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Dragons VS Humans, The Great war

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The rest of the day went by as Kathia taught her students more spells and practiced necromancy on her own time. She made another attempt at the zombie spell with a deer that had been hunted and chopped for meat, but that too ended in failure with the deer becoming ashes. Meanwhile, Atlas had checked with everyone in the camp for any information on Luco, but no one had any idea who he is. This made the woman think that he was never here in the first place. She thought in disappointment, 'Well that was a big fat waste of time.' She let Akil know that the man they were looking for wasn't here in Sundown, but there was Axle whom she had to look after during his stay & rest. Atlas had stayed by his side, waiting for when he would wake up. Now it was night time and the safety shelter had been completed. Alongside it was the new Rittevon Construction Co. HQ. Kathia had that built as well. Originally, the plan was to built the HQ first and then the shelter. But because the order had been reversed today, she decided both should be made here. The price for these two buildings were lower than expected, since it was made with magic and done in a day. The girl looked at the camp outside through the window of the HQ she was in. This was great; if buildings could be made in less than a day with magic, they could have a city built here in like a week or few. The Sundown camp would become the city of Sundown; a city where only humans would be in power and dragons their inferiors, a city immune to destruction from dragons, and a city to oppose Windfall.

((Insert Kathia and Jason scene in the story.))


((The Minerva part will still be in daytime until we get to an appropriate place for night time.))

After they were done eating, Minerva said, [color=purple]"So now we got to advertise the Blazing Tiger Academy. Hmm...how to do that?"[/color] She touched her finger to her chin and looked up as she thought up ideas on how to go about it. They could put up flyers, make a billboard sign, or advertise in a newspaper. With electricity gone, social media and web ads were out of question.

((In story, after café scene, the group checks out the dragon neighborhood (if they haven't done that yet) and Bolz leaves. Also add more advertising ideas in story.)

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Ronan shrugged. "Some simple flyers would work. Drake and I could spread them over the city in a day easily. We can do a fly-by." He suggested. "Flyers are very common in the desert. Mostly 'wanted' posters." He smirked making a bit of a joke. He'd go with Minerva and their small group to check out the dragon neighborhood next.

((All ready for ya Red.))

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((Don't worry, I'm still around. It's just that Kingdom Hearts and life has been taken up a lot of my time. It's so bad, I might not even do a picture of one of your characters this year.))


Minerva flashed an open-tooth smile at his joke. "Yes, flyers would be a nice idea. We should go look up a printing agency and have them make flyers for us." She ran a couple of printing places she had seen before in her mind before she continued, "I think I might know where one is. I hope they haven't moved their business to another part of this city."




Yopple was sitting down alone from the rest of the horde. From behind him a distance away, Ohimia poked her head out past the corner of a cave, determining whether she should see him or not. She decided to go check up on him to see if he was back to his old, friendly self. Walking a few steps towards him, she asked, "Yopple?" The magi cassare heard the familiar voice and let out a snort. Oh great, it was the stupid one. What does she want?

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Ronan nodded. "Alright, We can get that done. When we get home, how about we start your training, Minerva?" He smirked. "A woman of your caliber should know how to defend herself." His intent was to make her his first student and make her the best she can be. He saw potential in her and wanted her to see it too. Drake, as usual, kept quiet about the situation but he definitely thought it was a good idea.

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