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Dreaded Kingdom

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Five hundred years have passed since the dread king Malfaul laid down his weapon and submitted to the embrace of death. Six hundred since his crusades of darkness and cruelty first shadowed our world in undeniable evil.

It has been twenty years since the town of Altain sprung up on the outskirts of the dread kingdom, the history of the place all but a distant memory. The ancient powers that flowed through its walls now mere whispers in the speech that is the world.

But then it came. Only a week hence, the shadows returned, unrelenting, without purpose or foresight. They shrouded the kingdom in darkness, blocking out the sun and preventing any from entering its walls.

Yet, there was one problem - Altain. The wall engulfed it as well as the kingdom, trapping the inhabitants in eternal night without reprieve. Frightened, and confused, the populace of the place went to their elders for help.

But the spirits were silent, and the gods were mute. There would be no help from the worlds beyond, which had always been the only source of aid for many of the people all of their lives.

Their fear increased to hysteria, and then paranoia. Many locked themselves within their homes, praying that the event would pass, that some merciful god would finally look down upon them and save them from this hellish prison.

Then it came, the doubt. Soon after the fear reached its peak, the doubt washed over the people just as the shadows had. They hid their belongings from their own relatives, they began to have second thoughts about the gods they had been faithful to for so long, and they began to distrust anyone but themselves.

Third came the murder. The populace began to turn upon itself, its most powerful members creating factions and separating themselves from each other, creating safehouses and bases. Small wars sprung throughout the city, the winners receiving nothing but another day in the prison walls.

Yet, when all hope seemed lost, all food was reaching its end, and all the people moaned in unison for their poor fortune, it came to pass that a single priest stood before the people. He had no weapons, no armor, and no magical nature that could be seen.

As they looked on, the priest turned to the heavens, coughing.

"I see what I must do to end this suffering, my Gods." he yelled with vehemence unbefitting his stature. "I shall do it without hesitation as your dreams to me said."

Within the space of a single heartbeat, he plunged the sacrificial dagger of the people into his own chest. As his blood ebbed and flowed from his dying body, a smile formed upon his face. Yet, as he died, small holes opened in the dark prison, tearing themselves into the "fabric" of the wall.

The people stared in awe as orbs of pure, undeniable, blinding light each fell through a single hole, their very presence filling the people with the hope and trust they had once known.

Each orb halted a short distance from the altar where the priest had died, and began to take on a form. Eight weapons took the place of the orbs, forged of solid gold and ivory, light beaming from their cores.

Yet one more being came down into the prison before it began to shut. The priest, his body incorporeal, stepped back onto the altar. His face was nothing but joy.

"My sacrifice was not for naught." he said, gesturing. "The Gods have heard your prayers and pleas, and they have been trying to help us. They needed a vassal through which to break the prison. Yet, we are still not free. There is something that must be done before you all may escape this Hell."

"This place was forged by Malfaul, and he is tormenting you. For years he has been waiting to resurrect and begin his war upon us once more, and perhaps he would have succeeded. Yet, fate decreed that we build our city here, as my dreams told us, but not because it wished for us to suffer. Eight of our people are destined to take these weapons in our names, and march upon the dread citadel that has loomed over our city for years. It is a perilous task, to be sure, and the kingdom is filled with lies and deceit to turn back the weak-willed. These weapons shall help you cull the darkness of the kingdom, and slay the soul of Malfaul so that it may be purified."

"Now, comes the first step. Who among you shall take one of these weapons, and end Malfaul in the name of the Gods?" he asked, curious. "Who shall become a hero?"




Character sheets:


Character name:











Each weapon gives its wielder a special ability or trait. You will not know these traits until you take one. Also, the eight weapons may become any weapon you choose, but once all eight are gone, there shall be no more.

If you have read this far, put "I wish to be a hero" in your other section.




To the Citadel!

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Thaelasan this looks really amazing. I shall start creating a person right now.



Edit: I shall finish my form later tonight after I'm home from work.

Edited by monkeyboy225

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Username: lycrawaterz14

Character name: Tybalt

Age: 20

Appearance: Very dark brown hair, blue eyes and tall. He has a muscular build, and is a fearsome theif. He runs a wine shop and a gambling hall. He is fearsome fighter. He doesn't steal or fight for fun, more as a justice system.


Okay. Occasionally he fights for fun.

Personality: Strong willed and fiercely loyal, he will stand by his comrades. He is sarcastic and caustic though, merely for fun. He remains honorable, never insulting someone's family seriously.

Gender: male

History: He was he son of a mob boss. He was raised by his poor mother, who worked most of his life. He practically raised himself. He trained with winemakers and is quite the expert at his trade.

Weapon: eh? I thought these were assigned!

Other: I wanna be a herooooo

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(( comes back after classes.

"Well censorkip.gif."


Yes, your spots are definitely all reserved. I apologize. I hadn't expected this sort of popularity, especially after my recent absence. ))


Oh, by the by, Lycra, for Tybalt's weapon, let's see..

How about it gives him the ability to see a bit of time ahead, depending on how long he uses it?

I'm not talking hours, though. Moments, at first, then progressively becoming stronger.

If you want my reasoning, because he is a comedic fellow, no one will be able to know if he's joking or being honest if he yells that danger is coming in the future. With this sort of tension, the plot shall thicken.

Indeed, this works. ))

Edited by Thaelasan

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Username: Monkeyboy225

Character name: Thain Smither

Age: 22

Appearance: http://i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h326/m...6/anime_boy.jpg

Personality: Thain believes in always working hard and does not like people who don't pull their own weight. He will take care of anyone he is with only if they will share the work load but he looks down at those who think they should be given everything and not have to do anything for it. He is also a religious person who takes the faith serious even in these dark times filled with shadows.

Gender: Male

History: He was born into a blacksmith family and was raised to follow in his father's trade and create majestic items out of blocks of metal. He moved with his family to Altain when he was very young so that he doesn't really remember life outside of the city much. He didn't only follow in his father's work but also in his faith and became very religious just like the rest of his family who never lost their faith even when the shadows spread across their city. He tried to stay pure during the time of shadows before the light came back but he wasn't able to hold out and did things he wasn't proud of to protect his family like kill those who threatened them. He now sees the weapons of light as a chance to redeem himself and wants to jump at the opportunity.

Weapon: His weapon has the form of a giant square hammer at the end of a long pole that needs to be used by two hands. The trait has not yet shown itself.

Other: I think I want to become a hero


((Thaelasan, I've always liked your ideas for plots even while I took a year break I still recognized your name after coming back. I shall leave the trait up to you Thael.))

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(( This wasn't meant to resemble or sound like Prince of Persia, nor was I aware of any story in that regard that sounded like this.


As for Thain, your weapon shall reveal that it has the ability to mend and merge metal to its will. When in the presence of your weapon, normal metals turn to your command, allowing you to bring it to life.))

Edited by Thaelasan

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((That sounds pretty awesome Thael. I just hope more people can come so that we can get this thread off the ground.))

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Username: TestingProNinja

Character name: Xavier Lesuira

Age: 18

Appearance: Slightly tall, small build, mostly untidy short brown hair, deceptively strong

Personality: A fairly smart individual, fights by utilising the enemies mannerisms during combat to predict movements and attacks, will usually do the right thing, but if he sees no benefit in the near future from doing good, he will usually exclude himself from the situation or come up with a "better" plan

Gender: Male

History: A long line of knights, each one progressively worse than the last, frequently referred to as the "diminishing knights", Xavier is motivated to not be a part of this trend, although usually jeered by fellow knights and civilians.

Weapon: a lightweight rapier

Other: I wish to be a hero


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Username: Asphoxi

Character name: Marion Erbes

Age: 16

Appearance: <here>

Personality: She's nice and sweet 99% of the time, but if you get on her bad side, WATCH OUT! She makes friends easily but feels like she needs to prove herself constantly to them.

Gender: Female

History: Marion was always overshadowed by her older brothers, and they teased her all the time. She has developed an inferiority complex because of that.

Weapon: A longbow with well-crafted arrows.

Other: I want to be a hero.

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(( Let's see..


Xavier's rapier shall have the ability to change in length and thickness, but keep the same weight. This transformation is based upon how courageous and heroic he is feeling, as well as how much morale the team has overall.


Marion's arrows shall change elements depending on her mood, and her bowstring cannot break from any force. As her fury rises, fire arrows shall begin to ignite upon her quiver. When she is normally happy, her arrows are imbued with electricity. When she is calm, water/ice. The arrows cannot be transformed by any other means.

Also, I shouldn't have to tell you that you cannot run out of arrows.


I'll be making my sheet shortly. ))

Edited by Thaelasan

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((I'd like to reserve a spot if I'm allowed.))

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((Only 3 more spots remaining and if Thael allows for Dragon's reservation than only 2 spots remain. I can't wait for this to get started.))

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(( Holy censorkip.gif.

Well actually, monkey is right. In any case, I HAVE to let Dragon join. She's one of my old friends from when I first joined dragcave.


As for the other two people, I shall need to see your character sheets. Make them as literate and well-prosed as possible without using a dictionary. This competition shall determine who joins.


In any case, I shall edit this post with my sheet in a moment. ))


Username: Thaelasan

Character name: Castor "Sol" Alvan

Age: 21

Appearance: A lithe, yet elegant fellow, Castor carries himself with the dignity and prose of an intellectual. A book is almost always at his side, normally consisting of the topic of astronomy. He has rugged, yet smooth sun-blonde hair and eyes of white. He always is found wearing a cloak embroidered with a constellation, a claymore upon his back, and a small, expandable telescope at his side. He wears chain mail forged by Thain's father that consists of bronze links. Over this, he wears a normal tunic of black or blue shade.

Personality: Castor, though appearing the sophisticated type, is completely enamored in both the sky and the freedom it brings. He loves to speak to people on the topic, showing no constraint in his speech. In fact, it's rare to get a word in edgewise.

Considering his namesake, one of the two Gemini twins, it is no surprise that not only does he have a tendency to change from light and outgoing to stern and appraising, he also can get very involved in something to the point of ignoring all else around him.

Gender: Male

History: Castor was born, of course, under the Gemini constellation in early June. His parents, both astronomers and astrophysicists themselves, immediately set to teaching him of the wonders of the sky above. His fascination grew, starting from simply knowing their names, to wishing he could be up there among them.

Yet, his interests did not just stop at the stars but also within the past. He is one of the few who remembers the legends and tales of Malfaul by heart. He took great pains trying to teach the other children his age of these myths. Many, however, did not listen to him, finding the tales both silly and unimportant.

This, however, did not stop him. After developing a friendship with the noble prankster Tybalt as his private tutor, and a companionship with Thain through Thain's father, he began to grow into a strong young man. Yet, he always felt something was missing from his existence.

At the age of twelve, after already exceeding all schooling and becoming a prodigy, he turned his interest in the cosmos and the past to magic, learning from passing magi how to wield the arcane. He seemed to have a knack for it, using magic in the air to power spells that could bring the might of the stars and also help to see them for research.

At first, his parents were awestruck. Of course, over time, they also began to grow to help foster their son's growing abilities.

Yet, he still found a missing spot in his abilities. He needed a foci through which to broadcast his powers more efficiently. Magic without some sort of focus is like a rock without a slingshot. You may throw it but it will not possess its maximum power nor its greatest accuracy.

Still, Castor was not interested in using what most magi use, which are staves. Their ornate rods of wood or ivory did not impress him in the slightest. In fact, he found them a bit silly. Instead, he went to Thain's father for assistance once again, asking him if he could forge a magical blade for his use.

Through a very grand and perhaps far too elaborate adventure, Tybalt and Castor managed to retrieve a metal only found on a falling star.

The blade, now named after the other Gemini Twin, Pollux, is deceptively lightweight for its size, due to its magical nature.

The orb of light that Castor saw was immediately drawn to this magical source. Rather than becoming a weapon, it bound itself to his blade, covering it in a veil of stars and giving it the very feel of the cosmos.

His blade allows for manipulation of space, cutting through the fabric of the universe as though it was butter in order to create portals through which it, its owner, and others may traverse.

Sadly, because of the magical nature of the castle itself, the portals are limited. They can only move something a small distance before they stretch too far.

Now that's thinking with portals!

Weapon: Pollux+, a blade which allows for manipulation of space itself to a very great degree, as well as amplifies his already present magical powers over astronomy.


Edited by Thaelasan

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Username: zakku_uchiha

Character name: Shae, often called Shade or Shadow by the townsfolk and children

Age: 14

Appearance: Shae is a short, slim girl with cropped black hair and dark red/brown eyes. Most of the time, she's in dark colored attire ranging from black, blue and various shades of red.

Personality: With familiars, Shae acts in her casual tomboyish nature, but outside and amongst others she "sticks to the shadows".

Gender: Female (often mistaken as a young boy)

History: Shae lost her parents to assassins when she was five years old and has lived on the streets since, stealing food and clothing whenever she needs to. At the age of nine, Shae had learned simple assassination techniques. By the age of twelve, she killed one of the men responsible for her parents untimely demise.

When she's not scurrying about the streets, pickpocketing or nabbing a few treats, Shae will bring what food she has to other homeless children. Due to her sticking to the shadows and being predominately active at night is what earned her nickname.

Weapon: A hidden blade (like in assassin's creed)

Other: I need a hero! Wait, that's a song. I want to be a hero.


((Blegh! I know I've made better character sheets than this, but I kept drawing a blank as I filled it out. Sorry for the lack of details.))

Edited by zakku_uchiha

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Username: Mipuppy1

Character name: Catherine Blume

Age: 18

Appearance: Always as if a smile is painted on her face, Catherine never seems to frown. She has pale blonde hair that she usually ties in a bun, dirt and other 'dirty' things usually get caught up in it, though she never seems to mind. Her eyes are the common crystal blue (I know the pic doesn't show that, I still need to edit it, sorry! >.<) and her clothes are usually very plain and a soft pastel color, she can't afford anything nice so her clothes are never in the best condition.

Pretty <3

Personality: Catherine is that bubbly happy girl that seems to almost never stay mad at anyone for long, fiercely loyal to people she deems a true friend, she can be quite the people pleaser though. She tends to go to almost unbelievable lengths to make people she even hates to like her, but she has vowed to always stay pure and will never resort to murder/killing and the like, violence only under extreme circumstances... So yeah, now.

A hard worker that believes there is no such thing as 'free lunch' in this world, she will never accept anything she didn't work for, passing off as stubborn to some people, though not very educated she is a perfectionist in every way, there is no such thing as 'well done' only 'perfect' though she usually takes longer to learn something but when she does it, often it tends to come out with better results then most.

Though a naturally sweet girl, if you make a bad first impression on her, she will hold it against you. If Catherine doesn't like someone, she will go as far as to befriend that person just to hurt them later, but of course she will probably end up liking them in the end.... Probably....

Gender: Female

History: Born into a huge family, Catherine's mother was a lazy and demanding woman and her dad was a womanizer that openly cheated on her mother, as a result Catherine has vowed never to marry or fall in love with men. With her mother never even trying to work and her dad sleeping around with random woman, Catherine took it upon herself to support her broken family, including her many smaller siblings she loved dearly. No one ever made much money as a florist though, not bothering with school and hardly getting through with the small job all her hard work finally paid off, she became quite a popular florist though it never seemed like enough, she didn't grow up with luxuries such as fancy/new clothes or dolls. Due to her job, she has a vast knowledge of herbs, but doesn't know how to read. (She knews a few letters and words but it's not enough to be called 'reading')


Other: I wish to be a hero!


(I'm assuming this is set in the medieval era or something like that and I think I read somewhere that there are no florist's in the medieval era so I wonder if that's okay with you?)

Edited by mipuppy1

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((Thanks Thael smile.gif I'll try and fill this out completely in one shot... but I may have to leave and get back to it.))


Username: Dragonhatchling (anyone is welcome to call me DH/Dragon/Hatchie or anything derived of my name)

Character name: Layel Arkenfal (often goes by Lyra Sevanfel however if asked by someone she doesn't know)

Age: 20

Appearance: Layel is 5 foot four inches tall. She has completely straight chocolate brown hair that goes halfway down her back, but is cut so it is framing her face. It has natural blonde highlights where bangs usually would be, and some naturally blonde streaks here and there from the sun. Compliments have always been said about how smooth and soft her hair is, as well as how straight it always is no matter what is done to it. She has hazel eyes that change color depending on her mood (this ranges from grey, to icy blue, to a bright emerald green and even to a gold color) or what she wears.

For clothing, Layel usually wears a a fitted tunic of a maroon or darker red color, sometimes a grey one, and darker shades of pants. She can always be found with a maroon cloak that holds an intricate western dragon design on the back in black and gold and has a hood attached.

Personality: Layel used to be a cheerful young girl who had a knack for making people listen to her, as well as listening to people. She often would be the child who others sought out for advice or help in general, always being there for anyone who took the time to find her. Through this, Layel managed to gain the ability to be a wonderful communicator and could often be found talking to adults when her schooling or training left her free-time. Rumors of her gifted speech talents circulated for a while as Layel never minded it. She was also known for being one of the most loyal people of the city and one of the most loyal friends around.

Layel would go out of her way to help, save -if the need ever arose- or just be there for a friend or complete stranger. She expected this from her few close close friends, and generally got it. However, if she didn't receive the same amount of loyalty, it was very likely that she was still a friend or at least there for that person. She constantly tried her best to get along with anyone who did not show to be mean or evil.

Layel also was highly known for having a wonderful judge of character, having been experienced in watching the behaviors of people as a habit. Most of the time she happened to never be wrong about someone's true intentions and this asset became used among other children when they requested her thoughts about someone or something.


After her years of traveling, Layel can now be generally seen to be the complete opposite of the 'happy-go-lucky' young child she used to be. Her knack for communication never diminished however, and seems to have grown stronger. Her ability to judge the intentions and character of a person, situation or animal has never diminished either. It also seems to have been heightened through her travels, where now Layel seems to carry a wise and 'other worldly' aire about her at all times. Her general personality now, however, is actually what seems to have changed. She no longer actively seeks out human company and has been completely content with being alone for the rest of her life. If asked for help, she will do her absolute best to provide that help as she did when she was a child, but usually it comes with a deal on the side. Through this, Layel has earned the reputation of being a hard driver of deals and is known for never having a deal go unpaid or unfulfilled. By what means still has yet to be proven, but payment in death has been suggested for some of them. Her highly polished communication skills also have been set to blame for these deals being able to go through, but also the ruthless brutality that has been rumored to be residing inside this once peaceful girl.

Layel's cold demeanor is hard-broken too. Her trust is almost non-existent to be a part of anymore and old-time friends also have seemed to have a trouble breaking through the walls of suspicion set in time. If the trust you have made with her is broken in any way, expect it to not be gotten back ever. Expect to be shunned as well. She has a reputation for not talking to those who have broken the bonds of trust unless they come to her, to which she generally never reignites these bonds again without a very concrete and pure reason for it to happen.

If you find yourself inside her small trust-circle of friends or acquaintances, the coldness found in Layel may still show itself. But to those who have been deemed very lucky to make it through this far, the kindness the girl has shown as a child still exists. Even if it is only to a select few people. The loyalty she held true to as a child has always been evident here, but as with the breaking of her trust, if her trust is broken the loyalty once known also disappears and it is highly likely to never return as high as it had before.

Gender: Female

History: Layel had been taught by her mother in the use of herbs and the healing properties they hold during her times as a child. Her father taught her how to use a sword, figuring that if the need ever arose for their only child to protect the family that she should also be taught in case he should not be able to aid them. Her father also secretly taught Layel in the ways of magic, or what he knew of it. A friend of her father's continued on this training daily once her work was done with her parents and she learned quickly in those ways. It didn't take long for Layel to surpass her father's friend, or her mother and father in their teachings. Being a smart kid during her youth, Layel also came to know Castor quite well. She always found his stories of the myths to be true, never once doubting it, even though her parents usually played them off as heresy. Her quick progress through her schooling broadened her teachings and foundations her parents already set in place, as well as their friend. The passing magis furthered this more and turned out to be many of the same that Castor also learned from.

However, while Castor continued to thrive after their teen years, Layel had hit turmoil in her life. Her parents were killed during a catastrophic fire in her home, also killing her father's friend and only other true source of a possible living benefactor to truly take care of her. Not many of her time chose to take her in, leaving her effectively as an orphan and wanderer. Luckily for Layel however, her parent's teachings did not fail her. Using this knowledge and her abilities, Layel became a wanderer and learned from as many people as she could while traveling. The staff her father's friend had given her as an early teaching gift became invaluable to her ways, as well as the little-known fact that it easily doubled as a longsword if she spoke the word needed to transform it.

She continued on as a wanderer for many years, traveling far to any city or town that would have her. Through those times, Layel had been given a reputation for being a healer, as well as a great danger to anyone she came within eyesight of. There was no actual basis for the more negative accusations- as there were many many more circulation through the years- which only furthered the speculations and rumors surrounding the young woman. She speculated herself that most of these rumors came from her rare cloak or the dark wooded staff that held a pure white crystal at the top. This crystal 'split' into three sections, two slightly smaller portions and one larger one that were enveloped by the dark wood. Inside this crystal, a dark aura had always seemed to pulse in the middle, no matter what was done with it. She also assumed it may have been the carvings placed into the wood in dark red coloring, though Layel kept the meaning of those to herself.

At some point she did plan to come back to her home city however, and as luck had it she managed to come back roughly before complete chaos ensnared her beyond the city walls. Sadly however, Layel had not expected to return to the city without her staff and knew that things would be more slightly complicated without that gift from long ago to serve as a silent physical reminder of what she was fighting for. She was still armed with her highly adept skills in magic, but also her proficient swordmanship skills only heightened by her travels and businesses.

Weapon: a staff similar to the one described in Layel's history.


The dragon design on her cloak is a Western dragon in body style. It is standing on its hind legs, with wings spread wide and its front arms up as if it were ready to snap angrily at something in the air. The head, however, is raised slightly toward the "sky" and the mouth is open wide. A short tongue of fire can be seen coming from this opened mouth in gold, while the dragon's design is mainly black in color. The detail work is very complicated. Each scale is outlined in black thread, along with each limb and everything else that isn't a claw or horn. Between this black thread, the maroon color of her cloak shows through. Each claw is colored and lined with the gold thread, as well as the iris in the eye, surrounding the black pupal. The horns and spikes also are colored and lined in this gold thread, creating a very fierce and intricate dragon design.

Contrary to what the history may seem to say about Layel's staff, the word she can speak to change it to a longsword is simply a specific word she learned to change the staff into that specific weapon. She assumes this can work on any staff, though has not had the opportunity to try it yet.

I wish to be a hero or at least something here... I'll be a bad person if you'd like... I don't mind.


((I think I'm done. Hopefully this suffices your requirements Thael. Oh, and due to school starting shortly, I won't be on super often but I will try to be on once a night at least.))

Edited by Dragonhatchling

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Who the hell ever said my roleplays follow the laws of our world? Pish posh. Then again, apocatharies sound about the same, so idc. Besides, I only care about literacy. Let's see...

Shae's dagger shall allow that she have the ability to become shadow, and gain better eyesight indarkness. However, she moves more slowly, and her weapon gains weight as shadow infuses it until it is unbearable.

Catherine's weapon allows for summoning of plant life and control of it. It also allows for her to become it, but she is now very fearful of fire. her very body shall have plant life upon it while she holds the staff.

Layel, your staff uses both dragon abilities and may summon a dragon familiar to accompany you. However, at a certain distance, it will lose the ability to attack and begin to turn to stone. It is about the size of a child. The species is yours to cchoose so long as it isn't too overpowered.

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