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Vampire Rivalry - Hellsing Ultimate RP

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Welcome to the Hellsing Ultimate universe, where the characters take on a whole new adventure. The old friends are back and livelier than ever, in an all new story created for you!




The Hellsing Organization has been the center for anti-vampire operations for many centuries. The head of the family estate had been passed down from father to son for just as many generations, until Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, the daughter of her father before her and sole heir to the Hellsing Estate. She is the current leader of the Hellsing Organization and has been since her father's demise a few years prior.


Despite there being other anti-vampire initiatives, such as the Vatican and their Iscariot Division, the Hellsing Organization remains the most proficient for one reason alone: Master Alucard. Originally known as Vlad the Impaler, he went on to live for half a millennium, and is of course a vampire. Eventually taking on Victoria Seras as an apprentice in the more recent years, Alucard worked alone for the Hellsing family for many generations. Walter C. Dornez, the family butler, eventually joined Alucard in the protection of the family estate and their anti-vampire practices.


The Iscariot Division was headed by Enrico Maxwell with Alexander Anderson as their chief vampire hunter. Although both Iscariot and Hellsing follow similar motives, they are separated by their respective religions and opinions of Alucard. As such, the Vatican driven Iscariot end up being rivals more often than not to the Hellsing Organization, creating high competition and tension between the groups. Other prominent Iscariot figures included Heinkel Wolfe and Yumiko Takagi.


This RP explores the Hellsing Ultimate timeline as it was until the beginning of the first episode of the Hellsing Ultimate anime. The rivalry between Iscariot and Hellsing shall be explored, with twists of fate along the way, thrown in at surprise intervals by the RP leader.


The Hellsing RP follows a similar premise to the original Hellsing Ultimate anime series. It does not, however, exist in the same universe. This RP will be entirely creative, and will serve as an alternate reality to the original story. Have fun with it! The characters and basic setup may be the same, but this story is entirely our own!




Master Alucard (Male Vampire, Hellsing): Rarek

Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (Female Leader, Hellsing): OPEN

Victoria Seras (Female Vampire Apprentice, Hellsing): OPEN

Walter C. Dornez (Male Butler / Bodyguard, Hellsing): OPEN


Enrico Maxwell (Male Leader, Iscariot): OPEN

Alexander Anderson (Male Ace Hunter, Iscariot): OPEN

Heinkel Wolfe (Male Hunter**, Iscariot): OPEN

Yumiko Takagi (Male Hunter**, Iscariot): OPEN


Major (Leader, Millennium): NPC

Schrodinger (Accomplice, Millennium): NPC


**Can be changed to female characters if necessary


IMPORTANT! Character sheets will be added if interest overflows! PM if you would like a blank character sheet right away.




1) No God-modding or power playing.

2) No flaming, spamming, or advertising.

3) You may only kill another person's character if the RP host allows it.

4) Be an active poster. You will be replaced after two weeks without notice.

5) Respect the other RPers.

6) Keep it PG-13.

7) Every post must be at least four sentences long.

8) OOC must be enclosed in brackets (( )).

9) PM me your requests for characters. I'll ignore ones posted in the RP. Feel free to ask for details of characters.

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