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The Eggy Give-Away : Part Deux

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I Want to be Added to the List!

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WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING DONATIONS. Please make sure that you send your donations to either myself or Lady Artemis. Thank you and can't wait for the event come Friday!


I will be accepting new additions to the list until I wake up, once I wake up there will be no new sign-ups allowed. We will be accepting donations till 4pm PST on Friday Night (Tonight I believe due to cave time) and the story will be posted promptly at 6pm PST!!


Updated to this Point!!

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Important Update:


We are no longer accepting donations or sign ups for this weeks event. Anyone who signs up AFTER this post will be added to the List for NEXT FRIDAY! I want to thank everyone for all their great generosity and kindness and I can't wait to share our wonderfully written story which is actually ALMOST done already. Can't wait till tonight, see you then!




Be on the look out for a NEW thread with our NEW Project Account! See you tonight! <3

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--- Prepping for the story, all donations and sign-ups are over. I know I gave a little longer but I came up with a plan. I lessened MY donations to make room for other peoples donations. --- Edited by Rekha

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