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SeaWorld's Dragons

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Welcome to SeaWorld, home of orcas, pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, polar bears, beluga whales and...Orca Dragons!


SeaWorld Orca Dragons is a lineage that is based after the Killer Whale, a gorgeous and intelligent marine mammal!


SeaWorld Orca Dragon Parks and Entertainment currently has three parks; Orlando, Florida, San Diego, and San Antonio, Texas. You can choose one of these parks to work at for the time being.


How parks work: The main purpose of Parks for now is naming! If you choose Orlando, you can either name your Orca Dragons after orcas from that Park, or make up your own names! The name MUST START WITH "Orca Dragon"! If you are in Orlando, you can't use the name of an orca form San Diego (unless it's a common name; I know that there are at least two Namus in SeaWorld history).


Naming: You may name your Orca Dragons either a made-up name, or you can name it after an Orca that ever resided in your Park. Igloo will put up a list of which orcas lived in which Parks, but this will take a very long time, so be patient!


No abandoning, killing, biting, inbreeding, or giving OD eggs/hatchlings to non-Trainers.


Other Animals:


Flamingo Dragons: Flamingo Wyverns. FD can only breed with other FDs and must have Flamingo somewhere in the name.


Dolphin Dragons: Sea Wyrm x Nilia OR Water x Gray. Same rules apply, have Dolphin in the name.


Polar Bear Dragons: Albinos. Name must start with PB Dragon.


Penguin Dragons: Dark Myst x Pygmy. Same rules apply, have Penguin somewhere in the name.


Alligator Dragons: Olives. Nae must start with "Al Dragon"


Only Orca Dragons have families. Other animals just contribute to the overall amount of animals in your park, and can be gifted for free.




Igloo9201 (Igloo)

Park: Orlando

Status: Manager

Families: 2

Orca Dragons: 6

Other Animals: 3

Pumpkins: 0


Silverpheonixx (Silver)

Park: San Diego

Status: Trainer

Families: One (in progress)

Orca Dragons: 1

Other Animals: 1

Pumpkins: 0




Trainers: igloo9201

Number of Animals: 9


San Diego:

Number of Animals: 1

Trainers: Silverpheonixx


San Antonio:

Number of Animals: 0



Training: Igloo will have Training up soon!


Orlando Orcas: Tilikum (male, taken) Kalina (female, taken) Nalani (female) Taima (female) Katrina (female) Kayla (female) Good run (female) Kanduke (male) Amalia (female)


SD Orcas: Ikaika (male) Baby Shamu II (female) Kalia (female) Kandy V (female) Kasatka (female)


SA Orcas: Keet (male)


*Members don't have to choose a Park before the names are listed, but can if they want to.*




All DC/DC Forum Rules


#1 MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Absolutely NO anti-captivity/anti-SeaWorld comments! Yes, I know a trainer died! It is my dream to work at SeaWorl, Orlando as an orca trainer. When she died, I was glued to the TV for DAYS ON END because I wanted to make sure that SeaWorld was going to be okay, and to make sure they weren't going to kill Tilly. He is my favorite orca of all times and always will be. I don't want to see ANYONE saying "how cruel SeaWorld/captivity is" or "how vicious orcas are". I pretty much 90% will know a billion times more about orcas than anyone who's going to post on this topic. I have been studying orcas and wanting to do this since I was six years old.


When starting a new "family" of Orca Dragons, CB parents are preffered, but not necesarry.


Just like with the real SeaWorld, Parks can trade ODs without needing to change the names or anything like that. If anyone wants eggs from anyone's families to get started, that's totally okay, and said person will receive eggs for free. HOWEVER, if a Trainer that already has ODs in his/her park and wants another Park's ODs, this must be a TRADE. An OD egg/hatchling for another OD egg/hatchling.


Breeding ODs: ODs can be bred with either Black Orca Dragons or White Orca dragons, creating pure Black ODs or pure White ODs. Orca Dragons cannot breed with regular dragons!!!



More Features Coming Soon!


*I do not clam to own any part of SeaWorld or its Parks*


ATTENTION: Please, everyone, this lineage needs more publicity, especially with the release of Blackfish! We need to really dedicate to breeding for this lineage to raise some awareness!

Edited by igloo9201

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Yes, you can totally join! I'll get the list up ASAP!


And irk, we all thought they were beastly rare when we started playing and now we all have billions.

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Can you clarify the breeding a bit? It's confusing to me.

I can't breed with CB whites, I keep nabbing beautiful lineages, but no CBs

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You can breed with CBs, but don't have to. I prefer good lineages, but since both breeds are hard to get a hold of, It's optional.

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Ummm uhhhh...

Have a penguin!

I already named my grown ones, though I can name my two hatchlings

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Alright. I have a few names up now, but not all of them. You can choose your Park now and name your dragons or wait, I don't care.

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I'll rename the one that's called



Korea is confusing

Is staying like that.

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xd.png that sounds hilarious.

I chose a girl name, but I'll have to change it if it genders male.

I saw a black egg in the ap but someone else snatched it before I could

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Why can't we tell their gender until they have wings? It makes no sense! *jumps into the orca tankand drowns myself* also, a new idea I had was Bottlenose Dragons! Not as important or awesome as Orca Dragons, but still!

Pending Species:


Royal Blue

Misfit and/or Sea Wyrm Pygmies.

Pending names:

Bottle Dragons

Dolphin Dragons

Tell me what you think!

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I think sea Wyrms and water dragons with gray dragon, since their coloring is gray

It should be Dolphin, bottle sounds like the item bottle

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Yes, I agree. Maybe the Sea wyrms can represent a smaller breed? It's coloration is a bit wacky for dolphins, but I think the sprites have a nice, under water flow to them. Plus bathe name's sea wyrm. Alright, I'll put that in the rules later. Also, I thought that maybe we could use Pinks and Flamingo Wyverns as flamingo dragons, since at least Orlando (the only Park I've been to) has a bunch of them. They'd be mostly for decoration, and I'll probably only have Orca Dragons be "families". Dolphins will be trainable, but on the Park stats, Dolphins and Flamingos will be listed as additional animals.

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Okay. But the seawyrm s have to breed with another Pygmy, how about a gray colored Pygmy breed? Is nilia good? Can't remember if they're gray. Maybe just pure bred flamingos dragons, because they're quite common.

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Yeah, nilias are a bluish gray, they'd be great. And okay, that's fine. Hmmm...a couple people haveviewed this, but haven't said anything. I wonder why it's not catching on.

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Maybe not everyone likes orcas? Or maybe they just don't have whites or blacks to spare.

I remember I have a penguin stuffed animal from Sea World, I can't remember when I visited sea world, but I do have vague memories of it, I think. They might be dreams, but I'm pretty sure they're memories of real life. Could you include the other species of animals gound in Sea World? I don't know which animals are in there though, but it might help more people to join if you include more options

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