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Dreaded Kingdom

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"Good point. Practice does seem like a good idea." Marion said. "Any ideas for where to practice?" she asked, looking around. As she did, a small voice seemed to speak in her mind. If you're going to practice, you'll need proper targets. Or at least something to aim at. "What...? Who are you?" Marion thought back. I'm Shelna. "The minor goddess of the hunt?" Exactly.

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"Not a clue. But at least get used to these thingamjigs." Tybalt shrugged. Ay. You. Shutthe censorkip.gif up. You aren't the leader. Not yet anyway. Heh. Just kidding. Or am I? Tybalt looked around for the noise, but saw no one whispering into his ear. Wow. You are quite the dumb one. "Is anyone else hearing voices, or is it just me?" Tybalt asked aloud. You little censorkip.gif ! Shut up! This is supposed to be private. "OH, sooooorryyyy..." He rolled his eyes. "Who the heck are you anyway." The voice in his head sighed. Ildnast. You know, the only minor god that would even associate with a dummy like you. Seriously? What were you even going to do with that blade? Sell it? Of course I get the thief. A cosmic joke on the cosmic prankster.

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Layel stopped abruptly when Tybalt mentioned practicing. Did they need to? Probably. But they could very well have practiced while still going to their destination. Yet everyone stopped. Well, if we must practice then fine... hopefully they don't ask for help. She thought, refusing to say anything as of yet to this group. If they do, you will help.

Layel blinked. Confused. Was she hearing things? That feeling must have resonated with something as the voice came back. I am Veserae, Layel. The name clicked somewhere in her memory. Where was it? The minor gods. That was it! Veserae, the minor goddess mana. I've heard of you... why are you- I am part of the staff you wield. I'm sure you can guess from that then, that the other weapons have the other minor gods attached. That is all you need to know as of now.

So everyone now had voices in their heads. Wonderful. That was the last thing she needed was to be interrogated forever by a goddess. But at the same time she knew it could be helpful. If they were with these weapons, then that meant their powers should be too. Which was good, considering the force they were up against.

Layel decided to at least be cordial now, though only for the fact that she had not much of a choice but to get along with these folks. "Ah, by the way," She made brief and kind eye-contact to everyone. "The name's actually Layel, in case you may have heard of a Lyra around these parts before." For that moment and what seemed to be that moment only her cold demeanor brought by time was stripped away and revealed the cheerful Layel she used to be. But as quickly as that appeared, it also seemed to meld back to the cold and quiet Layel time had formed for her. Wise, yet almost unapproachable. Unless you found a way in.


((I'll be on at odd times and odd hours until I settle into school and marching band again.))

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(( Band bros. (grins)

And actually, originally, I had not planned for any practice being necessary. The weapons actually made you feel as though you knew how to use them already, skills and techniques flooding into your mind as though they had come from a book.

Of course, just basic skills but skills nonetheless.

Yet, again, you have proven to be a wealth of inspiration. Very well. ))


Castor halted a moment, and blushed quietly to himself.

He turned upon his heel quite quickly however so that he was facing the group.

"Right, practice. Combat practice. Yes." he grinned as though he had been thinking about it all along. "Well, there's not many places here to practice, of course. Altain's factions and wars, as you may already know, have left much of the city in ruins, and we don't really have time to build anything so that we may spar. I mean, those with swords could parry and fight I suppose. However, Marion, Layel, and the others?.." he trailed off, coughing.

"My original plan of action.. yes." he coughed again. "Alright, so I had been considering simply walking in without practice.. because I thought maybe you guys were like me.. and that was a bad assumption. Not everyone is amazing at their weapons already as I pride myself upon.. I mean! No offense to you of course, that.. censorkip.gif."

He looked at the ground and then at them, furious at himself for beating around the bush.

"Look, we don't have time for any sort of sparring or practice regardless of location! If what the priest said is true, our time is short, and we can't risk spending precious moments trying to sharpen our blades! We've been given gods to defend us and weapons to use!" he turned back to the castle, then back to them.

"I mean, it's not the first time such a thing has occurred, according to The Journey of Aldrick Lenn." he grunted, finding solace in history as he always did. "Aldrick was given only a sharp slab of obsidian and a ring that was said to possess the power to summon great magical abilities! All of you remember the end, I hope, especially you, Tybalt. He ended up never using the ring, simply working with the obsidian slab right up to the moment where he shoved it into the chest of the Demon Scal'mar!"

He frowned, his outburst troubling him.

"I apologize for losing my temper but I'm just as nervous as you are, I'd surmise. Yet, I hope you see the truth in what I'm saying. If you really wish to spar, I suppose there's nothing for it. Just remember that we have a duty to the gods to stop Malfaul's resurrection." he sighed. "We have a duty to free our people from his dark prison."

With that, he turned back to the castle and awaited their response.




Darkness roamed the halls of the keep, replacing the guards and lords that had done the same nearly a millennia hence.

Within the ancient tunnels that formed the massive architecture, shadows walked and worked, their very presence creating small bursts of fear and doubt that vanished back within them. They had been working for years for this moment, the great moment when their dear king would return.

The cobblestone floors echoed with the steps of fiends within the dark, creatures told of only in stories. Seven fanged jaws, thirteen eyes, eight arms... they were an amalgamation of parts that the other dimensions threw away, parts that even the gods did not use to craft their beautiful mortal races.

They were born of pure envy and spite for those same races, craving their light-infused essences, their gorgeous forms, their mortal lives. They were forced to live eternity as monsters and abominations, despised by the gods, and turned away by the demons. They were something in between, and they held no category of morality.

They simply existed, and their very existence was an abomination. They had no souls, no hearts, and no being. They followed one hive mind, one that repeated the same words over and over to the sound of some unknown drumbeat.

Take. Fester. Serve. Take. Fester. Serve. Take. Fester. Serve.

They only wished to take the lives, the souls, the beings of those that dared to ever step within their befouled home. They only wished to fester until the end days, growing with every soul that they took. They only wished to serve the hive mind of shadow, a mind which changed every eon, but only a second to them.

Time had no meaning to them, space only a barrier to break through.

Hear the moaning of living shadow as it walked in eternal suffering, sometimes many, sometimes one, a being that was crafted from the bodies of millions of smaller, wretched things. See the visage of the very darkness that hides under beds, within homes, in the confines of a mind. Smell the must and stench of a thousand ages of dying without death, of entropy undone.

Yet the shadow was only the servant, the follower of the hive mind. The current wielder of the hive mind was deep within the desecrated keep.

Deep behind the cathedral that had once been used for prayer, protected by ramparts long fallen and destroyed, defended by shadow guardians that still held eternal vigil after dying long ago, surrounded by walls of shattering stone.

Malfaul the Dreaded, Malfaul the Lich, Malfaul the Breaker, Malfaul the End of Days.

His true name was Malfaul Enken Danaus, a demon walking in human flesh, said to be the reincarnation of Anh'kahen, the demon god of Despair. He had once walked among a people who both feared and served him, his once-regal armor a taunt to all those who would dare stand against him.

Now, however, Malfaul Enken Danaus was Malfaul the Corpse. He was merely a pile of aged and decaying bones, flesh a memory that had long since abandoned him. His long, black hair was falling from a yellowed skull, his beautiful, dwarven crown cracked and almost completely devoid of gems. His dark, ebony blade laying at his side.

His death had been unexpected. Some had said he had been assassinated at last, slain by one of his many concubines. Others said that he had finally looked to the heavens, and the very light within the clouds had crushed his dark soul. Many held the firm belief that he had fought against the fictional hero Gagron the Valorous in a battle to see who could drink the most mead and had died of a bellyache of unnatural proportions.

None of these were true. The simple fact was that Malfaul Enken Danaus, the one believed nearly immortal, had finally died of old age. The body he had used as a vassal for so long had given up on him, his dark heart failing to beat after so many years of evil.

Even Death, however, feared Malfaul. Death was only a setback to one who had caused it for so many years. Death could only take those who allowed it, not those with the greed to continue on.

And so it had come to pass that Malfaul had battled Death, and for six hundred years, his soul had been in eternal conflict. It fought to return to his body, to attain the ultimate degree of immortality. He fought to become a Lichborne, an invincible soldier of bone and magic.

Liches were a myth to many within the land of Salorn but the gods still remembered the beginning days, before they created Death himself. An army of Lichborne, defiers of mortality, had swept across the world and almost slaughtered all of humanity. It took the aid of many gods who gave up their own immortality in order to kill them.

Yet now Malfaul wished to become the greatest of the Lichborne, to begin once again his genocides.

And as he stood before his own corpse, his youthful visage rubbing its bearded chin thoughtfully, he considered how to repay the world for forgetting him. It had been a long time.

It had been a simple feat to wrench the souls of his guards back from peaceful death to serve him again. Ahn'kahen would not be defied. The shadows served him just as his guards did, and without question nor complaint.

"Soon the ritual will be complete." the king grinned wickedly, his soul brimming with dark power. "The tethers will be formed, and no one will halt the coming end. I have waited long for this moment. Within fourteen nights, I shall be whole once more."

Yet even as his gate shattered outside of his halls, the sound echoing throughout the castle, Malfaul could do nothing but laugh.

And this laugh echoed throughout his castle like a dark harbinger of what was to come.

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"Yes, but he didn't slay Scal'mar directly after recieving it. We shouldn't walk in without the proper depth and maturity of our powers expecting an easy fight. There will be challenges and hardships before we are well attuned with these instruments." He warned. AYYYYY Smarter already and you haven't even used your powers yet! Op, better get on that. Here ya go. Tybalt seemed like he had been struck in the head, his eyes unfocused and his knees gave out. He trembled, and saw the Malfaul gazing upon himself...


"He is returning." He said, coughing on his hands and knees. See? You'll get used to it. Tybalt rose up to his feet again. "Malfaul... I saw him. His corpse and... Something else. He seeks to be... Perhaps is well on his way, to becoming a lichborne."

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Castor's ears perked up at that word. Even spoken it brought with it a feeling of sheer and unimaginable horror.

"Lichborne?" he repeated, softly.


(( May add more later. ))

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While the others debated on whether to practice using their newfound capabilities or not, Shae sank deeper and deeper into the shadows. All she wanted was to meld with the darkness that had protected her for so many years. It had provided for her while all those who had lived in the city had shunned her. Why would she want to protect those who ignored her for so many years? Then, Shae recalled the faces of the other orphans and street dwelling children. This was for them, not the townsfolk, who never recognized her, and certainly not this group that had been formed through some matter of predestined fate.


Oh, look at you who already loves my realm so.


Shae stopped moving when another female voice chimed in her head. Something about it was soothing and caring, yet hinted at a more sinister tone. Almost as if this voice belonged to a crazed being.


You're right to think I'm not entirely sane. My siblings would agree with you, though, it needn't be an issue for you. Originally, I had planned to coax you away from this little formation, but it seems you already don't want to be a part of it. That's fine. Heck, maybe you should just dive into the shadows now and stab them all in the back while they remain unaware of your existence. Heheh.


Shae froze for a moment, stunned that this being suggested killing these other people. Who was she? Why would she want Shae to do such an unjustly action? It baffled Shae still, but there came a ring of laughter in her head that just brought on more puzzlement.


Oh, come now! You really thought I was serious? Maybe it's you who is crazed and I the normal one. Hahahah! Haaahh... well, I might've been a little serious, but it does not matter. Were you to kill them, there would have to be another selection and that could take years. Malfaul is on the rise and despite the glorious darkness he brought into this world, I'd rather not be under the ruling of a magic infused skeleton. Ah! Forgive my imputance, I'm Noctal, Minor Goddess of the Shadows. You could say there's some relation to Malfaul and myself, but 'tis not something to concern yourself with. Let's get you into my realm.


With so much information thrown at her at once, Shae didn't even know where to begin processing, but the one thing she knew she wanted to do was learn how to enter the Shadow Dimension. A realm told only in legend and tales of the Shadow Goddess that now shared Shae's memories. Mentally acknowledging, Shae was more than ready to learn how to dive into the shadows. Upon doing so, it was as if she could feel the sneer the goddess made in coalition with the snicker echoing in her head.


It shan't take too long, though, you might feel a tad sickly once you get there. Not many humans have entered my realm and most who do typically don't get out, though, I doubt it'll be a terrible issue for someone such as yourself. Just, try not to get eaten by my pets. Most of them don't take kindly to strangers.

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Xavier seemed baffled and embarrassed that no-one seemed to even respond to what he said...


"Well... uhhh, guys, I don't know about you, but I really don't need to practice right now, I would rather go over there-" he thrust his sword arm in the direction of the citadel, "and go kill this guy, once and for all, it has been... MANY, years since our people saw the sun, I have spent eighteen, long years determined to be the one to end this, now, we can just practice as we go, and kill this... B*censorkip.gifd once and for all, or, we could wait here, and let... Whatever is in there come out and do whatever the censorkip.gif it wants." Xavier rambled, brinking on exasperation, "I, for one, am on Castor's side, who's with me?" Cortes finished honourably, now noticing the crack in the ground where his sword began to grow into it.


I'm going to have to get used to that... Good show! What? I should formally introduce myself, I am Eldan, Minor god of honour, and that, my boy, was a truly terrific show of your honour and integrity. I already admire you! Well.. thanks, I guess. I suppose you are here to help me? sir? Yes, and just to clarify, your sword grows depending on your party's morale, and your own morale, so best to keep your friends in good shape!


((just to make it clear, Eldan's voice kinda sounds like an old man, one of those ones you would hear on a really corny RPG))

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(( Have I ever told you people that I just adore when I give people a basis for a character and watch them bring them to life? Not only has Zakku discovered a secret about Noctal in a way but has also made her even more intriguing. Eldan, who I originally meant to be a sardonic and honor loving god, has now become an elderly knight, almost like a grandfather, who prides himself on teaching those below him of how to gain honor like he did.

Makes me so happeh. ))


Castor had been standing still for quite a while now, fear gripping his heart with an icy clutch. If Xavier had cared to notice, he would see that his sword had slightly shrunk.

Lichborne. They were told of in horror stories to young children, fictional demons who had defeated death. They held no more human emotions like love or joy. They felt only what death could not crush, which was hatred, spite, and murderous intent.

Some had said they were servants of death, but nothing could be further from the truth. They had spited death and won back their lives, yet their bodies could not sustain them. Bone and sinew was normally all that was left but still their souls took them back.

They arose as frightening, ghoulish creatures of legend, yellowed bone infused with icy magic and the power of a soul.

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((Well, I figured the resemblance between Noctal and Malfaul, they would have some sort of distant connection. When I was forming Noctal's personality, based off her predescribed variant, I immediately thought of Sheogorath (Daedric Prince of Madness and blah, blah, blah). So, I used him as a sort of guideline.))


((Hmm, either an edit or a post shall be made later today. Unfortunately, I don't have the time now to make a glorious post.))

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(( Sheogorath? Funny thing is, I had tried not to make her name sound like Nocturnal, the Daedric goddess of Shadow and the Thief.

Seems the Elder Scrolls are just too damn good. ))

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((*has been thinking of The Elder Scrolls the whole time* but that's good. Makes it more fun.))


Layel gave up her non-talkativeness. For now. "Castor's partly right. Only partly because of a slight miscalculation..." She interjected once the whole Lichborne fiasco melded with everyone's minds. It wasn't a happy subject. It wasn't a happy anything. "Since Malfaul plans to become a Lichborne... then I'd sugest we do actually get at least one practice swing in... just so no one lops off heads while we're at it..." She doubted anybody caught the slightly joking, slightly serious tone of that last small part. "We do have the gods with us, to defend us but we do have to remember that it is we who is also helping to defend them and save our people. We weren't chosen to simply be puppets."

Layel paused again, mainly directing the last sentence to Castor's previous comment in his small speal. She looked back to everyone in the group. "With the gods aiding our resolve to defeat Malfaul for good we should be more than prepared to charge right up to anything and use that as our pratice while still accomplish our second goal of getting to Malfaul to begin with. Once all that practice has been put to use, we can then commence to completing our first goal- killing Malfaul. Standing around practicing on mostly nothing will not accomplish much- except waste time."

For being a quiet person up until now, the oddity that Layel even started speaking was probably going to worry someone. Her small speach probably was even less inspiring as it was shocking. She spoke. Her words were true however. She knew they were better off practicing on anything that tried to harm them than trying to conjure up rock-figures to attack instead.

Perhaps I underestimated you.... Veserae added in her weilder's thoughts. The speach could use some work, though the points made were still just.

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(Are all these minor gods and goddess siblings? Lovers? I'm assuming they are related in someway also, who's the father/king then?)

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So we're just standing here. Ildanst huffed. Tybalt sighed. "Yes. We have no clue what to do." He grumbled. Well. Might as well ruin your day. I might as well make it to where you never meet your wife. That will be interesting. Tybalt ground his jaw. "And what purpose would that serve." He sighed. Entertaining ones.

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They hadn't even bothered to respond Catherine's question, it shouldn't have surprised Catherine much but it still stung. Hello there dear!

Catherine looked around, was someone actually talking to her?

Up here!

"Where?" Catherine exclaimed loudly,



Oh forget it! Anyway, hi! I'm Lora, its very nice to meet you!

"Lora? As in the minor goddess of flowers and all that girly stuff?" Catherine questioned.

Hey! I was informed you liked all these 'flowers and girly stuff!' Lora muttered sarcastically.

"And I finally cracked... And hey, to the voice my self consciousness created, I don't 'like' flowers, its a job I took up to survive" Normally Catherine wouldn't have been that rude, but she was scared at the moment and just a bit crabby.

Argg! He lied! Lied! Lora exclaimed, her voice went from one side of Catherine's to the other as if Lora was pacing around angrily. And for your information, I am Lora! So if you not to busy feeling bad for yourself then lets get a move on! She chirped happily.

"What? I'm not feeling sorry for myself... I just want to say goodbye to my siblings, hey I bet this staff would sell for lots of money." Catherine smirked, this could have kept her family fed for years!

H-hey!! Don't even this about it!

As everyone was still talking Catherine slipped quietly away.

No! Go back right now! Lora demanded, Hey! Guys! Ranaway hero! She's getting away!

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Shae watched from the shadows as Catherine slipped away from the group. Another defect in the group, just as herself. While Shae watched, she also listened to the mental instruction being given to her by Noctal, as to how to meld into the Shadow Realm. Despite the simplicity of it, there was also a bit of complication to the overall process. One couldn't just simply dive into the realm without knowing the procedures.


As to be expected of a human who has never known the use of magic. Concentration is a necessity and being able to focus and restraining the energy can be difficult. Luckily you're still young and the information I've already given you will just need to be placed into practice. Still, there's the likelihood of getting trapped, not just in my realm, but also between the transition. For all I know, half your body might become a chewing toy for my pets while the other half still remains here. It'd be a shame to lose someone so acquaint with my ways so early, but it is what it is I guess. Are you ready for your first trial?


Shae mentally acknowledged and didn't hesitate to begin concentrating on that foreign substance that was beginning to swim through her body. Noctal had informed Shae that she must concentrate on dispersing the magic evenly throughout her body and then merge it into the darkness beneath her. It was a starting point. When Shae became accustomed to diving, Noctal explained that she would eventually be able to pass into the realm simply by walking into a shaded area. Much like walking into a doorway vs sinking. For now, this would be the easiest method.


So, Shae waited until her body felt light with the new substance and then imagined it dispersing like a drop of water did into a larger body of water. That's when a new sensation washed over her. What she felt vs what she imagined was more like being stuck in a pit of quicksand. A strange tightness wrapping around her body as she slowly sank deeper and deeper. Starting at her toes, an eerie chill brushed across her feet and then began to rise as she continued to sink.


Good, you're doing well for your first time. With time, you'll be able to dive quickly rather than this slow transition. Just, don't break your concentration or begin to freak out.


As if that made Shae feel any more comfortable, but she didn't lose focus. Suddenly, Shae felt restricted when the tightness wrapped around her torso. It was like a giant had grasped her in its clutches and was squeezing the breath out of her. For a moment, she wanted to break lose and release her hold, but replaying the warning inside of her mind is what kept her from breaking concentration.


Finally, after what felt like several minutes of undeniable fear, Shae had passed through the pressure and could feel herself floating. As if she were swimming in a large pond. Opening her eyes, Shae almost gasped at what she saw before her. It seemed as if she were free floating in space, with stars floating about and sheer darkness all about. Yet, when the stars began to move about and pure darkness had remained in its place did Shae realize that this wasn't the unknown world from above. Those were...


You guessed it. Those are my pets. Such adorable little things, aren't they? Well, when they're not ripping you apart and feeding off of you. They came to investigate the stranger who has entered their land. Just... watch out for the green one, he can be a bit finicky.

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(I had homework and Spanish class. Recap please?)

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((Nobody's moved from the few feet they moved to begin with (save Catherine) and we're all still debating whether or not to actually move while training.))


Layel noticed Catherine slip away, instantly one could say, and sighed. She was paying attention and hardly ever missed much. Many found that annoying about her. She paid too much attention to detail.

But, as some may find surprising, Layel didn't hesitate to run after her. A few quick strides and she had caught up.

"Going to leave and not at least a goodbye to anyone?" Her expression was cold, though the tone seemed amused. She stepped in front of Catherine and made sure she wouldn't leave. "Contrary to what you may have planned, you did take that staff. It chose you, instead of incinerating you or killing you on sight, and you now are bonded to this task as everyone else is now bonded to this task." The tone had changed to more serious, just still slightly amused. She seemed unamused though that someone would seriously try and back out of this. Why come then?

Why indeed. Veserae commented to her thoughts. That was the last thing she needed. A commenter to her thoughts.

"If you didn't want to be a part of this, why take the weapon? Why even bother to trek into here, listen to that priest, take the weapon and come this far? Selling it could be childsplay honestly. Except, it'd end up getting you killed in the end." Then the grave tone came. It was highly mixed with unamused and serious. "Yes. It'd kill you. Selling that there staff would kill you. Kill us all infact! Why? The world would end if you don't stay with us. In order to defeat Malfaul we need you too." For being quiet, you surely are not as quiet as one would like. Layel ignored Veserae for that part. She waited for a response after berating Catherine.

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Catherine jumped when Layel slipped in front of her, "They won't notice, believe me." Catherine said with playful smiled that hid just how tired she was, the woman sounded amused, to her Catherine was probably just another child to deal with. Catherine's smile fell when Layel started lecturing her "Why I listened to the priest? Because I felt bad that he was dying and no one was doing anything! Why I took the weapon? Because its gold! News flash, not everyone's life is simple with all your fancy gowns, servants and piles of gold!" Catherine spit out venomously, she was still a human bring and was perhaps blinded by greed. "As for you, you'd guys don't care about me, humans are easily replaced, besides this annoying voice might go away if I get rid of this thing, also I don't mind if I die my brothers and sisters deserve better then the life they are living now, so step aside!" Catherine demanded clutching the staff close as if it were a lifeline.

I heard that. Lora's voice was soft and sounded hurt.

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"What are you saying Cathrine?" Marion asked. They had been given this hope for the world and Cathrine would discard it like a banana peel. "If you don't do this, your siblings won't have a life! Or if they do, it'll be one of fear and darkness. They won't be able to be happy again!" Marion felt like crying, the world's fate was in their hands, they couldn't give up that easily! "Please..." she pleaded. "For your family... For everyone..."

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Tybalt approached the fighting girls and dug in his pockets. He scrounged up about half a year's wages in gold pieces and trinkets. "Hey." He asked. What the hell are you doing?! Don't get involved! He strode up to the girl and handed her the money. "Here. Consider it bought if you were just going to sell it." He shrugged. He knew where she stood. Tybalt's mother was a common street walker, he had several siblings to care for. They were quite poor and he had felt responsible for the lot of them as the eldest.


"I know why you did it. I was in your shoes." He closed her hand around the money. "Keep the staff. Consider it a gift."

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Layel rolled her eyes slightly. Little did Catherine know, she knew most of where she was coming from. As Marion and Tybalt came into the mix, she allowed them to speak. Her piece could be said afterword. Once the gold was handed over, she decided to enlighten them all of her past a little bit. Make things easier in the long run.

"My past wasn't one of joy Catherine. It certainly wasn't one filled with fancy gowns, servants and gold. I made due with what I had. I was an orphan rather early on in life, loosing every single person that was ever close to me in an instant. What did I get out of that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing!" She seemed almost angry, yet it wasn't considered anger really. Her voice never really rose either, or increased in volume. But the intensity increased.

"I have what I have now because of my past and where I decided to go with my life. I didn't get here, or anywhere, by taking and selling items that could be put to much better use than that. I didn't get anywhere for quite a long time. The rumors still spread about my existence and the true normalities that made it possible. Yet, many of those rumors were started out of fear for my being anywhere. I know you might think that my past was filled with anything I could ever imagine, but if only you knew!" Layel stopped there, dead set in going on. She wouldn't. She had gone too far already. But the intensity calmed now as Layel stepped aside.

"If you must, then leave. But do leave knowing that you'll end up killing or plunging everyone you ever cared about into a word of darkness forever. Forever under the service of Malfaul and his twisted minions. If you can leave knowing you helped him succeed, then so be it. I won't be the one to stop one deadset on never helping to begin with." She turned away from Catherine. "I stand where I do because of my family. The family I will never see again no matter how hard I try. Yet, I still fight for them as I always have. I plan on fighting Malfaul myself if the need arises just so anyone else in the world will never have to go through the experiences I went through." She spoke a little softer, her gaze seeming lost in the distance. But there was where Layel went silent, leaving to go stand nearby where she had originally been.

No one ever should have made you as quiet as you were. When pushed, you sure do speak. Enough Veserae. There, there. They will learn in time what you already know. You have tried, and you leave it to them to decide. That is all you can do.

Layel wasn't entirely sure she liked the more caring moment Veserae had exhibited. It wasn't a loving care, but she seemed just as worried for everyone now as Layel silently did. She knew too that their hopes hinged on everyone, not just a single person or a few select people. Everyone was needed to stop Malfaul. But Layel wasn't going to give up fighting even if that meant she did it alone.

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Catherine watched as the gold pieces fell into her palm,

A pink gown for Emma

A horse for Allen

A doll for Marie

The cake that Ben always wanted to try

Elizabeth could get that pretty silk sash

The jeweled hairpin for Irene

Irving and Sarah would have as many books to read as-

Then Catherine realized what she was doing, as Tybalt closed his hand on hers, she flipped his hand over spilling the gold back, she didn't deserve this, she hadn't done a single this but threat to topple the town.

But, her siblings deserved- needed this more then they had the right to breath, her sweet innocent siblings whom she would always tried to shield from everything, they hadn't done a single thing wrong but had been born into this world with unfortunate circumstances, with no loving parents they deserved this, she would pay Tybalt back somehow Catherine promised herself.

Leaning up, Catherine kissed Tybalt on the forehead as a sign of thanks, she often did to her brothers and sisters so this didn't come off as weird to her at all, she was about to go and deliver the gold to her family when Layel spoke up, informing the group about her past. Feeling guiltily of having just judged the older girl like that, Catherine begun to apologize, "I'm sorry! You just carried yourself so well, and you just seemed every inch a noble I just assumed you were and..."



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Castor had deigned not to interfere. At Valen's behest, he had reluctantly watched as the problem had sorted itself out with relative ease. The only thing that concerned him was Catherine's greed. She had been completely willing to leave this entire operation for the sake of a few gold coins from the sale of a god staff.

Yes, gold coins and her soul most likely. If he had been much less of a man, he may have even backhanded her hard across the jaw. What an arrogant censorkip.gif* she had just been.

But, he snorted and acted as though rage wasn't brimming within him. Though he shook silently, he wished he could release it. As a young boy, tantrums and bouts of anger had made him get into more trouble than they got him attention. Over time, he had learned to contain and release the anger in the form of research and conversation.

Still, however, his hand itched.

Surprising. Yet on a cosmic scale, such an incident is but the smallest ripple on the surface of your world's pool, a mere skipping stone in the ocean of the universe. Though here it may have seemed as a larger problem, always remember that space is much larger than that.

But I'm not occupying all of space, just the part bothered by her arrogance. Castor thought with as much quiet fury as possible. Regardless, you are correct as you should be. There is no time for such mediocre irrelevance.


Castor pulled a large tome from the depths of his robe and flipped through it until his finger came to rest upon the page he had been seeking. In order to forget his rage, he would yet again dive into the pages of history, finding solace in both the victories and the defeats that changed the course of mankind's past and future.

Yet within his mind he still brooded silently. He added to his information concerning Catherine that she was a greedy fool. He needed to make sure he prepared in case Malfaul prepared a trap for her personally.

Regardless, he also felt a sense of overwhelming pride for Tybalt. He and Tybalt both knew very well of Tybalt's humble origins. Though the boy's pickpocketing and charisma had earned him a small fortune over the years, and Castor's teachings, it had also taught him the value of that money. Tybalt would not simply give away his gold without good reason. That showed that the man was certainly into this all the way.

Castor respected Tybalt, even though the man was a mischievous censorkip.gif*** to be sure. There were a myriad of stories that could be told of Tybalt's grand adventures as he played the part of both personal Robin Hood and infamous pirate throughout the town. Altain had been a perfect breeding ground for a street rat and Tybalt had taken to it as well as a fish to water.

Though he always seemed to steal just the right amount so that he didn't actually cause anyone any real suffering, he also valued his family above anyone else. For some reason, though he joked, pranked, and acted arrogant, the man had grown to form his own sort of moral code, if it could be called one.

Castor had always respected him, ever since they had met when Castor had been eleven, both finishing his studies and preparing to go to magical academia. Tybalt had given Castor a large bag of trinkets and coin and asked him to help teach his family as much as he could.

Of course, Castor could not refuse. Though the gold meant little to him, being of noble roots, it showed that Tybalt had things he valued more than gold.

One of them was peace.

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