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Its Time To Dual

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So i aways thought that "dualing" would be a cool bsa for black dragons, similar to trading excwpt you got to fight for the egg. But thats a difderent topic for a different time.


This is how you play.

"Using" your black dragon allows you to have a dragon dual another for an egg or hatchling.


Winning and losing are based on dice.

Large dragons all roll 100 side dice

Pigmy dragons rolls 5 d10s

Dinos can roll d20

chickens can roll d6


The highest roll wins


But there is a risk, each player has to put up one of their own eggs or hatchies, and the winner gets to decide what they want.


Like, say someone offers a nebula up for the prize, me and one other would offer an egg or hatchie to enter the dual, the winner gets the offered hatchie, and can keep their wager, or take the losers, the left over dragon is the next to be faught over.


You can fight for your own dragon.


Each blck dragon you have is one dual. Re-using a black cuts your roll in half. Please wait a day to re use a black, so they can "recover"


this dice rolling website makes it easy


Format example:


Username: deadnotsleeping

Black dragon: A Good Man Gone

Dualing dragon: The Manliest Dragon

Wager: Bulsang

Roll: 77


There can only be two people dualing for the same egg/hatchie. If you roll for an egg that already has two participants, you will be given the choice to save the roll or roll again. On your next dual, you must use the saved roll, or you will lose it.


This entier game is based on trust, please dont fudge your rolls!


Aside: its 2am where I am nd im typing this out on my phone. If anything is wrong with it, or if you have an idea to mke it better, im open to it! The game will go live at noon tomorrow, estern standered time, so hopefully I'll have something good to offer by then.

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This appears to be more of a game then a trade/ gift topic. Closed for mod discussion.

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