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The Last of Fables

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If one were to venture across the world of Fable, they would find that it resembled much our own. Within this world was a Europe, an Asia and an Africa. There were Americas, Antarcticas and Australias too, but those were not yet known to those of whom we tell our story.


Unlike our own, however, all these continents were filled to bursting with people who held great power. These mighty folk were known as Charac. Some were capable of mystical wonders, others mightier than tigers or bears. Still others held great speed, intelligence or skill.


But the mightiest of all in Fable were the writers. These were, at first glance, simple humans. They came and went as time went on, taking one form and another, incarnating and reincarnating. Their prowess was never particularly mighty, yet they could do wonders nobody else could comprehend. The very fabric of Fable would twist and bend to suit their whims. As you would assume, these powers were not always used for good.


Once upon a time, there was a mighty writer, stronger than any who had come before her. While other writers could only, with years of harsh training, make small changes to Fable, this woman could create craters with but a flick of the wrist. With her terrible might, this woman combined her writing with the magic of Fable and took the name Membr. With a coalition of evil Charac behind her, she swiftly enslaved the land. Anyone who defied her or whom she saw as useless was quickly enveloped into the nothing she created. The Chinese nightingale who would not sing in a cage was destroyed. The angel of death, who waited on no man, was chained and forced into her service. Androcles and his mighty lion who refused to fight for her were locked in a coliseum and starved. The master thief who tried to take her power was found out and torn apart.


Membr’s army was not just of villains, though of those there were many. It was of kings whose daughters were lost to the wiser. It was of mothers whose desperation drove them anywhere. Worse still, even other writers who lusted for power joined Membr’s crusade. Her march of destruction began in Russia, but it’s slowly moving outward.


For this reason, a caucus has been called for in England in the castle of the faithless king, Charming. The five most powerful unaligned writers have been called from the four corners of Eurasia. Jacob and Wilhelm, the brothers Grimm are coming south from Germany. H.C. Anderson is traveling there from Denmark. Scheherazade meanwhile travels north from her kingdom of Persia while Aesop moves east from Greece. However, none of these five are trained for war. As such, Characs aligned against Membr have been hired to defend them throughout their journey.


This is where the last of Fables beginins.





In this RP, you can play as either a Charac (A character from a fairy tale or nursery rhyme or fable) or one of the five Writers. (Assuming you get there in time to chose one.) It will be fairly RP heavy, and so I’d like for your characters to be a bit complex. This means you don’t have to stick with the confines of the story. In fact, I expect you to build on them quite a bit. It also means you don’t have to use any historical fact about HC Anderson or the brothers grimm or what have you unless you really want to. Rules and character creation sheets down below.

The story begins with the five writers and their escorts arriving at Charming's castle. People will be allowed to join at any time.




The world of the fables is just like our own in geography, though the RP itself will only take place within Eurasia and norther Africa. The technology level is approximately that of the late fifth century, as well as political climate. Most of Europe is still in small batches of feudal kingdoms, the Roman empire has nearly fallen, the Hunnic empire has dissolved and the world is very unorganized.


The differences between the world of fables and our own mostly center around magic. Because of magic, most animals are able to talk to humans, creatures such as fae and dragons exist, and many humans have extraordinary powers.


The most important magic of all, however, is the magic of Writing. The people called writers are not particularly strong of body, mind or soul. However, for reasons nobody is sure of, they can do things that no other mage can, simply by writing them out in stone, on paper, or even in the dirt. One trait that all writers share is that they are all very creative.


A weak writer's powers would resemble those of a decent sorcerer. They could move the earth beneath their feet, confuse the people around them and do all manner of prestidigitation, though only for a short while. A trained writer, however, can do things no mage can. They have been known to briefly turn back time, raise the dead and alter the very contents of another's soul. These acts, however, take decades of practice to master, and very few writers reach this level. Writers have also been known to permanently lose their abilities from doing such incredible acts.


Those who are midleveled or higher are capable of creating "plotholes", strange black portals from which they can summon whatever they most desperately need. However, the portals are small, cannot be gone through, and can only be summoned by expending all of their mental energy. A writer who creates a plothole is typically unable to write at all for a few days afterwards.




1. Usual RP rules. No controlling others characters, no OP bull.

2. No plucking NPCs, powers, or anything really out of thin air.

2a. Your powers must be clearly defined before the story starts. You can and will gain new powers at regular intervals, but I’m not letting you have game-breaking magic.

3. Your character cannot be dead weight. If they are, for reasons of intelligence (or lack thereof) or strength (or lack thereof) you will get blasted and no amounts of phoenix down will bring you back. This is mainly for story reasons because there’s no way load characters would be sent on a mission like this, but also because useless characters tick me off.

3a. This does not forbid taking a character who was the load in their story and making them awesome (Eg, turning sleeping beauty into a fairy-magic powered bard.) It does forbid taking awesome characters and turning them into losers though (Eg, taking the Brave Little Tailor and turning him into a flat out coward.)

3b. The characterization and powers of Characs should make some sense within the context of their story. For example, if Snow white is suddenly a power-hungry berserker, you’d better have made that character leap very well.


Character Creation


Charac form

Name: Pick a fictional character from a fable. Whoever you like, really. But if the fable’s obscure, I’d like to have its name so I can look up the character. My only rule is no American fables for reasons of geography.

Appearance: A sentence or two. You don’t really need this if it’s a super familiar one, but I’d still like it.

Personality/history: Put together since, for me, they always end up bleeding into each other. At least a paragraph, preferably more. Especially important if their character has changed

Abilities: These are passive things that assist you in and out of battle. The rules are that they must make sense within the context of both the character and the game. No game-breaking abilities. You may have five of these.




Name: Pick one of the five, whichever appeals to you most. Bearing in mind that Wilhelm and Jacob will never or rarely be separated.

Scheherazade, Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, H.C. Anderson, Aesop.

Appearance: A sentence or two.

Personality/history: Put together since, for me, they always end up bleeding into each other. At least a paragraph, preferably more.

Abilities: These are passive things that assist you in and out of battle. The rules are that they must make sense within the context of the game. No game-breaking abilities. You may have 6 and one of them may be world-altering.[/size][/color]

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Accepted Players:



Name: Fanny Carver from Toads and Diamonds

Appearance: Her hair is long and dirty blond, but rather ratty and unkempt. She's short and somewhat squat with very blue eyes constantly set in a dark glare. She very rarely looks happy. Her dresses look like they were once beautiful, but are now ragged and worn.

Personality/history: Sarcastic, crude and more than a little self important, Fanny was spoiled by her mother and watched her sister treated like dirt. This gave her a very heavy superiority complex which eventually ended up getting her cursed so that with every word she spoke, a toad or a viper would fall from her mouth. Because of this, she was chased not only out of her mother's house, but of every town she tried to stay in.

She would have starved to death if she hadn't happened upon Queen Aurora's Home for Cursed Women. There, she learned not only how to better control her curse, but how to bite her tongue so it didn't activate so often and how to defend herself from those who would harm her. Even so, she was very unhappy since she was unable to make anything from a sarcastic jab to a romantic whisper without summoning a reptile into the room. And so, when she heard of the gathering of Writers, she jumped at the chance to free herself from the curse.


Cursed Speech: With each word she speaks, she spits out either a viper or a toad. She's trained these creatures to act like familiars of a sort.

Toad Brigade: By saying words with more consonants than vowels, she can summon Toads and command them to attack the enemy.

Viper's bite: By saying words with equal or less consonants than vowels, she summons vipers who will defend her from harm.

Combat training: At the Home for Cursed Women, Fanny was trained to be a decent fighter. This gives her much better strength, stamina and combat intelligence than the average person.

Poison control: Being constantly surrounded by vipers, Fanny had to learn a lot about helping herself and others recover from poisoning. She's able to do a good amount of medical work in that regard.



Name: Aesop


Appearance: He is tall and thin with shaggy red hair and blue eyes. He wears a green cloak with a silver belt.


History: When Aesop was young, he had always dreamed of adventure, but he was never bold enough to try and find it on his own. He lead a rather uneventful young life until he learned at the age of 17 that he was the reincarnation of a writer.


He had a dream at that age that told him of the marvels of writers and that he himself was one. at first he only used his powers secretly, as he didn't want anyone else to know what he could do. He decided to be a traveling merchant soon after the discovery of his power so that he could possibly gain more information on writers and their abilities.


On his travels as a merchant he befriended a gray fox when it tried to steal a sac of fish from his wagon. after a few years of being a merchant he sold all of his things went with the fox into the mountains. There he studied with a group of mystics for 10 years. Here he trained in fortification and expansion of the mind. It was also here that he learned how to store energy in his body and release it when he faints. After he had come back he became well known for how good he was at solving puzzles and riddles.


Eventually the king hand recruited him to solve mysterious cases of murder and theft and he did well with this but he was forced into the job. One day he finally learned how to create worm holes from a book in the library that the fox had found for him and he escaped the castle and lived in the nearby forest with his fox.


After he had recovered he sent his fox to steal a small amount of money from a merchant passing by the forest. He took the money into a near by town and won a large amount of money gabling at a near by town then escaped back into the forest. Since then he has been traveling from town to town living off the money he won in the previous town and then winning more money and escaping and moving to the next town, disguise himself in different clothing he buys in each town.


In one town he heard a rumor that their was a group of solders nearby looking for the writer Aesop because there was something taking over the world and the five best writers were needed to go against them. He went in search of the solders and revealed him self to him and they escorted him to the kingdom.


Personality: His word is good as gold and he never goes back on what he says, but he doesn't always tell the whole truth if the whole truth is something that shouldn't be told. He acts a bit greedy but thats just so he can keep himself out of the spot light. He likes to remain an observer for as much as possible.



Tunnel: Aesop can create temporary one way worm holes that allow matter to travel to anywhere instantaneously. It is extremely tiering and can leave Aesop very weak and exhausted for days. Anyone entering one of these worm holes loses energy that is transfered to Aesop to insure the worm hole doesn't collaps while traveling through, but it sometimes dose anyway. As more matter travels through the worm hole it is harder to keep it open even with the energy donations.


Reinforced Mind: Has a very sound mind. Can cope with changes easily. Rarely goes into shock, and even then, its a lighter form.


Mental Rewire: Looks at things differently and can see things for what they are, takes in more information than others.


Energy Release: When ever Aesop faints, a burst of stored energy is released from his body creating a small shockwave that causes temporary paralyses and confusion to anyone within 4 yards.

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Hi! I'm soupnazi and I'll be doing some critique on your roleplay today.


Your roleplay is pretty solid, really, but you should give a basic description of what the world is like--what time period it's in, what things are different from our world, that sort of stuff. You also might want to detail the mechanics of writing, such as the general extent of what can be done, and how it is done.

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Alright, approved!

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Hi! This thread looks really interesting, and is it alright if I reserve Scheherazade? I will pm you the form later, when I have the time.

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a few questions, first, can i reserve Aesop (is aesop a boy or girl?)?

second, where do we submit character forums?

third, can i have a writer and a charac or only one?


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First, Reserved and he was biologically male. Second, you can PM them to me or submit them here. Third, you can have one of each. Go nuts.

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wait, so would it go against the rules to have my writer strong of mind because of an ability?


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well, these are two ability i have for him:


Reinforced Mind: Has a very sound mind. Can cope with changes easily. Rarely goes into shock, and even then, its a lighter form.


Mental Rewire: Looks at things differently and can see things for what they are, takes in more information than others.


and in his history section he had gone to a place to learn these abilities.

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