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Erroneous Reports IC Thread

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Don't be surprised if the title suddenly changes. My co-GM is having issues atm.




For as long as both have existed, humans and demons have lived in more-or-less a peaceful coexistence with each other. Very few of the humans knew about demons, as they took much care to hide themselves from the majority of the human population. Of course, there were always a few accidents, but they made sure not to “disappear” the unfortunate who suddenly had a whole new world open to them as that would cause much inquiry. They adapted to the modern day in much the same way that the environment did; which is to say that they’re having issues. Two factions developed, both consisting of numerous smaller groups, to police the demons. On the whole, the demons did not mind the friendly faction, but they became even more secretive after the second surfaced.


Mythology is only half the story with most of the human-friendly demons, as many of them, in addition to their normal demon form, had a human form in order to hide themselves amongst humans. Even then, they had their own world, the demon world, to hide away in when humans encroached upon their territory too much. Eliminating humans would have been a dangerous endeavor, especially as both fractions would retaliate. Wars including demons were common, especially before large weapons of mass destruction, as they could disguise themselves as magic-casting humans.


Despite this masquerade, two weeks ago, the demons decided to eliminate the curtain of secrecy that they resided behind. The leader of the water-based demons revealed his true form in the waters just off of the coast of New York. Many believed this to be a special effect when they saw it on the news, until they realized that the government was in a state of panic and the onset of general confusion was closing in. That, and it had caused a continual rain off the coast and drained several lakes and then replaced the water. Humans had forgotten about the majority of demons and magic, so this was “new” for them. Several governments had contact with demons and the magic-using humans before the reveal, but the majority of demons remained hidden.


The governments contacted the few supernatural beings that they did know, in order to make sense of the situation and prevent it from escalating into anarchy. Their collective responses were less-than-satisfactory, but they did not seem to have any clue as to why the demon king did that either. It seemed as if they desired to help humans, but were tangled up in their own problems. As such, the governments resolved to get to the bottom of this together (for the first time in history), and recruited an assortment of people to resolve the issue.


Where you come in:


You are one of the people (or “people”) selected to investigate the appearance of the demons. You can be a human who had no prior knowledge of demons before the appearance of the dragon in the ocean; a human or supernatural who has already joined one of the factions, this means that you have prior knowledge (and prejudice) of demons; a demon (or part-demon), who is neutral and wishes to investigate why one of your leaders revealed himself. Of the humans who did not know that demons actually existed before, you may be a government agent, or a normal person who has volunteered for this duty. You, no matter what faction or species you belong to, are under a strict no-kill policy unless it is a life-threatening event, and even then, it is frowned upon.




Humans not descended from demons: Same old, same old. Can learn magic, but at a much slower pace than humans descended from demons. Sometimes rare abilities spring up here, allowing them to learn more magic than normal. Psychics and witches, unless descended from demons, go here. Same with infected humans under one hundred years old.


Humans descended from demons: Demons in many pantheons have had the power to transform into humans and intermingle with normal humans. The offspring of such a union are blessed with magic that stays for many generations, but they inherit the weaknesses of their demonic ancestor. They age much slower than humans, but they do not have the often miraculous regenerative powers of demons. Most of them have some demonic traits, and, very rarely, they are able to transform into their ancestor’s species when under great duress. They may have physical traits that betray their demonic ancestry, but they look mostly human.


Demons: The most varied out of the three. Nearly immortal, these near-forces-of-nature are what legends are based on, they are the things that go bump in the dark. Alternatively, they are the beings that humans admire for bravery and wisdom. They can be influenced by their origins, but they may also break out of the mold set by their predecessors. They have the most strengths, but at the same time they have the most weaknesses. A “demon” is defined as any non-human sapient being (a dog which can transform into a human counts, and so does a talking door), a human that has been infected by a supernatural illness for more than a hundred years (werewolves, vampires, etc), or a remnant of what has once lived (zombies, ghouls, and ghosts. Vampires are on the fence). I will add the species of demons that people define and invent in a different post. There may only be two different versions of a demon (Eastern and Western dragons, to give an example), beyond that it will become too complicated. Please note that due to the terminology in the RP, angels are now technically demons. There can be hybrid demons (two demons of different species), but the hybrids themselves are infertile.



Many of these were founded eons ago, when people were much more superstitious and the demons much more determined to get what they wanted.


These are based all around the world, being alliances between numerous smaller groups, but they both have a council of leaders instead of one. They tend to hire people for administrative work, as the higher-ups are often bogged down by mountains of papers that their underlings tend to incur upon the organizations from gallivanting off and trying to right wrongs. The faction names are merely the groups that tend to be thought of as united with a single goal, but they often argue amongst themselves.


Demon-Friendly: This faction operates under the ideal that a world with cooperative demons is better than a world sans demons. This is group with the most powerful magic, as they accept those descended from demons, and demons who remain in their human form for the majority of their lives. They do have some financial connections with various demons.


Demon-Killing/Exorcists and Demon-Hunters’ Association: This faction believes that killing all of the demons, regardless of whether they would ever harm a human (even in self-defense), is what would improve the world. This has the most members, as, many humans, once they learn of demons, become terrified of them and desire to eliminate them. They will kill members of the other faction if they are not pure human, which makes them rather unpopular with many. Somehow, most of their members are not in jail.



The demons were united under one strong leader, and vestiges of that still remain, but that broke down when the Demon-Killing faction grasped the concept of targeting the leader. As the demons soon found out, having a sole leader certainly was not a very smart idea when that leader died, so they resolved to have five. Not a perfect solution, but they reasoned that everyone would be in danger if all five fell. The leaders of the four groups are mostly figureheads, but they do hold sway when their faction is in danger or when they are called upon to fight.


Water: This is a collection of lesser groups of demons who primarily live in or near water, ruled by the idiot dragon that revealed himself to humans. It is the faction mostly likely to retaliate when provoked, but it would do so in an orderly fashion and not all-out as fire. Heavily influenced by the amount of prestige that being in a government position brings, the laws tend toward the stricter side and favor those that are at least part demon.


Earth/Land: Made up of smaller groups, united by one king. It does have a separate branch to deal with politics and logistics; the king mostly beats people up. It is the richest group, followed by Water, as they have access to all sorts of precious metals.


Fire: Smaller than the others, but powerful. They seem to have fewer outliers than the others. It is ruled by a sole leader, a phoenix. Its leader seems to have a connection with water's...? It does not look upon outsiders kindly, but they are dedicated to upholding justice.


Air/Wind/Spirit/Non-elemental/Void: As a conglomerate union, it is ruled by a couple. This is the most numerous group, even when compared to Water. Not very friendly toward humans, but it will not harm them intentionally unless threatened. At first they were two distinct groups, but they later merged, as their two leaders fell in love with each other and that rather expedited the process, which had been going on for a few years prior. There seems to still be some that do not like the merge, but they have mostly been ignored.


Demon World: Not ruled by one leader, but the demon factions on Earth do have their mirrors here.


Demon Market: This is ruled by total and complete democracy, as it would be absolute chaos if one tried to take it over. This means that things often don’t get done, as demons often have the petty disagreements that humans do...except exacerbated.


???: Not really a united group, as they have goals ranging from enslaving the other demons while killing all the humans; killing all the other demons while enslaving the humans; killing everyone but themselves and the ones close to them; destroying Earth while leaving the Demon Market and Demon World alone; and destroying everything. It is the most violent out of all the groups, and the one that gives demons their bad reputation. It has a murky hierarchy, as they are rather prone to backstabbing each other, but it seems to rely on power, wealth, and connections.




Earth/Human World: Weapons function normally. Demons receive no special boosts, and time passes normally.


Demon Market: A seemingly endless array of shops. This is a completely neutral zone, where even the demon-killing faction can reside peacefully (well, that’s if the humans don’t attack a demon). There are extremely strong magical wards up preventing spells other than restoration spells from being used. If one attempts to use any sort of weapon to harm someone, it is immediately destroyed or turned against the aggressor; it is applied equally to guns and rocks alike (you'll end up hitting yourself in the face with your rock).


Demon World: Its geography seems to be very similar to Earth's, except that there are no strip mines or other earth-altering human activities. Times passes far more quickly here than it does on Earth; its rate (and it changes often) is currently one year in the demon world equals two days on Earth. Only demons and humans who have inherited the blood of demons may live here, as all others are promptly kicked out by the demons that police it. Demons are more powerful here, and spells seem to have more effect. It has been watching the Earth and its dealings with technology, and it has taken quite a few ideas and implemented them, resulting in an Earth that is rather...off.



  • No power-playing/god-modding or any of that. Unless, of course, my co-GM or I grant plot-armor to someone (which would be only in the event of a vital RP-er leaving).
  • No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus.
  • If you are inactive without explanation for more than three weeks, the GMs may bunny your character out of the action.
  • What the GMs say, goes.
  • Your character(s) cannot be related to anyone in a high position of power.
  • You may have only 2 characters and they must not be in the same faction, be of the same species, be related to each other, or even know each other prior to the first meeting. If you have two characters, then your second character cannot take up the last slot for any species.
  • No killing others' characters.
  • Each post must be 100+ words in length (I’m being lenient here), and be in proper English. I expect proper grammar. Do not use “*action*” for an action. Use quotation marks, commas, apostrophes, and periods as they were meant to be. I will, of course, forgive a few typos and misplaced punctuation marks unless they change the whole meaning of your sentence. What I mean by proper grammar is not sprinkling the poor, abused marks like pepper and salt.
  • Each RP profile must be PM-ed to me or the co-GM; I will not accept any posted in either the OOC or IC thread.
  • Try to keep the genders equal, but I won't not accept even if there are nine guys and no girls and you want to be a guy.
  • Try to keep the factions equal; however, for this I will require you to change some necessary parts of your SU if there are really unequal numbers unless I find your SU exceptional.
  • Banned spells and abilities for player characters: omniscience; insta-kill; soul-wiping; instant regeneration; mind-reading; mind-control (unless it only influences and can be repelled); instant incapacitation; time travel; space-time manipulation; reality-warping; precognition; and the ability to see the into past (retro-cognition) unless it is uncontrollable or it's an extremely roundabout way;I'll add more as time goes by and people find loopholes or I think of more.


1. Reserved for Corrosion

2. Reserved for Misty-Shroud

3. Reserved for bambaata (My co-GM, who needs to get more sleep)

4. Holder - Elacular


Humans descended from demons:

1. Azael Lucius Hawkins (Pending) - TotallyDrow






1. Mira Farell - Corrosion






Sign-up sheet:


[b]Name:[/b] (Try to keep within the time period in which they were born.)
[b]Age:[/b] (Over 18 for humans.)
[b]Sex or Gender:[/b] (Yes, you can put "N/A" for certain demons or humans. You may also put "male, N/A" or something like that, as sex=/=gender.)

[b]Alignment:[/b] (What side you belong to. If playing a human who has just learned about demons, or a demon who is neutral or unaffiliated, put N/A.)

[b]Species:[/b] (Three choices: human, human descended from demon, or demon.)

[b]Species Description, Abilities, and Weaknesses:[/b] (No being lazy and posting links or pictures only. This is N/A for everyone but demons who have not had their species described. This is what defines your power in mythology if a demon. For example, shapeshifters would have the ability to shapeshift and an Eastern dragon would have the ability to manipulate water [bring rain and drain lakes]. This is heavily nerfed [far less powerful] for humans descended from demons, but the weakness is still at max power. You should have an equal amount of abilities and weaknesses unless the ability is something that is obvious from your description [things with wings can fly without needing an ability to do so and most demons have enhanced strength and senses that are not supernatural].)

[b]Appearance:[/b] (This should be meaty; no pictures allowed. If you are a demon, then please put down your appearance in demon form.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (This should give an adequate description of your character’s personality; about 1+ paragraphs in length. I don’t want to see the words “nice”, “mysterious”, or "peppy" anywhere in here.)

[b]History:[/b] (Same requirements as personality; if you choose “demon” as species and are old, then expect this to be longer.)

[b]Spells:[/b] (4 max for humans that were part of either faction, 3 max for demons, 5 max for humans descended from demons. I reserve the right to say that one of your spells is unclear or too powerful. Don’t worry about the low limit; your character will gain spells as the RP goes on. If playing a human who has just learned about the existence of demons, do not put any spells. Remember to explain these in your history. Your spells DO NOT have to be related to your abilities.)

[b]Weapons:[/b] (3 max for everyone, please be aware that I will veto super-powerful weapons. These must be explained in history. Magical weapons are allowed, but please do have an explanation for them--if anyone has an Orphan's Plot Trinket or Mysterious Item from the Shop-that-wasn't-there-Yesterday....it will be immediately REJECTED.)

[b]Other:[/b] (Ehh, you can put anything here...orientation, "likes/dislikes" that aren't long enough to constitute a paragraph, etc.)

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Accepted Characters: (This will take some time, as my co-GM and I have a six hour difference because of timezones.)


Name: Mira Farrell

Age: 24

Sex: Female


Alignment: Demon-Killing/Exorcists’ and Demon-Hunters’ Association


Species: Human


Species Description, Abilities, and Weaknesses: N/A


Appearance: Mira has an athletic build, as she has kept up her training even when not hunting demons. As she is only 5’4”, people tend to underestimate her strength (despite her broad shoulders), but she weighs 130 lbs, with most of that being muscle. Her straight, dirty-blonde hair is normally concealed beneath her baseball cap, but it is to the middle of her back when let down. She is pale, pale enough to burn easily in the sun, but she does have a slight tan from going out in the sun. Her eyes are green flecked with yellow.


Mira wears practical clothing unless it is required that she dress in something more restraining. Currently, she is wearing a tan t-shirt, a white and form-fitting sweater, khaki cargo pants with many pockets, white knee-high socks, black tennis shoes, and a black baseball cap. Normally, she wears clothes that allow the maximum amount of movement in the case of a demon launching a preemptive strike at her; however, wearing clothes that make her stand out from the crowd will only attract attention so she tries to dress casually when she can. She wears a black backpack with a first-aid kit, food, an extra change of clothes, water, spare change, a whistle, her cellphone, her sword (it peeks out), and her shield in it.


Personality: Mira hates demons without any reservations and will go out of her way to kill them. She makes no exceptions, not even for young ones who have no even had the chance to meet other humans. Even if she has to wait for a few months, she will stalk her prey until they can run no longer. Despite her desire to eliminate any demons, she will not charge into a large group of them and start attacking—she is far too wise to do that. Instead, she will call for back-up and wait until the time is ripe. As it is her (self-appointed) duty to wipe demons off the face of the earth, she is very much opposed to the faction that wants to help demons blend in with humans; that the dragon king revealed himself in front of humans disturbed her.


As a stern and serious person, Mira is not one to give into seduction of any sort and is difficult to cajole into doing anything that she does not want to. Sometimes, she will refrain from treating herself even if she has the resources to do so. She judges other harshly, and with her standards; if one does not meet those standards, then she will dislike associating that person; however, if she does not measure up to her own standards, then she will try her hardest to improve herself. Very rarely will her image of a person change, which happens only if they experience a drastic change in personality. Despite this, she is not cruel and prefers to resolve things not concerning demons peacefully.


Mira believes that she is correct about demons, without giving a thought as to the other side except for arguing against them. Her confidence in her position is worrying, as she will not back down from her tenants even if she is totally and completely in the wrong. Headstrong and convinced that demons are always chaotic (or perhaps neutral or lawful for a change of pace) evil, she will hunt them down relentlessly; even if the demons gets on its knees and begs for mercy, she will kill it. Once she makes a decision, it is impossible for her to retract it without serious convincing. Often, even those on her own faction will be intimidated by her determination. She is not one of moderation—either finish it or don’t start it.


Outside of hunting demons, Mira is a pleasant person and she does have a sense of humor, but it leans toward the dry side. She is willing to help her friends with requests that are not ridiculous, but there is a limit to her support. Other people tend to view her as a good person, but perhaps not the best sort of friend.


History: Born to a family that specialized in hunting down demons, as opposed to sending them back to the demon world or otherwise sealing them off from humanity, Mira was raised to believe that demons were thoroughly evil and unable to reform. They moved around a lot (they lived on the continental USA), which did not make for a very social child, and their dispositions left something to be desired. Critical of the other members of the demon-killing faction for not devoting their entire lives to hunting demons, Mira’s parents were the sort of people that only associated with those of like minds. Mira neither opposed nor completely obeyed her parents, preferring to spend time reading or researching, but she did participate in the hunts for demons.


As she was taught from a very young age that demons were evil incarnate, and her parents exposed to no demons that evidenced anything different, Mira grew up hating demons with all of her heart. They were evil, they preyed upon innocent humans; even if they truly desired (which she thought was impossible) to be human, they would snap and injure others.


She went on her first true “demon hunt” when she was around fifteen (after being trained in spells and given weapons); it was tracking down and eliminating a vampire that had been drinking from humans (without their consent). Mira performed well, able to locate the demon without assistance from her parents. More followed: a hungry ghost that ate people out of house and home; a water spirit that drowned people in order to obtain a meal; a raiju that caused wild lightning strikes; etc. A few years after, when she was eighteen, she happened upon a family of demons—kamaitachi, but that is irrelevant. They were living a ways away from human civilization, and they were neither interfering with nor threatening humans, so there was no true reason to exterminate them. She succeeded in it, but the kamaitachi had pleaded with her, something that she was not familiar with; she had internal conflicts for a bit, but then resolved that she was going to have to follow through now that she had started it.


Mira has currently settled down and is working at a desk job. She hunts demons around her area, but that is the extent of her demon-hunting activities.




1. Enervate: tires the enemy physically for a few minutes, but it can be warded off, dispelled, or otherwise repelled. Mira needs to say the spell’s name aloud for it to take effect, and the enemy must be within hearing range and be able to hear, or it will backfire; in addition, it takes some of her own energy to cast. She is able to do the same with magical energy, which is basically an offshoot of physical energy. Siphon: exactly what it says on the tin. Mira siphons magical energy from her enemy to use for herself. This uses physical energy, and she must be able to touch the target. They are two sides of the same coin. If one is sealed, then both are sealed; one backfires, both backfire.


2. Engulfing Flames: encases her weapon, or any (nearly!) other nearby object with a like size, in magical flames. They burn things that the caster wants them to; caster doesn’t, they don’t. The flames require magical energy to keep burning properly, lest they disappear or burn anything that shouldn’t be burned.


3. Sanctity: purifies wounds and makes them immune to infections of any sort, including vampire bites and such. This has a cooldown period of an hour, which makes it rather useless for large outbreaks. It requires physical contact with the recipient. It gradually heals while active, and it is active for up to an hour. Since this purifies demon-inflicted conditions, it can be cast on a demon that has been turned from a human or has a weakness to purification to continuously injure them.


4. Salt: summons a large quantity of salt—up to three pounds. This works everywhere and does not consume much energy. It summons the salt anywhere in a ten-foot radius, with the location being chosen by the caster. This salt is purified and meant to be used for combat, but it is multipurpose and can be used for cooking if needed. The salt may be in any form—from entire blocks to fine dust.




1. Anti-demon charms. These explode upon contact with the unfortunate demon, dealing a little damage, about as much as if a baseball hit them, but they are loud and can be pasted everywhere. Mira has multitudes of them, around 75 or so. Their width is the size of a playing card, but their length is about a pencil’s.


2. Standard-issue anti-demon shield: a shield issued to members of the demon-killing faction upon their joining. Mira’s is a navy-blue buckler that is attached to her left arm in combat. It is enchanted with fairly weak spells, but it is enough to keep demons from try to grapple with Mira (makes ‘em uncomfortable).


3. Short sword: exactly what it says on the tin. Its handle and hilt are unornamented and it has no magical properties beyond what Mira has bestowed it with.



NPC List: TO BE CREATED AND UPDATED (a.k.a. my life's been hectic and I want to fall flat on my face.)

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@Psycho Cat: Thank you for catching that.


@TotallyDrow: Abilities are the permanent things, like vampires have enhanced strength and night vision while spells are more of the things that you have to learn. Abilities are innate, and spells are learned. A demon with an ability to control fire would still be able to learn spells that have to do with water (in this RP, spells do not have elements, demons just have weaknesses; if you do try to defend yourself with from water with fire, though, expect to lose). For example, a a kitsune/huli jing/gumiho would be able to cast illusions as part of their ability, but they might have a spell to open any lock. Another difference between abilities and spells: an ability to detect a lie would ALWAYS be on but not always work, a spell to detect a lie would have to be cast and would probably always work.


Spells can be nearly anything. For my character, I have a spell that summons salt and one that wards off infections (demonic ones included, so she can prevent people from turning into zombies). As there are no elements, a character may have two spells whose elements would completely oppose each other if they had elements.


Humans descended from demons have different appearances depending on how demonic they are. A 4th generation would look different from a first generation. A first generation might have slightly different colored skin, eyes, and hair, while the fourth generation might have only enhanced intelligence.


They may also be part of the demon-friendly (I need to come up with names) organization, or any of the demon factions besides the ones that won't accept part-humans. If they managed to sneak into the demon-killing faction, then there had better be a really good explanation for that. They may also be neutral (same with demons and humans) and unaffiliated with any faction.


Should I add an explanation on magic?

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Thanks. Anything else that I need to clarify or any other questions? I'm open to all of them.


There is no specific ratio, but they all do age slower. A good example, I think, would be a sixty-year-old looking like a forty-year-old for a 4th generation part-human. It is possible for humans, but part-demons don't have to work at it.


I'm putting the limit of how old a human descended from a demon can be at 250 years. Of course, they part-demon wouldn't fit in with anyone as they age too quickly for demons and too slowly for humans.

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Well, there would be the problem of how to introduce the character to the others, but I think I can manage it if you don't mind joining the actual RP a bit later. I have to confer with my co-GM (who needs to post something).



I have come up with some names:

Erroneous Reports (the current one)

Questionable Ideals (sounds...>.>)

Ambiguous Intents (these are getting worse)

Distorted Days (if this ever gets to the demon world)


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Quick question. I'm slightly confused by what you mean by species description in the form. Do you mean to just put their strengths/weaknesses there or description of certain abilities? This is more for clarification really. xd.png

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Everything. I should put up an example (actually, I'll be relying on my co-GM for that unless people get even more confused.). Description as in usual role in mythology, what they normally look like, what they normally do (abilities included), and their weaknesses.

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Bump, and my co-GM seems to have disappeared into the abyss (he has the tendency to do that for extended periods of time...). If he disappears again... ._.


I have also posted my character sheet; yours does not have to be that long. Actually, I'd prefer it if it were shorter. I'll try to get my second character sheet up by the end of the week, to let you guys know how a demon SU should look like, but we'll see.

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Hi! I'm soupnazi and I was going to do some critique on your roleplay, but it looks like you mostly just need more information: how the demon factions sprang up, how the human factions were formed, what the human factions are like (who runs them, what the hierarchy is, where they're based, etc.), what the demon worlds look like, and so on. I wouldn't comment since this is still a WIP, but since it's been a couple weeks I figured I should.

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Hmm. Okay. I was going to put that up while working with my co-GM, but my internet is being a [profanity] and will not let me. I need to get working...UGH. That NPC list isn't going to complete itself, is it? I'm going to drive myself crazy trying to create names for everyone.


Would it be clearer if I put that the demon world is more-or-less a mirror of the human world?

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Would it be clearer if I put that the demon world is more-or-less a mirror of the human world?

I'd say yes.

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I think it's good. Approved!

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((I would post this in the OoC, but it seems you have none ^-^'


But really, I think this is interesting, but 150+ words may be what's scaring people off. This is just my guess, but still))

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((@.@ 150 words isn't much. I'll just reduce it to 100 words. I'm just worried that people won't post enough for me to respond to. I should probably apply for a OOC thread. Gotta transfer the SUs to that.))

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