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The Eggy Give-Away : Part Deux

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When will the next Give Away Be?


Our drawing will be Friday the 2nd, though a lot of the eggs should be ready to hatch by Saturday so that there will be plenty of time for you to be able to enjoy Sunday's Release!




The first Eggy Give Away was created by Stealthypugs who did a great job of creating beautiful stories and making sure that both gifters and giftees were able to exchange some very beautiful eggs with one another. Sadly, Stealthypugs was no longer able to keep up with the game so after being closed for some time and with the permission of both Stealthypugs and rubyshoes I am stepping up and bringing this beloved game back to those here at the Cave.





So a lot of people have eggs that they would like to share with others out there and while yes there are a lot of ways out there to share your eggs with others, and I know that I personally LOVE to partake in many different ways of doing such. This is a creative idea that was first done by the wonderful Stealthypugs who made this idea when there were very few ways of getting rid of unwanted eggs. Now people love sharing eggs that may not quite be unwanted but more so eggs that come from beautiful lineages that they would love to spread out and share with others. Of course, you can still unload your unwanted eggs as here anything goes. Yes, that's right... You may gift ANY egg, Messy or Clean no matter what! We will NOT turn down a donation. (Though the Giftee does have the right to decline you will still gain credit for donating however.)


Here comes the important stuff, so pay attention!



Once a week on Fridays, at 6pm PST there will be a drawing.On drawing day, I will use random.org to choose as many numbers as there are donated eggs.These numbers are directly related to the people that are found on The List.On the night of the event we will post a story that details who got eggs and who gifted them. (We will also post a list to make it easier to find out who won something and from whom they won it from.)

There are a handful of different forms to chose from to help you with signing up the first time, being added to the list again or reporting both the gifts that you receive and any issues you may have had during the gifting/receiving process.You will need to sign up EACH WEEK that you want to participate.

When you win you will be sent a PM by the person who has Donated the egg.Winners will be removed from the list no matter if you accept the egg or not.If you have won but have yet to get your PM from the Donor check to see who donated the egg and feel free to send a polite PM to them if you haven't heard from them after 24 hours.Make sure you THANK the person who gifted you an egg no matter if you accept or not! Accepting eggs and not thanking the Donor will get you placed in a Temporary Ban!

If you do not hold up your end of the deal be it accepting or gifting, you will be added to the blue list for a temporary freeze which will keep you from being able to participate until the issue is resolved. (Remember you may decline a gift but you must let us or the gifter know!If you have received three warnings then you will be placed on the gray list and will receive a month long ban.If actions continue after such you will be black listed and unable to participate within the game ever again. (There may be some circumstances that allow someone to return but it is not likely.)DONOR'S 24 HOUR LIMIT:


If you have donated an egg you MUST send a PM to your giftee within 24 hours of the story being posted. If you are unable to send this PM you may create a link to give to our team to be able to share that link with the winner of your egg(s) after the story has been posted. If you fail to do so you will be at risk of being added to the blue list for your first two occurrence's or the black list if you have done this three times total.




If you win an egg you MUST reply within 48 hours of the story being posted. You may accept it or thank them and turn down the egg, you may also tell them any important information such as being scroll locked or something along those lines. We cannot however have Donators holding unto the eggs they get for this game forever. If you are not going to be around for the weekly event then you need to post in Bold to let us know so that we can put your name on hold from the list. If you do not return within 2 weeks you will be removed from the list but may be readded whenever you are ready.


Being Re-added to the List

Once you have won your name will be removed from the list. Anyone still on the list after the event will be moved to a "First Dibs" list in which they will be the first people to have their names drawn from for the next drawing. Anyone who won and then signed up again will have their name drawn from after everyone who was on the First Dibs list gets their name drawn.


Freezing, Biting, Naming and other Rules


Each donator has the right to set their own rules with the egg that they have donated to this game. These can be anything along the lines of you have to name it, keep with the same lineage, your first offspring must be donated back to this game, you can or cannot freeze it, bite it.. earthquake may or may not be allowed to be used with it on your scroll, you may or may not be able to trade it away to a friend or as trading fodder so PLEASE make sure you check with the person who donated the egg. If you are found to be breaking any of the rules that have been set forth by the Donating party it WILL be reported and you WILL be added to the warning list. If this happens more than once you will be placed on the black list and be unable to participate in the game ever again.





Donating is pretty simple actually. All you need to do is PM your donation to me no later than 2 hours before the drawing time. (This will change come this Friday) I need to know what type of egg it is, and including the Lineage link will also help me spice up my post. I do ask that ALL donations are Eggs however so that they will not grow up on your scroll before the 48 hour limit is created. I also ask that you do not post your donation to the thread for we really want these eggs to be a surprise when we create the stories about them!


Once you have sent the PM just be patient and wait till the giveaway event has happened. We will place both you and your egg in the story and give it a winner from the list. You will need to check the drawing on the giveaway day or within 24 hours of the posted time to be sure that you are able to send the PM to the winner. There will also be a clear section in this thread that will have the list of winners and the Donor's that they won from. When you send the PM please make sure to post any rules you have about your egg such as lineage lines, breeding requirements, freezing, biting or naming requirements. The winner has 48 hours from the time of the posted story to get back to you and tell you if they want the egg or not, and if they do not then you are free to do with that egg whatever you wish to do!


The only requirement for making a donation is that you have at least one ADULT Magi for every donation you wish to give and that it's cool down is kept free for the giveaway event. This way you will be able to send that egg to the person who has won. You may also donate AND be in the drawing at the same time. Moderators of the game may ALSO be placed into the drawing and donate eggs as well! Don't worry though, you won't be winning your own donated egg... We're good like that!


Donors will have their names listed in a main list where ALL Donor's will be listed. As each week goes on as you donate there will be a number beside your name that will tick upward with each week that passes. There are special lists that your name will be added to once you reach certain milestones.


Bronze Lister's have donated to 5 different events and will have their name on a special list for such!


Silver Lister's have made a donation to 15 different events. At this point your name is prioritized and you will be able to opt to be sent a message each week to ask if you are wishing to donate. *This was requested by a Member hence the creation of these lists*


Gold Lister's have made a donation to 50 different events! YES 50! I know, you all are saying, but Rekha that is such a HUGE number! Why? Well, the answer is simple. As a Gold Lister your name will be permanently posted here in its own message and will NEVER be removed. You will ALWAYS be remembered for your obvious dedication to this game and this is a means of us showing our thankfulness. As with Silver you may opt to have us message you one a week to see if you wish to donate.

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We have decided that we are going to start using forms just for making things easier. (Next time we clean the thread we will be making more reserved posts so that we can organize this a little better but here goes)



First Time Joining


I Want to be Added to the List!

Forum Name:

Scroll Name:

Scroll Link:


[SIZE=9][font=Optima][color=pink]I Want to be Added to the List![/SIZE][/color][/font]
[b]Forum Name:[/b]
[b]Scroll Name:[/b]
[b]Scroll Link:[/b]



Add me Back to the List Please?


I Want to be Added Once Again!

Forum Name:


[SIZE=9][font=Optima][color=red]I Want to be Added Once Again![/SIZE][/color][/font]
[b]Forum Name:[/b]



I Won a Gift!


Yay! I won!

forum name:

scroll name:


gift: lineage link also


has your gifter messaged you yet? Yes / No (for extra rules, naming requirements, etc)

Did you wish to be readded to the list? Yes / No


[color=orange][SIZE=9][font=Optima]Yay! I won![/SIZE][/color][/font]
[b]forum name:[/b]
[b]scroll name:[/b]
[b]gift:[/b] lineage link also
[b]has your gifter messaged you yet?[/b] [i]Yes / No[/i] (for extra rules, naming requirements, etc)
[b]Did you wish to be readded to the list?[/b] [i]Yes / No[/i]



I've Sent my Gift! (This is to be used if a) your Giftee has not reported their gift, cool.gif you are having an issue with your Giftee or c) you would just rather be sure that your details get posted for us to see)


I've sent my Gift!

forum name:

gift: lineage link also


have you messaged them? Yes / No (for extra rules, naming requirements, etc)

Were there any issues with the Gifting? Yes / No - Please Explain?


[color=blue][SIZE=9][font=Optima]I've sent my Gift![/SIZE][/color][/font]
[b]forum name:[/b]
[b]gift:[/b] lineage link also
[b]have you messaged them?[/b] [i]Yes / No[/i] (for extra rules, naming requirements, etc)
[b]Were there any issues with the Gifting?[/b] [i]Yes / No - Please Explain?[/i]

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Google Drive Click Here to View: Click Here for the Giveaway List!!!


Gold List


Silver List


Bronze List



Click Here for the Donor's List !



Blue List - Temporary Freeze -









Grey List - 1 Warning (Temporary Ban) -

** None, Yay! **


Black List -Banned-

** None, Yay! **

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WINNERS, OLD AND NEW; from newest to oldest (Current Winners will be shown in thread and on document then when they are no longer current they will ONLY be found through a document)


BunnyRoBones won Golden Wyvern from Lady Artemis

~old_duck won SoulPeace from Fire-Ice

~~Remy400 won Gold from CapriciousT

~~~aussieJJDude won White Stripe from HappyAppy

~~~~nikhol won Golden Wyvern Hatchie from avalon11

~~~~~YOGSCAST_Dragon won Pink from old_duck

~~~~~~hiphop1234 won Vampire from Rekha

~~~~~~~CapriciousT won Nebula from pteprocks

~~~~~~~~TempestSea won Silver Shimmer from purplehaze

~~~~~~~~~Saynna won Tsunami from Yeronoco

~~~~~~~~~~natayah won Gold Tinsel from Rekha

~~~~~~~~~~~Woof123Albinos won Blusang from old_duck

~~~~~~~~~~~~sei_chan65 won Red from avalon11

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pokegirl858 won Summer from avalon11

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~brairtrainer won Summer from Lavinia


Happy_Mask_Saleswoman won Bronze Shimmer from Iya_kin

~-Latios- won HellHorse from HappyAppy

~~Ponystar17 won Silver Tinsel from Cassiel

~~~ Rekha won Bronze Shimmer from Iya_kin

~~~~ lynixe won Vampire from Rekha

~~~~~ Yeronoco won Red Stripe from Rekha

~~~~~~ lilairyien won Flamingo from brairtrainer

~~~~~~~ NexusDivine won Silver Shimmer from IndigoTheCat

~~~~~~~~ Darkella won Silver from -Latios-

~~~~~~~~~ stellalala won Soulpeace from HappyAppy

~~~~~~~~~~ HappyAppy won Golden Wyvern from old_duck

~~~~~~~~~~~ 6bananza won Golden Wyvern from mintchoco101

~~~~~~~~~~~~ rikka_ashen6 won Black Tea from polaristar

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ avalon11 won Silver Shimmer from CapriciousT

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ polaristar won Vampire from Rekha


darkflowernightshade won Moonstone from old_duck

~ carmen8386 won Summer from old_duck

~~ vertcvith won HellHorse from Yeronoco

~~~ Devyn Star won Golden Wyvern from HappyAppy

~~~~ jerzeeshadow won Split from Alisyn

~~~~~Alisyn won CB Guardian from Anonymous

~~~~~~Fire-Ice won Purple Ridgewing from Anonymous

~~~~~~~rukii_bii Lumina from Anonymous

~~~~~~~~Becquerel won Hellfire from Anonymous

~~~~~~~~~Lavinia won Tsunami from nikhol

~~~~~~~~~~Dulcius won Whiptail from Anonymous

~~~~~~~~~~~eaturbyfill won Nocturnal from Anonymous

~~~~~~~~~~~~beyzoar won Vine from Anonymous

~~~~~~~~~~~~~IndigoTheCat won Copper from thenameisplissken

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lady Artemis won Vampire from Anonymous


mintchoco101 won Silver Shimmer from NexusDivine

~ Iya_kin won Olive from NexusDivine

~~ Sierra1111 won Purple Dorsal from NexusDivine

~~~ Cassiel won Split from NexusDivine

~~~~ Zerhai won Bronze Tinsel from NexusDivine

~~~~~ thenameisplissken won Brimstone from NexusDivine

~~~~~~ White_Knight won Summer from Lavinia

~~~~~~~ ahreada won Magma from IndigoTheCat

~~~~~~~~ Valencia_Frost won XXX from Yeronoco

total: 54 prizes won, 54 listers!!!!!!!!!!!!! ← Story Complete


Week One Winners

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Banners, Buttons and Stamps



Do you want to donate a banner or button to be used for the revamp of the Eggy Give Away? Then please by all means send me a PM and I will happily post your gift so that others may PROUDLY show off their support for this game!



From the LOVELY mintchoco101 (Thank you its such a cute stamp!)

user posted image





From the artistic polaristar (Thank you!)

user posted image


[URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=152653&st=0] [IMG=https://i.imgur.com/7P5MEsi.png][/URL]

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Mods and Their Jobs


Thread Moderators

Fire-Ice -(Story Teller & Moderator)

Lady Artemis -(Gift Receiver & Editor)

mintchoco101 - (Moderator & Gifter/Giftee Coordinator)

Rekha -(Story Teller, Moderator, Thread Originator and Gift Reciever.)



Job Titles and What They Mean


Thread Originator : This person is the one who has access to editing the posts (at least for now. Maybe one day we will get a special account for this event if it gets big enough and if the need arises.) This person is responsible for keeping everything up to date at least once a day.


Moderator : This person will make sure that everything in the thread is organized. If someone doesn't post properly they will help explain things. They will be able to answer questions in PM if anyone has them or on the thread as well.


Story Teller : This person will create stories on event nights that detail about the eggs and who they were given by and who they were given to. They will also make the random rolls on random.org to make sure everything is done fairly.


Gift Reciever : This person is the one who all Gifters will PM before the event to share their gift(s) and lineage link(s) with so that the story can be coordinated properly.


Gifter/Giftee Coordinator : This person is responsible for communicating with the Thread Originator and the Gifter/Giftee's to make sure that everyone is receiving their gifts, giving their gifts and it is being recorded properly.


Editor : The Editor works close at hand with the Story Tellers to read through the stories before they are posted just to be sure that it makes sense, that everything is where it belongs and that all punctuation, grammar and anything else important is present.



Do you want to help? Are you looking for a job to keep yourself busy with while here on Drag Cave? If so, then let us know!! Fill out the basic application below and whisper it to either Rekha or mintchoco101.




I Want to Work for the Eggy Giveaway!

Forum Name:

Position(s) Desired:

Experience: (You can list any relative experience. Maybe you've kept up your own thread for a breeding lineage or maybe you've worked with other threads to help in a variety of ways. Or maybe you are a really good writer and love to do it and are looking for a way to practice. There are many possibilities so put anything you think is relevant.)

Times you are available to work:


[FONT=Impact][COLOR=green][SIZE=7]I Want to Work for the Eggy Giveaway![/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
[B]Forum Name:[/B]
[B]Position(s) Desired:[/B]
[B]Experience: [/B][i](You can list any relative experience. Maybe you've kept up your own thread for a breeding lineage or maybe you've worked with other threads to help in a variety of ways. Or maybe you are a really good writer and love to do it and are looking for a way to practice. There are many possibilities so put anything you think is relevant.)[/i]
[B]Times you are available to work:[/B]

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The Story


Story by Rekha and mintchoco101

Eggy Giveaway Part Deux : Story 1 : 7.26.13


The Summer Gathering


For the past three weeks flyers have been posted about this Summer's hottest Gathering all throughout town! People were talking about the event no matter where it was that you went. It was to be a spectacular all day event that started early in the morning with a Treasure Hunt, followed by a picnic barbecue that would be capped off with drinks, a bonfire, music and a grand finale of fireworks. There was absolutely no cost to get into this event all that was asked was that people bring things for the different portions of the gathering that would be taking place. Lady Artemis had looked through her collection and delighted with herself when she realized that she had the perfect item that glistened with a golden gleam that she could bring for the Treasure Hunt. As all of the players lined up within the beautiful park, lucky number 28, BunnyRoBones, spotted a gleam that had been hidden in the distance and knew precisely where she would be going. As the flare gun shot high in the sky the players scattered about in a crazed manner which caused some people to become very confused. Instead of living in this confusion, the wise old_duck, who had been lucky number 36 had decided to take a leisurely stroll around the lake where he saw an egg that seemed to give off a beautiful glow from the lovely Fire-Ice and they quickly made their way over to snag up that precious little gem before any of the other rambunctious players obtained it. Of course, there were many others who were skittering around and lucky number 11 Remy400 stumbled upon an egg that held a reflective gold shine from CapriciousT that he snagged up before any others could get to it. Suddenly a low groan was heard from number 37, aussieJJDude, as he had been sprinting to lay grasp onto that golden shine before Remy400, had, but to no avail he was just a little too late. Though, just as he had hung his head with despair he spotted something out of the corner of his eye that caught his attention, it was white with intricate stripes and had been brought to the Treasure Hunt from HappyAppy. With the fast catches, and the hunt not even halfway through, nikhol, number 16 was getting desperate. Then, something that shimmers like gold caught his eye, an egg hidden by the clever avalon11 underneath a bench. Watching nikhol happily hold his prize, number 39, YOGSCAST_Dragon, found a bubble of hope from within, and something bright and pink suddenly stood from table of drinks, set by old_duck. Rekha was smart and set up the egg on the ground, letting it blend in and the unaware number 11, hiphop123 upon this cold and rotten prize. Resting for a bit, CapriciousT, number 47, was tired of hunting. But then, an odd feeling rose, and a brilliant radiance stood out from the galactic tablecloth donated by pteprocks for this summer event.


With an afternoon of hectic running around and random prize drops here and there it was time for the barbecue to begin. The sounds of laughter filled the air as everyone started running off toward the picnic area and the delicious scent of Rekha and NexusDivine’s cooking was found wafting through the entirety of the park. As everyone was heading over it seemed that two lonesome eggs had gone unseen during the event. Luckily TempestSea who had been number 2 on the list and her friend Saynna number 1 had taken a side track to get to the gathering of all those hungered people when they came upon shimmer of silver from purplehaze and a cute little blue egg that seemed to be creating waves from Yeronoco in a pond beside that glittering partner. With glee they gathered up their little lovelies and ran off to enjoy some of that delightful food. Just as they were passing they spotted four others who seemed to have found something special hidden in the trees. natayah number 10 had found a beautiful eggy crafted of the finest golden tinsel from Rekha, while Wolf123Albinos number 18 spotted another pretty blue that was dripping from its own waves from the wise old_duck who obviously knew someone would look there. Of course avalon11 had been pretty wise as well when she placed a crafty egg that offered its warmth to its partner that seemed to match the summer weather in just the right place so that two others would take note of it and race after it together as sei_chan65 and Pokegirl858 always seemed to do.


The picnic tables were laid out and Rekha turned with a delighted glittering in her eyes and waved to everyone to try and obtain their attention. “So I have an announcement to make! We have drawn numbers of those who are in attendance and some of you have special prizes sitting at your tables so check to see if there is a basket resting in your seat and make sure to grab your lovely prizes!” The crowd gasped with surprise when they heard the announcement and hurriedly ran off to their places looking for their names and the baskets that they hoped would follow suit. brairtrainer and Happy_Mask_Saleswoman, numbers 12 and 29, were the first to spot something on their chairs, something to remember this summer from Lavinia and a bronze glimmering prize from Iya_kin. Hesitant to sit down, and would much rather search, -Latios- number 22 was surprised to find a a violently shaking egg from HappyAppy, which that seemed to be disturbing Ponystar17, number 6 from cuddling her silver tinsel-like gift from Cassiel. Seeing most of the hunters were settled comfortably, Rekha, oddly number 9, not 1, gasped at the bronze surprise left by Iya_kin as a thank-you. The hunters who just got back were surprised at the awws orginiating from all the various tables. Slightly confused, lynixe and Yeronoco, with a wide gap in numbers, 49 and 8, partnered up to hunt, and had come back late. But they understood immediately as they saw their gifts laid out by Rekha in lovely baskets, a cold egg and a bightly colored one.


As more and more party goers gathered at their tables there were sounds of joy and delight that seemed to dance through the crowd. Number 7, lilairyien, squealed with delight when in the basket they saw a bright pink egg that seemed to balance on its tip gifted by briartrainer. A slow grin curled across IndigoTheCat’s face as they watched NexusDivine, who had been number 23's, delight when he spotted that beautiful shimmer of silver within his own basket. Number 42 was the Answer to Life, but it was also Darkella and low and behold she found herself with a lovely egg that gave off a beautiful glow, gifted by -Latios-. Without looking number 25, stelalala screamed when she accidentally sat upon her basket and immediately leapt up spinning around and nearly knocking off a few of the platters upon the table but then with laughter and a look of delight she spotted that beautiful glow of blue and white a gift from the very happy, HappyAppy! Speaking of HappyAppy number 24, they found themselves even happier when they spotted that Golden Wyvern within their basket from that wise ole duck known as old_duck. Numbers 41 and 34, 6bananza and rikka_ashen6 were the last to arrive at the tables and they saw that they were also the last to find gifts at their seats. There were two eggs in two baskets, a golden shine from the first basket from mintchoco101 and a lovely pink and black egg that had a rather delightful scent to it for rikka from polaristar.

As everyone enjoyed their meal there was all sorts of chatter and laughter about the tables but CapriciousT and Rekha had something up their sleeves. Both of them went through the crowd searching and scouring the faces that were gathered till they both found their targets, Number 35 avalon11 and Number 40 polaristar. Within their hands they had an egg each, Cap had a beautiful Silver Shimmer to offer and Rekha had a cold egg that seemed dead within her own to gift. Both of them delighted their two giftee’s with their little surprises. Though they were not the only ones who had a few surprise gifts that they wanted to hand out. The old_duck had spotted the two gifting their targets and with delight he rose with two eggs, a beautiful egg that seemed to glisten like the moon and another that bore markings that matched this beautiful summer weather. The first was gifted to darkflowernightshade, number 31 while the second made its way to carmen8386, number 26.


Once everyone finished their food they could hear the music starting to play as a band began to strike up playing off in the distance. The night sky was starting to warm as the sunset in the background beyond the trees. There was a nice cool breeze that billowed through the air and the sight of mintchoco101 working close at hand with NexusDivine to get the bonfire started was a glorious vision to behold. As people started to move around some made their way to the beautiful dancing flames while the others moved off near the band and began to dance. Rekha started making her way through the crowd offering drinks to the various party goers. Some of the drinks had something written on the plastic cup and while many noticed it right away some didn’t take note till later in the night. The first to notice it were vertcvith, Devyn Star, jerzeeshadow, Alisyn, Fire-Ice and rukii_bii who all started making a beeline toward the table that they had been directed to. As each stepped up they began to form a line with Becquerel and Lavinia close behind. After mintchoco101 and NexusDivine finished getting the bonfire going they had made their way to the table and slowly took the wrapped gifts each with a simple tag that read “Open to find your Surprise!” and beneath that was the name of the gifter. Yeronoco had gifted a hellacious horse to vertcvith, Number 5, and HappyAppy had made sure that Devyn Star (number 30) found a lovely egg of glittering gold. Alisyn had given an egg that was split by two different colors to jerzeeshadow ( number 14 ) and nikhol was the gifter of that lovely wave maker toward Lavinia (number 44 ) while the rest all saw something strange “This is from an Anonymous Donor” and they stood in wonderment as they started opening their gifts. Fire had gotten an egg that seemed to have a cool mountain breeze billowing across it whilst rukii_bii (number 38) seemed delighted by the glow of sunlight upon hers. Becquerel (number 48) was the last person opening their egg, an egg that seemed to burn with the fires of hell, when a few others started to take notice of the message on their drinks to come to the table.The last five who had messages on their cups came running quickly, the group was led by Dulcius (Number 33) who was followed closely by eaturbyfill (Number 20 ), beyzoar (Number 13), IndigoTheCat (Number 21) and Lady Artemis (Number 27 ), their gifts were a mix of gifts from that Anonymous donor and a copper egg from thenameisplissken that went to IndigoTheCat. The Anonymous one had gifted in order of being recieved, a Whiptail, Nocturnal, Vine and a Vampire.


The music changed tunes and was no longer by the band but started coming from a sound system that was over in the picnic area. A voice came over the system that was unrecognized and spoke to everyone that was still here. “Would everyone please make their way to the hunting grounds from earlier for the firework display that will end the night?”, and as everyone heard that the final gifts were handed out by a secret source hidden completely in black. This person would go from person to person offering an egg held in their gloved hands. mintchoco101 (Number 15 ), was approached and handed a silver shimmer, the next person was Iya_kin (Number 50 ) who had a green egg that smelled of Olives, Sierra1111 (Number 19 ) was given a beautiful purple speckled egg, Cassiel (Number 46 ) had a lovely egg split down the middle with two colors and thenameisplissken (Number 53) had a rancid smelling golden egg and then the black covered figure stepped back and pulled free his mask to reveal who all of those gifts had been from and low and behold it was Nexus Divine! Just then the fireworks started to pop off and hree more people were given gifts from their secret gift exchanges, White_Knight (Number51 ), Valencia_Frost (Number 54) and ahreada (Number 52 ). White_Knight had received a weather worn Summer from Lavinia and ahreada had gotten a beautiful Magma from IndigoTheCat and Yeronoco had gifted a white egg with a black tip. to Valencia! At that point everyone turned to enjoy the fireworks as the Grand Finale began to spew free and with delight everyone enjoyed what they were watching while some stood with tears in their eyes but the general populace all had huge smiles upon their face for EVERYONE who came got a gift!!




So ya like the stories? Want more?


Summer Gathering by Rekha and mintchoco101

Edited by Rekha

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Do you want us to use the new forms to announce that we gave the eggs to the winners. Both of my Giftess have already announced that they received their eggs? Both of them let me now they got the egg and thanked me. I am happy to post the new from if you want, so should I just edit my old post?

One last question... I haven't received a PM about my egg, so how long do we wait to PM the gifter. I am not in a rush, but I couldn't find them on the list for the game. I usually just click on their name from their posts to PM, so I wasn't sure what to do to PM them.



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Yay! I won!

forum name: aussieJJDude

scroll name: aussieJJDude

scroll: aussieJJDude

gift: 3rd Gen White Stripe

gifter: HappyAppy (Thank you Happy Appy!)

has your gifter messaged you yet? Yes

Did you wish to be readded to the list? Yes


And what a lovely story - bummer, so close from getting a gold wyvern (I think) egg smile.gif... oh well, the stripe is cute, I lets see ho I can continue on the lineage!!

Edited by aussieJJDude

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Do you want us to use the new forms to announce that we gave the eggs to the winners.  Both of my Giftess have already announced that they received their eggs?  Both of them let me now they got the egg and thanked me.  I am happy to post the new from if you want, so should I just edit my old post?

   One last question... I haven't received a PM about my egg, so how long do we wait to PM the gifter.  I am not in a rush, but I couldn't find them on the list for the game.  I usually just click on their name from their posts to PM, so I wasn't sure what to do to PM them.



Only reason that Gifter's need to use that list is when there is trouble with your Giftee. So say you send out your gifts but get rude responses or heck even NO responses or if you find out your Giftee did something terrible to your egg that is when you use that form. Let me take the time to edit it and make that a little more clear. Thank you for asking!


Also, pteprocks is the gifter of your egg. Hope that helps. Typically we give the Gifter's 24 hours to send out their link. So tonight at 6pm PST you should have it and if you don't then you can send them a message.

Edited by Rekha

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Yay! I won!

forum name: Ponystar17

scroll name: Ponystar17

scroll: Ponystar17

gift: Silver Tinsel egg

gifter: Cassiel

has your gifter messaged you yet? Yes

Did you wish to be readded to the list? Yes

Many thanks to the wonderful Cassiel! You really made my day, Cass! biggrin.gif

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Yay! I won!

forum name: nikohl

scroll name: nikohl

scroll: scroll

gift: Golden Wyvern! <3

gifter: avalon11

has your gifter messaged you yet? No

Did you wish to be readded to the list? Yes please, add me for next week!

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Yay! I won!

forum name: Yeronoco

scroll name: Yeronoco

scroll: Scroll

gift: Red Stripe :3

gifter: Rekha

has your gifter messaged you yet? Yes

Did you wish to be readded to the list? Yes


I hope I did that right^^

Edited by Yeronoco

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Yay! I won!

forum name: Cassiel

scroll name: Cassiel

scroll: Scroll

gift: split

gifter: NexusDivine

has your gifter messaged you yet? No

Did you wish to be readded to the list? Yes


Loved the story Rekha and mintchoco101!

I'll try and donate again next week too, I have ideas wink.gif


@Ponystar I'm glad I made your day, haha biggrin.gif

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Yay! I won!

forum name:brairtrainer

scroll name:brairtrainer


gift:http://dragcave.net/lineage/5isYR lineage link also


has your gifter messaged you yet? Yes (for extra rules, naming requirements, etc)

Did you wish to be readded to the list? Yes


Also Rehka I was wondering if perhaps the next go around the mention of the eggs could include lineage links to the eggs so that this form can be filled out even if our gifter didn't mention us.

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Yay! I won!

forum name: Woof123Albinos

scroll name: Porpoise98

scroll: My scroll

gift: Pretty blusang

gifter: old_duck

has your gifter messaged you yet? Yes

Did you wish to be readded to the list? Yes please!


Once again,thank you!

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-Updated to Here-


remeber to gift/claim you prize within 24 hours!


Cassiel ~ i have not received a message from NexusDivine either, so dont worry c:



Yay! I won!

forum name: mintchoco101

scroll name: mintchoco101

scroll: My Scroll

gift:silver shimmer xxx

gifter: NexusDivine

has your gifter messaged you yet? yes

Did you wish to be readded to the list? Yes

Edited by mintchoco101

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Yay! I won

forum name: -Latios-

scroll name: -Latios-

scroll: My Scroll

gift: Hellhorse Lineage

Gifter: Happyappy

Have you messaged them They messaged me

did you wish to be readded to the list yes please



Please tell me if I did something wrong

Edited by -Latios-

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Updating my form:


Yay! I won!

forum name: Lavinia

scroll name: Lavinia

scroll: Scroll

gift: CB tsunami

gifter: nikohl

has your gifter messaged you yet? Yes

Did you wish to be readded to the list? Yes (already have been re-added)

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