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Bands you want to see live

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Weird that there isn't a topic about this.


Anyways, what band(s) do you want to see live one day? And which ones have you already seen live? And how were they?


I'm not really much of a concert goer myself, as I'm not too fond of crowds, but I'd love to see Foo Fighters, Muse, Phoenix, Editors, Arctic Monkeys, Enter Shikari, White Lies and Queens of the Stone Age live. In november I'll actually see QOTSA live ^^.


Went to my first concert last year (Volbeat) and loved it, they were great. Of course it helped that I had been listening a LOT of Volbeat in anticipation of the concert and thus knew all their songs tongue.gif. The crowd wasn't too bad, but I still was happy there was a break, so I could get outside for a minute.

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Bands I've seen live & really enjoyed

- Hollywood Undead

- Papa Roach

- Skillet

- My Chemical Romance

- Kiss

- Chevelle

- Three Days Grace

- The Fold

- Halestorm


Bands I really enjoy & have never seen live

- Linkin Park

- Avenged Sevenfold

- Five Finger Death Punch

- Jason Aldean

- The Royal

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Heh, showing my age with this list...


seen live:

Twisted Sister




Motley Crue

Jethro Tull

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

The Del Fuegos

Salt 'n' Pepa




Def Leppard


Edited to add, I didn't technically see Skid Row, but two years running they played at Skyshow in Manchester, NH when I was living a couple blocks from the park it was at, so I would just go sit outside on the deck of my apartment and hear the performance.


would like to see:

Loreena Mckennitt

Blackmore's Night

Ozzy Osbourne

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I've seen:

Ringo Starr (it was like a religious experience to little ol me)

Chris Cornell in a truly beautiful acoustic show

Alice Cooper (basically the best thing I've ever seen)

The Allmann Brothers



I'd like to see Paul McCartney, too, if ever I get the chance. If that happens, I can die happy. smile.gif

I wanted to see My Chemical Romance, but...

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Seen: The Moody Blues (many times), ABBA, Motley Crue, They Might Be Giants (twice). Seems there's more, but that's all I can come up with.


Would like to see: ABBA get back together and do a world tour!

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Oof! Too many bands to count that I have seen live. Let's just say well over 30. I'll list the best ones that played live.


Manic Drive


Group 1 Crew

Royal Tailor



The Letter Black



Bands that I want to see

Manic Drive (again)

Capital Kings


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I have seen Tokio Hotel (and can't wait to see them again) and Hurts, and I really want to see Linkin Park. I love them. wub.gif

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30 Seconds to Mars


Bring Me The Horizon


and many others

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