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Dragons VS Humans, The Great war

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((Ok back now ish, slightly out of my depression and maybe bad luck, maybe.))


Azera watched as the group started their search for the white dragon that have impacted here in the forest. Azera looked around the impact site as the party fans out and pressed on, when he notice something, well someone that was hidden under the fallen brush. The brush was on top but not in a way that it looked as though it fell on them but rather to conceal them. He moved aside the brush and found an unconscious man who had been badly injured.


"Hey kathia, I found an unconscious man over here who been badly wounded." Azera yelled for her as he moved the rest of the brush so he could get a clearer image of who it was, until he saw them. He know who it was right at that point, and he kept that information to himself till he found out what the hell just happen.


Someone of his strength in healing magic should not have went down that easily, or the fact he should at least be slowly healing.


Mekarth wonder around for a second around for a second, looking at different buildings and other things around the center of the city sector, when group two came to him. "Ah, group 2 you have arrived. So let's get straight down to business, I need to know your strengths and weaknesses." He said as he continued to look over the area.



Juna and the Phoenix landed out in the middle of the desert. "This looks like a good spot to stop at." She said as she landed. There no animals or water anywhere near by they were a good 3 hour flight from the group. Anything that happens out here no would find out till it was later thought the day.


Juna simple waited for the Phoenix to land.



The blue armor slid down the side of the building slowing his fall from the disrepair building, using his scythe to slow his decent. 


"Nice to know someone notice my present." He said has he spun his scythe around behind his back. "Sadly, this is where you stop at outside dragons." He said as he stood in their pathway.

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((Sorry for the wait, my computer's internet connection hasn't been working properly recently. So I'm offline 24 hours on some days.))

Kathia's party stopped and turned to see what Azera found. The girl said, "Oh my, sounds like he's going to need my help. Hang on, I'm coming!" She jogged her way over to the man the mercenary found. Then she froze when she recognized the victim. It was the shape-shifting dragon, Axle. Kathia was at loss on what to do. She could leave him alone to die and then attempt to make him her first zombie. But how was she going to explain to everyone here and now that this "man" was a dragon in disguise? No one has ever seen a dragon with the ability to change forms. If she does nothing, everyone will get mad, criticize her negligence and even abandon their support for her.

One of her students asked, "Kathia, is something wrong?"

The girl snapped out of her thoughts, looked to him and lied, "Oh nothing, I was uh... examining his injuries. That's all." She looked back to Axle and frowned. She might as well save his life since people were waiting. She knelt down and held her hands above his wounds, channeling healing magic into his body. Kathia would move her hands over to the next wounds whenever she was done with one and continue on to the others. After she had gotten all of them, she stood up and looked at her neat job of repairing a body. Hopefully, she would never have to do this for a dragon again.


The group looked at each other, looking to see what breeds their comrades were before answering to Mekarth. A dark myst dragonet was the first to pipe before the others, "Ooh, ooh! I'm good at distracting others and I mean really good! I can annoy them and get away easily."

Kekul was answered next, "As a magi and magma hybrid, I can cast a variety of magic spells, but I have the strongest element in fire. Unfortunately, my breed comes at the cost of having two weaknesses, darkness and water."

Selenite then spoke, "As geodes, Jewel and I have very sturdy bodies, but we can't fly." Then the rest of the horde gave their strengths and weaknesses. The cassares being immune to all forms of magic, which also prevents them from being healed by healing magic. Evony, Lythnara and the leaf pygmies were susceptible to fire. Ursula was pretty fast, but couldn't stand water. Lastly, Cirrus was good with storm magic, but his healing magic was weaker compared to Hewey's.


Corona landed at the spot that Juna found. Then she waited for the silver's next order.


Yopple growled at armored man, "You looking for a fight, human? Because I'm ready to go for it if you are. Just prey that I don't roast you to ashes." His smile curled up to a sadistic grin.




Atlas thought to go to the more populated areas of Windfall to see anybody there knows. "Let's go check the urbs." She took off and flew to one of the business sections of the city. She landed on a wide cobblestone street that was big enough for 6 lanes of cars plus a divider. The magi looked around for any dragon who appeared knowledgeable.


Across the street, Mrs. Merryweather, who was carrying a basket of food she just bought from a grocery store, was having a conversation with another woman. The maid said, "So my charge, Kathia, is planning on building this city for humans only and her father's company will be there to help create the place."


"Really now?" the other woman sounded intrigued. "Is it going to be better than the one we're in now?"


"I think so," the maid replied. "She plans to make it modern and have the laws we used to have before Windfall. Its name is going to be Sundown."

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Unlike the students, Azera saw her reaction. She know who this was, and what he was. After she was done, and she examine the now healed up body, but almost with that hidden disgust. 


"Um Kathia, may I speak with you privately?" Azera asked as he started to walk away from the group. He stopped over by a few trees, about 30 or so feet away.


Juna saw the Phoenix dragonness land on the ground near her. "I want you to target a place out there and glass it, completely turn the sand to glass." She said as she sat down in the now warm sand.


The blue armor just shook his head. "Roast me, please. Do what you want, but I have another mission to do. Fifteen minutes is all you got to try and roast my ass. But then again-" he said as another voice popped up from their left. "You can never really tell which one is the real one-" that one said as another appeared to their right, "Or the fake ones."

The three identical beings ready their weapons and waited for one of the to make the first move.


Akil followed Atlas down though the foriegn city lanes. There was weird glances at those two, because one had no collar and the other one did. As they continued though the city lanes, Akil heard two ladies talk about a human only city that is plan to be built called sundown, and it seemed to be the maid that know where it was at. Someone named Kathia was in charge of the town to be built using her father construction business to help her with that.


'So a wealthy person building a town only for humans, why does this bring a distaste in my mouth.' She thought to herself, but slightly stopping Atlas as well with her information.


They know the plans for the city to be built is on it way, they still do not know where, or the direction they need to go.


((Mekarth would just him to himself for a bit will get it in next post. Ps phone screen broke and my internet have been down for a while, back up and ****, still dealing with bull****.))

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"Shoot," Kathia responded. As she began to walk with him, she told the students, "I'll be back, guys." She went with Azera to a place out of the reach of the people's ears. There she asked him, "So, what's up?"


"Alright, I'll try," Corona replied. She went to a spot with some sand at the river shore. She gathered a patch of it that wasn't wet and carried it with her to harder ground away from the river. The phoenix looked at it unsurely; she knew that sand required tremendous amount of heat to change its form, but she had never done this before. Would she get this right the first time? Probably not. Corona's body blazed with a fire aura around herself and she let it burn at the highest temperature she could make. She watched the sand in her talons burn brightly like a light beaming in the same way as a sun. It was quite blinding to the eyes that she had to squint to dim out most of the light. She sat there letting the sand cook for as long as she can until the point when she thought it was the right time to stop before it overcooks. The dragoness felt sand starting to harden itself. She put it down before the sand could trap her talons in itself. She held the talons closely over the sand from then on to heat it some more. Once she was sure it was done, she dispelled the aura and looked at the abnormally-shaped orange piece that quickly dimmed into a white color. Was this glass? After it had cooled, Corona showed it to Juna, "There, what do you think?"


The team looked in surprise and awe at the man and his clones. Yopple, still feeling confident, replied, "Oh I got a way to do so alright. The three of us are going to take you on one to one. Fable, Annar, you take on the other guys. The one in front is mine!" Yopple cast a fire beam spell at the man in front. Fable went to the man on the left and blew out his toxic pollen breath, while Annar did the same to the man on the right.


The woman replied with interest, "Sundown, huh? Well me and my family should move there once they finish build it. I want to get away from all these damn dragons."

Mrs. Merryweather advised, "You should; that place will be much freer than the one here."

Atlas thought to get in to the conversation herself, but she must do so as a human so that these women won't withhold any information from a dragoness. She told Akil, "Be right back." She went to the back of a barber shop behind her and changed into her human form. She came back out and walked towards the women who were still continuing their conversation about Sundown. Atlas put on a friendly facade as she held her hand up and greeted, "Hey girls, I just heard y'all say there's a human-only city that's being built."

Mrs. Merryweather nodded to the brunette, "Of course! A girl I'm working for is using her father's company to build such a place. She and everyone else with her wanted to get away from all the nasty dragons running amok here."

Atlas felt insulted and angered by the maid's comment on her race that her eyebrows furrowed for a bit. But she quickly smiled wider in an attempt to hide her feelings. "I know how she feels. I want to get the hell out of here, too. So you mind telling me where it's at?"

The maid answered, "Well I can't say where it's exactly at. but I do know that it's somewhere in the woods far from Cypress, I mean Windfall. Maybe once the city's finished, Kathia, my charge, will let me know."

"Okay, guess I'll have to check the news. See ya," the Solomese replied before leaving. She walked down the street instead of approaching her daughter, so as not to make a bad impression on the women who may see her. Using telepathy, she told Akil, 'Looks like these humans weren't much help at all. We're going to have to scour the whole forest outside just to find where Sundown is.' She could see this search being very difficult to do as Sundown could be anywhere regarding the distance in the surroundings, whether it'd be north, south, east or west.

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((heyo. Just letting you guys know I'm still here. Been a long time since I've been able to reply but I'll keep my patience.))

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((Same..ish, working in my reply, just dealing with some stressful things right now.))

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((I’m still here as well; I’ve just been doing the same things as usual. I’ll make a Minerva post next time, since Rainbow’s not responding.))

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Akil waited around the corner for Atlas, till she mentally told her they were not really helpful. 'Well that annoying, I guess it best if you might wonder around for right now looking for anything, or overhear anything about this location. Ill stalk around for a bit till I find something on my end, maybe.' She though back to Atlas, as she wonder around for a bit, looking for or even trying to hear anything of interest.
============================(really all i could think of))=======================================
Azera looked at Kathia for a moment before he ask. "So, it clear you kind of know who that is, or what they are, am I correct?" He asked in a quieter voice, not to alert anyone on their conversation. "I really do not care on what you really do to him, but I need Information from him, that could be of some use to...." He stopped as he looked behind Kathia. Something have caught his attention.
Lucian saw the fire and the poison pollen coming at all three of the armor unit. The one with the fire jumped back a bit to avoid any real injuries, while the poison pollen ones seemed to vanish. "Two poisons, and one fire breather, a bit of an weird combination, but what ever suits your fancy." He said as the scythe scraped against the ground before the unit spun and throw it weapon at yopple, hitting the anti magic zone and disappearing. "And a Anti-magic field as well, So keep my distant away from you."
Juna looked at the harden piece of sand in the dragoness talons. "It is impressive, but it not quite glass. " She said. "It not as clear as glass, and requires a bit more control of your heat."
((Sorry for the long wait, but just recently lost my job, so been on the hunt for a new one.))

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((So about that Windows 10 you have. I forgot if you had downloaded it to your computer or if you had gotten a new one that came with it. If you've downloaded to an old computer, I think that might have been why you're having connection problems or something. My sister and I got our new laptops and we've been able to connect to the internet fine. Anyway, I hope your next job is better than the last one.

Also, here is LordTorch's birthday fic: https://www.deviantart.com/silverbeastlaguz/art/DR-The-First-War-LordTorch18-s-characters-4-797582931
Sorry I forgot to give it to you on the day of your birthday, bud.))

Akil suggested that they wander around until they find some information. 'This could take all day,' Atlas thought. All she knew for now was that Sundown was far away from Windfall, but it could be anywhere in the woods. Trident Mountain was far away and she could start from there, but what if the place was not on its side of Windfall? She could be wasting time like this. Guess they might as well look around aimlessly, searching for humans who know where Sundown is. Atlas walked away down on the sidewalk, almost reaching the corner of the block when she soon got a smart idea. Teleport directly to Kathia, the one in charge of Sundown's construction. This was the fastest way possible to getting to where they needed to go. But of course, the woman needed to know what Kathia looks like first before she could warp to her. Going back to Mrs. Merryweather, who shared farewells with the other woman and left her, Atlas stopped before her and asked, "Hey, I forgot to ask."

"Ask away," the maid said.

"You got a picture of Kathia? I need to know what her face looks like, so that when I see her, I'll ask her where it is." The true human probably did not have one on her, but it was worth asking just in case.

The maid replied, "Of course, I'll be happy to share with you." She took out a photo to show to the Solomese woman and said, "This is Kathia; red hair and everything. Take a while to study if you will."

Atlas stared at the picture for a short while, taking in all the details of this girl and absorbing it into her memory. After she was done, she appreciated, "Okay, I've seen enough. I'll be going to look for her now. If I can't find her, I'll try again another day. Thanks!"

Mrs. Merryweather replied with a friendly smile, "You're welcome. Have a good day!"

The Solomese woman walked away and went over to Akil, "Okay, I've just found out what the human in charge of Sundown looks like. I'm going over to her now. Can't bring you since she's a dragon hater. So you're just going to have to wait here until I bring back this Luco guy."

((Note to self: In the story, change it to the Mrs. Merryweather is saving her cellphone energy for when Kathia calls, but she'll show it to Atlas anyway.))


"Yes I do," Kathia answered. Her eyes glanced at Axle as she continued quietly, "He's a dragon." Azera was requesting information about Axle when he immediately stopped. "Use to what?" the girl asked. It took a few seconds before she noticed that he was staring at something behind her. "Azera, what are you looking at?" She turned her head behind her to see what or who it was.


Yopple smirked confidently, "I guess I'm the only one with a real chance." He charged at the real man as he roared loudly with the intent to attack. He brought up one of his claws and attempted to swing at the man. The flower pygmies flew after the cassare to try and aid him.


Corona said, "Okay, let's see if heating it some more will change." Her body reignited the flaming aura and watched the white crystalline piece turn orange again, being cooked by her flames. After a five more minutes, she dispelled her aura and showed Juna the glass piece. "So how is it? Is it better now?"


After showing Bolz the school and telling him everything about it, Minerva asked Ronan, "So Ronan, what do you want to do now?" She was kind of in the mood to get a flavored coffee from a cafe, but she will go with whatever her boyfriend decided.

((Sorry, that's all I got.))

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((it's all good Red.))

Ronan 'hmmed' and thought a moment. "Shall we get something to drink?" He asked. "Coffee sounds good right now." He hadn't had coffee in a while, but he could use a cup. "Down in the southern desert, they don't drink coffee sweetened like people around here do. It's either straight black, or milk mixed in. I prefer a little milk. Helps take away from the bitterness." He smirked. Drake simply yawned. He laid down to offer both Minerva and Ronan a lift.

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"It sure does," replied Minerva. "We also have different flavors of coffee, but you probably already knew that." He did used to travel before recently, so chances are that he did come across flavored coffees. Then she got onto Drake's back and helped Ronan up. She figured she pay him back for his chivalry of getting her onto his friend.


Aeolus had asked Hewey if there were any other healer dragons he knew. Hewey mentioned his two children, a son and a daughter, who were in a different horde. Though having 2 more healer dragons was too small to make any real difference, taking them in would still benefit the horde regardless as any increase in the number of healers would making wound treatments much faster than with just Hewey and Cirrus. Aeolus took Hewey with him, using his magic stone to warp them both over to where the healer's children are. They found themselves in a rainforest clearing with a small horde of dragons around. The closest to the two soldiers were Hewey's children. A purple-winged healer dragon looked at Hewey in recognition and asked, "Pops, is that you?"


The Vulture Horde's healer answered with a happy smile, "Of course it is, son. It's been a long time since we've seen each other." Next to the son was an eastern-looking healer dragoness with wings and pink spines. Noticing how very different the two looked, Aeolus presumed that they were half-siblings.


The son asked enthusiastically "Gee wiz, it really is you! So how you've been? You living off the fat of the land?"


The daughter looked to the horde leader and asked, "And who's this? Some friend of yours?"


Hewey introduced his leader, "Peachy, Vanillia, this is my horde leader, Aeolus. We came here to recruit some dragons." He looked around at the number of other dragons looking at them and continued, "Or at least join forces with them."


Vanillia the daughter said, "Well we're already in a horde, dad. So we can't join yours."


Aeolus was about to remind her of the union between their hordes part and ask for their leader, when he heard a raspy voice from behind, "Excuse me, did I hear you say join forces?"


The two soldiers looked over to see a dark green dragoness with light blue stripes and scars from sword wounds approaching them. Coming with her was a dark silvery dragon with a white head, wings and red eyes. Aeolus recognized the dragoness's companion; it was his son, Casper, a dragon who had been born into slavery after the disaster dragon had been forced to mate with an oracle dragoness slave. Casper had been separated from his parents weeks after hatching to be sold to another human. Looks like Hewey was not the only dragon with family here. The disaster answered, "Yes, are you the leader of this horde?"


The dragoness and Casper stopped before him and she answered, "Yes, I am Lady Muckspit of the Puma horde. Casper, our oracle, told me I would be visited by another horde leader today. Tell me, who are you and for what purpose would you have our hordes unite?"


Aeolus answered, "Well Lady Muckspit, I am Aeolus of the Vulture Horde and my horde is need of more dragons take down some tyrants who are oppressing our fellow dragons in the Rudvichan continent." He told her everything about evil lords of Shadow Wind, what training they will get and what they will be up against if they were to help them. "So I was hoping that a boost in morale we will be able to overthrow our enemies with ease and after this, kill more humans faster. What is your answer, my lady? Will you join us or not?"


Muckspit replied, "Well Aeolus, Casper has also told me about our horde's future if we were to unite. And fortunately for you, it sounded pretty good. We will have destroyed many humans in Solomos and grow bigger as an army with many more dragons joining us." With a smile, she continued, "So yes, we will join your horde."


Aeolus was pleased to hear this revelation of the events to come. If his son's prophecy was true, then it was very much possible that the battle for Shadow Wind will be won. But then again, prophecies only told possible futures; it did not mean that what oracles saw will come true. "Excellent, with you at our side, we will ensure a safe future for all dragons around the world. The Vulture Horde welcomes you all, Puma Horde."


Peachy said to his father, "Well pops, it looks like we're gonna be with you after all."


Hewey smiled, "Yes, I'm glad we're back together again. We can spend the quality time we all missed out on through the years."


Raising up his magic stone, Aeolus said, "Now let us warp over to meet my horde." Then he looked over to his son and told him, "And Casper, you and I have a blood clan I would like you to meet." With Casper being his son, it would make him a Gallion by blood. The oracle looked like he was interested in meeting the clan himself. The disaster dragon teleport Hewey, the Puma Horde and himself back to the village.

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((Currently in the act of moving, sorry for the delay, also red I did Reply to the person who had questions.))

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((Moving done... kind of))

Akil recieved the relayed information from Atlas about the human that runs the place called sundown, and what she like. "Be careful, our mission come first, nothing else right now." She said. "Do not try to be a hero."


Azera watched for a few seconds longer before he looked at Kathia. "Just a snake in the distant caughting prey, as for the information, it based on spinx and some history of shadow wind." He said to her.


Lucian saw yopple charge at him and had almost no time to react to dodge, but to counter the attack was an option. When yopple anti magic range hit Lucian, the armor man turn into a blue dragon, bigger then yopple, as he went for a bite to yopple neck, not really seeming to care about yopple own attack.


Juna saw the crystal glow more, as the Phoenix seems to have some control over her heat. "It not bad, but you also cooking everything else around you as well, not just the glass." She said as she was some distant away. "You can raise your temperature, but you need to control it to a more pin point location."

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((Here's Draco's birthday gift: https://www.deviantart.com/silverbeastlaguz/art/DR-The-First-War-Draco8967-s-chracters-story-5-806320276.))


"Got it," Atlas replied. Then she closed her eyes and pictured the crimson red-haired girl in her mind. The woman was not going to like being in a presence of a racist, or even a bunch of them considering that the founder is going to be with others of her kind. But for the sake of this mission, she was going to have to learn not to let any kinds of anti-dragon sentiments get under her skin. Atlas used her teleportation spell to warp over to Kathia, creating a bright flash in her place before disappearing out of Windfall.


"So you need him alive for interrogation, huh? Okay, I'll let him live for now. But after he turns back into a dragon, he's dead." She won't be doing the killing herself though. Instead, she'll make her students hunt him. Hopefully, none of them would be hesitant in killing a peaceful dragon like she had been. It would be a shame to lose the only good dragon in this world, but her students need the experience to become better dragon slayers. At least, he can still protect humanity as her zombie dragon; that is if the zombification spell doesn't fail. Then suddenly, a bright flash appeared before them in a second before a Solomese woman appeared in its place in the next. Kathia looked at her in great surprise, wondering how and where did she come from. Purple clouds fumed around the woman as they spread past the girl and mercenary. The redhead coughed as the smoke got into her lungs, making the air heavy to breathe.
Atlas stared at the girl, keeping her cool as she tried to not to let her disgruntlement show. She asked, "You're Kathia, right?"
With the fumes cleared and gone, the girl was able to breathe properly again. Which means she could answer without any trouble, "Yeah, how did you know my name?"
Atlas answered, "I met you maid in town today. I wanted to get away from dragons and see if I could find someone I know here. Know anybody named Luco?"
Kathia answered, "Luco? I don't know any Luco." Seeing as how the woman magically appeared out of nowhere here, the girl decided to take this chance to learn a new useful spell. She smirked eagerly and tried to bargain, "But if you can teach that spell you used just now. I'll help you look for him." The ability to warp would be incredibly useful. She and her students can use this to get to anywhere they want to, and even ambush dragons for the kill or make quick getaways.
"What?!" The woman looked at her in astonished dismay. No way was she going to teach that racist her spell, not even if it was to help her find Luco. "I can't do that!"
"Why not?" asked the girl, upset with the answer. She wanted that spell badly and she wanted to learn it now.
"Because it's-" Atlas paused when she noticed a certain silver-haired man with her. Azera, the man who she saw fighting Spinx back at Trident Mountain. It looks like he is fine and dandy again since the aftermath of the battle. The woman did not think that she would see him again.


The surprised Yopple skidded and stopped right close to the man as soon as he saw him transform. Then his neck was clamped down on by the larger dragon. Yopple writhed his neck & head roared in pain as he felt teeth sink beneath the scales. In an attempt to save their comrade, both pygmies flew up to the blue dragon's eyes and tried to scratch them. The struggling Yopple tried to slash at the blue dragon's chest.


Corona frowned in disappointment and was annoyed at her own mistake. The dragoness sighed, "Alright fine. Like this?" She dispelled the aura on most of her body and left it only on the claw holding the glass shard.

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((So been struggling with paying bills after my event that happen, and I do apologize for that. I lost my internet and phone during that time, and worked like a dog to try and pay stuff. I will post soon now, again I am sorry about my disappearance.))

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Lucian flared out his wings to quickly send out a powerful gust of wind towards the two smaller enemies to get them away from his eyes. He felt yopple's claws dig deep into his dragon scales, far easier then what is scales were suppose to be like, almost as if the scales were decaying away every second he was near yopple. The anti-magic was removing the cults grip, which could in theory slow down the cults objectives, but on the other hand they would try and go after what little lucian had left to protect, what kept him from rebelling against the cult, if he failed the mission he was task to do. His body was losing strength at a rapid pace and he know it. He quickly let go and spun to hit yopple with his tail before making out of the range of yopple anti-magic zone. The amount of negative energy entering his body was painful and the cult know something was up when they lost Lucian for a second, and the fact so much energy was put back into their unwilling dog. Lucian in his current state was not going to be able to fight yopple in a long fight, but the cult would not care that much about it.

'Lucian, kill the anti-mage before he destroys our progress. Aid is on your way to insure the job is done.' A voice said to him, as Lucian eyes widen a bit about what he was told. He mutter under his breath, "You want me to kill.?" He said to himself as his head hug down.

"What are you all here for?" Lucian ask as his wounds were healing now.
Azera look at Atlas for a second before turning his head, something caught his attention it seems like. At first Azera thought nothing of it, but it there again, stalking around almost perfectly and in complete silents, so how is it Azera notice it the first time. Azera saw what it was even in the complete invisibility it had, and the pure evil aura it had. "I think it best if we started to head back now." he said as he turn to start heading back, before he stopped and head back towards the group of people wanting to learn how to hunt a dragon, to retrieve axle. When he got to axle though, he notice a creeping black spot on him. '****.' he thought to himself, but picked up Axle and then headed back towards the camp. He felt Axle breathing, though recently healed completely, was irregular and shallow.
Juna saw the dragoness had decent control over her aura, so that much was for sure. "So a question for you is why did you not flare up your whole body the moment you got attack? You could have prevented your team from losing that match, and secure the win." She ask now slightly puzzled by the dragoness decision.

((That it so far. This month so far is just hell for me.))

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((Sorry for the late response, I had a request to work on and I was trying to get two of my own works done before the end of October. Anyway, here's picknick10's b-day gift: https://www.deviantart.com/silverbeastlaguz/art/DR-The-First-War-Picknick10-characters-story-6-815401102 ))

The flower pygmies were blown backwards away by the blue dragon's wind. Yopple's attack had successfully freed his neck, but he was then hit by the tail, which knocked him to the floor. The cassare groaned as he struggled to get him. His neck was hurting badly by its bleeding wound and every movement was agitating it. Fable and Annar flew over to him, floating by his head as the former asked, "Yopple, are you okay?" The cassare refused to answer; not wanting to admit weakness in front of their foe. Truthfully, he was hurt and wasn't sure if he would be able to hold out for a while before he bled to death.

Then the blue dragon asked what they were hear for. Yopple growled, "To save the damn villagers you took, that's what."

Fable demanded, "Where are they?"


"It's what?" Kathia asked, wanting to know the reason why.

Azera said that the humans must go back to wherever they came from and he started carrying Axle. Atlas's eyes went a bit wide as she was very surprised to her friend here. She thought, 'What's Axle doing here?' And how did he get here in Solomos anyway? He should have been back in Solomos with the Vulture Horde where she left him, but here he was now.

"Tell me!" the woman heard Kathia demand, snapping the shapeshifter out of her thoughts.

With Azera leaving for wherever, Atlas took this as a good chance to make an attempt to end the conversation and escaping having to teach the dragon hunters. She told her, "Well you heard him, you all got to go."

The girl wasn't buying it as she insisted, "Not until you tell me how you got here, missy. I want to know the spell now and I will learn it."

The woman still refused, "Don't be ridiculous, I'm not going to teach you the spell. I just can't do it."

"Yes you will!" Kathia told her.

Her students joined in on getting the secret magi to teach them teleportation. They all demanded loudly, "Tell us!" "Teach us!" "I want to get to places faster!" "Why won't you teach us?" "I'll do anything to be able to warp around. Name your price."

Atlas was feeling the pressure coming from all these humans. She wanted to get out of this, get away from all these people. But if she did that now, then she wouldn't be able to find Sundown or Luco. She can't go back empty-handed; she needed to complete the mission. She thought, 'Think Atlas, think. How do I get out of this?' She started running a list of ways to escape this madness.

Kathia smirked and coerced, "If you don't teach us, then I won't help you find who you're looking for." It was the woman's loss if she didn't want to cooperate and give her what she wants.

What could Atlas tell them? What would her response be to deny them for good? "I can't teach you because...uh..." She twiddled her thumbs and glanced sideways before continuing, "Another person warped me here. Yeah, I can't do that, because he's the one with the magic, not I." Yes, that was a good lie. That's the one she should say to them.

The girl asked eagerly, "Really? Where is he?"

The woman lied, "He was just walking down the street when I met him. So I don't know where he is now or where he's going." She shrugged her shoulders. Thank TJ, that human fell for it easily. The woman wasn't sure what else she could say if the lie wasn't believed.

"Shoot!" Kathia grumbled with her fist swung down fast beside her. "Guess I'll just have to send a ghost to find him." To the woman, she said, "Okay I may not have gotten the spell, but I'll see if this Luco guy is in the camp." She told her students, "Come on, everybody, let's go." The humans followed after Azera on the way back to Sundown. Atlas felt relieved that her trouble was over; now she can just focus on finding Luco and then get out of here with him. But she may have to save the last part until later once Axle wakes up. The woman had a few questions in mind she wanted answers.


Corona answered, "Because I got ambushed. That canopy dragon came at me so fast and winded me. I didn't have time to react to him. And then there were those things that grabbed me. They were made out of magic, so I don't know how fire could have dispelled them."

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((When the job you haves want to screw you over so badly you get to the point of losing almost everything, and about to get to summon to multiable court cases. That how my holidays been so far. Sorry for the long delay.))


"The villagers." He said quietly but just barely auditable as he lowered his head a bit more.

"Your here to save them, and take them away from this corrupted place. Away from their dark clutches. They won't let you do that,  not while they have several of us already ensnared in their trap." There is sorrow in his voice till the end where is was he was disguised.

"I'm sorry, but your lives must end here, as now you know to much." He said as his position changed back to his battle stance. 


Juna looked at Corona. "Ambushes are going to happen with out any moment, you have to learn to react to them as if they were second nature." Juna said as she stood up a bit and started to walk a bit. "And yes magic can be dispelled with more powerful magic. A flame, if powerful enough, will burn away magical effects, think of them as thresh holds. You must pass their thresh holds to become stronger, or you will all ways be destined to fail if you do not. The more control you have over it, the more stranger things you can do, such as healing with it, instead of burning." Juna said as she looked up to the sky. "Isn't that right, brother?"


Azera continued to track though the forest, looking in all direction ahead of him. He knows something is stalking him, but what, and how is it remaining hidden all this time with almost no sound or visable movement. It took some time before the camp came back into view. "Hey kathia come up here please." He yelled back to her as he continue to head to the camp.

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((I've been meaning to suggest this, but I kept forgetting. Draco, what if you had a roommate or two that lived with you? You all could pay the bills better and maybe have less problems.))

Yopple gritted his sharp teeth, growling, "Curses..."

Annar looked at the cassare worriedly, "What do we do, Yopple? You're hurt and I don't think Fable and I can take him on alone." The two flower pygmies haven't gone up against a dragon of this size before and his wings were powerful enough to blow them away.

Yopple let out a grunt of pain. There didn't seem to be a lot of options for him to do without risking possible death. He wondered if he could use his water magic to heal himself. He heard water was good for medical reasons, but he did not know all the details on this. Hopefully, this would get rid of the infections & dead cells so that his body's new cells would allow to rejuvenate and heal the wounds faster. Though he knew he won't be healed instantly like if he were with healing magic. He cast a stream of cool water around his neck and shaped it like a thick collar. The cold water had constrict the blood vessels to prevent further bleeding. "We'll keep fighting until it's too tough for us to handle." He cast another water spell, which was high-pressured this time in an attempt to deal damage to their foe.


Corona thought over Juna's advice. She said, "Well I guess that could work. But what if it's water magic I'm up against? Or maybe ice magic? How will I go against those?" Maybe a strong enough fire would just evaporate the water? Who knows.


Kathia's pace increased to catch up over to Azera's side. Then she asked him, "Yes?" She wondered what was it this time. It was probably about Axle she guessed.

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((Star Wars ROS was AWESOME!!!))

((Hey all, sorry for the long wait. Red, here's a continuation for our rp.))
Ronan took her hand and hopped up on Drake behind her. Drake got a running start before leaping into the air to fly off to town. Ronan looked back to check on their guest to see if they were following. "So, we grab coffee, then we start marketing for our school. Right?" He asked to make sure he got their plans for the day set.

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((Merry Christmas, guys!))

"Yes," Minerva replied.

((That's all I got for now, sorry.))


The horde was going about their business, eating their foods and conversing with each other, when a flash appeared at the edge of the village. They saw Aeolus, Hewey and their new batch of recruits. Danielle and Kylie scrambled out from behind one of the adults to see the new clan. The whiptail asked, "Who are dey?"

"I dun know," Kylie replied.

The horde looked at the other horde curiously as they were eager to meet their new comrades. Aeolus said to his horde, "Vulture Horde, this is our new recruits the Puma Horde. They will be integrated in our horde to provide us their needed abilities and healing." He turned his head to the toxic-tailed dragoness and continued, "This is their original leader, Lady Muckspit." The dragoness stepped forward to show herself before the Vulture Horde. Then the disaster looked to Hewey's children next, "And these are Hewey's offspring, Peachy and Vanillia. Just like their father, they are healer dragons. So we can benefit from having more dragons to heal our wounds." After introducing the rest of the Puma Horde, the leader told them, "Get yourself acquainted with your new comrades. Afterwards, we will train them at the replica sector to get them familiar with a part of Shadow Wind's territory." He walked off to one of the caves to rest inside and plan on how to convince the cassare village to join the horde. They were a distrustful bunch from what he heard from Sargoth. So needed to be more than charismatic to get them on his side.

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