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.:. The Gene .:.

This is the main thread. To submit character forms, go to the OOC thread here.



The dragons have always been rather solid in genes and abillities. But a new gene of dragon is arising. The Satigusts. They're stronger, quicker. The gene is spreading quickly, faster than a fire. But they require more food, water, and care than average. Dragons are breaking out in fights over the best areas to live, over water, feeding grounds. The mutation of genes is passed from parent to child. It's a dominant trait, caused by RR, so 3/4 of the time a Satigust dragon breeds with one without the gene, the child would be a Satigust. The average dragon has rr.


The way the world is going cannot last forever. A war could break out at almost any moment with the tension rising. Dragons, both those with and without the gene, have reported seeing angels and demons. They say they whisper in their ears, telling them to do things. Dragons have gone insane from them. No one knows what they are, or what they're telling dragons, none of the dragons want to tell.


Will you investigate the rumors of demons and angels, or join the fight? Or will you not fight at all and attempt to make peace and find a solution?


Other Info

This takes place in DC-Verse. The dragons have no rulers or cities.



  • All site rules apply
  • No God/Power-playing please
  • No Mary Sues/Gary Stues please
  • Don't be rude to others.
  • Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. No chat-speak in-character (though in OOC is fine)
  • Please try to separate your IC and OOC text.
  • The ratio of Satigust to regular should be about 3:1, however, this is not solid.
  • No holidays/Cheese/Papers/Trees/Humans.

I will list big events here, so don't expect 'character x reads a book' here or similar.

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You're going to have to expand on angels and demons.


Where did the gene start? a Mutation? a Curse? Details details


What does the world look like? What is it's name? Right now for all we know we're in Narnia.


Just saying this, the second [list] should be a [/list]

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Approved! Have fun roleplaying.

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So,are you suppose to start the RP or the other users suppose to start it?

((I hope I don't sound too rude, but I was hoping someone else would join [link in main post] before I started, but if you wanted to start with a character, that would be okay.)

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((It's early morning))


The light reflected off the slightly damp cave walls and floor, causing the normally dark brown stone to look bathed in yellows and oranges. Gentle drips could be heard from deeper in the cave. On a nest, a small golden amphiptere lay asleep.


Soletluna shifted slightly in her sleep. "Mmph. No, Mr.stone, I don't want a dog." she murmured. A light blue paw gently rubbed her shoulder. Her mother, Noxatra had woken up before her, and was now trying to wake her up.


"Wake up, dear." her mother said. The baby blue scales on her mother felt like a soft down, and they tickled Solet. The young dragon giggled in her half awake state.


"Eeee, mommy, stop tickling me!" Solet's voice went up an octave while saying that, making it sound more like a squeal than anything else. Using her wings, she gently pushed her mother's paw off her. Solet then slowly sat up, and with a yawn, streched her wings. "Good morning, Mommy."


"Good morning, Soletluna." Solet huffed. Her mother knew she didn't like to be called that. So she reminded her. Her mother let out a small laugh. Solet had always loved her mother's laugh. "Sorry, darling, I forgot."


((You don't have to write this much. I just had a lot to write))

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((I normally write quite a bit for my introduction posts, so don't worry about it. ))


The lithe Daydream raised her head, scanning her surroundings before charging into the underbrush. The dense forest enveloped her, cutting off the sunlight. The rushing, gurgling river faded into the distance. Thick, knotted, tangled trees grew everywhere. For a minute, the foggy woods seemed almost threatening. Peala stopped. Her heart pounded in her ears, and she felt a momentary sense of panic. She calmed down, ashamed of herself for being startled at nothing. She sighed, hefted her pack back onto her shoulder, and walked on.

Dewy branches brushed her face and neck, and within minutes her downy coral mane was soaked through. "Drat this weather. Clouds are supposed to stay in the sky." She sneezed violently. "All this damp isn't good for my scales." She sneezed again. She rubbed her nose, and walked a few steps before stopping. "I need to get out of this cold before my nose clogs up." Peala sniffed.

I can't get a cold. Not now. It would probably kill me, since my supplies are low. I need to find somewhere to settle down... Maybe a nice orographic trailing around that mountain.

Her eyes flashed, and she grinned.

Yeah, a cloud sounds right just about now. But first, I need to get something to eat.

The now-purposeful Daydream set off towards the pock-marked mountainside. She grabbed a few handfuls of berries she assumed were edible, and snacked on the way.

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Ross opened his eyes. Sunrise. Lifting his body, the sunrise dragon walked a few steps. Looking around, he realized he was the first to wake in his group. His elder siblings slept heavily.

"Lazy dragons."he whispered. He wasn't surprised he was the first to wake. It happens very often.

Walking around,he decided to hunt on his own. He was definitely sure that his elder siblings will take the kill off of him,but hunger took over him."better than starving." he mumbled as he scavenged for food.

His favorite place to hunt was the forest,because his mother used to think forests are pretty. "too bad she changed her mind."He whispered as he scoured for anything that seems edible.

Suddenly,he heard something. The leaves seems to be telling him something(making sounds).Narrowing his eyes,he walked toward the direction.

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Solet smiled and nuzzled her mother. "It's okay mommy." She looped around and slide the animal skin bag around her neck. The black stone inside made the bag drop against her chest. "What are we having for breakfast today?" Her mother pat her head.


"I don't know yet, Solet. Let's go get it." Noxatra smiled at her daughter. "Then we can bring some back for daddy."


Solet looked over at her dad, who was still sleeping quite heavily. The sunlight danced on his scales, lighting up the ground near him. She giggled. "Okay mommy." Heading up to the mouth of the cave, she peered over the edge, she saw the many shades of green surrounding the river below. To the east, she could see the vast stretch of sand and rocks heading farther than she could see.


"Are we going to the forest mom?" The forest near the river was full of flora and fauna, so there was a lot of food down there. She wondered if there were any other dragons down there. She knew that some dragons needed a lot of food, her daddy told her so.


I bet there are a lot of dragons down there. She'd never met any though. The only dragons she's met are her family. But sometimes she sees a dragon flying across the sky above the sand.


"Yes, we're going to the forest."


Solet was snapped out of her thoughts. She grinned. "Yay!" Maybe today she'd meet a dragon.

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Ross stopped for a moment,looking a tree that reminded him of something. Touching the tree,he remembered how the tree got its dragon-like scar.

"momma,look! i made a dragon!" Ross pointed to the tree.

"oh my, it looks very cute! is that you?" His mother replied.

"no, its you!" Ross giggled. "silly mommy! that doesn't look like a thing like me!"

"well then,i have to admit,if this is me,then I'm pretty cute!" His mother smiled.

"Promise me that you'll remember this forever!" Ross exclaimed. They both promised, and explored the rest of the forest.


"...too bad she broke it." Ross said as he continued toward the directions of the sound.

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They soared down the mountain, keeping close to the brown rock. The complex patterns in the rock seemed to stand out, despite being a very close color to the regular rock. They swirled and branched out, almost looking like trees. Her shadow looked like it was flying in the rock. Wouldn't it be cool if I could do that?


The trees were coming on fast. Solet gently landed, although a soft 'plop' was made as her underbelly made contact with the ground. Her mommy landed seconds after she did. "Now follow me, Solet. I don't want you getting lost..." Her mother trailed off as she headed into the woods. She followed close after.

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A gray mouse ran up to him, curious, only to be killed with just a squeeze.

"hmpth. Only a mouse. Oh well, this will do for a snack." He said. Quickly, he ate the mouse, and continued on with the hunt.

Suddenly, he heard something. Its as if something landed on the ground. Quickly checking it out, he ran, wondering what it was.

what could it be? he thought to himself.

Finally,he spot something. Looking around, what he saw out from the ordinary was a a dragon and a hatchling.


its...a dragon and a hatchling. he thought. what do you know? Food I cant eat because its not allo- He stopped for a moment. but no one's here...maybe...i can eat them? He thought to himself. He never tasted dragon meat before. But then again, whether its tasty or not, it can sure fill himself up right?

Just as he moved a inch closer to him, he realized something.

That hatchling...that dragon... He hesitated. Those two dragons looked exactly like him and his mother when he was young, only, a little different in appearance.

For the second time in his entire life, he had to make a decision. Should he spare them and continue on hunting something else,or will his gluttony take over his body?

His face showed no anxiety, but his eyes sure did. Not sure what to do, he suddenly bit his lip, and blood immediately poured out.

that...was unlike me.... he thought as he did his best to cover it up.

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Toepeala let out a hiss when she heard a voice.

"Too bad she broke it"? What does that mean?

She shook her head, and crept silently in the direction the voice had come from. As she stepped carefully out into a clearing, two shadows streaked across the ground. She looked up sharply, her mane falling in her eyes.

"Dragons? Here? I thought everyone was gone!"

The daydream squinted up at the clouds.

"A hatchling, no less! This could be fun." She grinned. Ignoring her groaning muscles, she leapt nimbly into the air. She followed the pair until they landed, which she did likewise.

Now, how to approach them?

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"Come on! Come on!" he whispered as quietly as possible. He wasn't thinking right, panicked on what choice he shall choose. The blood on his lip almost seem impossible to stop, and his hands were dyed red because of it. Instinctively, he started licking it, trying to clean his mouth and hands of blood.


did I bite my lip this hard?! He thought. Ross was so busy trying to clean up the blood, he didn't notice that a dragon, another adult, had come into the play.


He was so focused on cleaning the blood that had now stopped bleeding,he accidentally stepped on a twig that snapped in two, in which he now noticed.


uh-oh! his eyes were wide with fear.

come on, don't notice me! he prayed in his mind.


Ross didn't want them to notice. He hated it if they saw him and misunderstand.

Ross still,however, didn't notice the daydream dragon who was also stalking the mother and hatchling.


Quickly cleaning up the rest of the blood on his hands, he finally made his choice for the mother's and hatchling's fate.

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Solet looked around. She thought she heard voices. Maybe they were just the forest animals in the distance. She looked around. "Mommy, did you hear something?" she asked tapping her mother on the shoulder. Her mom looked around the area they were in.


"No, Solet. I didn't hear anything." So they continued on, but Solet felt she was being watched by some thing.


We are in the forest after all. It's probably just some mouse or something. Something was nagging slightly at the back of her mind, like she should be more careful, but she couldn't place a claw on it.


A crack was heard and she could see a flash of color. Blue and red. She never saw any animal like that before! Maybe she would meet a dragon! But before she could do anything, her mother picked her up and placed her under a bush. "Solet, I... I want you to stay here until I tell you it's okay to come out. Do you understand?"


Solet opened her mouth to protest " But mom-!"


"Soletluna. I need you to listen to me. I want you to stay here until I tell you that you can come out. Please." Her mother looked desperate, lines of worry that she had ever seen before.


Solet sighed. "Alright mommy."

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She heard me.He realized.

Her mother however,didn't,which causes the little hatchling to ignore what he did.

Saved. He let out a sigh out of relief.

"that hatchling has good hearing." he accidentally said out loud. why am I making mistakes now more than ever!? this isn't him. Not him at all. This time, he was sure he was caught. Forced, he went out in the open. Immediately, his acting skills had activated,and there he was, almost like his own self.


"hello." he said quietly. this is a pain in the neck....Ross pulled himself together.


His eyes were in direct sunlight, causing him to squint as his eyes glimmered.

He could easily see the hatchling,as its head was poking out to see whats happening.


The hatchling was facing towards him, but he cannot see its own face.

where was the mother? He thought. had it been abandoned?


Avoid eye contact. A voice from his mother suddenly said in his mind.

thats all the advice I get from my own mother? He was disappointed. Usually, he would listen to his mother,but with such silly advice,why even bother listening? Besides, too late now, Ross had already saw its eyes,although,a bit blurry.


What now? another dragon coming in? he hoped not

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The daydream felt a flash of worry as the adult hid the child in a bush.

God, am I really that intimidating?

Her sharp eyes picked up the outline of another dragon. She nodded to herself, comforted.

So it isn't me.

She shifted uncomfortably.

Sh-should I say hello? I don't really know what to do, now. It's been so long since I talked to someone...

She snapped out of her reverie as a Sunrise dragon stepped out from the trees. She felt vagely threatened by the figure, even though it hadn't noticed her. A sudden burst of courage overtook her.

If he does anything bad, I'm stepping in. Fights just aren't worth it.

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The sunrise dragon strangely felt another presence. he noticed that the little dragon seemed to also be staring at something else. Confused, he looked at the direction the hatchling was looking. He finally noticed. Another dragon.

The dragon seemed...determined for something, but at the same time....afraid?


Great, I jinxed it. He thought as he stared at the dragon. He can tell it was a girl, and that it was an adult too. The dragon was a daydream, and threateningly stared at him back.


Ross didn't react. He just,stood there and looked at that female dragon with no emotion at all. Finally, he smiled. He laughed."Oh I see! You're afraid for this little one, yes?" He said, as he moved a tiny bit closer to the hatchling.


"From what I can tell, i bet you wanted to defend it, Even though it isn't even yours?"

He stared at her entertainingly. What will she do?He thought to himself.


Lets make it interesting. "well,if you don't want to see this little guy get hurt,why don't you come down?" He said. He was only bluffing,he wouldn't actually hurt it. It reminded him too much of his childhood days. He was a pretty good liar, as his acting skills never failed him.


He really just wanted to see what she looks like up close. He can tell that she.....was a bit different from the regular daydreams.

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Toropeala snorted. "The hell is your problem? If you wanted me to come closer, you could just ask. There's no reason for nuance and threats." She flipped her bangs up and away from her eyes. "But, yes. I don't want you to hurt the hatchling. You've succesfully terrified it and it's mother. I want to rectify that." She stood up, and stepped boldly out from the trees. "My name is Toropeala. And you are..?" The question was directed towards the Sunrise, but it was meant for anyone.

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no fighting? that was much easier than i thought. he smiled. "You're right, shouldn't have threatened that. I should tell that hatchling that I was only joking, shouldn't I?" Ross said.


He looked back at the hatchling. It reminded him painful memories, and the most painful of all was his mother leaving him so early....


He turned away from the hatchling and faced toward Toropeala.


"I'm.......Ross. " He payed almost no attention to her,he was rather focused on the necklace he wore. "I'm guessing you have the gene?" He glared. He realized he completely forgot about food,and Gula doesn't like waiting. But then again, hunger can wait. Even if his gluttony will beat him up, he continued on with his act.

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Peala bristled. That wasn't really a question she was comfortable with.

Reflexively, she unsheathed her claws. "You could say that." She hissed.

Being a Satugust had been and endless source of torment for her. At home, she was blamed or everything that went wrong. A cold winter? Her fault. A drought? Her fault. Sickness? Definitely her fault. No one tried to understand the real reasons. No one cared.

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"Yes?" Ross said.

usually, that meant that the dragon itself admits she does,in fact have the Gene. She doesn't like answering, which meant that she thinks I'll hurt her with words.

"a satigust, right?" He said.


Gula, now, with a empty stomach,has started to make his stomach growl. He knew it was coming, and soon, he will collapse from hunger, and he will immediately gain a very high temperature fever. He needs to finish this soon. Very soon.


"do you, by any chance, have food?" Ross said. His stomach acids have by now started to burn him, very painfully. Hurry up. Gula will take over me,if not. He was getting weaker by the minute, and his hunger was getting stronger.

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Solet cowered under the bush. Who were these dragons? And where was her mom? She looked around. A blueish blur was above them. How did the others not notice her? Solet wasn't sure she wanted to talk to them or not. Her mom has told her to stay under the bush, but she never said not to talk to them.


"Um, hello? My name's Soletluna."

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He heard a "hello" somewhere. Trying not to show pain, he looked at the hatchling.

He can now tell it was a girl, and he was sure he also heard her name. Soletluna? He looked at her eyes, full of curiosity.


She looks like the younger me. He blinked.


His stomach growled again. and this time, he felt even more pain. He clenched his stomach, and gripped his teeth, revealing dozens of sharp whites. Ugh...must resist... He hadn't been in this situation for a while. Gula, give me a little more time, please. he didn't like this situation.


He felt cold. and very hot. He can tell he was getting a fever, and now he was in a process of blacking out. Quickly, trying his best to not fall, forcefully stood up. His eyes seem to have looked more threateningly fierce, and his teeth clenched even harder.


He was turning into a mindless,hungry beast.


He knew what will happen, but kept up. His willpower is feeding his own gluttony, but obviously,it will run out.


food,food,food! He was hearing voices. Going insane. Great. Just Great.


He turned to look at the daydream dragon. Better not scare the child.

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