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Pixel Art Contest - call for artists

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Hey, guys.



I haven't been around here in years (had kids, life got busy). I'm glad to see dragon cave has still been around and growing all this time.




I know someone who works for Betabrand (an independent clothing company in San Francisco), and her company is sponsoring a contest through Spoonflower. Spoonflower is a custom on-demand fabric company in North Carolina, and they have design contests every week. Usually the prize for a Spoonflower design challenge is a $100 gift certificate to their store. Every once in awhile, another company sponsors a Spoonflower challenge, and the prizes are bigger.


Betabrand wants to make pants for hipster gamers that remind people of 8-bit style retro gaming... but WITHOUT copyright infringement.



I'm working on an entry (although I quite possibly won't have time to finish it...), so this is a bit contrary to my self interests to post here, but I saw so few entries so far that even would work for what Betabrand wants, and I didn't want the contest to be a bust. I'd rather see cool entries, even if it means I have no chance of winning, than to win with my mediocre design against a handful of entries that don't even meet the feel of the contest. (Then again, my entry, if I finish it on time, is part of a small in-browser game I'm designing, and if I win, I'll use the funds to get more concept design and help posting a kickstarter so I can eventually make the game)



I know there are amazing pixel artists here. The deadline is kinda close... July 30... but I'll bet some of you could put something together by then that'd blow away the rest of the competition.


Here's the link to Spoonflower's blog post about the contest:




I know the pixel art posted as examples is 16-bit and not 8-bit, but they're looking for either. They just want a fabric design (so it should be repeating) that reminds people of old school gaming, which they'll then make into pants and sell.


The prize is a $100 spoonflower gift certificate and $500 advance against royalties. Designers can make money on Spoonflower, too, just from commission when people buy the fabric they design.



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