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Take an Egg - Leave an Egg

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Take: Nothing

Leave: Gold

Claimed this gold. I gave several things recently without taking anything. I will give back to the thread once I'm not creature-locked ^^


Here we go, at least this is something. Leaving a black-cap hatchling on a two-way. Offer a dummy and something for the thread please.


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!


Ill leave better stuff later when I have room to breed or snag from the AP

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Changing the CB black-cap hatchling from above to a one-way because I don't want to sit in front of the transfer all night, im getting tired. So I'm gonna trust whoever grabs it is a nice person and will give back.


Claim my hatchling.

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In case anyone didn't see the the previous post, I'm posting another alert: Take an Egg-Leave an Egg is going to be relocating in the near future, as I turn management of the thread over to Pippyspot!


You can see the full details in my earlier post here.


Plans for the move to take place this weekend may be delayed, as I'm having trouble getting a hold of Pippyspot, but as we will absolutely be relocating in the near future one way or the other it's still worth reminding everyone.

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Leaving:AoD Egg Leave a dummy,do not harm in anyway.


Taking:Nothing for right now-egg locked

Taking this.


Leaving something in the future.

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Really Big News!


Things are going to be changing here at Take an Egg-Leave an Egg!


A wonderful community has grown up around this thread, and I couldn't be more proud to have played a part in that. But, as you've probably noticed, I don't have enough free time to do this community justice- when people PM me with questions or problems I reply as quickly as I can, but TaE/LaE deserves a more present leader than I can be.


Because of this, I am going to be turning ownership of this thread over to the wonderful Pippyspot!


For starters, I know that she plans to re-structure the Breeder's List, messy and full of inactive names as it has become. She's also planning to tackle the 'please don't offer these blocker/commons' list, updating it to keep the breeds on there more current.

I'm bringing her up to speed on all the issues people have most frequently messaged me with, so to anyone who has spoken with me about problems involving theft, transfers, and other rule snafus: I'll do my best to make sure Pippyspot is aware of all your concerns.


This means that the thread will be relocating, because Pippyspot will need to make a new first post under her own username that she can edit. Everyone with a link to TaE/LaE in their signature (or anyplace else) will need to update it after the move.


To make sure that everyone has a chance to notice this news, I am going to re-post this announcement once every day until this weekend, at which point the thread will start over with a new first post by Pippyspot. When we have decided on an exact day and time I will let you all know.


It's been a pleasure playing along with all of you this past year. I'm not leaving Dragon Cave or the forums, so you'll still see me around.


I wish all of you the very best, and I hope you'll all join me in wishing Pippyspot the same! happy.gif

Wellllll, this may take some getting used to. :'D;

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The red is unaided now, so I change it on a one way tradeClaim my eggs/hatchlings!


Whoever takes it, please, no harm:]


Gone to Argentum_Drache wink.gif

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