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250 Book Challenge 2013-2014

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Book Number:58

Number Of Pages:298

Book Title:The Mask of Apollo

Author:Mary Renault

Summary:Nikeratos is a famous actor in fourth century BC Greece. He becomes friends with members of Plato's Academy, and thus becomes involved in their attempts to bring democracy to Syracuse, in Sicily, which is ruled by the tyrant Dionysios.

Edited by Jennie

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Book Number: 2

Number Of Pages:312

Book Title:Blue Cocoon

Author:Xingtin Wang

Summary:Stories about a girl studied abroad. She met her friends there and developed her minds during the three years life.

Rating: (optional)7/10

Review: (optional)This novel fits teenagers very much. The psycho path and experiences in University described can be a good example for others. But due to some awkwardly wordings and less-developed in plot, I scored it 7 out of 10.

Edited by Shelybear

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Book Number:123

Number Of Pages:349

Book Title:Princess Ever After

Author:Rachel Hauk

Summary:Small town girl discovers she is a European princess and is the only one capable of making her great grandmother's home land an independent country once more.

Rating: (optional)7.9/10

Review: (optional)Christian Romance




Book Number:124

Number Of Pages:337

Book Title:A Darker Place

Author:Jack Higgins

Summary:This spy thriller has a defecting Russian writer former soldier playing games with the British and Russians as he tries to gain a free life.

Rating: (optional)8/10

Review: (optional) A good yarn featuring Charles Ferguson's little private army who answer only to the Prime Minister.


almost half way with 2 months and10 days to go! ohmy.gif

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Book Number: 8

Number Of Pages: 190 (Finnish edition)

Book Title: Slaughterhouse-Five

Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Summary: Billy Pilgrim, a young American soldier, is captured as a POW in Germany during World War II. However, Billy is no normal man: he has become "unstuck in time" and can travel between random points in time during his life.

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Book Number:125

Number Of Pages:333

Book Title: Death of a Chocoholic

Author: Lee Hollis

Summary:Hayley Powell is taking over Bruce's column while he vacations in Mexico. Hayley kindly befriends lonesome Bessie Winthrop. After a few interventions by Hayley to get Bessie from being in major trouble, Bessie dies. Hayley investigates the death which the coroner and the police say is natural.

Rating: (optional)7.5/10

Review: (optional)very funny who done it.



Book Number:126

Number Of Pages:513

Book Title:Into the Woods

Author: Kim Harrison

Summary: A collection of supernatural fantasy short stories and novellets. The firstare set in the Hollows the last ones aren't.

Rating: (optional)

Review: (optional)



Book Number: 127

Number Of Pages:286

Book Title: Brought in Dead

Author: Jack Higgins

Summary: Detective Sergeant Nick Miller of Scotland Yard pulls a beautiful young girl's body from the river. He is given the case to solve and it turns into a mauch larger case than he expected as various other crimes seem to be tied to it.

Rating: (optional) 9/10

Review: (optional)


Book Number:128

Number Of Pages:418

Book Title:The Target

Author:David Baldacci

Summary:CIA field agents Robie and Reel are the best in the agency. Unfortunately DCI Evan Tucker Hates Reel blaming for the death of a close friend and claims the partners act against orders and are not reliable. Events cause Tucker to need their talents but he is unable to get over his hatred and longing for revenge.

Rating: (optional)8/10

Review: (optional) The North Korean assasin is by far the most riveting character in the book. You keep reading to see what happens to her as the CIA Brass bungles along with the North Korean head honchos trying to win at world politics. laugh.gif

Edited by DustyBelle

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Book Number: 174

Number Of Pages: 164

Book Title: A House for Jonnie O.

Author: Blossom Elfman

Summary: Sixteen year old Jonnie and her friends at the “pregnant school” dream of being left alone by well-meaning friends, family, and teachers. They want a place where they can have happily-ever-after with their boyfriends and babies. But when Jonnie and her friends try to turn their dreams into reality, she discovers that being grown up means making hard choices.


Book Number: 175

Number Of Pages: 876

Book Title: The Mists of Avalon

Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley

Summary: The tale of King Arthur, as seen through the eyes of his half-sister Morgaine, a priestess trained in the Old Ways of Avalon.


Book Number: 176

Number Of Pages: 419

Book Title: Bianca

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Bianca Pietro d’Angelo, eldest daughter of the head of the powerful silk merchants’ guild, is considered the most beautiful maiden in Florence. Her parents hoped to match her with a man of distinction and perhaps even a title, but due to their oldest son’s indiscretions, they are blackmailed into giving her in marriage to a corrupt and debauched lawyer of the city. Bianca flees her abusive husband, and while seeking an annulment to her marriage, meets Prince Amir, the grandson of Mehmet the Conqueror. When her husband is murdered, Bianca’s parents drag her home, horrified at the very idea of their daughter choosing an infidel. But Bianca is determined that nothing will keep her from her beloved.


Book Number: 177

Number Of Pages: 390

Book Title: Francesca

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Following the disaster of his eldest daughter’s marriage, silk merchant Giovanni Pietro d’Angelo thinks that it might be better to give his next daughter Francesca more of a choice in the matter of a husband. But Francesca has no wish to marry at all. But she is chosen by Lorenzo di Medici as a possible bride for Rafaello, heir to the dukedom of Terreno Boscoso when the elderly duke wants his son wed. Convinced that a duke’s heir will never choose a merchant’s daughter to wife, she agrees to visit Terreno Boscoso along with two other girls, fully intending to return home at the end of the summer. When Rafaello chooses her, Francesca flees the castle, only to find herself lost in the forest. She stumbles upon an inn set up to serve the duke’s huntsmen during the winter months, and goes to work as a servant there in exchange for shelter. Over the winter, she falls in love with the huntsman Carlo, only to be returned to the castle in the spring and wed to Rafaello before she quite realized what had happened. He confesses to courting her in the guise of Carlo over the winter, and the two reconcile, only to face new challenges when the French king decides he wants something that he thinks the duchy of Terreno Boscoso has.


Book Number: 178

Number Of Pages: 288

Book Title: Luciana

Author: Bertrice Small

Summary: For mature readers only. Between economic downturns lowering her dowry and the scandals caused by her sisters, Luciana Pietro d’Angelo has little choice in the matter her marriage. She accepts the proposal of an aging bookseller, who proves to be a kindly man who merely wants her as a caretaker and companion. When he passes on, he leaves her a wealthy widow. She is content to remain that way, until Robert Minton, Earl of Lisle, comes to her bookshop seeking a gift for his king’s mother. Noting the attraction between the two, Giovanni Pietro d’Angelo arranges for the Florentine silk merchants’ guild to open a business in London… and persuades his colleagues that Luciana would be the perfect representative as she can speak English and has flawless manners.


Book Number: 179

Number Of Pages: 306

Book Title: Elemental Magic

Author: Mercedes Lackey (editor)

Summary: A collection of short stories set predominantly in the late-Victorian and Edwardian times of Mercedes Lackey’s Elemental Magic series, this book contains tales by Fiona Patton, Elisabeth Waters, and Jody Lynn Nye among others.


Book Number: 180

Number Of Pages: 307

Book Title: Elementary

Author: Mercedes Lackey (editor)

Summary: A collection of short stories set predominantly in the late-Victorian and Edwardian times of Mercedes Lackey’s Elemental Magic series, this book contains tales by Diana L. Paxson, Tanya Huff, and Stephanie Shaver among others.


Book Number: 181

Number Of Pages: 460

Book Title: The Black Gryphon

Author: Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon

Summary: In the midst of war, odd friendships form. One of the oddest, the friendship between Skandranon, the Black Gryphon, easily the best and stealthiest gryphon warrior in all of Urtho’s army, and the kestra’chern Amberdrake, a human of the Kaled’a’in and a healer of mind and spirit as well as of body. The two offer each other support through the ravages of war as well as in their personal lives. But when the enemy leader Ma’ar finds a way to assassinate Urtho, Skan stands ready to sacrifice himself to save everyone else… and Amberdrake stands ready to do whatever it takes to bring his winged brother-in-spirit home safely.


Book Number: 182

Number Of Pages: 399

Book Title: The White Gryphon

Author: Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon

Summary: Bleached white by the magical energies released with the near-simultaneous deaths of Ma’ar and Urtho that ended the war ten years ago, Skandranon has become the putative leader of a group of refugees from Urtho’s army… the Kaled’a’in clan k’Leshya, most of the gryphons, hertasi, kyree, and tervardi, as well as an assortment of non-Kaled’a’in humans who made it through the mage-made Gate before it collapsed with Urtho’s passing. The group had journeyed west until reaching the coast, and carved out a new home for themselves, calling their cliffside city White Gryphon in Skan’s honor. But then a ship arrives, bearing a delegation from the Haighlei, the mysterious Black Kings of legend. Skandranon and Amberdrake and their families are invited to the court of King Shalaman with the chance to become allies. But certain factions of the Haighlei court do not want anything to do with the newcomers, and would do anything to be rid of them… including framing them for murder.


Book Number: 183

Number Of Pages: 400

Book Title: The Silver Gryphon

Author: Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon

Summary: Skandranon’s son Tadrith and Amberdrake’s daughter Silverblade are working partners, junior members of the Silver Gryphons. The Silvers are the guards, explorers, and police force of White Gryphon, and both Tad and Blade are looking forward to their first assignment to outpost duty where they will have a chance to explore the borders as well as have some time away from well-meaning but overprotective parents. But when an unknown phenomenon causes them to crash in the rainforest… and drains every bit of magical equipment they had… they find themselves injured and alone, stalked by an unknown enemy, and unable to call for help. Tad and Blade have to use all their wits and creativity to survive long enough for the people of White Gryphon to learn they’re missing and mount a rescue.


Book Number: 184

Number Of Pages: 272

Book Title: A Cousin’s Promise

Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter

Summary: Christian fiction. When a group of eight Amish cousins and friends hire a driver to bring them to Pennsylvania for a weekend, a terrible accident changes their lives forever. Katie lost her boyfriend, Ella lost her brother, and Jolene lost her hearing. Wayne, depressed after losing his leg, breaks his engagement to Loraine, feeling that he is no longer capable of supporting a family. Loraine is unwilling to accept his decision, so when her former boyfriend Jake Beechy returns to the community for a visit, Wayne does his best to get the two back together. But when a tornado strikes, Wayne is forced to admit that he never wanted to end things with Loraine in the first place.


Book Number: 185

Number Of Pages: 291

Book Title: A Cousin’s Prayer

Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter

Summary: Christian fiction. It’s been a year since the accident which killed her boyfriend and left Katie struggling with guilt and depression, as it was her panicked reaction to a bee in the van which caused their driver to become distracted. She’s also started suffering anxiety attacks, the worst of which have caused her to faint. Childhood friend Freeman, who battled similar problems in the past, starts to draw closer to Katie as he attempts to help her overcome her fears. But gossipy Eunice, hoping to land Freeman as her own boyfriend, puts his standing as well as Katie’s in jeopardy when she voices her assumption that Katie’s fainting is actually a symptom of pregnancy.


Book Number: 186

Number Of Pages: 282

Book Title: A Cousin’s Challenge

Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter

Summary: Christian fiction. After losing her hearing in the accident, Amish schoolteacher Jolene moved to Pennsylvania to learn sign language and lip reading. Two years later, a family with two deaf children moved to her hometown, and she is asked to return to be their teacher. At about the same time, a propane tank explosion takes the hearing from Lonnie, who had worked for her cousin Ella’s father making and tuning windchimes. Depressed at the loss of the job he loved and believing his girlfriend broke up with him due to his handicap, he nonetheless agrees to take lessons in signing and lip reading from Jolene. He finds himself falling for her, but with his confidence shaken after the actions of his former girlfriend, he is hesitant to press his attentions on her, especially since Jolene has been spending some time with Jake Beechy. Her cousin Ella disapproves, believing Jake to be a heartless flirt who will break Jolene’s heart. What Ella doesn’t realize is that Jake is fighting his attraction to her, as he believes she hates him, until her father's passing gives him the opportunity to prove his good intentions. Meanwhile, events happen to prove to Lonnie that deafness does not make him incapable of protecting those he cares for.


Book Number: 187

Number Of Pages: 313

Book Title: The Redemption of Sarah Cain

Author: Beverly Lewis

Summary: Christian fiction. Sarah Cain had often thought her sister foolish for choosing to reject the modern life in favor of joining an Amish community twelve years earlier. Although stunned by the news of her sister’s passing, she doesn’t see how it could possibly affect her in any way… until she learns that she’s been made the guardian of her five nieces and nephews. Familial duty compels her to put her successful career on hold and travel to Lancaster County to take charge of the children she’s never met. But in attempting to figure out the best future for the little family, Sarah is forced to come to terms with a tragedy in her own past.


(edited to correct a stupid typo in a title)

Edited by catstaff

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Book Number: 21

Number Of Pages: 603

Book Title: A Storm of Swords 1: Steel and Snow (A Song of Ice and Fire, book 3 part 1)

Author: George R. R. Martin

Summary: Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy, Joffrey Baratheon, and Stannis Baratheon are still naming themselves King, and fight for their claims. The common people suffer. Catelyn Stark tries to strike a deal for her daughters. Lord Commander Mormont and his men of the Night's Watch are attacked by Others, and suffer badly, as they try to find out why the wildlings are gathering, and stop it.

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Book Number:129

Number Of Pages:326

Book Title:The Judas Gate

Author: Jack Higgins

Summary: Justin Talbot, aka The Shamrock, joined the British army as a young man and made his way up in the officers corp. Talant, luck, determination, a wild streak and his inherent craziness make Justin Talbot a success in this killing business. He is invalided home, gets well and is mustered out of the army. He takes over the family business, it is boring compared to the life and death excitement of his army crew and he dabbles in helping out the taliban with weapons and supplies and also training and fighting beside his men. Now it's up to Major General ZChaarles Ferguson's group to find out who the man behind the new threat is and to stop him.

Rating: (optional) 9?10

Review: (optional) Exciting tale told by a master storyteller. The Talbot family is a compelling one who hold charm and craziness in equal proportions, except grandfather Talbot who is a prejudiced, arrogant jerk who has earned his place in hell for the way he treats everyone, badky - extremely badly. Higgins writes an exciting novel every time.




Book Number: 130

Number Of Pages: 192

Book Title:The Devereaux Legacy

Author: Carolyn Hart

Summary: Leah Devereaux Shaw's grandmother Louisa Shaw died. The letter she was writing implied that the tale told of her son's and daughter-in-law's deaths 19 years ago wasn't correct. What was the truth Leah wonderedand returned to the South Carolina low country to uncover the Devereaux Legacy.



Book Number: 131

Number Of Pages: ca. 292

Book Title:Rough Weather

Author:Robert B. Parker

Summary:Heidi Bradshaw hires Spenser to be her "man" at her daughter's wedding on the family island off the massachusettes coast. Susan attends the wedding with Spenser and just after the Bride and groom are married all hell breaks loose. Rugar appears, shoots some of the wedding participants and kidnaps the bride under Spenser's nose. Spenser has to find the girl and figure out who hired Rugar and why. Being Spenser he won't give up until he does.

Rating: (optional)9.5/10

Review: (optional)Excellent 36th novel in the series. It is a compulsive read for those who like fast paced, action packed thrillers.






Edited by DustyBelle

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Book Number: 71

Number Of Pages: 189

Book Title: Rascal

Author: Sterling north

Summary: As a young boy Sterling befriends and has many mischeviose adventures with a raccoon he found called Rascal.


Book Number: 72

Number Of Pages: 211

Book Title: Tomorrow Girls: Behind the Gates

Author: Eva Gray

Summary:In a futuristic, broken, warring world, 4 girls are sent to a school where everything seems normal enough, until they realise that they are in a sleeper cell school and must escape.


Book Number: 73

Number Of Pages: 207

Book Title: Tomorrow Girls: Run For Cover

Author: Eva Gray

Summary: The Girls band together with three guys from an exact replica of their school, only all boys, and continue on their way home to Chicago.


Book Number: 74

Number Of Pages: 137

Book Title: Here's The Thing About Me

Author: Katy Kelly

Summary: Lucy Rose adjusts to her new life as the child of seperated parents in DC.


Book Number: 75

Number Of Pages: 175

Book Title: The Fire Pony

Author: Rodman Philbrick

Summary: Roy and his half-crazy brother are hired at the Bar-None ranch, and the owner gives Roy a pony. However, Joe, Roy's brother, will soon snap and bring trouble their way.


Book Number: 76

Number Of Pages: 216

Book Title: The Case of the Missing Marquess

Author: Nancy Springer

Summary: Enola's mother leaves home, with only a book of ciphers and flower codes for Enola left behind. Her brothers try to find their mother as Enola does what her mother wanted her to do-escape as well.


Book Number: 77

Number Of Pages:190

Book Title: Ramona Quimby: Age 8

Author: Beverly Cleary

Summary: Ramona's life is in havoc, her parens are trying to make her grow up, Willa annoys her, a boy in her class is being mean, and nothings going right. Can she find a happy ending?


Book Number: 78

Number Of Pages: 454

Book Title: The DaVinci Code

Author: Dan Brown

Summary: Robert Langdon iis a fugitive from the law when he is accused of a murder he did not commit and gets sucked into a quest for the holy grail.


Book Number: 79

Number Of Pages: 173

Book Title: Beware the Fish

Author: Gordon Korman

Summary: Bruno, Boots, Elmer, and all the boys of MacDonald hall do all they can to keep the school from going bankrupt and closing.


Book Number: 80

Number Of Pages: 201

Book Title: The Mysterious Matter of IM Fine

Author:Daine Stanley

Summary: A mysteriose author is causing the world to go ccrazy, and may even be trying to destroy it. Can two kids save the world from this crazy writer?


Book Number: 81

Number Of Pages: 124

Book Title: The 13 Clocks

Author: James Thurber

Summary: In a faraway land time has stopped, a Prince tries to save a princess and restart time, freeing both from a tyranical duke with the help of the Golux.


Book Number: 82

Number Of Pages: 295

Book Title: Marley and Me

Author: John Grogan

Summary: The life of a family and their dog, Marley, who makes the family what they are.


Book Number: 83

Number Of Pages: 199

Book Title: Slob

Author: Ellen Potter

Summary: Owen is a fat, smart kid, at first glance, but he's much, much more inside.


Book Number: 84

Number Of Pages: 218

Book Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

Author: Jeff Kinney

Summary: Greg has the bummer summer of his life as everything goes from tolerable to downright painful.


Book Number: 85

Number Of Pages: 275

Book Title: The Trumpet of the Swan

Author: EB White

Summary: Louis is a mute trumpeter swan who uses music to conquer his speech barrier and find a voice that says all that needs to be heard.

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Book Number: 22

Number Of Pages: 579

Book Title: A Storm of Swords 2: Blood and Gold (Book 3, part 2, A Song of Ice and Fire)

Author: George R. R. Martin

Summary: Daenerys takes the city Meereen, weddings turn out to be not-so-healthy events in Westeros, yet another self-proclaimed king dies, Stannis surprisingly turns up at the Wall, and Jon Snow is elected Lord Commander there

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Ok, took a bit of a break from here but I kept reading so here's a biggish update. biggrin.gif


Book Number: 13

Number Of Pages: 897

Book Title: Under the Dome

Author: Stephen King

Summary: A town gets stuck under a dome and the citizens try to figure out how to get out from under it before they all die.


Book Number: 14

Number Of Pages: 142

Book Title: A Highlander for Christmas *

Author: Jamie Carie

Summary: And Englishwoman gets shipped off to her relatives in Scotland where she falls in love with the beauty of the land and the handsomeness of one of it's clan chieftains.


Book Number: 15

Number Of Pages: 244

Book Title: The Blue Door * (one tasteful one at the end of the book)

Author: Alice White

Summary: A modern day girl finds a strange blue door where it shouldn't be. It is open and her curiosity makes her walk through it where she is transported to the 1800's. There she meets the missing Lord that used to live in the house and they fall in love and travel through time helping people out along the way.


Book Number: 16

Number Of Pages: 193

Book Title: S*** My Dad Says (can't link to the Amazon page for it because the forum is blocking the first word of the title in the link. wink.gif )

Author: Justin Halpern

Summary: Justin relays what it was like growing up with his father and some of the weird "life lessons" he bestowed on his youngest son.


Book Number: 17

Number Of Pages: 488

Book Title: The Hangman's Daughter

Author: Oliver Potzsch

Summary: Orphaned children are being brutally murdered in 17th century Bavaria. The Hangman and local young doctor try and figure out who is really doing it before the local midwife is burned at the stake for witchcraft.


Book Number: 18

Number Of Pages: 320

Book Title: A Reliable Wife *

Author: Robert Goolrick

Summary: An old man puts an ad in the paper for a "reliable wife" to marry in his old age. A woman answers who isn't exactly what she appears to be.


Book Number: 19

Number Of Pages: 501

Book Title: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

Summary: A coming of age story about a girl who changes her stars and saves the city of Chicago in post apocalyptic era.


Book Number: 20

Number Of Pages: 897

Book Title: Outlander *

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Summary: A WWII English nurse touches some ancient standing stones in Scotland and gets transported back in time to 1743 where she meets a clan of Scotmen during a time when it is not such a good thing to have an English accent in Scotland. She ends up being forced to marry one of the clansmen to keep both of their heads from the hangman's noose and they end up falling in love while trying to be nearly killed every day in the wilds of 18th century Scotland.


*contains sexual scenes. May not be appropriate for those under the age of 18.


And a few more that didn't quite make the cut. LOL!

Edited by SanguineWolf

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Book Number:59

Number Of Pages:215

Book Title:The Golden Egg

Author:Donna Leon

Summary:Commissario Guido Brunetti, of the Venice police, is asked by his beloved wife, Paola, to investigate the death of a deaf and mute man who worked at the local dry cleaners. Brunetti learns some uncomfortable truths about the evil that lurks in the human heart.

Rating: (optional)5/5







Book Number:60

Number Of Pages:182

Book Title:By Its Cover

Author:Donna Leon

Summary:It would seem that the theft of library books would be a crime a bit below the talents of a Police Inspector like Guido Brunetti. This assumption turns out to be wrong.

Rating: (optional)5/5

Edited by Jennie

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Book Number:132

Number Of Pages:523

Book Title:Divine Justice

Author:David Baldacci

Summary:Remnant members of the Camel Club are trying to help fellow member Oliver Stone. His earlier life is impacting heavily on his current life as people in high places are trying to silence him for good. Stone ends up in a small rural town whose life is being dictated by some cunning criminals who are totally ruthless.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optional) A very exciting read which made me wonder about the heads of alphabet agencies.


Book Number:133

Number Of Pages:371

Book Title:Justice Denied

Author: J. A. Jance

Summary: J. P. Beaumont and his partner Mel Soames are moved onto a new case. It seems to be make work and a waste of time and resources, but suddenly the truth starts to emerge. The families of the murdered or accident victims are still paying the cost of their family members crimes as are the families of cold case missing persons. The S.H.I.T. squad is on the case trying to bring closure through justice to these families.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optional)Book is better than my summary implies. It is well written and exciting with great characters who bring the tale to life.


Book Number:134

Number Of Pages:274

Book Title:Robert B. Parker's Killing the Blues

Author:Micharl Brandman

Summary:Paradise, Massachusettes is a small town outside Boston which survives through tourism. Jesse Stone has been the Police Chief there since he left LA and moved east a few years ago. His past in the person of released criminal Rollo Nurse is coming to make Jesse pay the score for a night in his alcoholic past. Rollo terrorizes the town before he actually attempts to get his final revenge on Jesse.

Rating: (optional)8.75/10

Review: (optional) Jesse has matured and is coping a bit better with his past. A very good book.




Book Number:135

Number Of Pages:374

Book Title:Damage Control

Author: J. A. Jance

Summary: Sheriff Joanna Brady of Bisbee, Arizona starts a summer weekend with a report of a dead body. She has 4 of them before the day is over. Joanna's family is also having some issues as Butch's first book is to be published and his publishers want him to go on tour in September to promote the book. The heat, seasonal episodic monsoon type rains and maybe just something in the air has things out of whack and stranger than normal as the sheriff's department tries to solve the cases and keep their personal lives on an even keel.

Rating: (optional) 8/10

Review: (optional) Jance delivers a very well written mystery with characters who capture your interest and attention.



Book Number: 136

Number Of Pages: 196

Book Title: Heart of Stone

Author: Janet Dailey

Summary: Perry runs the New Hampshire Inn. His sister Stephanie is now the Bookkeeper. The owner comes for one of his flying inspection visits bringing his woman of the week with him. Perry has warned Stephanie of Brock's love 'em and leave 'em policy with girlfriends. Steph is sure she can and will resist the arrogant man, then she meets him and loses her heart.


Book Number: 137

Number Of Pages: 188

Book Title: Big Sky Country

Author: Janet Dailey

Summary: A brother Riordan tries to break his younger brother Todd's engagement to the girl of his dreams., Kerry. Kerry's roommate realizes what the older man is doing and tries everything in her power to keep the break up from happening.


Book Number: 138

Number Of Pages: 260

Book Title: Fiddler Fair

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Summary: A collection of short stories from throughout her writing career. A smorgasborg of various themes and types of stories with short introductions to each story.


Book Number:139

Number Of Pages:461

Book Title:Unlucky 13

Author: James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Summary: The Women's Murder Club of San Francisco is in for a bumpy ride this book. Cindy is lonely and missing Rich. Claire is caught up in work and homelife. Lindsay isstill in doting mommyhood with her wonderful Julie and stay at home husband and Brady just proposed to Yuki and they are getting married at the end of the week. Unfortunately the criminals have decided to go berserk and bombs are exploding, old enemies are threatening the girls, and life goes on, well until it doesn't.

Rating: (optional)8/10

Review: (optional)Yuki gets a honeymoon and we are reminded that Lindsay and Joe never did. Who is luckier? Definitely not Cindy who doesn't have a husband yet, nor currently a significant other.

Edited by DustyBelle

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Book Number:3

Number Of Pages:504

Book Title:Hua Xu Yin/华胥引


Summary: The love story between JunFu(a.k.a YeQin) and MuYan(a.k.a SuYu). And the sub-love stories between other princes and princesses/ Kings and Queens. Bad Ending. Death.


Book Number:4

Number Of Pages:298

Book Title:Anecdotes of Ming Dynasty(1) /明朝那些事儿(1)


Summary: Just like what title said, it told the anecdotes of Ming Dynasty, the last Dynasty in China ruled by Han people. This book told the begining and establish of Ming Dynasty.

Rating: (optional)10/10

Review: (optional) Unlike official historic books/literature, the tongue of this book is funny and attractive rather than as dry as a chip, making people wonder about what happened and what will happen next and desire the truth behind the exterior combats.

Edited by Shelybear

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Book Number: 10

Number Of Pages: 172

Book Title: Her Evil Twin

Author: Mimi McCoy

Summary: Anna has a new friend. She's daring and adventurous. But this friend isn't quite... expected. Anna needs to find out the truth or she'll end up in even more trouble than she already is!


Book Number: 11

Number Of Pages: 130

Book Title: Dear Dumb Diary #4 - Never Do Anything, Ever

Author: Jim Benton

Summary: Jamie Kelly is mad and jealous of Angeline's "inner beauty". With Isabella at her side, Jamie hatches plan after plan to gain her own inner beauty by doing (mostly fake) charity work. Of course these plans often end in disaster!

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Book Number:61

Number Of Pages:180

Book Title:A Venetian Reckoning

Author:Donna Leon

Summary:On a snowy evening, a truck misses a turn on the road and crashes, spilling a strange cargo. Not long after, three prominent business men are murdered. Commissario Guido Brunetti begins to believe there is a connection between these events.


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Book Number66

Number of Pages487

Book titleDivergent

AuthorVeronica Roth


Summary: In the world she lives in, Beatrice must chose the group ( fraction) she will live in at a certain age, she learns she is different then many others as she is not as controllable and can think in different ways - Divergent. She will become a key player in the war about to start.


Book Number 67

Number of pages512

Book title Scoundrels

Author Timothy Zahn


Summary: Han Solo and Chewie gather a group together to pull off a high risk theft of the world's most imrenable safe. Lots of plot twists and a good read.


Book Number 68

Number of pages 256

Book title The Abandoned

Book author Paul Gallico


Summary: A boy who becomes a cat, must learn about being a cat from an abandoned stray. But will he ever be a boy again?


Book Number 69

Number of Pages 295

Book title The Colour Purple

Author Alice Walker


Summary: Celie leads a hard life, and is a quiet withdrawn woman accepting abuse until her husband's lover teaches her to stand up and do more.


Book Number 70

Number of Pages 415

Book Title Unfinished Tales

Book Author J.R.R Tolkien


Summary: Various stories from the different ages/times of middle Earth. Some of the stories connect to the longer stories of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.


book Number 71

Number of Pages 218

Book title The Reader

book Author bernhard Schlink


Summary: A younger mid teen boy meets an older woman who becomes his lover who is convicted of a crime for killing prisoners of war in concentracion camps of germany.


Book Number72

Number of pages 245

Book Title Such Good Boys

Book Author Tina Dirmann


Summary: The story of an abusive mom who is killed by the older of her two sons.


Book Number73

Number of Pages 409

Book title Limb from Limb

Book Author George Hunter and Melissa Preddy


Summary: A stay at home dad kills his wife, then tells the Police that his wife abandoned him and the children.


Book Number 74

Number of Pages339

Book title Secret Daughter

book Author Shilpi Somaya Gowda


Summary: The Story follows an American couple who adopt a baby girl, and the story of the Indian mother, her husband who gave up their daughter.


book Number 75

Number of Pages236

Book titleNorse Myths

AuthorKevin Crossley- Holland


Summary: The stories surrounding Thor, Loki and the other Gods of Norse mythology.


Book Number 76

Number of pages 959

Book title A Dance With Dragons

Author George R.R Martin


Summary: Danery's marries and flies off on one of her dragons, Tyrion becomes a slave. John is betrayed. The continuing story of a song of Ice and Fire.


book Number 77

Number of Pages 260

Book Title Split Infinity

Book Author Piers Anthony


Summary: Stile the sef from Proton finds his way into a world of Magic called Phaze there he must find out who he is and who killed his other self.


Book Number 78

Number of Pages 254

Book title Blue Adept

Author Piers Anthony


Summary: Stile has learned he is the Blue adepts other self, and who murdered his alternate self. He takes the role of the Blue adept while preparing to face the murderer.


Book Number79

Number of Pages275

Book title Juxtaposition

Author Piers Anthony


Summary: Stile has married the lady Blue and while on their honeymoon runs into problems by other inhabitants of Phaze.

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Wow, forgot to update before I returned my books to the library -.- . I'll stop procrastinating now.


Book Number: 86

Number Of Pages: 192

Book Title: The Outsiders

Author: SE Hinton

Summary: The greasers and socs are always facing off in a never ending war, but some want to break the cycle of violince.


Book Number: 87

Number Of Pages: 172

Book Title: Owl in the Ofice

Author:Ben Baglio

Summary: An animal shelter is in trouble, and Mandy and her friends must help fundraise to keep it from closing down and falling into disrepare.


Book Number: 88

Number Of Pages: 164

Book Title: The River Between Us

Author:Richard Peck

Summary: A HF book about the civil war. Tilly Pruit's brother leaves home for war, and she and her new friend must try to bring him back


Book Number: 89

Number Of Pages: 213

Book Title: Somebody's Horse

Author: Dorothy Nafus Morrison

Summary: Jenny wants to take jumping lessons on her favorate horse, Cinnabun, but can't as she has to leave for the summer. At her cousin's house she finds and nurtures back to health a horse dumped in their stables, wondering if she could keep him.


Book Number: 90

Number Of Pages: 165

Book Title: Outstanding in My Field

Author: Patrick Jennings

Summary: A Story told through a game of baseball, Ty Cutter tells of his strained relationships with his father and his wishes to be something better.


Book Number: 91

Number Of Pages: 133

Book Title: Gooseberry Park

Author: Cynthia Rylant

Summary: A squirrel, Stumpy, is seperated from her friends and babies after a huge ice storm, and her ever faithful friends journey to find her and bring her back.


Book Number: 92

Number Of Pages: 216

Book Title: The Case o the Missing Marquess

Author: Nancy Springer

Summary: Enola's mother runs away on her birthday, leaving her two older brother, sherlock and mycroft holmes in charge and to search. However they soon have to add Enola to their list of missing as she sets o to find her mother and has the adventures o a lifetime.


Book Number: 93

Number Of Pages: 158

Book Title:Pigs Might Fly

Author: Dick King Smith

Summary: Daggie Dogfoot, a runty pig, is born with a curios defect and takes advantage of it, becoming the only pig ever to swim. The once outcast becomes the hero of the herd when he saves them all by swimming for help during a storm.


Book Number: 94

Number Of Pages: 256

Book Title: Black and Blue Magic

Author:Zylfa Snyder

Summary: Harry is having a boring summer so far, but when he meets a magical man with a magical suitcase who gives a gift to him, saying that he has magic inside, things get a whole lot more interesting.


Book Number: 95

Number Of Pages: 190

Book Title: Could Dracula Live in Woddford

Author: Mary Howarth

Summary: Sam, a shaggy dog, comes to live in the neighborhood and befriends two girls, dragging them into an adventure and makng them try to help her catch the vampire they are sure lives in a creepy house.


Book Number: 96

Number Of Pages: 205

Book Title: Dixie Storms

Author: Barbara Hall

Summary: Dutch gains a whole new outlook on life when her cousin Norma comes over for the summer.


Book Number: 97

Number Of Pages: 548

Book Title: Inkheart

Author: Cornelia Funke

Summary: Words have more power than they seem, especially when murmered by a silvertongue, who makes everything he reads come to life.


Book Number: 98

Number Of Pages: 196

Book Title: Shimmer

Author: alyson noel

Summary: On what was supposed to be a vacation Riley disobeys the council and takes on a task that's too much for her to handle on her own.


Book Number: 99

Number Of Pages: 274

Book Title: Dairy Queen

Author: Catherine Murdock

Summary: DJ is failing English, and writes about her summer as an assignment to let her pass. However, it escalates quickly into an inside look at the deepest parts of DJ's life.


Book Number: 100!!!!!! biggrin.gif

Number Of Pages: 242

Book Title: Hatching Magic

Author: Ann Downer

Summary: A Bolt Hole through time connects a bunch of unwilling people, including 3 first class wizards, a pregnent wyvern, and a bared girl who will soon have plenty to do.


Book Number: 101

Number Of Pages: 233

Book Title: Lucky

Author: Rachel Vail

Summary: A rich, popular, and smart girl suddenly has her luck plunge down to zero when her mother is fires, her friends leave her, and her crush hates her.


Book Number: 102

Number Of Pages: 128

Book Title: Flying High

Author: Annie Dalton

Summary: Angels are called in to fix a mishap that's threatening to ruin the entire world, and Mel somehow gets sucked into it all.


Book Number: 103

Number Of Pages: 138

Book Title: Otherwise known as sheila the Great

Author: Judy Blume

Summary: Sheila's summer starts of fantastic, but then everything takes a flop. She attempts to restart it, but everything just won't work out. And maybe, just maybe she's the problem?


(sorry i any "f's" are missing, the key on my laptop is stuck. Last time I'm letting my sister use it again dry.gif )

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Book Number: 23

Number Of Pages: 854

Book Title: A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, #4)

Author: George R. R. Martin

Summary: Samwell Tarly is sent to Oldtown, from the Wall, to start his studying to become a maester. Brienne continues her search for Sansa Stark, but instead has a nasty run in with "Lady Stoneheart". Meanwhile Sansa is hiding in the Eyrie, with Petyr Baelish. He is Protector of the Vale, and pretends that Sansa is his censorkip.gif***. Her sister, Arya, has made it to Braavos. Jaime helps end the siege on Riverrun, as his sister Cersei imagines that she is doing a terrific job of ruling the seven kingdoms, while she is in fact only making one blunder more horrendous than the other.

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Book Number:140

Number Of Pages: 312

Book Title: Blood Red

Author: Mercedes Lackey

Summary: Set in the Elemntal Masters Universe, Rosa is the first female Hunt Master. She is called to Transylvania to hunt down werewolves who are preying on the countryside. The magical battles between the 2 Hungarian Earth Masters and Rosa versus the Blood mages who are werewolves is intense.

Rating: (optional)

Review: (optional)

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Book Number:62

Number Of Pages:159

Book Title:Doctored Evidence

Author:Donna Leon

Summary:An old woman is found beaten to death. No one seems to have liked her, and she often left her TV volume turned way up for hours at a time. But this scarcely seems like a good reason to kill someone. Commissario Brunetti of the Venice Police force looks for the real reason.


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Book Number: 42

Number Of Pages: 287

Book Title: Heist Society

Author: Ally Carter

Summary: Kat is a girl from an old thieves family. One day, she has to leave the quiet, normal life that she's currenly living to save her father from a man who is threatening him. In order to do that, she has to find five paintings that the man believes that her father stole. The problem is that he didn't steal them.

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