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Dreaded Kingdom

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Tybalt looked back for the others, and timidly followed behind. AH... Crap. Uh... Small miscalculation... Um... You may or may not have a booby trap ahead. "Guard up!" He yelled, and drew his blades. They were shoddy protection, he would invest in armor later. "What booby trap?" He growled at the voice. Yeah, um... About that. See when you got all jumpy and not-power controlled next to Castor things got a little technical and uh... Stuff happened. I'm on it. I done goofed. Sorry the voice seemed distant. "Something technical happened on the voice's side. Is everyone else hearing voices?"

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Layel followed nearby Castor, not having to know that she was supposed to go in. She didn't quite understand what Tybalt meant by voices for a second, watching the door ahead of them more intently than paying attention to what he meant better. Of course they were hearing voices. But it dawned on her a few seconds later that the constant Take. Fester. Live. still echoed eerily throughout the odd hallway and shadows not touched by the light Xavier created.


Venril even seemed to be watching the shadows more than the light, growling occasionally for a second before going quiet. Something was setting her off, and the comment she had made about the shadows knowing about them didn't make Layel feel better about them.


But Layel already had her staff at the ready if they needed it. She doubted Venril wouldn't hesitate to tackle something. "Yes... and by technical, would it be a big technical or a small technical thing that happened?" She asked, giving up her silence probably for good now. She knew it was against her first impression, and by no means did she trust anyone here except maybe Castor and Tybalt, but knew deep down that communication was key for situations like this. She doubted Tybalt would understand what she meant by the different types of technicals.

Be careful. Veserae warned, refusing to give anything else to the matter.

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"Uhhh..." Tybalt looked around. Pretty major technical. An alternate reality may have opened, and something passed through it. Trying to identify and destroy it.


"My little minor god guy said major technical. Something passed through from an alternate reality..." He shifted his weight back and forth.

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There was a lot of huffing and puffing behind the group, it couldn't have been mistaken for anything but Catherine quickly appeared out of the shadows her hair was tied in a braid with white daisy a sewn in messily, there was a small smile in her face despite her puffy, red, bloodshot eyes. She walked over to the group taking huge gasps of air, "Were you guys going to leave me?" Catherine asked jokingly

Where you?

Of course not! Your comrades are faithful to you and I suggest you do the same. Lora huffed.

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As Shae walked through the Shadow Realm, she began to hear strange voices. These voices didn't belong to Noctal or any of the creatures she had residing here. Rather, these voices were coming from the shadows of the people from the mainland. It all started as an inaudible whisper at first, then began to grow until she could make out Take. Fester. Live. It was eerie and even more so, the shadows had turned to face Shae and seemed to be directing these words directly at her.


Since the seal has been broken, Malfaul's grasp on other shadows has grown. This is a warning for those who are entering the Citadel. It'll only get worse as he gains more strength. Also, if you stay here too much longer, you'll be really sick upon return to the mainland.


Shae believed it was probably due to her lack of experience within the Shadow Realm, but Noctal neither confirmed nor denied the hypothesis. So, turning to the direction of the Citadel and sighed. Not wasting any time, Shae took off at a brisk run, maneuvering through the streets and across the plains until she came to the shadowy doors. Something about them was far more fearsome in this realm than in the mainland. These shadows, they seemed like they would consume anything that was in their reach, darker and more sinister than anything she had felt before.

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((Soooooooooo, in other words, I ****ed up?))


Xavier walked slowly to the door, sword still extended. The chunk of door in his pocket burned his thigh, although not painful, it was slightly concerning, but he felt reluctant to take it out, after all, it called to him on the floor, he needed it. He tried to not notice the shadows, with his experience, unchanging shadows meant one of two things, demons or... No that was pretty much it, demons. He didn't even need to look to notice his sword was shrinking, he... Was scared and no doubt everyone else was scared, he finally reached the door, it emanated a cool air, he held the torch to it to read the inscription...


"Can anybody read runes? Layel? Castor?"



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Layel watched Xavier's sword shrink and noticed he stopped at the door. He asked if anyone could read runes. "I can to an extent. I haven't done it for a while however..." She spoke up, glancing to Castor. She sighed slightly before walking to the door. The shadows nearby moved closer as her step came closer to the door.

Venril growled at some of them, follwing close behind Layel as she walked to the door. Do not touch it. Veserae told forcefully. Can reading it happen? Perhaps. Be careful.

The sorcerer stood nearby Xavier, looking at the door. She knew this was going to take some time to figure it out and turned back to Castor. "I'll help where I can... but I'm sure we can benefit from your expertise in the matter Castor." She told, a slight smile appearing for a moment out of reflex.


Maybe this group was good for Layel. It was begining to restore the 'old' Layel to herself, and Venril doubted she was the only one who noticed the smile before it disappeared.


((I'm going to bed.))

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Xavier, you may have either saved yourself or caused mass chaos. It all depends on what you choose to do for the time being. That's all I'll say.

Also, I had actually intended for alternate reality bending to happen as tybalt's powers increased, but I'll be damned if Lycra didn't know me enough to know how Tybalt would escalate due to his abilities. I'm happy for that. Helps this thing move along more fluidly rather than with confusion.

After all, Tybalt is going to end up having a power so great that he may actually be able to save us all.. or end us all.

And perhaps in the end he'll choose the latter. :3 ))


Castor noticed the others begin to walk up but still had his eyes trained upon the shadows in the corner. Though the runes were slightly more vibrant, they were .. leaking, if that was a word for it. Now that he was close enough, he could see that a.... bubbling sort of black smoke was pouring from small holes in the sides of the door. It was as if whatever was within was trying desperately to crawl its way out.

Yet though the others feared them perhaps simply from what they were, Castor feared them for what they were known to be. Castor knew.. oh yes, he knew. Like all other things, he knew fear, and he had long learned of what space and the universe was capable of forming. Impossible was a word that was impossible to exist. Improbable was the best word for things that should not happen but either have the fortune or misfortune to occur.

Yet in any large-scale factory of life and stardust, through the creation of gods or science, there will always be chance. The goddess of chance, wife of Tybalt's patron god, had her hand in every game of fate. She who could send a wind to save sailors from a whirlpool while also making their ship catch fire just as it reached land. She who could save a man's life savings in gambling, only to have every cent stolen by another poor family. Both a blessing and a censorkip.gif*, she was chance.

Chance also created her own breed of life. It was the kind of life that shouldn't exist on any possibility scale, but because she had to have her way, it did.

But it didn't exist. Unblessed by major gods, it had no life, no body, no actual physical form. It only existed because it was a form of something that should, if that could be understood.

In short, it only existed because chance chose that it had to, simply because it was impossible.

This form of life was what stared - yes stared - at Castor from darkened, red eyes, never blinking. Its very stare hungered for his flesh, his physical cage, his inner light. It had been starved of light, deprived of body or heart. All it knew was desire.

All the while, even as Castor struggled to ignore it, he began to read the runes, and found himself reading them aloud. Before Valen could stop him, he began to realize what he was doing, and found himself unable to stop.

If anyone had dared to stare at him or tried to stop him, they would not see Castor.

As he chanted, every orifice began to emit light, his jaws becoming a maw of pure blinding illumination. He looked almost like a ghost, and began to float up into the air.

His words could not be understood. What had first been common tongue had turned into some sort of mix of demonic sounding words and then beautiful, heavenly vocabulary. It was as if some god had created a tongue that described both evil and holy attributes at the same time.

It was a dirge and a prayer.

The door began to crack. Malfaul's laughter began again, this time even more sinister and vehement.

All the air was sucked out of the tunnel. Behind them, the gate SHUT. The broken doors of the mouth of the citadel became closed in a sickly darkness that was impenetrable, and seemed to be moving.

Towards them.

Children of your false gods. A voice unmistakably Malfaul's stated. You came here seeking my destruction. Now, you have already heralded not only your own doom but the doom of your kin. In the time it takes your hearts to beat with a single second of life, you have unleashed not only my army upon the world, but the last seal of your gods that kept me from leaving this castle. I would have been locked here forever if you had not done so, and yet now you have done what I could not do.

Suddenly, before the group, as the tide of shadows moved further towards them, the visage of a young, black-haired man stood before them, an ebony blade hanging from his right hand. He held it aloft, grinning so wickedly that it would cause even the brightest of hearts to dim with flickering light.

You foolish, naïve little children. Though you had hoped to work in the name of your gods, you have instead only served me. How else did you think those orbs of light entered MY domain? Gods? They have no place here. I allowed them to come. That priest? He served me. Those voices in your head? My demons, my servants, and your doom. All of this was orchestrated as part of my game and now you shall play it in my citadel.

You will not leave. You will not escape. You will die. This is your fate in my home, but I am a merciful master. While I am busy draining the light from your city so I may ascend, you wretched lot will fight amongst yourselves to survive. To keep it interesting however, I'm even going to add some rules.

Castor stood, wide-eyed, his mind racing. He had yet to even respond to this madman. All he could remember were the tales of Malfaul's games.. his genocides, where only a few ever escaped. Those few ended up being mad cannibals living in the woods, babbling of the horrors of his keep.

One, one of you must always carry a torch. Failure to do so will end in your immediate demise. I will ensure that my pets attack you the moment your precious lights go out and they are not as merciful as I.

Two, you may not leave the castle. The shadows will become as walls and every hole will be filled with my pets.

Three, each day my castle will change and randomize its layout. Unless you stay close together, you will be separated and become easy prey, and you must still have a torch as you sleep or, you guessed it, you are damned to oblivion.

The visage laughed wickedly once more and pointed forward.

Now go, or stay and allow me to give you a quick death.

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((Ok... So this... Door fragment in Xavier's pocket... Is it eating him or what, because I don wanna make any assumptions. Other than that, I'll be back in about 10-11 hours

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(So, do they still have thier powers? This is a quite intersting turn of events, I would have never expected this.)

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((*expected this from knowing Thael too well* But very good though. Very good. I especially enjoy the rules. The torch is a nice nuisance too.


Mipuppy: I would think we'd still have our powers... but I'll let Thael answer in case he planned something else.))


Layel was beginning to translate the runes herself once Castor started when she stopped, noticing what was going on. She immediately knew they should have never read the inscription.

She was blinded by the light coming from where Castor stood and shielded her eyes for a moment.

Venril, well, she was freaking out. Veserae was silent. The dragon was in a very protective stance, growling loudly and threateningly at the shadows that rithed behind them. All Layel could think was that they were trapped forever, doomed to kill one another in a long-standing battle that couldn't possibly end well.


Malfual's voice confirmed this as it echoed through the halls and eerily in their heads. His appearance unnerved her, one who was never easily scared to begin with, and she knew that it indeed was Malfaul.

His speech listed out rules to his famous games that Layel wished she could tweak, just slightly, to give themselves an upperhand. She kept that buried in the deepest part of her mind to be used later. There had to be a loophole somewhere. She would task herself to finding that some other time. Right now, well, they needed to not die it seemed. That would be much harder than it sounded, yet the task was thrown at them without much choice in the matter.


Play his game. Survive if you could. Die trying. Do not succumb to the tricks and tries of the shadows.


Those few rules were running through Layel's mind too alongside Malfaul's words. They were rules to take into account, though the third seemed far more likely to happen than surviving.

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(Done diddly dang saw that. Minor gods were too sinister to be of use.)


"Lies. Our gods are not false, therefore we have more power than life-embued mold." Tybalt hissed. He did not like this. "Castor. What if you reopened a portal to the outside? Or I travelled back? There has to be an alternate reality or something..." something hard and fast landed about ten feet in front of them. You asked for it. There it is. An alternate reality. Keep that thing occupied while I figure out how to kill it. I seems to have combined with several different realities...


The mass stood, a human-like creature. It's hair hung in its face, and a broadsword stuck out of its chest. It looked up and it's eyes were bright red and the major veins red through the blackened skin. It's mouth unhinged revealing rows of shark like teeth and it roared.

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(( Allow me to explain.

your characters still have your powers but now it is up to you to decide of the fate of your minor gods. The castle feeds upon deceit and doubt and I said this, but I did not fully tell you.

It makes what you believe to be true fool you. It makes your lies become real. It feeds upon your soul as you delve further into the abyss of your own evil.


I am going to trust you and tell you now, and you must act as your characters. Your minor gods are pure. That is all I shall tell you. Does this mean pure evil or pure hearted? You decide.

By the way, what the hell is Lycra doing wut. I like it. :3 ))


Castor was already frightened, and when the demonic form appeared, he almost lost it. It took all of his will in order to face the beast before him.

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By the time the demon fully appeared, Venril was pissed. Completely. Her teeth were barred and poison dripped from her mouth as she growled, standing protectively in front of Layel.

Layel was scared and ready to smack something. Hard. She cringed as the thing roared, her sensitive hearing amplifying that more than she ever liked. That would be a nusience later. No one ever needed sensitive hearing in a fricken tomb. But Layel cringed again as Venril answered that roar with her own. It surprised Layel to hear the roar from the dragon. It wasn't a small dragon's roar. Certainly not. It was too deep and loud to be a small dragon's roar.

And that is why you do not make these things mad my dear. They're loud and vicious. Veserae's words weren't exactly welcome but Layel didn't respond.

She hesitated to speak, unsure if speaking would tick off the demon-thing. Venril jumped at the monster with her hesitation, trying to claw its face off from the looks. "Do your best." Layel whispered almost silently, hoping to all gods up in the heavens that Venril wouldn't be hurt. She couldn't fathom the effects of waiting for the small dragon to be able to be summoned again. They seemed to need her from now on.

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Just as Shae was about to leave the Shadow Realm, so etching began to appear that made her hold her ground. It was big and getting bigger as the seconds passed. Gritting her teeth, Shae began to back up as the large demon finally took shape. Why had she come here? Why did she feel the need to leave the town? A beating from the gang would've been better than this. Quietly, Shae continued to back away, but her efforts were futile. This thing could obviously sense her as it turned directly to her. Suddenly, it let out a massive roar and it seemed as if the entire Shadow Realm shook.


Tch. Demon spawn. It seems one of my siblings went a little overboard and look what they brought here. It'd be great to have another pet, but it's physical form must be destroyed first. Well, anyway, have fun.


Why even bother making an appearance if she wasn't even going to help? Shae decided she had better, well, worse things to worry about. A god is a god no matter how small or how great they are. Just as she extended the blade in her gauntlet, the demon had charged directly at her. Fast at that. Quickly, Shae dashed out the doorway and made no hesitation to jump off the side of the stairway. Skidding along the side, Shae pulled out a dagger and, after phasing back into the mainland, she left part of the dagger inside the wall so when everything solidified...


Groaning, Shae thought to herself that she should've planned her escape out a bit better. With just a few feet left to drop, Shae released her grip on the dagger and fell to the ground, rolling to reduce shock. After regaining her footing, she clasped her shoulder and gritted her teeth together. It felt as if she had yanked it out of socket.


You'll be fine. It's just a tad strained from your sudden halt. Still, leave it to a human to come up with the most 'brilliant' ideas. Hahah! Haaa, so, what do you plan on doing now? Gonna go beat up and stay home or you gonna get beat up while helping them?


Noctal mentally notions to the Citadel where Shae noticed the gate had been sealed once again. What was going on? Why was it closed after it had just been opened?


It seems my brother had some sinister ideas for the eight of you long before you were even selected. Though, if you wish to get in there, I know of a few loopholes. However, in order for these loopholes to be accessed, you gotta take care of that demon's shadow.

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The thing looked at the dragon and its eyes turned to reptilian slits. It's throat then glowed and it let out a large stream of flames. Tybalt tackled Layel out of the way. "Damn!" He grumbled, and got off of her.


Appears the little censorkip.gif copies whatever has been thrown at it. It is a monster of time and possibility. I don't know what to do with it. I'm going to need a few moments Tybalt's patron spoke. Tybalt growled and drew his blades again. He had no clue what to do...


(Makin crap up. What else are we to do?)

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((I was under the general assumption that Thaelsan had some enemies already planned out for us. They probably would've appeared shortly after the next chamber/gate/door was opened, that is until you decided to throw this thing in out of no where.))


Shae groaned and walked back to the shadows of the stairway. Taking a deep breath, she smacked her shoulder against the wall and heard a pop, feeling slightly relieved as the pain began to subside. With a final glance of the mainland, Shae transitioned into the Shadow Realm once again and looked back at the mock world of where she had just been. It was dark, it was eerie, and most of all it was quiet. Sighing, Shae moved to the base of the stairway and observed the path before her, all the way to the gaping entrance into the Citadel. Why hadn't it reformed on this side as well?


It's incomplete. There seems to be a piece missing that leaves the rune from fully reforming. That's my guess, anyway. Well, have fun. Just a small hint, this demon seems capable of replicating attacks. I don't know about physical attacks, but it definitely responded to a fire attack with its own fire attack.


Sighing, Shae rubbed her forehead in annoyance. Of course, nothing was ever easy. Thinking back, had she never attended the ceremony or received her weapon, none of this would be happening to her right now. Not that it mattered now. Unless time could be reversed and she were given another chance, this was her projected future and probably the path she would follow no matter how many opportunities arose.


Taking a step, Shae began her ascent slowly at first and then grew into a brisk run until she found herself at the opening to the Citadel once again. Not even a minute after she arrived did the demon take notice of her arrival. Great, no chance of a surprise attack. So, Shae took a stance, reflected on every ounce of training she could muster and charged. One thing she learned about being an assassin was you always made the first move. Strike first, strike hard, strike fast. Don't let the target have a chance to react until after you put it out. That's one quote she would never forget.


"Kill your target. Its only reaction should be the whisper of death leaving its mouth. Always aim for the head, neck, and heart. Anywhere else and you're just wasting energy."


Ah, Geravald Nixon or Nightshade as he came to be known. Oh, I bet you're wondering how I know the man. Well, I trained him, sort of. Like you, he lived in the shadows and he called to me countless times. Were he not so old and rigid now, he would've been the man I selected for this quest. You lack experience and strength, but your bond with the shadows was strong. More so than his, actually. Regardless, his kills were clean and beautiful, that's how you knew who did it.


Even while Noctal explained her relation to Nixon, Shae was evading and running about the small area, waiting for an opening she could use to reach this thing's head. That was her target, the base of the skull and the tip of the spine, one stab was all she needed to bring this beast down. The issue was getting an opening to manipulating one.

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Now Castor was regaining control of reality. He remembered his power, and how it could help him here.

Alternate reality, that's what Tybalt had said.

Time to send it back.


Castor began channeling energy into his sword the moment the fight began and now was prepared for something he hoped would be awe-inspiring.

He slashed three quick cuts into the air. As it had happened before, three more rifts appeared as exits, surrounding the beast. Castor then grinned wickedly.

He slashed inside of the rifts, creating an inverse paradox. To explain, he slashed rifts inside of rifts, creating basic riftception.

The resulting energy flux caused static and lightning to form from charged particles, filling the room with a coppery ting.

He then shoved his sword into a rift.

Six blades came out, shoving themselves into the beast with electrical force. Of course, though Castor had expected it, he had not expected the pain. Electricity from the angered particles flooded both his body and the beast's, channeling the power of the cosmos into both conduits. He was suddenly blown backward into the wall, painfully.

The beast would have fared no better. Though Castor felt the electric power from one blade, the beast felt it within, through three. But Castor knew that it was adapting, and had made a failsafe.

The three original rifts had been made simply to shove three swords out of, each the exit of one original portal. By traversing them, he not only stabbed the beast from all dimensions it was formed from, but also used the energy of the cosmos - charged particles - to incinerate it from the inside.

Now, it would be weak for whichever person attacked it next. It had become solidified in this dimension, and Castor's sword(s) were still stuck within it, holding it in place.

"FINISH IT!" Castor cried out in pain before he began to faint.

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((So... um you didn't answer me :L so I'm going to make an assumption that's it's an embodiment of the deceit and evil of the place.))


Xavier felt extremely frightened once Castor spoke the words, the shadows behind him seemed to crawl towards him, but he felt they were already here, he remembered their origin, the door shards... but that meant that.


Almost instantly he felt the warmth in his pocket turn in to shear, stabbing icy pain, he fell to the floor, encasing his thigh with both hands, his sword and torch fell to the floor, the torch flickering in the flowing coolness of the door, he began to cough and spit all over the area surrounding him, tossing and turning in pain. He felt the darkness and coldness in his pocket penetrate his very being, chipping away at his existence, he heard the screams of Eldan as he obviously felt the same pain. Then it was over, no more screaming, no more pain, just cold, eternal cold, a cold that almost felt as if it would never end.


He looked over to Castor, who was laying unconscious on the floor, he then looked over to the beast, which had electrical energy pulsing through it, he walked slowly over the beast, quickly withdrawing Castor's sword from it, he felt the pain of the electric shock, but to a lesser extent, he still felt the energy pulsing through him as he held up his longsword, now with a slightly purple tint. With a swift movement, he de-capitated the beast, it's head and neck steaming from the cooked insides of it.


"That was easy..."

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((OOOOOOK, so we all went to the citadel, there were these shadow things that didn't change, Layel summoned her dragon, Shae got in using the shadow realm, Tybalt summoned a monster that copies exactly what you do to it, Castor stabbed it with riftception, then Xavier decapitated it, it turns out that the minor gods were a spawn of Malfaul and instead of killing Malfaul, we're part of his game to kill us all where we run around his citadel, with a torch, or we die, and the rooms reorganise randomly, so we have to stay together, the exit is sealed behind us!))

Edited by TestingProNinja

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(Sorry, I thought a more thorough description was adequate to answer your question! Sorry. Wasn't ignoring you. And yeah, I just threw that bad boy in 'cause creative license. I knew Thael wouldn't care.)


The beast hissed, it's head having called off but it still quite clearly alive. The body rushed Castor, looking like it was using the swords within as spikes attached. Well that didn't work very well. Now you pissed it off. Tybalt's minor god growled. "What do we do!" Tybalt asked the two who were fighting. OHHHH I GOT IT I GOT IT!!! Destroy the head completely, and get it far enough away from the body where it can't control it. Some of Malfaul's own magic may do this...

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Xavier was not very concerned about Castor, the body was crawling to him though, and his sword was getting smaller as everyone realised the intent of the head, he shoved his sword through the body, impaling it to the ground.


"Anybody got any other ideas?" He said smugly

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(( Actually, I was kind of like wtf but then I remembered it's Lycra and this why I enjoy her company.

She knows I can't say no to her. :3 ))


Malfaul was still standing there but he was no longer baring his sword. The gate had stopped moving. All the dread king could do was laugh.

"I cannot believe this fortune." he grinned. "Your own powers have summoned this beast, and you had a hope of defeating me? How adorable!"

His voice seemed more corporeal now, no longer distant.

"However, I'm finished with this stupidity. Play with your new friend elsewhere." he sneered, and lifted his blade.

Suddenly, all combatants would be teleported within the confines of the castle, Xavier's torch still in his hand.

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Layel hadn't appreciated being thrown to the ground, though the fire was a different matter. She appreacited being thrown to avoid that. But no thank yous were involved here. Not right now.

Through a slight daze from hitting the ground rather hard, Layel watched the proceedings without much recolection to what was actually going on. Too many things were happening at once, which bothered her more than one might think. Her head hurt, and the incessent loud noises coming from that demonized thing wasn't making it any better. Other than that, she was fine.


Venril was still going at it, trying to kill the head while the body tried to attack Castor. She was just about to kill it when Malfaul spoke and something happened. The dragon couldn't say what.


Layel grunted when the smaller dragon landed on top of her from the teleport. She couldn't see, the tail draping over her eyes, and Venril seemed very confused. Neither could understand why their positions had been changed- the dragon certainly wasn't on top of her before- and Layel didn't like that they were changed to begin with. So much for walking inside. You know that would be too easy. Veserae scolded. Says one who may be helping Malfaul all along. Layel answered back, just as cold.

She wasn't completely sold on that. Not yet. Not without more evidence.

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