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(This doesn't really have a title yet. So far I've gone with The Diaries of Real People, but I don't really like it. Anyway, moving on. This is chapter one, the beginning is really slow sorry. I hope you still like it anyway. Constructive Criticism is wanted/welcome, but please P.M. me.)


I am Lilith Farida


September Third, 2062.


I discovered a peculiar container in the library, decent size not overly large. The box sat in the back, past all the book downloads, computers, and video screens. I am not sure if I should have been able to go back there (since I did go through a door to get to the room) but the room also held some old important paper books, and the room appeared well organized and user friendly. Either way none of the staff mentioned it even though a few saw me either going in or out, and another women entered the room shortly after me. 


Naturally I looked inside the container inside I found cassette tapes (which took me infinity to figure out, not only what they were but how to use them) and some paper note card neatly organized. Upon finding them I became bitterly confused, but after whoa felt like infinity a nice older women noticed me fusing with them. She quickly helped me, and showed me how to work them. After listening to a few, regretfully not in order (more on that later), I decided to do a little research. With my research I found a few odd things. Mostly I found it especially strange that the girl used cassette tapes, according to the dates and correlating technology, back then it would be easier to use other methods and devices. Cassette tapes were no longer being made, so how she got them is still unknown. Although it might not be all that relevant, I just thought it was interesting.


Now I'm not sure if these were tapes from an unstable girl, or recording a fictional story… Or worse all of this is true. I started listening through all of them and I just can't get over this. True or not, it has a lot of connection to reality. At least in a phycological, or metaphorical level. So I'm recording everything, starting on exactly fifty years after the first recording was made. To clear my mind and dissect the piece of… I will call it art.


So here is the first one;


"Testing, testing, is this thing working right? Oh, okay, I'll assume it is working. Uh… No one is with me currently, And this is just a random voice recording. 


[Throat Clearing]


Yes, okay. Entry one, day one, so on and so forth. Ah… This is my first time making a voice diary, if that's not obvious… Anyway I've always felt that keeping record of events is fun once you review the results. And I suck at paper records, hence voice recording. Really this specific recording has no purpose, it's just a little rambling, and I guess a hello? 

So hello…

Oh yea and this is September third two thousand and twelve. Oh, duh, and my name is Dee short for Deedra Dee Bala."


Well, thats all the first one held, I listened to the whole thing. Millions of silence on the end, since I learned how they (the cassette tapes) worked and there was just nothingness. Either way, I guess that's not entirely important? Maybe it was because Dee was just learning to work them?


Earlier I commented on my regret of not listening to them (the cassette tapes) in order. The first few of them are borderline and slow, if I had ran through the tapes in order I would have never finished the set. Though going ahead a bit left me wondering, and I need to finish them. Her voice and words, it sounded real, and important. All her emotions coming through the words she choked out. I'm trying to convince myself that it was fake… That she was only a good voice actor.

The day is finishing so I'll finish this. I think, only because I can, I'll follow these tapes fifty years apart.



September Tenth, 2062.  


After a bit I decided I'd skip the first few tapes, they were slow. Not the girls fault, as she said herself, "It's as if the God of fun hates me.". Dee mostly spoke of her dull life in school and how she hoped she could go studying abroad once out of high-school. La la la, on and on. Simple. 




Tape #4, September 10, 2012. Things picked up a bit, nothing super big. This just seems like a good place to start the story.


"September tenth two thousand and twelve.


This kind of thing doesn't make sense. Maybe I'm over reacting, I'm paranoid over nothing. They just wanted to talk to me. I'm sure there was a reasonable explanation. Anyway…


It started in first period, Math class. I had finished my work ten minutes into class, reviewing. Then my teacher just looked up from her computer and said I needed to go down to the office. Really blank faced, and monotonous. She was usually super peppy and nice, never a rag-doll of a face. Then the message I guess she could have gotten an email, but that doesn't seem likely it's never happened before the office always calls. Plus emails seem really, REALLY impractical. After all, how would they know she's at her computer.


But that's just how it started, in retrospect that part wasn't weird at all. I was a little freak out, but only because I thought I was in trouble. It wasn't until later that I thought about the email thing. Although the rag-doll face…  


So okay, big deal I went to the office because really there was nothing else I could do. I'd get in trouble if I didn't. Besides I hadn't done anything against the rules theres no reason I'd be in trouble, so I shouldn't start making trouble. As I was walking I was thinking about a;; the realistic reason for me to be going to the office… my friend, Maia always got picked on by this one group of girls so maybe they had a meeting in the office and I needed to come too. I had calmed with that idea until I reach the office.


I was met at the office door by a glaze eyed secretary…


[sudden Pause] (Rag-doll)


An older man, and middle aged women. The secretary introduced them, the older man was Mr. Williams, then the women Miss. Blake. They "Just had a few questions to ask me". My gut twisted at the time, defiantly not what I thought it was going to be. These people were not normal works of the school, this was no a bullying issue. I could only think "Why would anyone need to 'ask me a few questions.'?" In my own head I told myself to shut up, and that I was being an idiot. It was just a few question after all, not the end of the world.


Why do I always have to be so paranoid?


The man Mr. Williams, he was fairly tall 6'6, lanky, grey-black hair, these understanding dark green eyes. Overall he looked good for the age I guessed he was. Which is probably Around his late fifties. Overall the man appeared really calm, collected, kind. I could see him as a family man, good with children, and having wonderful grandchildren. If he had any, yet. When he looked at me I could have sworn I saw curtain sadness in his eyes, he was fairly good at hiding it. But I can read people, and for a second I think he realized I could see it.


The women Ms. Blake... She had this 'I'm better than you' attitude. Her black hair was neatly up in a bun, but I could tell it is naturally frizzy. And I wouldn't doubt it if she had a million split ends. Sharp as her face, sharp chin, nose... Eyes, those sharp brown eyes. Ms. Blade. She probably didn't have a boyfriend, let alone as husband. I'm sure she mostly focused on her work. Whatever that may be. She wouldn't look at me for the longest time. I was only in her periph*."


*Peripheral vision.

-I can only assume, reading this is becoming a little hard.


"When I finished studying them we had reach the room we were walking to. I think it was the counselor's office, but I could be wrong. The two of them sat opposite of me, a coffee table cutting between us. 

Ms. Blade finally looked me in the eyes. She had this look in her eyes, scared... Like a wounded lion, pride-less and scared. Why? I definitely hadn't been expecting it. Maybe I'm not as good at reading people as I mentioned earlier, but I digress.


Mrs. Blade pulled her eyes away when she realized I was studying her. As she pulled out a notepad when Mr. Williams started asking me a few questions. They were personal questions. But not the questions like, 'where do you live?', 'what's your phone number?'. These questions were more like 'how do you like school?', 'what are you planning to do after you graduate?'. Emotionally and mentally person, And Mrs. Blade took notes on all the crude.


I almost lied , but Mr. Williams's voice… It dug into my head, he seemed nice, he calmed me. But almost in an unsettling way. In the end I didn't lie. They didn't asking me anything overly weird, at least in my opinion, and there was something about them… I felt in trouble over something, lying just didn't seem like the way to go.


After a few minutes they excused themselves and told me to stay put. Going into the other room, to talk I assume. Actually it is more of a know then a guess. I wish they hadn't left me in the quiet room with my thoughts. Trapped in my head, it sometimes hurts when I'm alone with my thoughts. It doesn't matter what I'm thinking about it always ends up to be something horrifying. I try to think positively but… Anyway not important to the story.


After what seemed longer then the questions took Mr. Williams walked in, with a slightly bigger smile on than before. I calmed, thinking not in trouble, good. He handed me a envelope[*], the big yellow thick one with the bubble wrap[**] on the inside."


*A paper container with a sealable flap, used to enclose a letter or document.

**Plastic packaging material containing numerous small air pockets, for the protection of fragile items.


"I took the envelope, but didn't open it, I just looked back at him.

"Only open it when you're in trouble, okay?"

I nodded, a slight gut twist. A different kind of trouble."


And thats how it ended, thats it. She doesn't even explain in the next entry. I mean it does come back, just not right away. So I'll leave this here. You can think what you want maybe you think I'm silly for all this nonsense tomfoolery, or you can just continue reading my entries. (Well if anyone ends up reading this, who knows maybe when I finish this it'll never be viewed by fresh eyes. I really haven't decided if I'm actually going to show this to anyone or not.)




No, wait. I have to keep this going. I have more to say this entry. Why end there? Its like a cliffhanger in a book, everyone hates it but they love it just the same. A writer's best friend, no? Which is what makes me believe this is a story. But I can't just turn my back on this now. It's the biggest thing thats ever happened to me. Story or not, it's important.


Besides this girl, she seemed familiar. Even if I've never met her, she sounds like a friend. Someone you could trust, and someone you would always help. Well more like someone that would always help you out. That's why I want to go through this. It is becoming late… Goodnight.

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(Chapter Two)


Thats all I really need to say now, details need to be hide and I don't quit trust the security of my phone. I need a safe play to leave it…


September 10th, 2012. 8:45 p.m.


Today was a usually tough day for me, Mr. Jens had to be readmitted. I hate to see him leave the team, but I suppose its for the best. He really needed a break, like the rest of them. I hope that that isn't me soon. I don't think I can go back, although by then it wouldn't be my choice would it? I'm retiring soon, and I don't want to be readmitted. This life is so much clearer, and real. Any I haven't finished my project…

But maybe I shouldn't finish it alone, or at all. If they all end up like Mr. Jens and the others maybe this way is for the best. After all, life has been so much better since they started. Wait? What am I even saying, this is horrible! I should be absolutely livid, and yet somehow…

Anyway, the girl I mentioned earlier. Deedra Bala, she tested negative. Most of us have become slightly scared of her, others are taking a bit more logical road. Mostly they want to readmit her, but the data says that nothing is broken. So that won't work, plus from what I've collected making a reason for her to need to go to the hospital is near impossible. For now I said we should sit and wait.

Why? Why is it that my team is so impatient? The map shows that we have at lest three years until anything needs to be fixed. After all it is only one girl, and there isn't much one girl can do all alone. But then again this girl seems different, by now most of them have gone insane, without therapy. Although the datas seems all screwy, and it probably is. She could have been like this since birth. Hence the no insanity thing, maybe. This further proves my theories that what they do… I do, is wrong.

I hear someone coming, I need to go.


September 10th, 2012. 10:01 p.m.


Mrs. Jens came in to say goodbye to me. She wants to leave before her mind does. I think I understand her view, Mr. Jens is leaving and work is a heavy load alone. I've always been working alone, I got used to it but I don't think she would be able to. I'll miss her a lot, she was like the little sister I never had. I feel really protective over her, but this was after all her choice.

Mrs. Jens is going to be readmitted in a few days, after Mr. Jens has recovered from his operation. I'll miss them both, good friends but it would be to much to see them afterwards. Blank eyed like all the rest. She knew this, I knew this. Seeing them after this would be like seeing a ghost. Maybe I should retire.

No… If Deedra can stay sane all alone in the world so can I, and I'm not even alone. Well, not completely.

A. Tough. Life.




September 13th, 2012. 9:55 a.m.


We, meaning Ms. Blake and I, decided to pay another visit to Deedra. September 20th, not specific reason other then Ms. Blake and I are not busy that day. For a little bit Rick was going to tag along. I stopped that quickly, Rick… Behind his back almost everyone called him dick. Something I accidentally started one day while running through my words.

Rick is a very crude, and unusually rude person. How he got into this kind of work alludes me. I feel like it's some practical joke the world is playing on me. He is lower then me, but my forced apprentice once I leave he's in charge. I don't think the team could handle that they can barely handle it now. They're the only people that don't want me to retire soon.

If I persuade the higher ups to come up with a better replacement then I might be able to retire peacefully, until then. No chance. Besides, I started making up a plan. I think I might not have to retire in the dark anymore. Anyway, I got to end this. An important meeting in coming up.


September 14th, 2012. 12:44 p.m.


Rick is becoming suspicious of me, I admit I have been acting strange and I'm not sure what to do to convince him otherwise. Besides Ms. Blake he's the closes guy I work with and thats not helping. I need a way to draw attention away from myself and keep Rick busy while I work with the higher ups. I think I know a way to finally shut things down, but Rick is defiantly going to ruin things for me at this rate.

The meeting with Deedra changed to sooner, Ms. Blake became busy and I became open. Strange how the universe works.

Until September 17th.


September 17th, 2012. 3:46 p.m.


The meeting today did not happen, Ms. Blake became sick. Rick volunteered to go, but I said I had more pressing matters to attend to. So cancelled. I'm not one for lying but Rick has been acting more and more unusual lately, if he goes and sees her he'll find a way to make the higher ups think we need to take drastic actions.

Three years that is all I ask for, sure it might seem like a lot but in the long run three years is nothing. She'll be looking for a job, or college. We can be here, open for her. Deedra is no different than us, just an early bloomer, and a do it herself kind of person.

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(Chapter Three, This Is Extremely Short Because It's The Narrator)


I. Am. Bored.

Three words that had been rotating around my mind for as long as I can remember. Longer then people now care to remember for. I am not sure why I have always been bored, I have traveled and all. Seen and done things people could only imagine. Yet it is something that is, was, and as it seems always will be. Now I don't want to seem all down, depressed in my first entry. In fact I'm making this book to have a little fun. Something I think we will all enjoy.


But firsts is first, I want you to think for me. Just for a minute I swear.

All the people that you could meet and events that you could live, somehow you turned to a book instead. You honestly think that living someone else's life through words would be better, well I have to say the other side is only greener because there is more bull**** to fertilize it. But I digress, I am after all making this for the entertainment of not only me, but all around me.

I just wanted you to think for a minute, and maybe even you'll find a real answer. Because what you just said in your head. That, that was a lie to yourself.

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