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2013-08-04 - Two-Headed Madness

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Aww man~ All of my new dragons are female. It's my original two-heads all over again. ....poo.


oh well, at least they can breed with my male two-heads. I was hoping for a pure bred lineage. I shoulda used my male pink's ability when I had the chance.  dry.gif


Oh well, at least I have some. I should concentrate on the positive. *grumbles quietly*



If they're still hatchies, all is not lost!


If they aren't yet adults, go to the Trading section in the Site Discussions section and put an ad in the Trade thread, asking to trade females for males, so that you can try for pairs.


There should still also be a specific trade thread there for dragons which have gendered wrong, and you can put an ad in there as well.


Also look for ads by people looking to trade males for females, there should be some in the Trade threads - maybe try a quick look for those first.


But lots of people have issues like that and you can often work out a gender trade, or trade a misgendered hatchie for an egg you can Influence, although with only one male Pink...



Edit: just to mention - having peeked to see your dragons are still hatchies, in case you don't know/remember this, you have to un-name named hatchies you're trading by 'naming' with an empty space where the name was, or it won't Teleport.

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That's what happened with me with the Birthday release and I lacked influence (except mine went male...come to think of it, most of the Dragons I picked up during that release [new or old] went male)


Way I see it - you've three options:


1. Trade/hunt around for purebreds


2. Hunt around for more CB's and make sure you have influence [My preferred option in cases like this]


3. Just accept that your dragons will be cross-bred

I got lucky with the 7th B-day release. got two males and one female and lucked out with the Black Teas by getting one of each gender. (yet they hate each other. xd.png )


Actually, I have no problem cross breeding, it would be neat to have a pure bred lineage though, since I think I only have one or two if any.


And to all those who are offering to breed and drop them in the AP, kudos to you! I'll be doing the same once mine mature.


The good news is my blue opal is a male so, good news there. smile.gif

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ah... i forgot to influence my duotones... i hope they gender as a couple ;_;


anyway, i still can't get an opal. you'll see, shimmering ones, i shall get you in my grasp!! *grrr*

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Yay, my Opals have started growing up!


Once I get unlocked later today, I plan to breed them and gift their offspring.

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