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Dragons VS Humans, The Great war

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((Sorry for the late response, I was addicted to playing Fire Emblem Warriors and trying to get the Guidance 1 seal on Fire Emblem Heroes! And Foolsmoon, I forgot to say this last time, but I'll see you soon when your homework becomes lighter.))

Axle healed himself quickly after their attack. The moment he looked Albina in the eyes, she knew that he was going to hurt her. When he dashed for her, the two dragons blew out and cast their attacks, but Axle zigzagged to avoid them. Immediately, he was pretty close to her and frighteningly so, because now it looks like she was next to getting butchered. The albino dragoness shrieked and jerked her head back in panic. But at a pretty lucky last second, Aeolus tackled the white and then tried to bite him on the neck, but not on the throat which would kill him.


Hewey stopped his healing magic to turn his head towards Juna. He answered, "For as long as I've can until I've ran out of my magic energy. I don't know how long I'll last as I have not been counting the minutes. And half an hour is usually how long a dragon can continuously cast spells until they need a break to restore their magic energy. I'm sure Aeolus and the others will be back soon." In his belief, he didn't think a fight between a small number of dragons would last this long.


The M.Slaver claws were still tapping the ground with a cling cling cling, till the clinging stop, and the air started to get colder as frost started to run across the wall and the road from the M.Slaver. He turn his head towards the group, as it was clear he notices them even if he was blind. The frost surrounded around the dragons but not getting close to them thanks to yopple anti magic zone around him, but a small rodent got spoked by the frost and attempted to out run it, but it got caught by it and instantly turn white as the frost encased it. The M.Slaver stood up and turn to the dragons as his claws were started to cling against the frosted ground.

As Yopple's group went on, they suddenly felt the air get colder and their surroundings covered in frost. The trio halted their advance towards the building's rear as they were shocked by what just happened. Annar telepathically asked the others, 'We've been spotted, haven't we?' Their thoughts were the same as they were upset by their failure in stealth. Yopple bared his teeth like he was growling and Enamora & Annar were nervous as they all looked around for the noticing guard. They saw a rat encased in ice by the magical frost and realized how lucky they were to have Yopple with them or else it would have been the end of them. They immediately saw the M.Slaver coming for them and knew that they were in deep trouble. His sight may have been blocked, but apparently not his olfactory or hearing, if the trio hadn't been quiet enough with their sneaking.

Enamora murmured in despair, "No, we're doomed!"

Yopple thought about how his anti-magic field had protected him from the frost caused by the M.Slaver and got an idea. He told the others, "Follow me and stay close to me. Don't touch the ice." The cassare spread his wings and the others got an idea what to do. They jumped and flew away from the premises as Yopple hoped to lead the M.Slaver away from the building. Then they descended down to the street, but not touching the ground and went half a mile before they turned corner into an alleyway. Annar looked behind them to see if the M.Slaver dragon had followed.


A strong wind briefly blew at Corona's face, forcing her to close her eyes for a bit. When it was gone, she opened them back up and noticed that the human had immediately disappeared as if he was never there. The dragoness was bewildered by this; his scent hadn't left any trails besides the spot where he used to be and for some unknown reason, a pink flower petal was taking his place instead. Did the man used some kind of teleportation spell to get away?

((More to this scene in Zeditha's next giftstory, because I'm too lazy to write anymore.))


The hiker's spirit floated above the battlefield, watching Kathia and the knight trying to zap each other. They both kept missing each other as the battle dragged on. The hiker kept alerting the girl for when her foe was about to attack and where he would strike from. He was doing a good job of keeping her safe from death so far. But now he wandered when one of them would make a successful strike against the other. Kathia looks like she was getting exhausted of constantly casting spells and the knight, for some reason, was still energetic. The hiker wondered how he could help end this fight quickly before the girl tires out and becomes an easy target. He noticed how the knights never seemed to notice him the whole time. Either they were ignoring him or maybe they just couldn't see him. If it was the latter, the hiker wondered if it was possible for him to hit the knight and distract him. The ghost flew over to him to test it out. He threw a punch at the back of the man's head. The knight did feel it as the hiker hoped and the living man cried, "Ow!" When he moved his head back up, his eyes widened in shock as he saw Kathia's lightning coming fast. He never got a chance to move as he was shocked and screamed in pain before he fell down and died.

But the sparks shooting off the man had affected the hiker too, who was too close to the knight. The ghost felt even worse pain in places where the sparks touched him, creating holes on his form. The hiker screamed in agony as he began to hold on to his wounds. Kathia was horrified by what she had accidentally did to the hiker. She ran quickly over to him, though her tiredness from using up much of her magic energy slowed her down. She apologized, "I am so sorry, I didn't mean to do this! I swear I didn't know magic affects ghosts! Here, let me heal you." She held her hand over the one of the holes and cast her healing magic on him. But unfortunately, it made it worse as the hole grew bigger instead and the ghost was in more pain. The girl quickly apologized again, "Oops! I didn't think this would happen. Usually my healing magic fixes wounds, not the opposite. Sorry, I don't know much about ghosts. I'm new to this necromancy thing."

The hiker through his pained expression grunted forgiving, "It's alright, lassie. This just a mistake. Just send me back to the spirit and maybe someone there will fix this." He made a horrible-sounding scream from the bigger hole hurting him.

Kathia send the hiker back to the afterlife and went back to the halfling woman. This terrible experience she just witness just now made her remember to never cast any magic spells at the ghosts she summons. 'I better read up on ghosts later,' she thought, wanting not to make any mistakes like this again. She lifted the halfling up and carried her the same way as she did before. With the creature's weight and the girl's weariness, the walk back to the camp would be slower than ever. She wanted to summon another ghost to act as her watchguard for her surroundings, but that would just use up more of her magic energy and she can't afford to collapse. For now, she must persevere to Sundown on her own.

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Axle was inches away from pouncing on albino before Aeolus tackled him and bite down on the back of his neck. He growled at Aeolus before he yanked his neck downwards to remove his neck from Aeolus grasp, but when in doing so he torn off a large piece a his neck. He pulled back from the two as he flair his wings out and roar loudly at them, clearly he was not playing around with them anymore. He was about to charge at them before something came across the ground that made him stop. A large shadow came across them from above as Axle looked up a d saw what it belongs to. Even the animalistic part of him know to run, but at this point of that dragon decent it was far to late, as it shadow haves grown exponentially, as it came and landed in between the dragons that were fighting. The pygmy that was lodged into the tree was dislodge from it by the shear wind from the gust he did as he landed, and landed on her side.


The new comer dragon armor was a silver color and fully armor to the teeth, as for the pygmy who wore this kind of blackest tinted armor set that barely provided enough protection to be consider armor. Only her back, tail and top of her head was armored, leaving the rest completely exposed. The dragon that was killed by axle in a gruesome death was also wear more armor, but not by much, only different was the chest addition to his gear. 


Axle took one step back, and he was meet with a giant swipe to his side that was flown though a few trees from just the shear force. This dragon was double the size of Axle and was touching the tops or even passed tops of trees just by shear height, and almost paid no mind to Aeolus and the albino, but turn his head slightly to the pygmy, who got to her feet, and turn to the dragon, sat down and kept her head looking to the ground. "Worthless. I will deal with you later after this is clean up-" He said before she went to interrupt him with was sound like a plead. He stomped his paw down hard on the ground which made the ground shook and sounded like thunder, and it also knocked her helmet off her head, and revealed a collar, but not one that Akil had but that looked more a slave collar. Closer look on the pygmy showed her armor was not just providing little defense, but also it was permanently on her body, minus the helmet. There was also one more thing as well, she had wings, but they met the armor back piece, and just at the joint, she could spread them and glide, but fling was not going to be possible as it made it impossible for her to fly without flapping her wing.


(To sum that up, she a slave to that dragon.)


"Silence. I have already taken your flying and your freedom for your last outburst. Keep this up and ill turn you into a living ordainment." He snared at her.


He turn his attention back to Axle, who was back on his feet, but he was covered in his own blood from newly open wounds. It was clear he was at his limit now as he had aggressively healed his wounds from Aeolus and the albino and the dragon he brutally killed, however Axle turn and try to make a mad dash away from this dragon, but somehow ended up coming from behind Aeolus and the albino, straight into be slammed into the ground by the new comer, that the sound of breaking bones could be heard, and he was airborne all of a sudden and was hit straight into the chest with more bones in his body breaking from the shear impact alone and hit the ground and slide into a tree with a hard impact to his back.


At this point it was clear where the group came from, and where this dragon came from. It was also clear that Axle was not going to get back up after that short three hit bone breaking combo he just took.


The three dragons took to the air and left the frosted area. The M. Slaver did not know where the dragons went minus away from the area as he laid back down in his spot blocking the door, as the frost lingered around on the ground. His claws still having that rhythm tapping sound.


"You do know it impolite to stalk someone though a window right. Also can we please avoid using breath weapons, the point is to capture me not to BBQ me alive here or turn me into a Swiss cheese, as so clearly some of your clan members have try to do a short bit ago." He said from behind her. "To be honest i don't want to fight any of you, not when you all are going to try killing me." He said as be replaced a band he had on before back on with a click sounding very close to a sword being unsheathe or re-sheath. He turn in started to walk away from the dragon. "Also I'm in no condition to keep fighting. That little trick i did took the rest of my power up so I'm rather defenseless at this moment against dragons breath weapons. The question is can you get back to Juna without the rest of the other teams knowing, or better yet find her at this point?" He asked as he turn his head back towards her. "Because i won't say where."


On the way back to the camp the halfing started to stir. She moan a bit before she open her eyes and let her vision focus a bit before she realized she was being half carried and half dragged.(not sure how Kathia is carrying the halfling)She saw Kathia out the corner of her eyes and ask weakly. "Kathia, what happen?" 

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Aeolus felt Axle removing himself from the horde leader without being mindful of the teeth biting onto him. As a result, a piece of his neck was torn off and left in Aeolus's mouth, where he tasted blood. They got it, a piece of Axle's flesh needed to heal Mekarth. But that's just only one of the requirements, this flesh must also have lots of blood more than the amount of meat on it as well. Aeolus would have to check it later, because right now they were still in the presence of a ferocious killer, whom they need to escape from now. Before the white could attack, everyone saw a large shadow looming over them and they looked up to see an armored dragon much larger than any of them descending down between them. The giant dragon attacked Axle before he shook the ground while talking to the pygmy. Aeolus and the albino made startled cries as they felt themselves nearly losing their footing. Then the horde dragons noticed a slave collar on the pygmy and realized that she was a slave to the giant dragon, who had restricted her wings for flight. 'Shadow Wind dragons,' thought the horde leader. They and the dead he saw must have came here to kill Axle.


Axle healed himself and tried to escape, but somehow he ended up running past the horde dragons from behind as if he had been warped behind them. As the white was getting his bones crushed by the newcomer, the albino roared frantically, "Oh TJ, he's going to kill him!"


'I know,' responded Aeolus in her head, feeling the direness of the situation. 'We need to stop that dragon immediately. But first, I must send this flesh piece to Juna before the blood dries out. You go fight the dragon, while I get Kekul to warp this.' Just after he said this, the magma magi and his gray friend teleported next to him. The horde leader commended the former for his good thinking on bringing a healer to this fight, because they were going to need him. He looked to the magi and said, 'Kekul, perfect timing. I just tore a piece of Axle's neck; send this to Juna right away.'


"Sure thing," Kekul obeyed. He warped the flesh over to the silver dragoness.


Cirrus looked past the magi and the disaster and watched the albino attempting to fight the armored newcomer with her claws. The gray also noticed Axle in his badly injured state lying on the ground. He wasn't sure what to make of this as he asked his leader, "Aeolus, what's going on? Kekul told me that he and you were fighting Axle, but now I'm seeing one of us fighting this dragon in armor. Is he defending Axle?"


Aeolus answered, "Quite the opposite actually. He and his pygmy slave are here to kill Axle."




To Annar's relief, the M. Slaver was not in sight, not even a smell of him. It must mean that either they were too fast for him to catch or he didn't bother to chase him. The flower pygmy decided to think it was the latter, since it was natural that he would do this as his job as a guard. After they got to the other side of the alley, Yopple stopped as did his comrades and he looked back to see if the M. Slaver had gotten stuck as planned. But to his disappointment, the huge dragon wasn't there. The cassare looked up at the black sky to see if he had flown over it. Yopple wasn't sure how someone with no way to see through their helmet would be able to detect the landscape, but he had to check just in case. But the M. Slaver wasn't above them either. The cassare bared his teeth like he was growling and thought, 'Curses, my idea didn't work.'


Enamora asked, "Looks like we're safe for now, but we still need to get into that building. Just what are we going to do?"


Yopple came up with another strategy that he hoped would succeed this time. He told them his plan, "We're going to go back there and try again. This time we're going to split-up and start off in different spots. I will distract the M. Slaver, you Enamora will take the front door and Annar will try to find another way in and go inside through it. He won't be able to stop us all at once like this." He liked this idea and wanted to go through with it, because it was the only good one he can think of and he didn't want anyone finding flaws in it to put it down.


Annar questioned, "We can do that, but how are you going to distract him?"


Yopple answered with a smirked, "Oh I have my ways to do this. Now enough talking, let's go and do this." The trio went back to the slave compound and flew over to different spots. Enamora landed on the west side, where she could see the door and be prepared to run to it. Annar stayed at the east side on a fence and watched the M. Slaver. Yopple swooped down at the M. Slaver and tried to whip his tail at the head as he provoked, "Fight me, fool!"

Corona was taken by surprise when she heard someone speaking behind her. She and the dark myst turned their heads to the human, who had somehow appeared right by them. Corona tried to explain, "I don't think anybody was trying to kill you, we'd obviously be in trouble for that if they did. They were probably just trying to weaken you, so that you would be easier to catch. I'm sorry they were annoying you." The two dragonesses looked at each other, feeling the good news cheering them that they may be the winners.


The dark myst was smiling excitedly. She looked back at the man and answered, "Of course we will! We'll never let the other groups take you from us." She was sure that they would escape fast should they ever meet their opponents. Plus, she has the power of distraction and annoyance to keep their focus off her teammates.


Corona said, "Let's get back to Ristia and then find our way to Juna." She picked up the man and walked with the flying dark myst to rejoin the wasp pygmy.


The moment the wasp saw the captured human, Ristia smiled and beamed, "You got him!"


Corona returned the expression, "Of course we did, now let's get over to Juna." The trio began to walk together as the phoenix dragoness telepathically asked a certain magi, 'Kekul, we managed to capture the human. Can you tell us where Juna is?'




Kathia stopped and dropped the halfling, relieving her neck and shoulders (or whatever) of the weight that tired them. Her anger rose as her eyes glared with heat and strain, eyeing the woman like she had committed a crime, which Kathia could compare the halfling's escape from Sundown to considering the troubles she caused. The mage yelled, "What happened?! I'll tell you what happened! After you fought Azera, some winged ******* showed up and started a fight with him. Azera told me to get you away from here, but then that half-breed sent his guys after us. They're dead now thankfully, I killed them with magic. But they costed me a horse, which I paid a lot of pounds for. It's lying on the ground dead for animals to eat." She continued to blame the halfling, "This is all your fault! If you hadn't left the camp, none of us would be in danger! I'd still have my horse, I wouldn't get scared over a hungry dragon and some guys trying to kill us, that ghost I summoned would still be in one piece, and Azera wouldn't be in the fight of his life with that damn half-breed!" With her mouth getting tired of ranting, she took a couple of breaths to regain the energy. It didn't make her anger go away however. "And most importantly, we wouldn't be out here in these woods with the sky going dark and the mosquitoes out wherever they are biting!" Then in the next comical second, not in her opinion, she felt an itch on her right arm and looked at it to see a red bump on it. She cried out her annoyance, "Oh that's just great! Now I'm going to itching all night!" She scratched the mosquito bite and asked, "Why did you leave the camp? Answer me!"




After playing some various fun time activities, the spring dragoness, whose name is Jarilo, was now telling hatchlings' stories to the Firestar sisters. Many of the dragons who were assigned to Group 5 had returned, most bringing back prey, fruits and vegetables, while others were unlucky to find anything. The horde was nice enough to let the sisters take their picks of the food. Danielle took a lizard, while Kylie got a prickly pear. They ate as Jarilo told a story, "Little Loy was a misfit pygmy, who was hated by many dragons, but loved by hatchlings who were amused by his jokes and antics. One day, he brought silence to his class when the teacher asked him to spell 'sobrazun', an old language meaning tree. Little Loy was quick on his feet. He jeered, "Sobrazun teacher. That's too small; give me something big to spell like 'ney'." And 'ney' was a word for whale." The spring smiled with amusement at the story's joke. Danielle and Kylie burst out laughing as tiny bits of their food went flying out of their mouths.


Another kind of laughter was heard before that someone said, "Wow, that sure is funny! Did you make that up or is this a common story?"


The sisters looked behind them and saw Ohimia approaching. She was carrying 3 gray foxes, flowers and some lizards. Danielle said, "It's Ohimia."


Kylie greeted her, "Hi Ohimia, we're listening to stories."


The lumina asked with a smile, "Is that so? What kinds did you hear?"


The whiptail answered, "The one about the gargoyles."


Her sister followed her up, "And the one about the enchanted stone."


Ohimia replied, "Ooh sounds interesting! Can I sit with you all and listen to more stories?"


The sisters replied, "Sure!"


Jarilo welcomed her, "Of course you may. Everyone is free to listen to the tales I tell."


"Sweet!" exclaimed Ohimia, who was happy to be let in. "I'll go put the catch on the pile and then I'll sit with you."


"Okay," the spring replied. The lumina went to put animals on the meat pile and the flowers on the veggie pile before she sat with the sisters and listened to Jarilo's continuation of the Little Loy story.

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The silver dragon was approching the wounded Axle, before some struck his armor from behind, but not even scratching the armor. He turn his head to source to see the albino is clawing at his armor. "Annoying pest." He said outloud and took a swipe at her with the same amount of force that broke bones in Axle body. Either he hit her or not, it was enough to for him to spin back around and started to walk to Axle again.


Messiva was on her knees when Kathia started to scorch her about her dead horse and the fact she was starting to get bite by little bugs. At the end of the angry scorching she commanded the halfling to tell her why she left.


"I.... i don't know why. It was like i was some how commanded to do so, and i cant explain h-" she said before she stopped and gasped in pain as she put her hands on the ground. She painly said "Azera" as she went to push herself off the ground, but her eyes caught the golden winged person kathia speak of. She saw the blood cover pike in one hand, but in the other was Azera. 


He throw Azera to the ground as he started to turn and walked away from the two girls, soon disappearing into thin air. The halfling quickly went over to Azera and saw only one cut on his arm. 


"He passed out from exhaustion" she said as she look back up to kathia. "Also that my anwser i do not know why i did." 


Juna was watching over carefully Mekart condition before a torn off peice of flesh appeard next to her with white dragon scales attacted to it. She know where and who it came from because she wasted no time doing what she need to do. She deskin it and slahed lines into the meat part to drain the blood from it over mekarth wound. After which she disposed of the meat quickly, and waited for Axle blood to work like she hoped it would.


The M.Slaver heard yopple to late to react to his tail swing as he hit the large dragon head dead on. A few seconds later the dragon turn it head back towards the way it got hit from and stood up and waited.

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((CorinnyCat's 2nd giftstory is here: https://silverbeastlaguz.deviantart.com/art/DR-The-First-War-Corinnycat-s-character-story-2-715384187


Albina let out a loud pained roar as she was clawed by the silver dragon. Aeolus, Kekul and Cirrus instantly turned their heads to her the moment they heard her. They saw the dragoness laying on the ground and her blood painting the grass red. She had deep gashes on her where she was scratched and also where a bone got broken. The armored dragon walked by her, closing in on Axle. Aeolus ordered the gray, "Cirrus, go heal Albina. Kekul and I will take out that dragon over there."


"Got it," Cirrus replied before he went over to heal the roaring and wincing dragoness. Aeolus and Kekul engaged the silver. The magi cast a magic wall between Axle and the enemy to keep the white from being harmed during the fight. Aeolus blew lightning at the armored dragon, wondering if his armor would conduct electricity since it was metal. Maybe it might, maybe it won't, but he'll test that out regardless.




Kathia was skeptical about the halfling claiming to be commanded and she was too mad to care about her suffering. These feelings went away when she heard a thud and looked behind her to see Azera on the ground. With him was the gold halfling, who walked away. The mercenary has been defeated in battle. "No..." Kathia murmured in shock, believing the man to be dead. That is until the female halfling checked him and said that he only passed out. The girl gave out a sigh of relief and said, "Talk about lucky..." Then after the woman's answer, Kathia replied skeptically, "Likely story, but whatever I'll take it for now. Now let's take Azera back to the camp, I don't want to be out here in these woods any longer." She took Azera by the arms and hung them over her shoulder. She waited for the halfling to take the legs.




Hewey saw a piece of Axle's flesh appear and watched Juna used it to drain blood over Mekarth's wound. They waited to see the effects.




Yopple kept swinging his tail at the M. Slaver, trying to distract him with hits. At this time, Enamora and Annar went on the move, each going a side of the building. Enamora stalking by the western side and Annar sneaking at the eastern side.

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((Yes, you're still allowed to sign up. It's just that our 2 mods, picknick10 and Sai aren't on this RP anymore. You can send me your form if you want, so I can have a look at it. I'll PM you this exact message in case you don't see this post when you log on.))

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(Well, here goes...)


11 years earlier...


Ben huddled in the corner, bracing himself for the blow. His dad was standing over him with a belt in his hands. He roared and brought it down among Ben’s mass of bruises. When he was preparing for the next blow, Ben quickly started out from his reach and ran out the door. The 5 year old boy thought, I can’t go back. Surely I’ll die if I go back. He quickly wrote a note to his sister Lily with a pencil he had in his pocket and headed into the forest. 


When Ben awoke, he saw many dragons conversing with each other. They seemed to be discussing whether to “keep him” or not. Eventually, they settled on taking him in. This is my new life, thought Ben.


Present Day


It seems like only yesterday that happened, thought Ben. But I cannot dwell on the past, he thought. Today, I must fight for the dragons.


(I hope that was good enough)

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((Sorry for the late response. I've been tired from work yesterday and I've been stressed out. Anyway, now that I'm feeling better, I am going to summary everything that happened in the RP. I will copy from the timeline thing I have on my sta.sh and omit the non-canonical things from some of the giftstories. If this is too long for you, you can either skip to the current day (which is Day 6) or I can take out the unimportant stuff from the longer days.

Day 0 : Chapters 1 - 3 (Night of the Spell) (Monday)
- Atlas fights in the tournament.
- Spuma and Zee (borrowed) works as Kathia's construction slaves.
- Night of the Spell.
- Kathia's parents are killed by their slaves.
- Aeolus and Rina kill the humans who massacred the Eternal Wind clan.
- Colin and his grandpa leave their shop and encounter a white dragoness. Colin kills it.
- Nick meets Albel the hybrid at the coliseum and his brother, Fayt. They stay over at Rika's mansion for the night.
- Aeolus finds the Eternal Wind clan village and sleeps there for tonight.
- Darkness rescues a girl from a burning building and returns her to her mother.
- Flarina dies, killed by hybrids, and Atlas raises her nieces.
- Astyn watches Nick and Rika talk about which race will win in the new war.

Day 1 : Chapters 4 - 9 (Tuesday)
- Windfall is being rebuilt.
- Colin wakes up and finds that Skaia has hatched.
- Rina leaves her village to go to the Northeast region
- Atlas attacks Akuma, chases him to the city and fights Nick, Rika, and the hybrids.
- Akuma wakes up and leaves for Dion's house and Rika gets a letter from the Aquarians about a treaty.
- Atlas burns down the lab.
- Aeolus leaves the village while Rina goes to search for the survivors of her clan.
- Astyn watches a confrontation between Nick and Akuma.
- Kathia attacks Darkness and ends up at the hospital.
- Chi meets Katherine and then goes to heal Darkness.
- Tryp has killed humans in the battle arena and goes into the woods. Daisuke follows Tryp and is discovered.
- Nick and Akuma bring Chi back to Dion to plan out a cure for the hunter's mode.
- Nick takes the cure to Fayt and fix him. Albel and Rika gets him to lead them to Chi.
- Albel finds out Dion is alive. Akuma warms up to Nick after his life is saved, but is only manipulating him.
- Atlas meets Henry and Yukki.
- Aeolus reaches a dragon village, meets Bam, and helps build it.

Day 2 : Chapters 10 - 11 (Wednesday)
- The Firestars depart from Henry's home.
- The reconstruction of Windfall is now complete.
- Nick and Akuma go to Windfall and treats the hybrid to sandwiches.
- Kathia gets a magic book and meets Jason.
- Nick has a fight with Kai and then he & Akuma goes to his house to get out of the rain. After Akuma bites him, Nick gets mad and Akuma leaves the house in anger.
- Aeolus leads the dragon village horde to destroy a human camp.
- Lone survivor grieves for his losses and goes to another refugee camp to warn them about the dragons.
- Katherine and Chi go to the library.
- Kathia practices magic and learns swordsman skills and archery from Jason.
- Daisuke lives with some dragons in a house.
- Jason drops her home and Kathia sees that Mrs. Merryweather had kept the mansion safe for her.
- Ronan and Drake enter Windfall and sleep at Lagoon Inn.

Day 3 : Chapters 12 - 15 (Thursday)
- Minerva goes for an early morning walk and meets Colin. Then she gets attacked by robbers and rescued by Ronan and Drake.
- Then she goes to work at the ADR building.
- Colin goes into the woods to look for a herb before he gets attacked by dragons and kills them.
- Kathia fights Green and then flees.
- Axle and Strife find Akuma and heal him. After the para-wolves battle, Kai heals Strife.
- Axle, Strife and Akuma go to the Golden Pony Inn and Marc spies on them in squirrel form.
- Sovereign enters Windfall and Minerva greets him.
- Ronan fights off the mafia attacking the ADR building.
- Vulture Horde encounters human army and sees Dedries and his horde dead.
- Atlas finds the Castle of Fire, learns its history, and teaches her nieces ABC's and how to read.
- Vulture Horde meets the cave horde and recruits Orion.
- Atlas encounters halfling thief and Rina.
- Kathia meets up with Jason again and this time they go to the Golden Pony Inn to eat. Jason cooks dinner while a hotel receptionist is killed by Marc.
- Green and Katherine travel together to go to Solomos before sleeping in a safe spot for tonight.
- The mafia tries to kill Ronan and Drake, but they fight them back. Boss Keith tries to take Minerva hostage, but then he gets kills by Ronan.
- Vulture Horde sees Sunlight Horde defeated by the army and saves them.

Day 4 : Chapters 16 - 26 (Day of the Festival) (Friday)
- Vulture Horde wakes up and convinces the survivors of the Sunlight horde to join him.
- Kathia wakes up and calls her father's company to find out that it's been closed down.
- Vulture Horde finds Zeditha and recruits her into the horde.
- The horde rescues slaves and attacks humans. Zeditha saves Mia and quits the horde out of anger for their actions. Vulture Horde recruits some of the slaves and train them.
- Zeditha leaves Solomos and ends up in Rudvich, where she meets Chi and hangs at her treehouse.
- Kathia meets up with Jason to show each other their skills on the targets. Then they go to King Bistro and discuss their plans for a human-only city. After that, they leave for the refugee camp and get the people to pack up and move further away from Windfall.
- Atlas discovers Strider, Axle, and Marc. She teleports the Shadow Wind pair to the fire castle while she warps to the city ruins to get some food for them. The hatchlings meet their guests, but then the castle gets invaded by Marc and his group, Riders of Darkness. The castle gets broken down by Strider, who also kills Marc who in turn kills him. Atlas warps back to the castle and saves her nieces & Axle and brings the dead Strider along.
- The Firestars back at the city ruins, where Axle rests and Atlas buries Strider.
- Axle wakes up, they leave city, Atlas learns how to turn into a human, Atlas fights Spinx, and then go to spring cave.
- Minerva goes to the carnival, meets Ronan & Drake, sees parade, learns water magic, and takes Ronan & Drake home.
- Sparks carries a misfit hatchling before getting accused by an Aquarian for having a "slave". Nick comes to her rescue and then Spinx messes with them a little. Sparks is scared of the necromancer and has Jupiter take her home.
- Atlas meets Mekarth at spring cave.
- Aeolus meets Kekul's trio, sends them and a few horde members to attack Zeditha.
- At the city hall, Kekul's team fights Zeditha, Chi and Woltar to kill the baby. But then reinforcements defeat them.
- Kekul's group comes back to warn about the Aquarians.
- Sparks is hunting until she sees Rika and runs away, remembering how a mage once killed her parents.
- Petey meets Chi and Zeditha, meanwhile Bryce steals from a rich man.
- The Vulture Horde goes to the lake and meets Pyro.
- Doshenark is looking for his pet, Gylfie, and meets Petey at the door of U.N.G.R. Labs Inc. They go inside, Petey kills Victor, and Dosh finds Gylfie the owl.
- Brian has a nightmare about being exiled. He leaves the Double Barrel pub and goes into the woods to hunt in his dragon form.
- Jupiter sees Petey killing Victor through a window and goes to confront him when he gets out. Petey mentions the operation the human scientists have planned. Jupiter gets Sparks through telepathy to bring out a group of helpers.
- Brian meets Sparks, Dosh and Jupiter.
- Rina hears about the Vulture Horde from Zeditha and Chi.
- Tonight, horde meets Dracul & Arch, they attack Axle & Mekarth at spring cave, Atlas reveals truth about Dracul, Dracul & Arch leave.
- Bam meets Sargoth.
- Atlas and Aeolus meet Juna, Atlas tries to put out forest fire, turns out to be a trap by Spinx, they all go back to the lake.
- Jericho meets Seliss, then he robs a jewelry store.
- Damia kills Dawson and then follows Jericho to the tavern where she mistakes him of being her employer. Jericho decides to let her sleep in the tavern for free.
- The horde attacks the army camp and succeeds with five dead pygmies.

Day 5: Chapters 27 - 39 (Saturday)
- Kathia, Jason and Roderick make a class schedule and plot out how to build Sundown. Then Kathia rides with Megan in a car to go to Windfall.
- Minerva discovers the ADR is hosting a dragon literacy program. She prints flyers of it. Ronan plans to build a fighting school to pass on his skills.
- Axle and his siblings train Atlas in her human form.
- Aeolus asks Sargoth and Pyro for cassares they can find. Aeolus leaves the cassare village for later and instead goes to Pyro's clan. There he tells Salvo the clan leader about his horde's mission and invites his clan in. He also finds and recruits Yopple and Baltia.
- Bam plays with the Firestar sisters.
- Minerva looks up places for the school, but Ronan has already found it. Then she gets called by Richard to write news about the dragon literacy program.
- The horde has a meeting with Aeolus telling them why the humans must be destroyed and to keep their operation a secret from the human-friendly dragons. Bam doesn't get to hear the reason.
- After Axle's group gets back, Atlas takes her nieces to Doubloon's village where they'll be safe. Then she and Axle go back to the cave in Rudvich.
- The Vulture Horde goes to the Eternal Wind clan village and starts a sparring session.
- Atlas and Axle meet Garin and Ohimia. Atlas hears about Albel's attack on the latter and goes to kill him. But then she ends her fight early to go save Henry from the Greenleaf Horde.
- Garin trains Ohimia in combat.
- Sargoth and Enamora build the Shadow Wind replica.
- Aeolus duels Gneiss for leadership of the Gallion clan and wins.
- Yopple's spar with Eatorn is violent and ends up getting the blackphase hurt.
- Atlas returns to Axle and tells him why she attacked Albel and hates his species.
- Kathia tells Edward D. Greene that Rittevon company has a new job of building Sundown.
- Garin trains Ohimia in combat.
- Aeolus forms a team to take on Juna's test in one of the Eternal Wind clan's caves.
- Raven sees the Vulture Horde sparring and learns from Fakoo and Omdomiel of the horde's goal to exterminate all humans.
- A vine dragon kills a woman named Valinora and gets into a fight with Axle. Atlas goes do into the woods to find the vine dead and Axle badly injured. She warps him to the Vulture Horde for help. Hewey heals Axle, who's nearly dead, but told to stay in the living world by <insert name>.
- Minerva researches steps to make a business.
- Kathia tells three men about Sundown and then buys more spellbooks.
- Aeolus's group passes the test, Juna becomes unconscious and then Aeolus tells Raven about Rina.
- Kathia is going back to Sundown when she sees Spinx fighting Azera. She goes to heal Azera after the fight is over.
- After researching everything, Minerva and Ronan go over to Whitney's house to hire David to make a blueprint for the fighting school.
- Kathia teaches her students how to use magic.
- After helping Damia kill her ripoff employer, Jericho leaves Windfall to escape the guards and goes to Sundown.
- Spinx's zombie drake steals food from Sundown. Jason and Kathia lead a team to go hunt it down. The hunt fails and Marcus is killed in the process.
- Darkness meets Sovereign. Then Sovereign sees another racist human encounter at the new diner in Windfall.
- Ronan and Minerva go to the business training center and learn how to make their business succeed. Then they go on a date to a restaurant.
- Axle gets into a fight with female vampires before Arch interrupts the battle and Violet defects to Axle's side.
- Kathia gets kidnapped by Bad Spinx and is taken to the temporal plane where she stays at Good Spinx's castle.

Day 6: Chapters 40 (Sunday)
- Atlas's group wakes up and they fly for Trident Mountain to get there before the end of the day.
- Minerva watches TV about Windfall going to ban electronics at midnight. Then she and Ronan go to Whitney's house to get the blueprint from David.
- A human intruder from Shadow Wind appears in the Eternal Wind clan village and fights Mekarth and the horde. Then he teleports away with Juna, whom he has kidnapped.
- After breakfast, Aeolus issues a rescue mission to save Juna to the Liath and the other chosen pygmies. But they immediately return after the teleporation takes them to the ocean instead.
- Garin and Ohimia join Atlas's group to Trident Mountain.
- After Kathia reads up on dragon history, the good Spinx gives her a way to escape the temporal plane. Then the intruders attack the castle and Van & Elisabeth lead Kathia downstairs to where she can use the escape spell. The two sacrifice themselves to battle the evil halflings and allow Kathia to escape.
- Kathia is teleported onto Axle, whom she tries to escape before she is forced to tell him about how she appeared on him. Then Massiva comes, asking Kathia for help to save an injured Azera. Kathia uses the aid of a hiker ghost to lead the way.
- Atlas spars Ohimia to see how much she's learned.
- The blueprint is complete and Minerva pays for it.
- Kekul teleports Juna and the other prisoners back to the horde. Rina telepathically tells Aeolus that she found out about the human elimination plan from Raven. She declares herself the enemy of the horde and Aeolus vows to take her down whenever they fight.
- Dracul and Arch's forces attack Doubloon's village.
- Minerva and Ronan goes to the city hall and gets an Aquarian magi dragon to get help from earth-type dragons to build the school.
- Atlas and Axle talk alone about his plan about reclaiming Shadow Wind. Then she learns from Rina that Aeolus may have lied to her about not killing humans anymore.
- Ohimia mentions the prophecy and Garin and Violet convince her that peace and equality can be achieved without it.
- The stone dragons that the magi Aquarian found have built the school pretty quickly. Then Minerva and Ronan go to the business loan place to get money for the supplies.
- Juna summons Aeolus over and he finds Akil. They fight each other for a bit to see if Aeolus is worthy of training, but Akil deems him a failure.
- Lucian invades Pinky and Smasp's room and kidnaps the Firestar sisters. The village is defeated and Arch takes 6 of them, including Eitri, as slaves. The sisters are taken to the courtyard where they are chained to a pole.
- After Kathia finds Azera, she takes him back to Massiva and he wakes up. After Kathia scolds him for making Massiva worried, Azera gets angry and leaves to go after Axle, whom he just saw. Massiva gets upset and runs away, thinking she's a burden on everyone. Since the little girl is too fast for Kathia, she sends a ghost to watch her while Kathia runs back to Sundown.
- At the Summer Park Community, the ADR is have a dragon literacy class and Minerva and Drake volunteers to help out during the class.
- After Axle tells everyone the story about Spinx, the group lands and Axle knocks out Atlas to keep her from following him.
- Aeolus learns that Doubloon's village has been attacked and defeated, so he sends Yopple, Jarilo and Evony to attack Dracul, who's killing the survivors. The three subdue him to sleep and they take him to teleport back to the lake.
- The vampires came to attack Atlas's group and Violet runs away to lead the vampires away from the others. She also tells Garin to tell Atlas what her daughter looks like. The vampires kill her and Atlas wakes up after Aeolus tells her that her nieces have been kidnapped. She learns from Garin about what happened to Violet and what the vampire girl said about her daughter. Then Atlas teleports to Axle, while Garin goes check on Violet.
- After Aeolus hears about Dracul's capture, he tells Juna and Akil about the good news. Then they along with some others and Chief Doubloon teleport to the lake.
- Atlas and Axle fight Spinx and his summoned zombies. Tris, a drake pretending to be one of the zombies, attacks Axle for abandoning her sister to die. But Axle explains the truth to her and Tris leaves. Atlas learns from Garin that Violet has killed by the vampires. Then Azera joins the battle and fights Spinx, who then summons 3 powerful zombies to attack Atlas. Atlas fights against all 3 until Axle butts in and takes on the 3 zombies for her. Then Garin and Ohimia show up and they're going to help fight Spinx. Garin helps Axle against the zombies, while Ohimia aids Atlas and Azera in fighting Spinx. Then Spinx blocks off their attacks and injures Azera before leaving.
- Doubloon hears from his village that Arch is at the village. Juna asks what they should do about Dracul. Since Solomese dragons doesn't believe in killing other dragons, Aeolus proposes a trial to judge Dracul for his crimes and punish him. But Juna warns against that as that would cause a full-out war with Shadow Wind, so Aeolus decides to have Dracul warped away to avoid getting the conflict the continent in their conflict until the horde is ready. Yopple sends Dracul to a destroyed city in Rudvich. Aeolus hears from Eitri via telepathy that he's been rescued by a human follower of Axle named Verona and that she's given him a rescue squad to save the other villagers. But Eitri needs a few more dragons to pull this off. So he asks Aeolus to send him a few of his horde to him. Aeolus also tells him of Lucian the blue-armored man (dragon in disguise) who seems to have been forced to fight alongside Dracul and Arch. Aeolus sends Kekul, Jarilo and Evony to rescue the villagers and teleport them to Windfall. He also deploys Yopple, Enamora, Onslou, the black ghost dragons, and the flower pygmies to help Eitri with the rescue mission.
- Kathia makes it back to Sundown and finds a halfling woman named Massiva carrying the unconscious Azera she rescued from Trident Mountain. Kathia accuses her of having attacked him until the ghost woman tells her that Massiva is the same little girl that Kathia sent the spirit to watch over. Kathia is displeased to hear the girl's true race. Massiva gives Azera to her and then leaves to hide. Kathia takes Azera into the camp, where the guards are pleased to see her still alive. Kathia takes Azera into her tent and heals him.
- Atlas teleports to the horde and gets Hewey to come back with her to heal Axle. They return to Trident Mountain, only to find that Axle had left while Garin and Ohimia weren't looking. They split up to go find Axle.
- Axle goes to a hidden library (I think that's what it is) and discovers the truth about his origins. Dracul (I think) attacks him and  sends the knocked-out Axle out of the cave with his hair now white. Atlas, Ohimia and Garin find Axle and they teleport over to Hewey to heal him. After that, they find a cave and rest in it until Axle wakes up.
- Kekul's team returns to Aeolus and tells him that all the villagers are now in Windfall. Doubloon also gets teleported there. Atlas telepathically tells Aeolus that Rina told her that she heard from Raven that the horde is still secretly killing humans. Aeolus lies to Atlas about Rina being a vengeful liar who wants to make him look bad. Atlas, knowing from her knowledge that Aeolus never lies to her, believes him. Then Aeolus telepathically asks Fakoo and Umdomiel if any of them revealed this information to Raven. Fakoo admits she did and Aeolus punishes her for it.
- In Shadow Wind, Kylie and Danielle see monsters killing guards and they are rescued by Lucian, who frees them. Then they encounter Talmisa, Lucian's evil daughter. Lucian fights Talmisa before he leaves with the sisters after casting an illusion on his daughter and her monster. They go hide in a building where Lucian tells the sisters how to escape Shadow Wind. He can't go with them as the stunt he pulled with Talmisa costed him his life (or so he says I think).
- Minerva and Drake are done wit the dragon literacy class and they rejoin Ronan to go home. There, Minerva makes dinner and they eat.
- Kylie and Danielle find the sewer hole and they go down it, where they are carried away by the rushing water out into the ocean.
- Axle wakes up and tells Atlas to take him to Juna. She teleports everyone to the lake. There, she introduces Ohimia and Garin to Aeolus, while Axle walks away with Juna into the woods to interrogate her. Then Atlas's tracking spell shows her her nieces drowning in the ocean. She teleports there to rescue them out of the water and they return back to the lake. Atlas, in human form, presses her nieces' chests to empty the water out of their lungs through the mouth. Then she does CPR on them. The sisters wake up and are happy to be with their aunt again. Their happy moment is cut short when Mekarth tells everyone that Axle and Juna are going to kill each other. The nieces stay with Ohimia, while everyone else goes off to stop Axle and Juna.
- Because the brother and sister had already separate, Kekul's teleportation spell splits everyone to the two dragons. Aeolus, Bam, Kekul and Jarilo find Juna badly injured.
- Atlas, Evony and Hewey confront Axle about the attack. Axle tells them not to be concerned with his affair and that he's severed his ties with Juna. Then Akil shows up and tells Axle that family is important, even if the members aren't blood-related. Atlas realizes that Axle is not related to Juna and Mekarth. Hewey hears Aeolus through telepathy to have Atlas warp him to Juna. Atlas does this.
- Hewey is now with Aeolus's group and he heals Juna and reveals to Aeolus's group Axle's true relationship with his adopted siblings.
- Atlas looks at Akil and sees that Akil fits the description of her long-lost daughter that Violet told her about. Akil continues ranting at Axle about family until marks appear on Axle's body and he falls from the sky. Akil flies down to try and catch him. Atlas's group follow them to where they fell and she tells Akil that she's her mother. Akil doesn't believe Atlas and gets angry at her for not trying to rescue her from slavery, despite Atlas trying to explain her slave life making it impossible.
- Atlas teleports everyone to Aeolus's group and Hewey heals Akil. Juna warns everyone to get away from Axle means he's about to go on a murderous rampage. They all warp back to the lake and leave Axle behind.
- Azera wakes up and tries to leave to confront Spinx. Kathia tries to stop him, but luckily she doesn't have to because he loses his consciousness to the poison. Massiva shows up to the tent and tells Kathia about the poison. Kathia uses her magic to get rid of the poison in Azera's body.
- Juna gives Akil and Atlas a mission to obtain a tome called Variable and to find Luco.
- Aeolus and the other teleport back to the desert and Juna starts the Shadow Wind sector training. The horde splits into 5 groups with one of them being the hunting group to gather food for dinner. Their objective is to find Mekarth, capture him and bring him to Juna.
- Atlas and Akil warp to the cave of lost voices, a place where spirits are said to linger. They climb up through a hole and get to the outside, where they encounter a dragoness named Luna Sage, who gives them a slave collar for humans that allows them to use magic. Atlas changes into human form and wears the collar.
- Danielle and Kylie play with Jarilo at the Eternal Wind village.
- Minerva meets Bolz, an electric dragon who just entered Windfall. She introduces him to Ronan and Drake before they explore particular places in Windfall starting with the park.
- With the rain stopped, the people in Sundown visit Kathia and she tells them about how she escaped the temporal plane, omitting info where she's helped by Elisabeth and Van. Then she trains her students in magic.
- Aeolus is with Bam and Meubu as they search for Mekarth. They are attacked by Evony who puts Bam and Meubu to sleep. Aeolus zaps him unconscious and warns his group to be careful of dragons from other groups, who will attack them to remove the competition.
- Kylie is slow at the game of Tag, so Jarilo slows down for her.
- Minerva, Ronan and Drake tour with Bolz at the ADR HQ. There, they learn from her coworker, Jordan, that a new anti-dragon organization called the Equalists just formed recently. After they talk, they leave the HQ and see Rick on the bench. Ronan and Rick have a spar before Rick mentions the legendary four swords. Ronan wants to know about it, but Rick decides to save it for another time and he leaves. Minerva and the gang to off to the Blazing Tiger academy.
- Atlas and Akil hide from a Shadow Wind patrol and it turns out that they are slavers who are raiding a place to kidnap people to turn into slaves.

That's the end of the timeline from my sta.sh. I'll just summarize everything else with words as to what happened with different sets of characters.
Part 1
In Rudvich, Kathia goes with Azera to find Massiva, who's left the camp. Azera fights Massiva, who loses the battle. Then Arch shows up with henchmen to capture Massiva. Azera fights Massiva, while Kathia takes Massiva to safety on horse. The knights chase Kathia and so does a dragon named Godsend, who sees her movement. The knights kill her horse with magic and Kathia fends for her life with magic. Godsend gets into the conflict and attacks the knights. When they strike him, he falls down unconscious and kills them, leaving only 1 knight alive. The knight fights Kathia, who is gradually getting tired with each spell she cast. The hiker's ghost, whom she summons through necromancy, attacks the knight, who gets distracted by the pseudo-damage and he gets killed. The magic also affects the ghost, who is harmed by it. Kathia tries to heal the ghost with healing magic, but the magic harms rather than heals since magic is a ghost's weakness like water to fire. So Kathia sends the ghost back to the afterlife. Then she carries away Massiva. Massiva wakes up and Kathia yells at her for leaving the camp and getting her and Azera in danger and the horse killed. Then Arch shows up throws Azera's body to them, showing that Azera has been defeated.

Part 2
Atlas and Akil are now in Shadow Wind. As they walk, Atlas cuts her foot on the glass as she left her shoe foot organically flesh as opposed to hard like a shoe normally should be. So they take refuge in the building and sleep there for tonight.

Part 3
In Solomos, Mekarth's curse from Dracul is weakening him. A honeycomb pygmy named Silas watches over him until Hewey and his teammates, Bron and Rever show up. But then 3 of Group 4's dragons, including Kekul, show up and they fight Mekarth to capture him. Bron and Rever show up and fight both Mekarth and Group 4. Then a canopy dragon from Group 1 shows up to join the fray. Mekarth gets tired of this and scolds the group on why they are training in the first place. But then he succumbs to his curse and Silas telepathically tells Juna about it. Hewey shows up and tries to heal Mekarth, but his magic is not working. Kekul teleports Juna and a cloaked human, who she knows, to Mekarth. Juna changes the objective to capturing the cloaked human and Juna sends Aeolus, Kekul and Albina on a mission to get a piece of flesh from Axle, though that mission is going to be dangerous due to Axle being in his killing mode. Corona and her two teammates gets the cloaked human, who they must get over to Juna while avoiding the other groups.

Part 4
In Solomos, Aeolus's team sees Axle's carnage consisting of many slaughtered animals and humans and dragons from Shadow Wind, who came to hunt him. They fight Axle for a bit after he harms Kekul, teleports himself to Cirrus to get healed. After Aeolus obtains a flesh piece from Axle, a stronger Shadow Wind dragon soldier shows up and manages to defeat Axle with ease. Kekul returns with Cirrus and they tries to stop the Shadow Wind dragon from killing Axle. The flesh piece that Kekul sends to Juna is being used to heal Mekarth's wounds from the curse.

Part 5
In Shadow Wind, Eitri's rescue team split up to rescue the captured villagers after saving Hex the dragoness. Eitri tries to go for Sparqus the dragon made to fight in a coliseum (or tournament or whatever), but it's impossible to get there unless Eitri makes himself a fighting slave and maybe even then, rescue would be difficult. With no good plan, Eitri returns to Axle's estate and rests there for the night. Yopple, Enamora and Annar leave behind their rescue squad teammates, who don't want to go through a sector filled with magical traps. Yopple tries to distract an M.Slaver dragon, so that his two teammates can get into the building and save Pixie. Volkin and two horde comrades also leave behind the squad members and they encounter an M. Slaver dragon. They try to escape him and her teammates tell her to go into spirit form to protect herself. She does and the M. Slaver captures her teammates. Volkin feels bad about this and her mate, Eatorn, shows up to comfort her.

That's everything I can think of. I might be missing somethings from Draco's parts, but maybe he can tell you them.))

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((Sound about right. Also sorry for not replying super fast red been getting a new job and trying to fix what is going on around me.))


The silver armor dragon was stuck from behind with lighting. The metal was conductive, but it also acted like a shield of some kind as it all got redirected back into the earth. The Silver Dragon still stand after that small shock, and turn towards Aeolus and counter back at him is own spell, that of a large fire ball.


Juna watch carefully for a bit before her thoughts came back clearly in her head. For starters the group have not return yet, which made her worry for their safety now, and their life, but she was in no way able to help them if they were, and the evident on her face showed that she was worried for more than just mekarth.


The halfling grab Azera legs in a fashion so it was easy for her to move and with quickness, but she keep a watchful eye it seems on the rather weak Kathia and the now passed out Azera, and why that halfling brought him back to the in the first place, something was not adding up at all here.


The M.Slaver was about to take another blow, but he ducked quickly under yopple and came back up with sheath claws aiming at his chest, also as if he was going to try and knock the wind out of yopple.


The shade of darkness was starting to loom over the rather vast city. It's cool touch clawed at anything it could reach, as the two dragoness took the cover of night to rest in an abandon dock bay that use to house contruction of building parts supply and other stuff, now sits bare. A blue armor human foot steps softly on the ground as a sythe blade came to his side and a cigerrate lands on the ground.

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((Sure, I will. Here are our active characters that I can think of:

Atlas - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Atlas (you don't have to read the story section, also her form is at the 1st page of this RP)
Kathia - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Kathia (you don't have to read the story section, also her form is at the 1st page of this RP)
Aeolus - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Aeolus (you don't have to read the story section, also his form is at the 1st page of this RP)
Minerva - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Minerva (you don't have to read the story section)
Danielle - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Danielle (you don't have to read the story section)
Kylie - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Kylie (you don't have to read the story section)
Bam - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Bam (you don't have to read the story section)
Axle - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Axle
Mekarth - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Mekarth
Juna - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Juna
Dracul - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Dracul
Arch - a gold dragon who is one of the corrupt lords of Shadow Wind. He can teleport and change into human or halfling form. In both of these forms, he wears golden armor. Also, he seems to like having female dragon slaves.
Akil - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Akil
Spinx - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Spinx
Azera - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Azera
Massiva - a dark myst pygmy turned halfling with no memory of her past. Her soul is bound to Azera's.
Lucian - a blue dragon lord who can turn human. He doesn't like working with the corrupt lords, but he is forced to.
Talmisa - Lucian's evil daughter who can control the shadow creatures.
Verona - a human woman working for Axle in Shadow Wind.
Ronan - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Ronan
Drake - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Drake
Rick - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Rick
Bolz - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Bolz
Godsend - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Godsend
Yopple - http://dragons-vs-humans.wikia.com/wiki/Yopple
Ohimia - a nice lumina dragoness who's not too skilled at fighting, but is trying to learn. She wants to end the war between humans and dragons to which they'll live together peacefully. She also wants to change Yopple back from the nasty brute that he is now to the sweet and protective soul he once was.
Corona - a phoenix dragoness who is a member of the Vulture Horde and came from Doubloon's village.
Eitri - a night magi dragon who is a member of the Vulture Horde and came from Doubloon's village.
Hewey - a healer dragon who is a member of the Vulture Horde and came from Doubloon's village.
Kekul - a half-magi and half-magma dragon who is a member of the Vulture Horde and is Enamora's mate.
Enamora - a purebred magi dragon who is a member of the Vulture Horde and Kekul's mate.
Cirrus - a half-gray and half-healer dragon who is a member of the Vulture Horde and a friend to Kekul and Enamora.
Albina - an albino dragoness who is a member of the Vulture Horde and a sister to Fakoo and Belina.
Fakoo - an albino dragoness who is a member of the Vulture Horde and a sister to Albina and Belina.
Belina - an albino dragoness who is a member of the Vulture Horde and a sister to Fakoo and Albina.
Annar - a flower pygmy member of the Vulture Horde who can breathe two types of pollen: sleeping and poison.

And Draco, I understand. Anyway, here's IDoNotExist's giftstory: https://silverbeastlaguz.deviantart.com/art/DR-The-First-War-IDoNotExist-characters-story-2-717785893 ))


Aeolus's eyes went wide in fright as he saw the giant fireball coming right at him. He got burned as the ball hit him and knocked him down. "Aeolus!" cried Cirrus as he and Kekul were both worried for him. The horde leader is still alive; he started to push himself back up as he endured the pain.



Kekul readied his magic energy as he said, "Well if electricity don't work, then let's see how his armor handles magma!" He cast a ball of lava at the armored dragon. Then suddenly, he heard Corona's telepathic voice asking where Juna is. He answered her back, telling her where to go and giving her the mental image of the silver's location.


'Thanks, Kekul,' the phoenix dragoness replied.


'Anytime,' the magi said.




Hewey noticed the expression on Juna's face and asked, "What's wrong?"




Corona lead the group to a road both she and Kekul were familiar. There, she followed the magi's directions on how to get to Juna. As they went along the path, Concetto and two pygmies were on the roof of a building spying on them. A female leaf pygmy said, "Look, they have a human. It must be the one we're supposed to find."


The wasp pygmy dragonet said, "I say we go down there and nab it out of their claws." The 3 dragons swooped down towards Corona's group. Concetto tackled Corona and pushed her down.


Her pygmy allies were surprised by the ambush. Ristia cried, "Corona!" Then she was bitten and clawed behind by the leaf pygmy. The dark myst heard a sound above and saw a wasp pygmy come at her with a stinger aimed for her. The dark myst flew out of the way before she could get hit.




After a while of carrying Azera, Kathia made it back to Sundown. By now, her arms have been tired of carrying the swordsman. She dropped him off at her tent and went over to the place where the campers had their meals whenever it was time. A dark-skinned archer was sitting at one of the tables eating a bowl of soup. He said to her, "Hey Kathia, you almost missed dinner." He pointed to the cauldron hanging over a fire and continued, "It's over there."


"Thanks," she replied to him. The girl went to grab a paper bowl and fill it with mushroom cream soup. Then she sat the same table as the archer and started a conversation with him.




Yopple was hit in the chest and had the wind knocked out of him. He staggered back in the air, barely losing flight as his wings beat before he would get too close to the ground. The cassare flew up above the M.Slaver's back and tried to pound on it with his tail. He taunted, "Look at me, I'm messing with you!"


Enamora and Annar's paths took them to the backdoor of the building. The two dragonesses looked at each other and the magi asked, "So there's no other way in than this door?"


"Apparently not," answered the flower pygmy.


Enamora went to the backdoor and tried to open it, but it was locked. "Looks like I'm going to have to break it down with my strength." She began to hit and bang against the door with swinging tail. She hoped the repeated impact would eventually weaken the door and open it.




(I got nothing for Atlas right now. Maybe next post I'll have wrap away briefly to relax in dragon from before she comes back in human form.)

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((Okay, I finally got what I want to write for Atlas's part. Also, here's a gift for Tacomaster123: https://silverbeastlaguz.deviantart.com/art/DR-The-First-War-Tacomaster123-s-character-story-721464268 and Firefly1332: https://silverbeastlaguz.deviantart.com/art/DR-The-First-War-Firefly1332-and-SBL-s-story-1-720589390 ))


Atlas was still sleeping.


((That's all I got.))

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((Happy New Years everyone, and sorry this took a bit, have a full steam Rp running from d&d 3.5.))

The Silver Giant Dragon saw the Magma come from Kekul as the dragon stood his ground, that the magma hit the silver dragon, covering his whole front side. Something was wrong though, there was no roar in pain, or even the slightest panic in him, than it started to bubble up like a balloon, and busted in a cone effect in front of him back towards Kekul, as a solid fire barrier was surrounding him super close to his armor. He drawn all the fire around his armor to the front into a ball, aimed it at the healer and fire at him.

"I'm Consider with the group of dragons that went after Axle, they have not return after the flesh was brought back." She said as she heard more dragons fighting in the distances. She turn her head to the window and saw it was coming to night very soon. "Night is coming Hewey. They are going to end up losing all trace of him if they have not found him yet." She said as she walked to the window and look out of it. The sound was coming about 5 or 6 blocks away, but that was still enough distance for anything to happen. "Hewey, can you start going around and finding out what dragons are no longer combat capable and take them outside the city so they can rest. They have been at this for a hours now." She said as she still look over the road.

'What do you have plan'

The Halfling followed Kathia back to the camp, and people look at her, even a few of them throw something at her, but taking care on not hitting Kathia or Azera. And when they got back to the tent, she was bleeding from her head, and her arms. She sat down on the ground next to Azera, and patched up his arm and monitor his health. She was happy that he was fine before exhaustion hit her hard, and her transformation spell slipped and she return back to the small dark myst, but she hide under Azera's clothing behind his arm, as she slumbered, but something was not letting her to fully fall asleep.
The M.Slaver Got hit in the back, but he did not buckle under Yopple force, but he cracked , and shatter completely. What yopple hit was a solid ice copy of the M.Slaver, as banging started to come from the back. The M.Slaver got enough distance between Him and Yopple and made a copy of him, used it as a cover and went some where else. He was no longer in the front of the building, so where did he go. Just out of no where a Fire arrow landed Next to where the large dragon was standing at as yelling in the distance was getting into ear shot, as black armor drake riders were coming into view now.
((The normal distance, because it does say short. I guess is like 5-7ft AOE, but correct me if i am wrong here, I have almost no idea how large the AOE of yopple anti magic is. If it larger than that than the M.Slaver could not do the whole escape trick he did.))
In the back where the dragons were trying to get into the building, a large figure started to emerged out of the cold night air behind the two dragons and the ground started to freeze over.

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At first, Kekul smirked, thinking he had gotten the silver dragon. But he felt something was unusual when the enemy made no response. Even the others were suspicious of this, too. Then the silver sent the magma cone at Kekul and it knocked him over as he let out a grunt. Being part-magma himself, his resistance to lava left him with very little damage and he was able to get back up easily. After Cirrus was done healing Albina, the large fireball hit and burned him, making him snarl painfully. The dragoness's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open, she was startled by the sudden appearance of the attack. Cirrus dropped to the ground and started to roll the flames out. Aeolus noticed the fire on the silver's armor and thought, 'A master of flames.' So besides electricity, fire attacks, or lava for that matter, wouldn't be able to do any damage to him. These two elements were useless for this fight. But since they're dealing with a fiery enemy, the leader came up with an idea. He looked to the gray dragon and told him, "Cirrus, I could use some rain right about now." Cirrus used his magic create dark clouds in the sky, which immediately began to pour rain. The rain itself won't do any harm, but they will be able to douse out the flames.


Hewey thought about possible scenarios as to how the flesh was warped here, but the horde not coming back. His first thought was that they were still fighting Axle, but that couldn't be the case, because why would they need to do it after the task was accomplished? There was no point to be around Axle after that. Kekul was the only one still with the horde who can teleport as Enamora had gone off somewhere. If something had happened to him, then they would explain the team's absence. Then when asked to take the defeated dragons out of the city sector, the healer obeyed, "I will." Then he left the building and went to get the dragons to take outside the city. As he went, he sent a telepathic message to all groups, telling them not to attack him as he needs to do his job assigned by Juna.


Corona cast fire auras around herself and the human to keep their opponents from touching them. The fire burned Concetto as he reared up, feeling his talons being attacked by flames. With the soldier dragon off, Corona took the chance to get up and carry the human away, running as fast as she could. Concetto stamped the flames out before he gave pursuit to the phoenix dragoness. The dark myst threw a rock at him in an attempt to distract him. It hit the mark, it failed its purpose as the dragon ignored the hit and continued after the phoenix to try and nab the human away from her.

Eventually, Corona got to the building where Kekul last saw Juna, but the silver was nowhere outside. She must be inside the building. The phoenix went in through the door and began to trace Juna's tracks to wherever she was inside.


"So, did anybody miss me while I was out?" asked Kathia, after eating a spoon of the soup.

The archer put his spoon back into his bowl and replied, "Yes, we had some folks calling for you to tell you that dinner was ready. One lady checked your tent and you weren't there, neither was the guy. We thought the necromancer got you again."

The girl didn't mean to get the refugees worried and apologized, "Sorry, I guess I should have told you guys where I was going before I left. I'll try to remember that, next time."

The archer took another spoonful before asking, "So where were you two anyway?"

Kathia answered, "Going after that half-breed who left the camp. Azera, the guy with the silver hair, he wanted me to go with him because there was something about that half-breed he wanted to know about. They're both back now, but getting them here wasn't easy."

The archer gave her a curious look and asked, "Really? How so?" Kathia ate more of her soup and told her friend about what happened after the fight between Azera and the halfling. How she had to fight off and kill three knights with a dragon entering the fray. The archer was impressed with how she handled the fight in the woods. He commented, "Well aren't you becoming quite the fighter yourself. Hey, how you attend my class tomorrow and I can show you how to handle guys in armor."

An excited spark appeared in the girl's brown eyes. The man's lesson would be useful should she ever get into another fight where she was getting low on magic. "Sure, I'll be there."

The archer smiled and replied, "Great, I'll be looking forward to have you there. Hopefully, nothing else turns up that'll keep you away."

"I hope not," Kathia responded. Then after they finished their dinner, Kathia grabbed another bowl and poured the last of the soup in it to give to Azera, when he wakes up. She went back to her tent and cast a bubble barrier around the bowl to keep any buzzing insects out and to trap the heat inside. Then she picked up the book on necromancy to see how to control the undead. She needed her horse back and she wasn't about to lose her money's worth, considering how expensive the steed was. The girl got to the page where it told how the spell was done. She read that the spell would be difficult for beginners trying that spell as most of the times, the corpse it was cast on would disintegrate into ash. Experienced users of this spell would have better chances of obtaining control over the dead bodies, but most of the time, the corpses will change to look like zombies. Only Experts will have the best chances of corpses looking just like they were before death. Kathia deemed that she would have to practice the spell lots of times before she would be able to control dead bodies. She knew her first experiment was not going to be her horse as she didn't want to ride a pile of ashes.


((I have no idea how large Yopple's AOE is either as he was originally Esko's character. But I'll let this slide for now.))

Yopple was dumbfounded by the M. Slaver shattering like a broken statue; he didn't expect his attack to do this much damage to a body like that. He was happy that he managed to kill him anyway. That is until a flaming arrow appeared and he heard yelling. The cassare saw armored men riding drakes showing up. Yopple just stood his ground and bared his teeth at them, growling as he was itching to fight and hopefully kill them.



As Enamora kept on banging against the door, Annar suddenly the air get cold. She casually turned her head to the side, before she noticed to her shock that the ground was getting covered in ice that was approaching them. She tugged on the magi's wing and cried, "Enamora, watch out!" The magi turned her head behind and saw what was happening. Not only that, but she also saw the M. Slaver as well. Enamora dropped her mouth open in fright before she and the pygmy attempted to fly away before they were caught in the frost.

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