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Overrun | OCC Thread

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In Deepridge, a suburb near L.A., there has been an outbreak of strange, dangerous creatures simply known as Them. The main goal is to escape and find a safe place, but that safe place could be anywhere and with anyone. There are no boundaries that They aren't willing to cross, and that's no exaggeration. The safest thing to do is to keep quiet, stay together, and pray for a miracle.


This thread is reserved for posting character sheets to be approved and chat concerning events in the RP. Off-topic chatter should be in the CPA or in the form of PM.

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Y'all can puppet my characters if you need to. I'll try to look for wifi while I'm away, but I think it'd be safer to assume that I won't have it.

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Argh, I finally got time to flesh out some character sheets.


Username: XiaoChibi

Character Name: Sonia "Sunny" de Lacie. However, some students at Oceanside call her Habanero.

Age: 16

Grade: Junior in HS

Class: 11A

Sex: Female

Appearance: Sunny has amber eyes and reddish brown hair that's tied into low pigtails. However, because of Them, Sunny only has one pigtail on her right side due to the fact that one of Them tried to eat her hair. Her pigtails are tied with crimson red ribbons. She usually wears her uniform to school, or a red hoodie and jean shorts if she is in a sour mood. When out of school, Sunny usually wears the latter or pajamas at home. Sunny also wears black rimmed glasses.

Personality: Sunny is the least mellow person one would meet, but if one caught her in a bad mood, she tends to be pretty volcanic. Despite this, she acts calm and collected when it comes to children. She's has an intense loyalty to her friends and is tolerant of most people, giving that they don't piss her off too much. However, Sunny is like a super volcano when it comes to fighting Them or when her enemies are nearby.

History: Sunny was born and raised in Deepridge. She is an only child, and since she has no siblings, one can often see Sunny babysitting Anny, her neighbor's kid. When she was a baby and during her preschooler years, Sunny received the nickname "Cherry" because of her plump cheeks and auburn hair. However, ever since she enrolled into kindergarten, Sunny began to develop a fiery disposition and often came home with suspicious bruises and scratches (these were usually caused by playground scuffles). Because of her spitfire-like personality, Sunny's fellow kindergarteners called her "the Habanero" and the nickname stuck onto Sunny for the rest of her school year. Most students refer to Sunny as Habanero, save for her friends, who refer to her as Sunny. However, the only people that call Sunny by her real name, Sonia, are her parents.


Bow and 5 arrows (still figuring out how to use it)

Metal baseball bat

Switchblade (Anny gave this to her)

Strengths: Sunny has had self defense classes in the past and therefore has a background in capoeira and taekwondo. She is loyal to those she trusts, and has a way of talking with people to get them motivated.

Weaknesses: Sunny has a low tolerance for whining, pessimistic attitude, and Them. Her attachment to children also blinds her from realizing what's right and what's wrong to do.

Motto: "Don't make me mad, okay? There's a reason why people call me 'The Habanero.'"

Other: Sunny is Anny's neighbor.




Username: XiaoChibi

Character Name: Antoinette "Anny" Zheng

Age: 9

Grade: Anny is a third grader.

Class: 3B

Sex: Female

Appearance: Anny has dark hair and blue eyes. Her hair is in down in a hime cut and wears a white hat. She also has bangs that frame her face. When Anny is at home, she often wears a grey sailor dress. Anny carries a black cat backpack every day to school.

Personality: Anny is a quiet girl, and she rarely speaks unless someone talks to her. However, she begins to be more talkative if she's familiar to the person.

History: Anny is Sunny's neighbor and was born in Moraga before moving to Deepridge when she was four. Ever since she was five, Anny has been babysitted by Sunny. At first, they had a rocky relationship, but Anny has grown to like Sunny and respect her. The two have a sisterly relationship. She was excited to graduate and be a fourth grader, but isn't too happy that They have ruined her hopes of being one.

Weapons: Anny has found a switchblade, but due to the fact that she can't use it, the blade is in Sunny's care.

Strengths: Anny can sweet talk people into doing what she wants them to and has a way of finding items that most people can't find. Other than that, she can be vulnerable to anything due to her small size and age.

Weaknesses: Anny is a slow runner, and is vulnerable when it comes to speed.

Motto: "Please?"

Other: Anny is a quarter French and three quarters Chinese.

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Looks good. Do you have ideas about how to get them along with the rest of the group or...? xd.png I mean, I'm sure I could think of something, but you know best what your characters would do.


But they're accepted either way. smile.gif

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Alright! Thank you smile.gif


Anyways, I was thinking that my characters could either catch up with the others via some deceased teacher/student's car before they leave the police station or they could meet in the countryside. I'm not sure which one is more reasonable, though.

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Yep. No problem.


Eh. Either is workable. I would imagine that them catching up to the bus and asking Ash to stop would be more likely than them somehow ending up in the same place in the countryside and meeting up there, though. smile.gif

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Yeah, that's what I thought^^;


I'll just have them catch up to the bus biggrin.gif


Hopefully, it doesn't drive away, lol.

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