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250 Book Challenge 2013-2014

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Book Number:53

Number Of Pages:426

Book Title:The Kadin

Author:Bertrice Small

Summary:A young woman is kidnapped and sold into slavery and becomes the mother of the Sultan Suleiman. Then she escapes home to Scotland and is raped by a 'man' whom she then takes as a 'lover'.

Review: Bleah. I actually enjoyed the book up to the last few chapters with the rape. As a slave she was treated with far more respect. I am now going to delete the other books by Bertrice Small that I was going to read and find something better.


I did, however, enjoy the earlier chapters set in Turkey, because of the considerable historical accuracy of the life style there. This is a romance, of course, not a true historical novel, so I wouldn't depend on this book for an essay on 16th century Turkey. :-)

Edited by Jennie

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Book Number:54

Number Of Pages:558

Book Title:Do Or Die

Author:Suzanne Brockmann

Summary:Ian Dunn is in prison for a crime he didn't commit, but when the FBI offers him freedom for helping them with a case, he first turns them down. When they break him out anyway, he finally agrees to go along with their plans. Suddenly he and his family are in danger of their lives.


Review: (optional)This is not a Troubleshooters novel, but is set in the same universe, as Jules Cassidy is mentioned. It's fast paced and exciting and the good characters are honourable to a fault. It's a complicated story, and difficult to summarize in a few sentences, but way better than Bertrice Small's 'rape=romance' nonsense.

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Book Number: 29

Number Of Pages: 240

Book Title: The Moorchild

Author: Eloise McGraw

Summary: A half fairy-half human child is taken out of her fairy home and put as a changling into a villager family's home, where she is bullied by everyone else.


Book Number: 30

Number Of Pages: 240

Book Title: The Shamer's Daughter

Author: Lene Kaaberbol

Summary: Dina, a girl who inherited the shamer's gift from her mother, is taken hostage and used as a threat for her mother to make an innocent man seem guilty of murdering his family.


Book Number: 31

Number Of Pages: 116

Book Title: Over My Dead Body

Author: Kate Klise

Summary: a "Dick Tater" is trying to ban halloween and spooky stories and nearly succeeds in breaking apart an odd book writing family of a ghost, grumpy old man, and 11 year old boy.


Book Number: 32

Number Of Pages: Aprox. 125 pages, would it have killed them to put page numbers in the last "chapter"?

Book Title: Till Death Do Us Bark

Author: Kate Klise

Summary: Seymour Hope adopts the dog of a late millionare in his town without his parents knowing while the deceased's children fight over his fortune, which everyone but them can find a piece of.


Book Number: 33

Number Of Pages: 136

Book Title: Phantom of the Post Office

Author: Kate Klise

Summary: An old friendship is unveiled, causing disease between a married couple who's son, Seymour, has falling under a strange "phantom flu". Meanwhile, the haunted yet functioning post office is going to be torn down, to be replaced by "VEXT MAIL"


Book Number: 34

Number Of Pages: 135

Book Title: Hollywood, Dead Ahead

Author: Kate Klise

Summary: The bookwriting family is tricked into signing a contract that took away everything that they had worked on. They attempt to get everything back with the help of another unfortunate contract signer, a 95 year old actress, and the tricks of a wily old ghost.


Book Number: 35

Number Of Pages: 314

Book Title: The SHamer's Signet

Author: Lene Kaaberbol

Summary: Dina is kidnapped right when her family is starting to feel at home, and is forced to abuse her power as unrest grows under the tyrannical rule of the Dragon House.


Book Number: 36

Number Of Pages: 516

Book Title: The Red Pyramid

Author: Rick Riordan

Summary: Sperated twins Carter and Sadie Kane join back during christmas and accidentaly unveil their family's deep, dark secret, and soon begin to realize their powers, which they use to help fight to get their father back and bring the world back from doomsday to ma'at.


Book Number: 37

Number Of Pages: 452

Book Title: The THrone of Fire

Author: Rick Riordan

Summary: Sadie and Cater have founded a sort of school as brooklyn house, and continue the fight against the approaching darkness.



(and I forgot to log these in with the mockingjay book, xd.png, stupid me)


Book Number: 38

Number Of Pages: 374

Book Title: The HUnger Games

Author: Suzanne Collins

Summary: Katniss Everdeen is put into an arena with other teens to fight to the death in a brutal Hunger Games merely for entertainment, where her one true love may the the one she will have to kill to live.


Book Number: 39

Number Of Pages: 391 (haha^)

Book Title: Cathcing FIre

Author: Suzanne COllins

Summary: Katniss' close circle is threatened to be killed by president snow, who conveniently arranges the next hunger games to include katniss and peeta, hoping to kill off the rebellion.



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Book Number: 41

Number Of Pages: 219

Book Title: La maldición del maestro (would be something like "The curse of the master")

Author: Laura Gallego

Summary: A new student arrives at The Tower, a magic school for wizards and witches, where Dana is now the Lady of the Tower. After the cook dies, Dana and Fenris, an elf, fear that the old curse and an old enemy are back. Then, suddenly, Dana goes missing.

Edited by Raistlin24

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Book Number: 109

Number Of Pages:402

Book Title:Lakeside Cottage

Author: Susan Wiggs

Summary: Kate is an unmarried single mother journalist who has lost her job due to her son's special needs. J. D. Harris is a former marine medic who wants to become a doctor. He is in the limelight due to an heroic act he performed. While trying to solve their problems they meet at Lake Crescent where both are staying for the summer. Callie joins the threesome and each of the four members of the group tries to solve his/her life issues over the summer.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optionalOverall I really liked the book. The characters are believable. Not everything works out for them, but they do try to achieve their dreams and cope with the life the have been dealt. biggrin.gif





Book Number: 110

Number Of Pages: 413

Book Title:Fireside

Author:Susan Wiggs

Summary: A sports Media Trainer, who was recently dumped and fired by her boyfriend client, and a Yankees wanna be player cross paths and end up living in the same town, same house and eventually working together as he tries to win a spot on the team roster and reunite his son with the kid's mom who has been deported.

Rating: (optional)

Review: (optional)


Edited by DustyBelle

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Book Number:1

Number Of Pages:217 (translated version)

Book Title:The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Author:Milan Kundera

Summary:The Unbearable Lightness of Being talks several stories between Tomáš, Tereza and Sabina. Also some tiny stories about Karenin, a dog. This is a philosophical book and stats quiet a lot viewpoints by Milan Kundera through the stories, which are widely accepted.

Rating: 7/10

Review: My favourite character in this book is Sabina, the free and easy women. She spent her all life betraying and being betrayed. For me, she is the bravest one among all the characters. Another part I like is the stories between Tereza and Karenin.



I try to rate and review on all my read books. This is the first one.

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Book Number: 19

Number Of Pages: 780

Book Title: A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, book #1)

Author: George R. R. Martin

Summary: A book of several stories. Lord Stark is named the hand of the king, and brings part of his family to King's Landing, where he is trying to dealing with politics and conspiracy. Daenerys, descendant of the previous royal family, grows up in exile on a different continent, dreaming of "home". Jon Snow, Lord Stark's illegitimate son, becomes part of the Night's Watch on the Wall.

Edited by Nimrodel

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Book Number 51

Number of Pages 406

Book Title Unanswered Cries

Author Thomas French


summary True crime book about a young woman who is brutally killed in her home. Detectives work hard to find the killer and it is someone they would never suspect as they consider him a friend.


Book number52

Number of Pages 317

Book title Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Author J.K Rowling


Summary Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts. Rumours abound of an escaped prisoner of Azkaban Sirius Black and there seems to be many omens of death for Harry, as it seems Sirius wants Harry.


Book Number 53

Number of Pages 636

Book title Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Author J K Rowling


Summary Harry is entered into the tri-wizard cup tournament that is being held at Hogwarts. The tournament holds many dangers and threats for Harry. Meanwhile Lord Voldemort steps up his plans.


Book Number 54

Number of Pages357

Book TitleA Blink of the Screen

Book authorTerry Pratchett


Summary A collection of short stories. Some using discworld characters and other stories that are not discworld oriented.


book Number55

Number of Pages255

Book titleBrave New World

Author Aldous Huxley


SummaryUtopia society where babies are grown in test tubes and raised for certain careers. Following some characters who are not so happy in their life and how things are.


Book Number56

Number of Pages 365

Book title The Killers Next Door

Book Author Joel Norris PH.D


Book Summary A collection of true crime murders. A look at why these people kill.


Book Number 57

Number of Pages 162

Book title Heaven is for Real

Book Author Todd Burpo


Summary A three year old boy has a near death experience when his appendicix bursts. After his operation and recovery he begins to talk to his family about things he saw while in Heaven.


Book Number 58

Number of Pages254

Book title The Girl with No name

Book author Marina Chapman


Book summary A girl who was kidnapped from her home in South America is abandoned in the jungle and is adopted by some monkeys. She lives with them for some years before she is found and taken to a city where she lived a life of almost slavery working for abusive people. Before getting free.


Book number59

Number of Pages 527

Book title The Blackstone Chronicles

Book Author John Saul


Summary 6 stories that revolve around the town of Blackstone. When the old asylum is about to be renovated into a new shopping mall. Families in town start to get strange gifts that lead to death.


Book Number60

Number of Pages 270

Book title The Murder Casebook

Book Author Colin Wilson


Summary A large collection of true murder stories, from the 30s and 40s.


Book number 61

Number of Pages 502

Book title The Wolf Gift

Author Anne Rice


Summary Reuben Golding is bitten by a werewolf and then becomes one. As a werewolf he can find those who do wrong and acts like a hero saving those who need rescuing from certain crimes. The media goes crazy with the stories and some look to hunt the wolf man.


Book Number62

Number of Pages 295

Book title Here's Mike

Author Mike McCardell


Summary Numerous small stories of human interest aspects from around Vancouver B.C and from Mike's youth in New York city.


Book Number 62 * REREAD*

Number of Pages 807

Book title A Game of Thrones

Author George R.R Martin


Summary Eddard Stark goes to King's landing to become the hand of the King. Ned though is seeking to solve a mystery involving the old hands death. Daneyrs is sold to a Horse lord.


Book Number63 * REREAD*

number of Pages1128

Book title A Storm of Swords

Author George RR Martin


Summary On the wall Jon Snow heads North of the Wall with a group of others, Danerys is coming into her own rights now with three dragon hatchlings. Robb Stark starts war against the Lannisters and the king.


Book Number 64 *REREAD*

Number of pages969

Book Title A Clash of King

AuthorGeorge RR Martin


Summary Jon Snow has joined Mance Rayder's wildling group that storms the wall. Jofferey in King's Landing is to be wed and Robb Stark is betrayed, while Arya Stark escorted by the Hound makes her way towards her family.


Book Number 65

Number of Pages684

Book Title A Feast For Crows

Author George RR Martin


Summary This book revolves around the characters around King's Landing Cersei sends out people to find Tyrion and accuses Margery of a crime. New members join into the game.

Edited by Ramica

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Book Number: 40

Number Of Pages: 377

Book Title: The Serpent Gift

Author: Lene Kaaberbol

Summary: Dina find out that her brother and sister are old half siblings, and meets her father, who was only interested in her mother because he thought that his child would be able to have the the serpent gift and the shamer's.


Book Number: 41

Number Of Pages: 462

Book Title: Sapphique

Author: Catherine Fisher

Summary: Finn has escaped from Incarceron, and is trying to get his friends out too, while a civil war is on the brink of happening, and the unveilment of an ancient scandal may set everything in motion.


Book Number: 42

Number Of Pages: 171

Book Title: After the Storm

Author: Lauren Brooke

Summary: Amy must learn how to tame Spartan, a rescued gelding who caused her mother to lose her life, or he may be put to sleep.


Book Number: 43

Number Of Pages: 133

Book Title: Say Good-Bye

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Summary: Zoe learns the importance of training animals diligently and keeping responsibility, and feels the pain of having a close furry friend pass away.


Book Number: 44

Number Of Pages: 106

Book Title: Trouble River

Author: Betsy Byars

Summary: Dewey and his grandmother must escape to safety from blood thirsty natives, down the most treacherous river in their area: Trouble River.


Book Number: 45

Number Of Pages: 182

Book Title: A Dog's Life

Author: Ann Martin

Summary: Squirrel's journey through life is tough, being born a stray, losing her brother Bone, losing friends, making then, and being abused and cared for by humans, but finnaly she reaches a home where she will be happy forever.


Book Number: 46

Number Of Pages: 442

Book Title: Incarceron

Author: Catherine Fisher

Summary: Finn, a prison born teen in Incarceron, fights his way to escape the living jail, while Claudia fights to escape her impending marraige to the false prince.


Book Number: 47

Number Of Pages: 181

Book Title: The Ghost of Cutler Creek

Author: Cynthia DeFelice

Summary: Allie and her friend Dub try to piece together clues left by a ghost dog to solve the mystery of a puppy mill and the new kid.


Book Number: 48

Number Of Pages: 132

Book Title: The Horshoe Trilogies: Sweet Charity

Author: Lucy Daniels

Summary: Josie must find a home for the last horse at her family's stables, as her family looks for a new home of their own.


Book Number: 49

Number Of Pages: 184

Book Title: Summer's End

Author: Audrey Coloumbis

Summary: Grace's big brother burns his draft card for vietnam, and flees to canada, where his peace loving heart can't be pulled into war. She faces two arguing parents, and her extended family is beginning to fight with eachother, during which she learns one of the most inportant lessons in her life.


Book Number: 50

Number Of Pages: 127

Book Title: Fingerprints and Talking Bones

Author: Charlotte Jones

Summary: A glance at how biological evidence, soil, and weapons are used to fight and solve crime.


Book Number: 51

Number Of Pages: 248

Book Title: Black Beauty

Author: Anna Sewell

Summary: A Black horse goes through life and owners who abuse him, sell him, can't afford and mstreat him, and loses many friends, just to end up back home, where he lives happily.

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Aaaw this is great!!!

Could you sign me up please? I know it's late, but at least I'll keep reading and remember to join in time for the next period :B

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Book Number: 6

Number Of Pages: 363

Book Title: Warriors: Power of Three #1

Author: Erin Hunter

Summary: There is a prophecy: "There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws". The kits try to track down a fox, Jaypaw has to defeat an enemy with the help of his siblings, and much much more.


Book Number: 7

Number Of Pages: 322

Book Title: Warriors: Power of Three #2

Author: Erin Hunter

Summary: Lionpaw befriends a young apprentice from another clan and he must decide where his loyalty lies. Jaypaw finds a strange stick and tries to figure out the meaning. Cinderpaw breaks her leg falling from a tree, and Leafpool is extremely determined to mend the leg. Lionpaw is secretly mentored by another cat.


Book Number: 8

Number Of Pages: 317

Book Title: Warriors: Power of Three #3

Author: Erin Hunter

Summary: The tribe cats request help from ThunderClan. The clan travels to the mountains to help them.


Book Number: 9

Number Of Pages: 336

Book Title: Warriors: Power of Three #4

Author: Erin Hunter

Summary: A mysterious cat arrives and begins telling ShadowClan things about StarClan. A battle breaks out.

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Book Number:111

Number Of Pages:358

Book Title:Cravings

Author: Laurell Hamilton

Summary: A collection of 4 short stories about vampires . Interesting vignettes of some of each of the authors best known/favorite characters.

Rating: (optional) 7/10

Review: (optional) Fun reads but not as great as the novels normally are.


Book Number:112

Number Of Pages:292

Book Title: Murder as a Second Language

Author:Joan Hess

Summary: Newlywed Claire Malloy is no longer managing her bookstore on a daily basis and is becoming bored this summer. Her daughter Caron and Caron's best friend Inez are volunteer tutors for the Farberville Literacy Council's English as a second Language program to beef up their High school resumes. Claire decides to join them in their volunteer tutoring and a murder happens. The book deals with Claire's investigation of the old women's death.

Rating: (optional) 8/10

Review: (optional) Funny tale of murder and Mayhem in Farberville, Arkansas where Claire Malloy resides now in a lovely home with large grounds including a swimming pool for High School pool parties.


Book Number: 113

Number Of Pages: 303

Book Title: I've Got You Under My Skin

Author: Mary Higgins Clark

Summary: Three years after his dad's murder now 8 year old Timmy Moran, the only witness to his father's unsolved murder is going off to camp and the murderer is once again threatening the Moran family. This time he is threatening to kill mom Laurie and then Timmy himself.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optional) A fast paced murder one has come to expect and appreciate by the queen of murder suspense, Mary Higgins Clark.




Book Number: 114

Number Of Pages:229

Book Title:Naughty Neighbor

Author: Janet Evanovich

Summary: Neighbors in a DC house split as apartments between floors causes agood bit of friction as the soundproofing is non existant. Louisa lives downstairs and Pete lives up. Pete works as a writer from home most of the time. Louisa works on capitol hill as a senatorial aide/secretary. The relationship which grows between them is the basis for the novel.

Rating: (optional)8/10

Review: Amusing tale of irritating neighbors getting to know each other and like one another, a lot.



Book Number:115

Number Of Pages:221

Book Title:Nightstar

Author: Fern Michaels

Summary: NYC is the home of Caron Ainsley and Mark Rayven a typist in the steno pool attending night classes to become a secretary and the owner of the Cosmetics firm. Caron steps in at lunch one day to take dictation at the board of directors meeting and her whole life changes. Rags to riches and a super bad case of the bosses's assistants jealousy make the interaction between the Cinderella Caron and her Prince Charming boss Mark into a love story.

Rating: (optional) 6.5/10

Review: Not up to Fern Michaels usual gripping story but a well written predictable love story.




Book Number:116

Number Of Pages:487

Book Title:Black Magic Sanction

Author: Kim Harrison

Summary: Another of the Hollows books starring Rachel Morgan and her roommates, Ivy and Jenks. In this story, Rachel is hounded by a white witch coven of morals and ethics who have shunned her for allegedly performing Black magic. They want to kill her, or imprison her, give her a lobotomy and make it so she is sterile. Trent Kalamack tries to get her to sign a form making him her protective guardian in the upper world as Al is in the Underworld. Poor Rachel has a really hard time as she is jerked one way and another through the ley lines and is forced to fight for her sanity and life with each transfer.

Rating: (optional) 9/10 sad in spots

Review: Well written and makes you keep reading even when you ought to have put it down and gone to bed.



Book Number: 117

Number Of Pages: 272

Book Title: Death of a Policeman

Author: M. C. Beaton

Summary: Once again the powers that be are trying to save money by closing Police stations in the Highland Countryside. Hamish Macbeth's station is being looked at for closure as he is a super lucky but highly unusual policeman who is lazy and unambitious. A young copper is sent undercover to spy on Hamish and his partner Dick. The spying policeman is killed and the search is on for the killer and the reason behind the cop killing. The underworld of drug runners and lonely women is visited by Hamish and company in this story while Hamish tries to solve the case, keep his station and croft, and dump the unwanted women trying to snare him or avoid him in a matrimonial snare.

Rating: (optional)6.8/10

Review: (optional) Easy to read and interesting, but not as riveting as some of her other books



Book Number: 118

Number Of Pages: 282

Book Title:Hero at Large

Author: Janet Evanovich

Summary: Chris Nelson's car died on her way to work one morning. Ken a scuzzy, sexy stranger in the truck behind her dead car got out to take a look at her dead engine and the car hood fell on his arms pinning them. Chris takes Ken to a nearby hospital emergency room and the instant attraction works it's havoc magic on them from that point on.

Rating: (optional)8.5/10

Review: (optional) Good, funny story !~ girl meets boy, girl embarrasses self by hurting boy. Repeat story until a happily ever after.


Book Number:119

Number Of Pages:333

Book Title:A Turn in the Road

Author: Debbie Macomber

Summary: A 68 year old widow decides to drive across country alone to attend her 50th high school reunion. She has always wanted to go on a road trip but her husband never managed to take her. Ruth figures it's now or never. The family objects and her ex-daughter-in-law and granddaughter end up making the trip with her. All 3 lives change dramatically because of this trip.

Rating: (optional)9/10

Review: (optional) A great romantic read. It's a family story but the middle aged woman is the center of the story. Be prepared to want to bash a few people who seem to constantly forget what they have just promised over the head.


Book Number:120

Number Of Pages:262

Book Title:Ghoulfriends Just Want To Have Fun

Author: Gitty Daneshvari

Summary: Rochelle, Robecca and Venus return for the fall semester at Monster High. None of the other monsters seem to remember the shenanigans that happened last semester with Miss Flapper magically controlling the school. The girls have been invited to be part of the ghoul sorority, the most exclusive club at the school. Things start going wrong from the first as the sorority ghouls attempt to perform their helpful deeds for others. Who is creating the bad luck and why?

Rating: (optional)7/10

Review: (optional) Fun read but it is a to be continued book. 5/10/2014 biggrin.gif



Edited by DustyBelle

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Book Number:55

Number Of Pages:185

Book Title:Red Man Down

Author:Elizabeth Gunn

Summary: At first it seemed like a simple case of a robbery gone bad. The perpetrator was caught stealing copper wire by a patrol officer, pulled a gun, shot at the cop, and was killed by return fire. But when the body was ID'ed, he turned out to be a former police officer himself, and a highly respected one. What had led to his downfall? Sarah Burke investigates.


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After 2 months without reading after moved here I go


Book Number: 10

Number Of Pages: 566

Book Title: Le Seigneur des Anneaux: Les Deux Tours

(original version: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Summary: Merry and Pippin were kidnapped by orcs, Gilmli, Aragorn, and Legolas try to save them. A few battles in the war again evil happens. At the same time, Frodo and Sam are still on their road to the Mordor to destroy the Ring.

Rating: (optional)

Review: (optional)

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Book Number:56

Number Of Pages:439

Book Title:The Invention of Wings

Author:Sue Monk Kidd

Summary:A novel based on the life of Sarah Grimke, the great American abolitionist and feminist, and of the slave, Hetty, whom she taught to read -- which at the time was against the law.


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Book Number:57

Number Of Pages:175

Book Title:Magic Line

Author:Elizabeth Gunn

Summary:Zeb thinks that joining a home invasion team with his old pal Robin would be just the thing to fix his rotten life. Turns out he was wrong. Sarah Burke is the lead detective on the case.


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Book Number: 7

Number Of Pages: 305 (Finnish edition)

Book Title: Spoon River Anthology

Author: Edgar Lee Masters

Summary: Deceased residents of the small fictional town of Spoon River tell about their lives in the form of poems.

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Book Number:121

Number Of Pages:287

Book Title:Heist Society

Author:Ally Carter

Summary: Kat Bishop is framed for a crime she didn't commit. She is a thief but she didn't pull this prank at her new exclusive prep school in Europe. Her "family" wants her home to help them prove her father's innocence in a theft before the victim of the theft harms her dad.

Rating: (optional)10/10

Review: (optional)Great Young adult book! Interesting characters and unusual take on a story.



Book Number:122

Number Of Pages:292

Book Title:Death Come Quickly

Author:Susan Witting Albert

Summary: It's a hot july in the Texas Hill Country and China is caught up in an investigation of why someone seems to want a documentary being made by 2 grad students to be abandonded. People are getting mugged and some are dying. The art world is making an impact on quiet Pecan Springs in a deadly way and China investigates.

Rating: (optional)10/10

Review: (optional) One of the best China Bayles mysteries ever. I really liked this one a lot.

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Book Number: 52

Number Of Pages: 292

Book Title: Marie Antoinette; Serial Killer

Author: Katie Alender

Summary: Colette travels to france on a school field trip and has to solve the mystery of murders involving a secret order, and she's next.


Book Number: 53

Number Of Pages: 131

Book Title: Shadow o a Bull

Author: Maia Woiciechowska

Summary: Manolo is expected to follow in his fathers footsteps as a great bullfighter, but ends up involved in a different way.


Book Number: 54

Number Of Pages: 169

Book Title: In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson

Author: Bette Bao Lord

Summary: Shirley Temple Wong moves to America and tries desperately to fit in and make friends.


Book Number: 55

Number Of Pages: 356

Book Title: The Shamers War

Author: Lene Kaaberbol

Summary: Dina and her brother stop Nico from surrendering himself to Draken and cause the war to end, while Dina picks her fate, entwining two threads into one.


Book Number: 56

Number Of Pages: 137

Book Title: Sing Down the Moon

Author: Scott O'Dell

Summary: Bright Morning recounts her life as the spanish take over her tribes land.


Book Number: 57

Number Of Pages: 300

Book Title: Lady of Ch'iao Kuo

Author: Laurence Yep

Summary: Princess Redbird helps strategize and win the war against the dog heads who wiped out a chinese colony and threaten to do the same to her tribe.


Book Number: 58

Number Of Pages: 287

Book Title: Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life

Author: Wendy Mass

Summary: Jeremy's father left him a box to be opened on his 13th birthday, and jeremy must find all 4 keys to unlock the meaning of life.


Book Number: 59

Number Of Pages: 158

Book Title: Valley of Death

Author: Gloria Skurzynski Alane Ferguson

Summary: Jack's sister is being held hostage by a hate group, and they must figure out the mystery of why bighorn sheep are dying in death valley.


Book Number: 60

Number Of Pages: 338

Book Title: The People of Sparks

Author: Jeanne Duprau

Summary: The Emberites are not fitting in well with the people of sparks, and everything is just a hair's breadth from boiling over.


Book Number: 61

Number Of Pages: 326

Book Title: Fairest

Author: Gail Carson Levine

Summary: Aza is a great singer, but she is incredibly ugly, which stops her from moving up in the world. However, that all soon changes when a gnome's prophecy begins to come true.


Book Number: 62

Number Of Pages: 241

Book Title: Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood

Author: Meridith Ann Pierce

Summary: Hannah flees from her captor, an evil sorcerer, and on her quest to turn the one she loves back into a human she learns about her past and origins.


Book Number: 63

Number Of Pages: 362

Book Title: Prisoners in the Palace

Author: Michealla MacColl

Summary: Liza, maid to the princess victoria must stop the scandal the has threatened Victoria's right to the throne.


Book Number: 64

Number Of Pages: 166

Book Title: The Winter People

Author: Joseph Bruchac

Summary: The tale of a son striving to save his family from cannibalistic natives who are loyal to the english.


Book Number: 65

Number Of Pages: 161

Book Title: The Dolphins of Laurentum

Author: Caroline Lawrence

Summary: Lupus will do anything, including pillaging a ruined shipwreck, to get his revenge and have his uncle killed.


Book Number: 66

Number Of Pages: 307

Book Title: A Solitary Blue

Author: Cynthia Voigt

Summary: Jeff Green has stressed relations between his father, mother, and never wishes to have company with anyone, always trying to become his own little island where he can live in solitude with his guitar and songs.


Book Number: 67

Number Of Pages: 155

Book Title: Journey of the Sparrows

Author: Fran Leeper Buss

Summary: Immigrants from mexico try to survive and adapt to the united states.


Book Number: 68

Number Of Pages: 236

Book Title: 2000 legues under the sea

Author: Jules Verne

Summary: A scientist is taken prisoner on a submarine run by captain nemo, and records his expedition and adventures of 600 miles travelled in the sea.


Book Number: 69

Number Of Pages: 229

Book Title: The true confessions of charlotte doyle

Author: Avi

Summary: Charlotte doyle is about to embark on the greatest adventure in her life, becoming a sailor, being tried for murder, and helping kill the tyranical captain of a ship, and solving the mystery of a stowaway.


Book Number: 70

Number Of Pages: 109

Book Title: The Starving Time

Author: Patricia Hermes

Summary: Elizabeth must persevere though her mother and nearly her sister die in order to help keep her family and the starving colony alive.


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I have a question for the person who manage the page


I'm reading a book who has after the main story a few texts in complement of the story. Do I have to also count those pages or only the ones from the main story (3rd book of a trilogy)?

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I have a question for the person who manage the page


I'm reading a book who has after the main story a few texts in complement of the story. Do I have to also count those pages or only the ones from the main story (3rd book of a trilogy)?

If you read all, count all. In many cases, those pages are even part of the official page count of an edition.

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Book Number: 3

Number Of Pages: 700

Book Title: At Home

Author: Bill Bryson

Summary: A cultural history of daily life and "normal" activities, structured and illustrated by the rooms in Bill Bryson's English country house. The kitchen chapter is about food, cooking and servants' duties, the drawing room is about family matters and everyday comforts, the dining room about eating and social activities, the bedroom about marriage and childbirth, the dressing room about fashion etc. Bryson concentrates on the last 150 years (because his house was built in 1851), but happily goes back to the Norman Conquest or the Stone Age to add some quirky details.

Rating: (optional)

Review: Took me a while to finish this, not because it's a thick book (it is, but you can easily read 50-100 pages in a single sitting), but because too much Bryson can be too much of a good thing. Sometimes, I just needed a break. rolleyes.gif



Book Number: 4

Number Of Pages: 294

Book Title: From Elvish to Klingon

Author: Michael Adams et al.

Summary: Collection of essays. A linguistic appreciation of invented/constructed languages. Features real languages such as Esperanto and modern Hebrew, but also languages from various genres of fiction, film and even games, including Newspeak, Elvish, Klingon, Joysprick, Simlish, Al-Bhed, Leet.

Rating: (optional) 10/10

Review: (optional) Fascinating. And very well written. Most essays are short (too short!), but they all have comprehensive references/further reading lists. I've also read some studies on Klingon, Newspeak and Tolkien's languages, but this essay collection is a good starting point to delve into even more invented languages.



Book Number: 5

Number Of Pages: 320

Book Title: 1000 Artist Journal Pages

Author: Dawn DeVries Sokol (et al.)

Summary: A collection of 1000 journal pages by various contemporary artists. The journals contain paintings, drawings, cartoons, but also poems, stories, philosophical texts, newspaper articles, letters, diary entries... that create a unique mix of artistic statements.

Rating: (optional)

Review: (optional)

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Book Number: 20

Number Of Pages: 873

Book Title: A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2)

Author: George R. R. Martin

Summary: There are plenty of "kings" in Westeros, all battling for their claims. The Night's Watch are more concerned with the wildlings beyond the wall, who are gathering. Daenerys continues her work to return to Westeros and claim the throne for herself.

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