherwise we've wasted the entire day...." Alicia responded, "...Well, how's our food and water supply?" Irina asked, "Let me check..." Alicia answered and grabbed the bag she had been carry-, there was no bag. " ...Huh?" Alicia looked closure, "... ..." "I think...I might have...forgotten it in that village." she said, then covered her face with her hands, in disbelief that she could do that. Irina got a sad look on her face and looked back behind them, towards where the village had been.

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As she continued on her way, Dahlia remembered that, along with water and a new bow, she needed food of course. Well, she wasn't too concerned about finding something to eat - once she hit her destination, the girl could either pick some fruit or, after crafting herself a bow, she could just hunt for something. And she had a good meal the day before. From her own experience, her thought was that you could survive for at least one week without food, but forty-eight hours without water would kill you for sure. Dahlia wanted to just fill in her backpack with waterskins, too bad they wouldn't just fit in with the stuff she liked to carry. She had to make sure to carry only what she'd need, but even then, she'd often fill her inventory with useless clutter that she might not even need...


It was then that the wanderer caught a glimpse of a human figure. Dahlia stopped and put her right hand above her eyes to shield them from the sunlight and thus having a better look at the figure. She could now identify it as merely a little girl. Dahlia got a bit perplexed. What was such child doing out there by herself? Usually, her reaction would be to get on guard and threaten whoever the other person happened to be, but... She just couldn't see how a child could threaten her, if at all. Wait, what if it was a trap? What if the girl was some sort of lure that worked for bandits? What if...


"Oh, for Pete's sake, Dahlia! It's just a kid." Dahlia thought, groaning. Admittedly, the little girl caught her attention and curiosity. Dahlia stood there watching her out of curiosity, but otherwise didn't say a word.

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The crow cawed for Elly's attention. The female crow had noticed that someone was near. "Whats wrong Corneille?" She asked. Corneille cawed to her, talking about the other human that she had caught with her eyes. "Really? Another human?" She said curiously. What should I do...I wanna go and meet her...but what if she's a bad guy? She thought quietly. Elly looked at her crow, and an idea popped up from her mind. "Why don't you stalk her? Just in case." She said to Corneille. The female crow cawed and tilted her head before flying off, although the girl could tell Corneille didn't go very far. "Merci-a!~" She said sweetly.

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Dahlia noticed a crow flying off, and it seemed to have come from where the child was at. The wanderer didn't pay mind to it, though, but she wasn't sure if she had been spotted or not. But what she was sure of was that her curiosity was itching more than a mosquito bite. Well... Were it really an ambush and Dahlia had already been seen, chances were, she'd be caught up in fighting or running away by now. Perhaps she should speak up and make her presence known, she thought. The kid seemed harmless - at least to her - and it'd clear any doubts in her mind.


"I might regret this, but here it goes." With this thought, she decided to make a move and slowly approached the young girl. "Hey there!" Dahlia cried out loud enough to be heard. She stopped where she could call it a safe and comfortable distance. "Are you lost or something?" she asked, her eyes focused on the child.

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Elly tilted her head after the female asked her if she was lost. "Euh..." She looked around. Now that she thought about it, she had no idea where she was. She nodded her head. Maybe Corneille would have a better chance of understanding what she's like! Elly thought. She looked at the female who looked older than her, her crimson eyes full of curiosity. Her eyes turned away from her for a moment, facing to see if any other crows were around other than Corneille. ...I never talked with another human before for a long time... She was nervous. What if she made a mistake that disappointed the female?

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So far, everything seemed to be all right to Dahlia. Nothing bad happened. She just overthought about the situation, out of pure paranoia. The child didn't say anything but nodded her head in response to her question. Her silence had hints of nervousness in it. "Well then. Did you stray away from your home, or you just don't know where you are?" Dahlia asked, crossing her arms. Perhaps she could help the young girl find her way. Provided the wanderer's sidetracking didn't get herself lost too, anyway. Considering that her water supply would last for two days at best, that would be a terrible thing to happen. Her map wouldn't be of much use if she happened to wander off somewhere she didn't mark.

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The girl's face turned, shy and nervous. What could I say? What could I say? She thought. "Ah-um..W-well..Act- Uh...Y-you s-see..." Elly stuttered like their was no tomorrow. It was a bit strange to her, since she was able to talk normally with her crow friends. Why did she stutter like this when she could perfectly talk normally to her friends? The girl gulped. Her mind was racing blank. "I-I...Don't really...k-know...w-where I-I sh-should go..." She stuttered and hid her face.

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Dahlia could barely understand what came out from the young girl's mouth. She stuttered on her words a lot. "Whoa, calm down there!" Dahlia exclaimed. "I'm not going to hurt you or anything like that." she continued, hoping to calm the other girl down. She understood that the girl didn't know where to go, so Dahlia proceeded to retrieve her map from her backpack and extend it from its rolled form. But before she could even think of trying to help, she wanted some more details. "Were you just roaming aimlessly, or were you looking for something in specific?" she asked, hoping that this time the other girl would answer in a more comprehensible manner.

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"Euuhhh..!" Quick, say something! She thought. "CAW! caw! caw caw caw caw!" She cawed. "Gahhh!" She hid her face. "Why can't I say something to you normally?!" She exclaimed. "Gah! I'll never be able to talk to anyone normally, never ever!" She shouted. Ironically, Elly managed to "talk" with the other girl perfectly like that. Elly didn't even seem to notice that she had successfully "talked" to a human without stuttering.

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"What in the world...?" was all that Dahlia could think that moment, an expression of shock and confusion now on her face. She now wasn't sure if the girl was THAT nervous or if it was just a freakout. Or both. At least this time there was no stuttering, which allowed the wandering girl to perfectly understand what was said. "Please, calm down!" Dahlia exclaimed, but at the same time trying not to sound aggressive or too loud. "You... You actually spoke to me without stuttering, this time." she said in response to the other girl claiming she'd never be able to talk to someone normally, and in hopes that this would decrease her nervousness.

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The girl "shivered" in embarrassment. Her plan to talk with this female wasn't going as well as she planned. She wanted to run. Run really badly. Or maybe cast a spell so she could restart her "conversation." I knew I should've brought my friends along... She thought as she sat hugging herself, a bit depressed on what was happening around in this situation.

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Perhaps Dahlia came off as overaggressive, or said something she shouldn't have said, because the little girl simply sat down like a person feeling down usually would. She was a bit unsure of what to do now. The girl looked like she was of the shy kind, so perhaps, it was time to slow down a little? Dahlia thought. And not to bury her with exclaiming and questions like she was. "Umm." Dahlia slowly approached but like the other time she stopped with some distance between the two of them. "Are you all right?" she asked as she crouched, looking at the child.

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