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Purebred Trading Central

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I searched this up, and didnt find anything like it. Currently Unapproved.


Welcome to the Purebred Trading Central

Where you can get dragons that are pretty much one of a kind.



o Your dragon must be purebred. If you don't know what purebred is, it's a dragon with only one type of dragon in its lineage. For example, a purebred Whiptail would have only Whiptails in its lineage.

o If your dragon isn't purebred, post it on another forum.

o Don't harass each other, say "your offer is dumb and durr durr durr", etc.

o You can freeze, bite, neglect etc. your dragons only if given permission by the owner.

o Have fun.


Example of a purebred dragon: user posted image

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Closing until mods can discuss.


edit: Thread will remain closed as we already have these two threads (among others ex. even gen and dragon trading threads as well as the common thread) for purebred trading.


Purebred Breeding and Gifting, Open and accepting



Room of Requirements ~trading, Gifting, Breeding~, For special dragon needs


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