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The Five Clans

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The Story



In the world, there exists shadows, monsters that dwell in the darkness, waiting for their time to strike. These monsters were evil, wholly evil, and were products of hatred, fear and corruption. They killed countless humans and continued in their destruction.


That is, until the day that the Five Clans were founded.


Among the monsters were virtuous beings, who saw what their dark brethren were doing and despised such a thing. Turning their backs on the shadows, they came to five Japanese human families and they each gave a part of themselves to the humans. This fragment of the lights - as they became known, as they had rejected the shadows - were forged into blades of unimaginable power. Wielded by the Five Clans, they fought back against the shadows, driving them further and further into the darkness, until they simply became myths.


Despite this, the Five Clans are still fighting the shadows across the worlds, not only with the Blades of Light, but also with the powers they imbued the Clans with.



You are the heir to the one of the Five Clans. Some heirs know their family’s history, yet most are orphaned or ignorant of their heritage. Yet, when a relative you didn’t know you had dies and bequeaths a sword to you, and instructions telling you to go to Japan to find out about your heritage, you’re forced into a world of shadows and darkness, where you must fight to survive or die trying.



Whilst you may come from around the world, this RP is set in Japan, specifically the village of Kaminokure, just off the coast of the Kanagawa Prefecture. It occupies its own island, and houses living quarters, a temple, a dojo and other necessities for the trainees that learn there. This island is owned by all of the Five Clans and is used to train their ninja and samurai. This is the first place you will go, in order to learn about your heritage, powers, skills and the shadows that you will be fighting. Each Clan has their own base of operations somewhere in Japan, however, as its unlikely we will be going to all of them during the RP, I'll let you decide where your Clan's base is. Please include this in the Clan History portion of your form.


Kaminokure, like I said, is an island, where elders and masters teach the monster-hunters-in-training to fight, use magic - if they are able - and how to exorcise a shadow (this is simple for the Five Clans, as their swords naturally exorcise them). There are five dorms, where the trainees from each Clan sleep and live, these create a pentagon shape on the island, with the dojo at the centre, where you will spend a lot of your time being trained in martial arts and swordsmanship. Living with you will be trainees from your Clan, and it's your decision as to whether they are jealous or welcoming toward you.


The Shadows


"Shadows" is the non-denominational term for demons and other supernatural creatures. Whilst there are subcategories based on country of origin, e.g. Japanese shadows are yokai, the word"shadows" is an umbrella term, and refers to how most cannot come out during the day time. They have supernatural powers, which make them extremely dangerous against untrained fighters, therefore Clans enter their young members for training in order to defend themselves and to earn honour among the Five Clans.


Shadows can come from any country, and are all seen as evil demons.





1) No powerplaying, modding, godmodding, etc.

2) No Gary-Stus or Mary-Sues - if your character is too perfect or becomes too perfect, I have the right to reject you or kill off your character.

3) You cannot be too overpowered. You just learnt of your heritage - act like it.

4) You can be from anywhere in the world, but your character must speak English so that the story can progress.

5) The Clan’s powers are based off the five elements (Click here for more info)

7) No OOC prejudice, e.g. racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. It isn’t fun, keep your personal opinion to yourself if you think it will cause controversy.

8) Keep it PG-13 - fighting, sex, death, etc.

9) One character maximum at the moment - I will inform of any changes to this rule.

10) My word is law.






Character name:

Country of origin:

Languages spoken: (English must be one of these.)

Age: (16 - 19 years old)


Personal Background:

Clan name: (It must be Japanese, can be made up)

Clan element: (Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal)

Power: (Granted by your element. This cannot be very powerful at the beginning)

Clan Background: (This should involve the monster that gave your family a fragment, the fragment it gave (this is a body part, e.g. a finger, hair, an eye, etc.), and your lineage. If you are from a country other than Japan, you must explain your family’s journey there. Also say where you Clan's base is - all we need is a location - town and prefecture.)

Other: (Do you have anything else to say about your character?)



Frequently Asked Questions:


How many heirs per clan? Is it just 5 heirs in total?

Yes. There are five heirs to the head of each Clan, however some heirs can be challenged by NPC Clan members.


Is it one clan per element? Or can you have two/three clans that are fire?

One Clan per element.


Is there going to be any way for the heirs to recognize each other?

If all goes to plan, the second or third post should be the heirs being gathered together for a "crowning" ceremony, so yes, they will know one another and will usually work together.


Why do the heirs not know? Isn't it really important to fight to shadows?

Traditions die out over the years, and the families disperse over the world. Usually, it's the eldest child (usually a son) that would be given the Blade of Light, so the other siblings usually get jealous and sometimes even completely leave the Clan. But no one can entirely leave the Clan. Some characters can know their heritage, like I said, but for most, it's usually sprung upon them, as the main branch of the house dies out and they're what's left. And the shadows have become myths and legends, and the non-main branch families would eventually just start to believe that too, if they're never attacked.



NOTICE: CURRENTLY, ALL HEIR POSITIONS ARE FILLED. HOWEVER, YOU CAN APPLY AS ANOTHER TRAINEE AT KAMINOKURE. This means that you can be part of the branch family of Clan, instead of the main family, or part of another Clan. This would, however, mean that your character must be Asian (at least half-Asian).

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Username: MendezLightning

Character name: Stefan Meyer

Country of origin: Germany

Languages spoken: German, English

Age: 18

Appearance: Stefan His sword, the Kurokami

Personal Background: Stefan is the son of Reinhardt Meyer and Miriam Drech. Through his father’s distant relative, Yukio Haganechi, he is the heir to the Haganechi Clan. Yukio’s descendants settled in France, Austria and Germany, with Stefan being the rightful heir after main branch of the Clan were all killed by shadows.


Both of his parents died when he was ten. Miriam died of breast cancer, and Reinhardt killed himself due to grief. He was put into the care of Miriam’s mother.


Clan name: Haganechi

Clan element: Metal

Power: Magnetism: He is able to control magnetic metals by changing the magnetic fields around them and himself. At the moment all he can do is move coins and other small objects.

Clan Background: The original Haganechi was actually a woman, named Chiyome. She was given the hair of a Harionago - a woman with writhing hair, each lock tipped with a metal blade. This was then forged into the sword Kurokami.


Yukio Haganechi was the younger brother of Inomaru, the eldest son, and upon him being made the heir, he left for the Western world out of jealousy, as Yukio was the better fighter. He denounced his faith in the lights and ignored the existence of the shadows.

Other: Stefan was a trained gymnast as a child, but has since stopped, and has forgotten most of what he learnt.




Username: Elacular

Character name: Elisha Andrews

Country of origin: America

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Age: 18

Appearance: Elisha is mostly African American and the 6.25 percent of her DNA that's Japanese does very little to affect her appearance. She wears her hair in corn rows and tends to wear long dresses. She's very tall, almost six feet even.

Personal Background: Her family has been in New York City for the past four generations. She found out from a school project about family history that her great, great grandmother was a japanese imigrant who belonged to a family with very strict Shinto beliefs, but she didn't know anything more than that until recently

Clan name: Chōkoku

Clan element: Wood

Power: Wood acts like clay in her hands.

Clan Background: The Chōkoku clan has been more or less spread out over the entire world. When the shadows first arrived, the creature who helped them was a Tanuki, who gave them his paw. A restless type of people, almost none of them stayed in Japan, spreading instead over the entire world. Because of this, much of their history was diffused through the years and eventually forgotten. A small group of people keep their knowledge intact, however, from their base in Ōi, Kanagawa.

Other: Because of the gift of the Tanuki, she's a very good mimic.




Username: Silverphoenixx

Character name: Silver

Country of origin: Canada

Languages spoken: English, Chinese

Age: 16

Appearance: Long straight black hair down to waist. Looks Chinese. Likes to wear shirts and pants more than dresses but isn't a tomboy

Personal Background: Parents were from Japan and China, but she was born in Canada. Just a normal life, and she like to draw and has been in art schools.

Clan name: Mikoto

Clan element: Water

Power: Waterbending and ability to evaporate and freeze water.

Clan Background: Aosaginohi gave them a feather. Clan base is Hokkaido. Her parents moved to Canada, then after her birth moved to America.

Other: nothing




Username: TotallyDrow

Character name: Kaz Hawkins

Country of origin: America

Languages spoken: English

Age: 18

Appearence: How he looks His sword, called 'Enraiha'

Personal Background: He is half American and half Japanese, his father being the american and his mother originating from Japan. His mother had gone to America during her teenage years to study at University where she met his father and had opted to work in the country after completing her courses.

At birth, Kaz was placed up for adoption. His parents at the time were too young to look after a kid and his mother was afraid to tell her relatives about the birth of a child prior to marriage. Raised by foster parents, Kaz was oblivious to his heritage and grew up in blissful ignorance, having an average life. Thus when he came home one night to see a man holding a long sword in the middle of a blood stained kitchen floor, he freaked out. Of course the man was innocent and was there only to fulfill his duty of slaying the shadows; the real murderer of Kaz's foster parents.

It was no coincidence that they were attacked, given Kaz's bloodline and thus the real reason for their attack was explained to him including his true heritage as a member of the Homura clan. Of course he was skeptical, but having witnessed the whole ordeal he could not deny it. The man however soon passed away, his injuries from the fight with the shadow taking its toll on his body and soul. Following the man's instructions, Kaz headed towards Japan. His only relatives that he knew off residing somewhere in the country.

Clan name: Homura

Clan element: Fire

Power: Fire Manipulation - The ability to freely manipulate and generate flames for a variety of uses. He is able to coat the Enraiha in hot flames. These flames are generally orange in color, however in times of great stress when Kaz is consumed by negative emotions, the flame takes a black color and are far more destructive in nature. They are however much harder to control.

Clan Background: Kagu-Tsuchi is the deity of fire and was the monster responsible for bestowing the Homura clan with their power and the Enraiha. The body part he bestowed the clan with was his horns. The clan for the main part are loyal to their duties and frown upon members of their clan that do not take such responsibilities seriously. Thus when Kaz's mother opted to leave Japan, they were enraged. There are some in the clan that are against the idea of Kaz being the heir, given that he is only half Japanese.

Other: Does not know how to swim.




Username: XiaoChibi

Character name: Chou Nakamura/ Nakamura Chou, but she insists to be called Ju Hua.

Country of origin: China

Languages spoken: Chou speaks fluent English and Mandarin, the latter is the main language of her country and the former due to her mother teaching her. Despite the fact that she is half Japanese, she knows very little of her father's language.

Age: 16

Appearance: Chou | Blade of Light

Personal Background: Chou is half Chinese and half Japanese, in which her mother originating from China and her father from Japan. Her parents met when Chou's mother had a school trip to Japan at the Himeji Castle. After completing their college courses, Chou's parents married two years later in China (to most of her mother's relatives dismay). However, shortly after the marriage, Chou's mother's side broke off all contact with the newly married couple, due to their disdain of their daughter's choice. Due to this, Chou is unfamiliar with both sides of her extended family.


During the second year of her parent's marriage, Chou was born. Throughout her life, she wasn't always socially accepted due to her heritage. Because of this, Chou often demands that others call her Ju Hua, a nickname that her mother gave her.


Despite this, Chou lived a relatively normal life, until she was approached by a pale woman with a suspicious bundle on her back after a session of cram school. The woman refused to answer any of Chou's questions and introduces herself as someone "familiar" to the Nakamura family. However, a shadow attacked the two, and the woman successfully fended off the creature. Horrified, Chou demanded the truth from the woman, and learns about her true heritage as a member of the Minamoto clan. Along with this, she presents Chou the bundle that she carried, which was a katana. Even so, the woman sustained wounds from the battle and along with an infection, she passes away. Troubled by the events, Chou decided to go to Japan to uncover the truth about her heritage. In order to do this, she lied to her parents about going on a field trip to Japan for school and uses light blue circle lenses as a poor attempt to hide her identity.

Clan name: Minamoto

Clan element: Earth

Power: Earth Manipulation– the power to manipulate the earth and some of its variations, along with the ability to control its uses (ie. moving it, crushing it, etc.)

Clan Background: During the time when shadows brought destruction to the world, Nue, a chimera-like creature, gave its snake-like tail to a family of Japanese middle class-men, along with an unnamed Blade of Light. By chance, the eldest son married the daimyo's daughter. Their descendants are the considered the "main" branch of the Minamoto clan, while the son's marriage to a merchant's daughter is considered the more "unnecessary" branch, causing a rift between the two family lines. Because of this, there are often mini feuds and mundane rivalry within the family. Ju Hua's ancestors are from the main branch of the Minamoto clan and because she is the only child from this particular branch, Chou is the sole clan heiress.


The Minamoto clan's base is in the Japanese region of Chubu. To be specific, their compound is located in the village of Shirakawa in the Gifu Prefecture.


Most of the Minamoto clan members are still in Japan, save for Chou's father, Nakamura Kyo, who is currently in residing in China with his family. Kyo has Minamoto blood from his mother, Minamoto Hana.




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((Awesome. From now on, OOC posts will be in parentheses))


Stefan Meyer stepped off the plane as it touched down in the Kanagawa Prefecture. He'd never been to, hell, he was still confused as to how he was related to someone from Japan. The person who brought the katana to his house and explained half of his heritage was really quite ... ambiguous with his explanations. He had appeared out of nowhere, with a katana in hand, and had then bowed and offered it to him. The man had spoken in an Asian tongue and sounded very ceremonial as he presented the sword to Stefan.


It was raining outside, the least he could do was invite the guy in, even if he was still scared about the sword. The messenger had insisted on Stefan taking the sword, he then explained that a distant Japanese relative had died, and that he was to deliver the sword to his closest blood relative. And that was apparently Stefan. He then insisted that Stefan fly to Japan, where he will be taken to his family's residence, a place called Kaminokure.


((The swords will be taken with us, but they'll have to be handled through Special Items (or whatever you'd call it) so we won't have them right away.))

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Chou Nakamura yawned. After a grueling three hour trip from Beijing to Tokyo, the brunette felt dizzy on the cement pavement, and to her dismay, sleepy. Ugh. The sheer amount of people at the airport was unsettling to Chou, she had never encountered so many people in a foreign country. Then again, this was a first for Chou. Throughout her sixteen years and three months of living, her life had been completely focused on school, avoiding people, cram school, and more school. Unlike some of the luckier students at Chou's school, she'd never been to the U.S., or 美國 (1), to attend summer camps to learn English or even better, for the sheer fun of it. Now, was Japan like America, a supposed utopia? Or was it like her homeland? Chou felt a lump in her stomach. Once she came back home, she was sure that her parents would be livid that Chou had lied about a field trip. Now...she needed to go to Kaminokure in Japan, where she'd meet some of her family.


Chou remembered the woman that gave her instructions to go to Japan and the sword all too well. Sometimes, she was skeptical of the woman's words and wondered if it was only a dream, but she often brushed away the idea. In fact, Chou witnessed a shadow attack the woman, and that was enough evidence for her.


'I guess I should at least do something about my appearance,' she mused. 'If someone catches me here, I'd be in trouble.' Chou rummaged through her purse, and found a red plastic case containing blue circle lenses. 'These would do for now.'


(1) 美國 is America in Chinese. It's pin yin is měi-guó and it literally means beautiful country.

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Elisha Andrews staggered off the plane on the Kanagawa Prefecture in a decidedly jetlagged and exhausted state, her face already buried in a local map. "Let's see...Kah-mee-noh-coo-ray. Where is that."


Elisha stood a full head above a good half of the crowd and drew a number of looks and eye rolls. She looked every bit the tourist with her backpack slung over her shoulder and a rolling suitcase clacking against the road behind her. The contents of the suitcase, however, were more interesting. When the strange Japanese man had shown up claiming that she was some sort of chosen one (and even he seemed skeptical of that), he had given her a plane ticket here and a pre-written excuse for both her family and school. What had caused her the most headache, however, was the last thing he'd given her.


It was a long, single edged sword with a strange case made of wood like she'd never seen before. He had called it the "Mokusei burēdo," whatever that meant, and said she was destined for it. She had instantly tried swinging it and given herself a bad cut on her hand for her efforts. It had been a truly beastly operation getting the Mokulibur (as she had taken to calling it) through the airport security in America. After all, she couldn't just explain that some strange cousin twelve times removed had given her the sword to fight demon creatures with. As tempting as that was.


Though Elisha hated to admit it, she was scared. Terrified even. Here she was in a country where she didn't know the language, the culture or even the proper code of conduct with a bizarre mission from a man who she really wished she thought was crazy, but who she had seen attacked by one of the demon things. The past few days slammed into her all at once and she quietly curled herself up against the airport wall, breathing shakily and looking out for anyone else who might know something about this insane thing.

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Kaz stood in the middle of a crowded airport lobby. He had just finished his business with customs, ending with him being reacquainted with the enraiha, however that ordeal was nothing compared to what he was facing now.


He looked down at the piece of paper in his hand, studying the abstract image printed across it. He knew that it was suppose to be a map of some sort yet he could not find any point of reference. In a desperate attempt, he tried twirling the paper around to get a different angle view but even that was a futile attempt. He sighed and folded the paper, sliding it back into his pocket. Asking around for directions would likely be a more productive task.

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Apparently, Japanese airlines took carrying katana very seriously, since Stefan had to sign every last form he could think of, and with English being his second language, and the forms being in either English, Japanese, Korean, or two different types of Chinese, it was the only thing he could almost read. But eventually, he got the sword back. The sheath was a glossy black, made from some kind of metal, he assumed, and the black was the same, black as night, yet he was positive that this was a metal - who makes a sword out of something other than metal? Even he knew that ...


Sliding it back into its over-shoulder case, he looked around the arrivals corridor to try and find the way out, or a map of some kind. Instead his attention was caught by a white sign with thick black writing on it. An elderly Japanese man stood by a sleek black car, with the sign said: Meyer マイヤル Stefan ステファン


He walked over and the man bowed to him. Feeling uncomfortable, Stefan looked around to see that there were four other cars around this one, where four other elderly Japanese men stood with signs.

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Elisha looked up from her corner and, to her surprise, out of the corner of her eye she saw her name. She stood up and saw it clearer, an older Japanese woman holding up a sign with Elisha エリシャ Andrews ·アンドリュース Scrawled on it. She grinned widely and ran over to the woman, almost hugging her. "You're looking for me, right?"


The woman's eyes were a bit wide. She glanced down at a picture, then nodded. "I didn't expect you to look quite so...like that."


The girl ignored that comment, looking over at a blonde boy nearby standing next to a different car. "Is he with us or something?"

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((ARGHDNFKEBDEF sorry I didn't know you guys started so I didn't post. I have no inspiration for this right now, so I'll try to get a post up later.))

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After asking around aimlessly, Kaz managed to find a member of staff that was able to speak english and had gotten the directions he required. With a proper idea of where he had to go now, he made his way to the airport exit.


Standing there was a japanese man clad in a black suit holding a sign with his name on it. Upon approaching the man, he was greeted with a 'tsk' before the man moved, opening the car door and allowing Kaz to enter.


It was obvious that the man was not all that pleased with Kaz, the slamming of the door and the 'tsk' clear indications of his opinion of Kaz.

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Stefan slid into the lush black car, awkwardly lying the sword against his left leg. He looked at the case and saw the symbols carved into it in silver. As the car began to set off, he leaned forward and tried to speak in the most English accent he could, 'What do the symbols mean?' he held up the case.


The old Japanese man saw them in his rear view mirror and replied, 'They read as Kurokami. It is the name of your katana. It literally translates as either "black hair" or "black god".'


Sie bedeuten "schwarze Gott" ... oder "schwarze Haare" ... Wie bizarr ...


(They mean "black god" ... or "black hair" ... How strange ...)

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After receiving her luggage, Chou made her way to the airport exit. By the time she reached the exit, she noticed that there was a woman clad in a black suit holding a sign that said her name in both kanji and English.




'Phew,' Chou thought. 'At least there's someone here to pick me up.' The

brunette hurried over to the woman, who beckoned her to follow.


"You look different," the woman remarked. "I was expecting someone else, as in a boy. I'm Nanase Meiko and I'll be escorting you to Kaminokure." Chou ignored her. Out of all of the things she could've said, she said that. Bleh.


As Chou stepped into the car, she could feel Meiko's scrutinizing glare inspect her.


'She must think that I'm an inadequate heiress.' The car began to drive, and as they merged into the freeway, Meiko broke the silence.


"Your katana...no one knows the name of it." Meiko remarked. "According to some, its name was Kusonagi, the grass cutter, but it's name has faded with time. Perhaps you'll be the one that finds the name of the Minamoto clan's Blade of Light."


"Hn. Not interested," I responded. To tell the truth, I was kind of interested, but it wasn't worth showing it to a batty old lady that expected me to be a boy.


"So be it," was her reply.


This was definitely going to be a long ride. Bugger.

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((I'm just going to say my character had an earlier flight if that's okay. I can think if anything AT ALL for this right now))

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The woman shook her head at Elisha. "You can worry about the affairs of the other chosen later, Andoryūsu-san. For now, let's just get you to Kaminokure."


Elisha looked at her, confused. "Andor-Oh! We're doing the whole last name thing, right. What's yours?"


The woman glanced back at her as she got into the car. "You can refer to me as Watashi Wa Nisemonodesu or Hontō No Hīrō."


The American girl wasn't sure why, but she had the distinct feeling she was just insulted. She slid into the back and pulled her sword out from her suitcase. She ran her fingers along the case, leaving very slight dents in the wood. "Hey Honto? What does 'Mokusei burēdo' mean?"


Even though she couldn't see her from the back seat, Elisha could practically hear Honto rolling her eyes as she took them out of the parking lot. "It means for suppository use only."


"Okay, now I know you're screwing with me."


"Then learn Japanese and figure it out yourself. Americans."

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After a car ride that felt longer than it was, the black cars rolled up to a large port. In the distance, Stefan spotted a shape in the sea's mist, it must be an island. 'Here is where we part ways, young master,' the man replied, stepping out of the car.


Stefan got his things, but the door was opened for him by the man. Stepping out, he looked around to see the other black cars rolling up to the port. 'Where are we going?'


'Kaminokure,' the man pointed to the island in the mist. 'To receive your heritage.'


'Who are those other people in the cars?'


'They are your comrades.'

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The car ride was spent in silence, neither Kaz nor the driver opting to engage one another in discussion. It was obvious that Kaz was not wanted here, let alone accepted as a member of the clan; a blind man could see that. However it wasn't as if Kaz had a real choice in the matter. If anything, he had to return the sword to his 'clan'.


He sighed and looked out the window, noticing 4 other similar cars all around, but brushed it aside as mere coincidence. Surely there weren't others like him, teenagers thrown into a world of monsters and super swords... forced to go to foreign country to meet family they have no knowledge off.

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As the others filed out of their cars, Stefan noticed a large, yet seemingly completely empty ferry on the water as it drifted out of the mist. It stopped and the driver beckoned for him to go onto the boat. He wondered if the others would follow, and saw that their drivers were beckoning them to board the boat as well. He gripped the sword's case tighter and wondered if it could actually be used for fighting. It seemed ancient - would it break at all?


((Sorry for the slow posts - just look at my sig for the reason sad.gif ))

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Meiko stopped the car at a port. Despite the mist, Chou could make out the slight image of a ferry approaching them. The chauffeur beckoned Chou to exit the car.


"This is far as I'm taking you, child," Meiko drawled. "Good luck. I think you're going to need it." Chou inwardly rolled her eyes as she exited the car. When she got out, she noticed that there were four cars, and three people beginning to emerge from the cars. There was also another person in the distance, but he had already disembarked from his car.


'In the distance must be Kaminokure,' Chou mused. 'I guess we'll receive our heritage there.' The brunette gripped the bundle that held her sword. 'So...am I going to find out my sword's name there?'


As Chou took a deep breath, she stepped forwards with her luggage, and began to walk towards the ferry.


((Sorry for taking a long time.))

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((Don't worry, everyone's taking awhile. I'm guessing it's school starting and stuff. School is gonna start in England soon too.))


Stefan heard a voice behind him and saw an Asian girl walking toward the ferry as well. As he stepped up onto the ladder. 'Hallo! Do you speak English?' he asked her loudly, for reason thinking the fog would make him harder to hear. He gripped Kurokami tighter, as he stepped onto the deck. Er hasst Wasser ...


(He hated water ...)

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((Okay, sure. They others haven't posted in a while, so I'll check if they've died or not))

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Kaz stepped out of the car and looked around, examining the area. The four other cars he had noticed earlier had also stopped here, each of them containing other teenagers of similar age. As he examined them closer, he was able to distinguish several weapon/weapon cases that the others were holding.


Noting that, he glanced down at the Enraiha he was given and gripped it tighter. It seemed that he wasn't the only one who had this 'life' forced upon him

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Elisha wandered through the fog, sneezing a bit at the unfamiliar smell. She moved onto the boat and put her hand to the side, feeling the wood. "You've been everywhere, haven't you?" She wasn't quite sure where that had come from, but it just seemed like the right thing to say.


She looked at the other teenagers and heard one speak English quite loudly, then say something in a language she had heard once or twice from the German department back at school. She ran over to him, hoping to have someone at least a bit familiar to talk to. "Elisha Andrews," She said, grabbing his hand and shaking it a bit too hard. "Are you from one of the families too?"

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