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Project Anommo


No one knows how or why it came to be, but a powerful galatic race in our universe set out to take samples of all the dying races from everywhere. They built the Dyson Sphere in the hopes that it would work. This great work engulfed 13 suns and was beyond all works known to any who saw it. No one can begin to comprehend how they did this, but in all it doesn't matter for it is the same prison that all of the samples come to know well. The sphere itself is made of an unknown substance that no one can identify let alone penetrate. Resistant to black holes, gamma ray bursts, even supernova, it is a marvel of technology and a curse to those that are confined. The 13 suns within fuel a massive device in the center of the sphere. This device supply's the air, climate, and other needs of the races who are delivered. If special needs are required of it, the device supplies them instantly. If it is time for the seasons to change for a race, it does so, perfectly mimicking each planet. Most races look upon the sphere as a blessing at first, after all, never having to worry about food or work or anything seems like a blessing. But as days turn to months and months become years, the denizens begin to grow restless. They have no freedom they realize, this is nothing more then a fancy prison, and the drones reinforce that. Drones that are impervious to damage, drones that cannot be bypassed or fooled, drones that are seemingly unbeatable by any means, be it technology, weapons or any other method a available. The move with a quiet thrum, and their eyes do not miss anything.


When a race is chosen for the "honor" of being saved, 200 of its inhabitants just disappear. Age, class and social structure are all factored in as the 200 are selected. After the selection, all 200 are whisked away to their new home within the sphere where they begin to adapt of perish. Thousands of races have been saved, and most agree that escape is the first priority. Bound together by this one goal, hundreds have joined the growing alliance in the hopes of one day going home. Others are not focused on such things though, instead turning to war. Most are races made of warriors, beings who value the fight above all else. What difference does it make to them where they fight? As long as the blood flows they are willing to stay, and the Sphere is full of different things to kill.

Only the protection of the alliance keeps many of the people that joined it safe.


You and your race has been brought here by forces unknown. You may of been walking/slithering/flying but one moment its your worlds normal setting, the next its this, a life in the sphere. Will you try to escape? Just avoid the warring factions, or even be apart of one?


Your races information has been recorded in a data base most can access


Username (creator):

Race name:

Appearance (in general):

Male Appearance:

Female Appearance:

Races General Behavior:

Basic Environment:

Basics of Reproduction (Nothing detailed here please, stuff like able to reproduce with other races or something goes here):

Ability's (No summoning, or powers persay, or mind controlling/altering):

Races technology details (Nothing that is impervious to everything, can blow up everything in a hit ect):

Other (Are there other strange things your race may include?):


Character sheet













No swearing, only if you have to swear in the post

OOC has to be in (( )) and on topic

Keep things PG

Post at least once every other day or a PM will be sent to you, after 3pm's over 3 days (5 day lee way) your character and race will have owner ship handed to someone else if no warnings been given.

Different race relationships are supported here.

Pm me the Race/character sheets with the key word "Whaaa" in one.

Have fun

What I say goes (and co-owner that I'll appoint at a later date)

Once a race is created others can join as that race.









Username (creator): LLD

Race name: Shatong

Appearance (in general): The Shatong race are often concidered slimy and gross. They seem to be a race that only partly evolved to shape shifters. They only have 2 forms, one a puddle of slim that when covering a target allows them to mimic the target for only a few hours, and there main form. A 6 foot tall scaled race. Snake like head 3 fingures on each hand, humanoid torso with 2 thick legs, and a long thick tail that spans 9 feet. Colors can very from male to female. all have snake like eye's. The scales range from big thick ones to small enough to be hard to spot on both males and females. And unless in a very hot climate that all seem to be wet a little. Dry is unheard of to them.

Male: Males tend to be a bit smaller then the females and tails are a bit thinner and shorter then those of the females, there colors range from reddish, dark blueish, to a black as night color. the males eye's have eye colors that range from a lime green to a silver.

Female: Larger then the normal male and more slender frame but thicker tail and legs. Along with there chests having 2 milk glands for there young when in solid form. There colors range from a light blue right down to a deep red.

Majority races society behaver: With there females being more powerful then the average male there society is often run with a female in charge. They have democracy but with a few things that are different from it. they don't have money due to there own very needs. Same gender phsicle interaction has also proven to be toxic due to how there body's chemicals react. There is rarely any homeless in there area of the territory and despite there looks are more friendly then they look. They welcome most visitors however become easily agitated if insulted of there body's and race.

Housing information: The Shatong race have a symbiotic relationship with there homes. From there homes being organic when a Shatong sleeps in there home the home takes the used up matter in the Shatong body and uses the matter for its own feeding, cleaning the Shatong and feeding its self creating a sufficient cycle. Each Shatong at birth gets there home right from the start. When a female Shatong gives birth the home secrets fluid that bonds with the infant. Later the fluid will come off the young Shatong onto the ground and if cared for, will grow with the young one and soon be big enough for it to take up residence in it.

The inside of the 'home' many have said it looks like your in a organic round bubble, instead of doors there are holes or ports that take those the owner of the home have said is safe, and will move them from one room to the other. Many don't like this as they feel like there being eaten whole in the process. None of it dry. If another races being does enter a Shatong home nothing happens unless they are some how compatible with its chemicals

Out side the homes tend to have the look of a zerg hatchery with out the teeth.

Basics on races reproduction: Needs male and a female much like a human. They are able to reproduce with other races however if its a Shatong female it will be Shatong, with the only different traits being eye color, scale color and oddly, if the other race has wings they'll get that too but only for that generation. If its a Shatong male the female of the other race will birth one of there own race however with the addition of a Shatong tail and able to bond with a Shatong home.

Ability's (No summoning, or powers persay, or mind controlling/altering): Once an adult the Shatong race gains the ability to chemically communicate with almost every other being, giving them a basic intel of the language of the being and other details like that, beyond that nothing else unless its inherited from another race.

Races technology details: They focus on organic tech. From armor suits that seem to be living yet feel no pain, to weapons that fire little poison leaches that after injecting the target with a nerves eating poison to exploding in a small cloud of acid to eat away at the targets armor and the target. they completely lack shields though but have a high Regen rate. There computers are more organic tech that has high level brain activity and like a computer would open a file, the Shatong connect with the 'computer' with there tails and use it through there tails, almost like they connected them selfs to another brain only much more effective at processing and accessing information.

The Shatong races has strictly prohibited genetic altering after a gruel some history of trouble from that.

Other (Are there other strange things your race may include?): Strangely they only need to sleep in there homes like a human would eat and drink. The home thrives off the Shatong and what it brings in. Even the Shatong do not fully understand them and the symbiotic relation




Username (creator): Ryujin13

Race name: Kas-Mah

Appearance (in general): Kas-Mah (they don't have the head tail thing, they have four eyes and no fur. Instead all you can see is the suit including a helmet.)

Male/Female: Females are smaller then males and males have a couple spines on their backs which are extremely sharp. Usually their are four but sometimes as many as eight.

Races General Behavior: The entire culture is focused around the hunter and therefore the warrior. You either learn to fight, or die like the weakling you are. Those who can bring in the most food and protect the towns the best are the leaders. No election or vote of any kind is needed, everyone just knows who to follow.

Basic Environment: Swamps mostly, their entire world is a marsh rife with predators. The only break in the eco-system are two small oceans and mountains created from tectonic shifts. The swamps themselves produce a gas that the Kas-Mah require to survive, and going into the few mountains there are is dangerous due to the lack of gas.

Basics of Reproduction (Nothing detailed here please, stuff like able to reproduce with other races or something goes here): Reproduction produces at least two children with varying numbers. Single children are regarded as marked for greatness.

Ability's (No summoning, or powers persay, or mind controlling/altering): They have extremely keen senses, each geared towards finding prey and avoiding detection. They are extremely agile, able to jump long distances and run very fast. They are also expert trackers and stealthers, allowing them to stalk prey and make the kill without alerting the animal to their presence.

Races technology details (Nothing that is impervious to everything, can blow up everything in a hit ect): They have advanced technological abilities including weapons that fire a type of energy derived from a crystal that is found on their planet. The crystals are used to power everything, and have been made into weapons. They also carry numerous blades made of the crystal, most of which are enhanced with energy as well.

Other (Are there other strange things your race may include?): They have managed to get things like satellites into orbit but do not seem interested in space travel. They also wear the bio-mechanical suits at all times due to the swamps slowly beginning to stop producing the needed gas. The suits improve many of the senses and abilities of the wearer and provide even more of an advantage to the race.


Username (creator): Ryujin13

Race name: Krahn

Appearance (in general): Krahn. They also have a set of wings that told into their chitin to keep them from being damaged.

Male Appearance: males have more spines and natural blades on their forearms.

Female Appearance: like the picture

Races General Behavior: The Krahn race is focused around trading and agriculture and mining, with an advanced government in place that mediated between the different factions on the home world. Generally a peaceful race, the Krahn have had their eyes on the stars for a long time, and have even managed to colonize one of their three moons. Theirs is a race overtaken with curiosity, and they always want to learn.

Basic Environment: The gas planet that they evolved on was almost double the size of Jupiter, and twice as dense. The race itself inhabited huge pieces of rock that were filled with gas that was lighter then the air around it, resulting in huge floating rocks where the Krahn nested.

Basics of Reproduction (Nothing detailed here please, stuff like able to reproduce with other races or something goes here): Around 100 eggs are laid in a structure created from a combination of materials then glued together by the father and mother working in tandem. After about a month the eggs begin to hatch. Those that hatch first are the ones that survive, while those that don't hatch in time provide nourishment to the growing young. In all maybe ten survive to grow to adults. Those that do survive are loved as any parent would.

Ability's (No summoning, or powers persay, or mind controlling/altering): Can fly at about thirty miles an hour or so, faster if pushing. The exoskeleton provides a natural armor that covers the body, making for a very difficult target to injure.

Races technology details (Nothing that is impervious to everything, can blow up everything in a hit ect): Advanced agricultural and mining equipment is common, but war was pretty much eliminated from the Krahn home world, leaving them with very little in the way of weaponry. Due to this, the rest of their technology has flourished.

Other (Are there other strange things your race may include?): The Krahn have created helmets that read their own minds, then say what they want to out loud in a language all races can understand. Normally they use nonverbal language derived from a combination of wing movements, noises and clicks generators from the thorax and legs. The helmet allows the Krahn to speak among themselves without landing, and works well with other races as well.



character sheets


Username: LLD

Name: Varren

Race: Shatong

Personality: Quiet, with drawn till he finds those he trusts. Self conshus about his features

Looks: Smaller then the normal male of his race, longer tail leading to him getting teased at times.

History: Born shortly before him and some of his race showed up here at the sphere. Rest will be revealed as the RP moves.

Other: He rarely gets out of his armor and has his own 'leach' gun. He says he home grew them.


Username: Ryujin13

Name: Defas Zadra

Race: Kas-Mah

Personality: Haughty and extremely confident, humans would describe him as a spoiled brat. In reality the races beliefs are his beliefs and he judges other races by them, generally finding those he meets to be wanting.

Looks: Normal except for a patch of albino skin on either side of his eyes.

History: To be RPed

Other: none

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The huge light in the center of the dome shone brightly at the area that was in the 'day time zone' The 200 Shatong where waking up once again to there new world like place. Running around like things where normal as could be when you know you've some how been kid napped along with your home and 199 others and placed in some kind of huge dome.


Varren was running around in his armor again exploring getting further and further from the small town. He grunted jumping using his tail to stay upright as he landed. His helmeted snake like head looking around as his reptilian eye's look around, the inside of the armor all organic tech as well yet simulating lights and display like normal mechanical armor suits. He eventually found him self nearing a swampy treed area. Of course he was exploring, this was new, time to check it out.

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Defas Zadra clung to the tree with his feet and hands, the claws digging into the bark to hold him there. He was clinging face down, his four eyes watching the prey beneath him, his helmet assessing it as he silently watched. To anyone looking it would appear that there was nothing there, but in reality his armor was just mimicking the tree bark. If he moved it took a second or two to rearrange to the new patterns beneath it.

The creature below him was a Jourwea eating a recent kill. They were very dangerous, but enough meat to feed the town for a week at least.

Suddenly a branch snapped to one side and the animal looked up, it's haunches raised and its poison fangs becoming exposed. It looked up, searching for predators or other competitors. It locked onto the place were the branch had snapped and spotted another hunter, Lep Werna. Instantly it spit venom which hit Lep in the chest and began to eat through his armor. He began to frantically try and remove his armor and fell from his spot into the marsh below. Instantly the Jourwea was charging, ready to have a new meal along with its old one.

The rest of the hunters reacted at this and sprang into action. Two opened fire with their rifles, each of which shot with a strange tinkle followed by a hiss as it shot tiny slivers of crystal enveloped by energy at the creature. They bit into the hide, causing it to snarl and turn, spitting more poison as the two jumped away. Another two on the ground fired their weapons as well, but these were harpoons, not energy weapons. The two harpoons each speared a leg of the beast, causing it to tumble and fall. It started to flail, but more harpoons were fired and tied off to trees. Defas waited until the beast had tired itself out, then approached the creature. The beast looked at him with huge eyes and snarled, trying to break free as it did so, but the ropes held and Defas continued until he stood within an arms length of it. He gently touched its head, palm down and looked into the creatures eye.

"We thank you for your sacrifice. By your life we survive." He said before producing a long blade. This he flicked, causing a blue energy to envelope it before staging the creature through the crown of its head. It died instantly and slumped even as Defas turned off the blade and advanced on Lep who was being tended to by one of the other hunters. The hunter stepped away as Defas grabbed Lep by the neck and slammed him against the tree.

"Worthless weakling! Have you learnt nothing of hunting? You look at where you stalk, see your surroundings! You don't let your prey know you are there!" Defas snarled, choking the Lep as the younger scrabbled to breath. Finally Defas let him go and watched as he gasped for breath. He kicked Lep in the side, sending the other to land hard to the side.

"Get the kill and this one back to the village. He will not eat for one moon cycle beyond what he can hunt himself. Perhaps he will learn then." Defas said to the others who nodded at the wisdom and prepared the kill for transport.

"I'm am going to scout, I will be at the feast later." Defas said, bending at the knees and jumping up to catch a branch. He swung up and was off, bounding through the trees towards the area beyond the swamp but always on the lookout for the things that lived above. He had gone to the edge often, assessing the prey over the transition, wondering if they were edible. Things were plentiful there, and none seemed dangerous. Easy meat, easy hunt. He also wondered who lived there. He had not seen them, but he still wondered.

Defas shook himself from this thought, realizing what he was doing. This didn't help the hunt nor the village. He was out for information not curiosity.

As he approached the border he slowed and chose his branches carefully, allowing his camouflage to adjust before moving again. When he got to the edge he carefully took up a position on a tree that had good cover from the leaves. Then he watched. He waited for a few hours, assessing the prey over the line, evaluating their behavior and size, deciding if they were worth hunting for the tribe. As he gazed he saw movement, closer to the line. He eased himself into a position where he could better watch, then blinked. The sensors in his helmet magnified the view so that he could see the odd creature.

Defas frowned, having not seen something like this before outside of the great snakes that made the swamp their home. He quickly blinked again so that the view was recording then spoke so quietly that it could not be heard.

"New species viewed, unsure of intelligence but it appears to be advanced. Moves cautiously like prey, but looks around like it is searching. Continues to approach border, most unusual since I have not seen prey cross the border from either side. Perhaps a scout? It does not hide well if it is trying. Interesting physical traits, bipedal with tail, torso akin to our own. Three fingers, and wearing some sort of armor. Appears to carry a weapon, very different from our own. I will attempt contact, but cautiously." He blinked again, shutting off the recorder, then sent the message back to the town and waited. When the thing was close enough he raised his rifle and aimed it at the being before turning off his camouflage so he was visible. He was halfway up the trunk, his hind feet dug into the tree so that his arms were free, the rifle held and aimed expertly.

"You are not Kas-Mah. You do not act as prey. You wear armor and carry a weapon, therefore you are a being. State your clan, your position in your village, your current objective. Do not touch your weapon or you die." None of this was said as a threat or even with much emotion. Instead it was just a statement of what was going to happen.

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Varren was still exploring when something lite up on his screens. He looked around to see something there half way up a tree pointing what looked like a weapon. He froze for a moment wondering if this new being would shoot him or not. His weapon was already in hand though due to no holster. "Whats a.... Kas-Mah?" he asked "And why are you pointing a weapon at me?..... Where are you from?" he asked in a innocent childs manner. He looked plainly confused rather then scared. His tail went from side to side as he waited though he did not open any of his armor. The leach gun however was showing signs it detected a foe and wiggled a little in his hands. Along with the armor seemingly fitting more snugly on him. Something machanical stuff would not do at all. Thought Varren did not seem to be fazes by any of this. Thought before Defas could respond another voice sounded making Varren looked behind him before acting like he needed to hide "Hold on, need to hide." he said quickly scanning the area and went to a tree not knowing he was crossing a boarder and scrambling up it in record time "Just wait for her to pass by." he said before going silent.

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Defas opened fire the minute the being began to move, the needles sticking into the things around its legs. Defas could have easily killed this thing, but he didn't want to kill it, he wanted to study it. It didn't need its legs to be studied however, so these were Defas' target. The being had said something about a 'her' but Defas was pretty sure this was just a ruse to get his focus away for a moment. Quickly activating his camouflage again, Defas jumped to a new tree so that he could continue to shoot.

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Varren squeaked loudly as the stuff caught his legs though could not get through the armor, it still prevented use of his legs. Though he still did not want to be caught though he did not see the other thing that had shot at him. He used his tail and with a combo of his tail arms and tied up legs to scramble out of sight behind a log and flopped down behind it. Not knowing his childish act could gent with him killed to this new race. But he did not know that. A full grown Shatong with no armor came into sight, female from the looks of it. She saw the strange shot things eye's narrowed before she suddenly took off.

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Defas checked his weapons readouts quickly before looking around. The one on the ground had gone down, and the larger one, the female maybe, had taken off, probably to get help or something.

"Defas to Trentha, send three hunters to me, I have a prey that might be interesting to us. I do need it alive, so have them prepared." He said into his communicator, sending the message before jumping to the tree above the being and quickly re-aiming to cover it.

"You will drop your weapon and cease moving. You are going to come with me and answer my questions. Do not resist and you will be released without more injuries." He called, out, not un-cloaking this time. "Think carefully before you try to run. Those crystals are barbed so that removing them will do more damage then they already have. Walking or running with them just works them further in. Now surrender or meet your gods!"

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Varren struggled a bit more before going still. "What did I ever do to you?" he asked sounding annoyed "Not like I stole or hurt you and your shooting at me. You know mom will be coming back with more." he said "Let me go as I did nothing to you and there won't be any fighting." he said

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"Your kind has never been seen before, yet you show up and refuse to answer simple questions as though expecting us to welcome you with open arms. You are mistaken however. You will be brought before the council where you will be questioned. If you are as harmless as you claim, then we will talk of peace, maybe trade even. If you are not harmless, we will kill you and set warriors along the boundary permenantly. Know that watchers have already taken up positions to keep more of your kind out. Rescue is impossible." Defas revealed himself again and jumped to the ground where the being couldn't get a clear line of sight before moving around so that he could aim easily.

"Do not move or this next shot will meet your head." He said, advancing slowly until he was close but not to close. Then he waited, still as the trees that were around them, unresponsive to any words or questions. About ten minutes passed before two more of the beings appeared, one on each side of the being but far enough away to be safe.

"Gera, get its weapon." Defas said, his weapon never wavering as the female neared the being and attempted to take its gun.

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Varren looked at Defas through his helmet "What are you talking about? Simple questions? You fired on me first with no reason!" he said frustrated "Do you treat everyone like this? Kid napping and killing for no reason?" he asked though now was just talking not expecting to be listened to as he was being treated like a prisoner "Your going to kill a rescue party with no reason!"

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"Do not question my mythods! I have not killed or even hurt anyone yet. All watchers will aim to wound but not wound. All would-be rescuers will recieve warnings followed by warning shots, then they will face being wounded. As for your answers, you did not say who you were, what your clan is, where you stand in your clan, and what your purpose is here. You have done nothing but deflect with more questions. Now answer!"

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Varren got the position of a rebellions child hunched over his weapon "Not till the rescue team shows up. I'm just exploring, you guys never explored when you where kids?" he retorted "You've done nothing but attack me and act like I did a crime that I did not!"

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"I told you what was going to happen. You were going to answer questions and not move. Then I was going decide what to do. You have not cooperated at all, and killing you now would be reasonable." Defas glanced at the two hunters flanking him who both nodded. "You still refuse? Fine, you will come with us." He gestured at the other two hunters who both drew a pistol looking thing and fired at Varren. Both were darts full of a sleep agent that together would knock him out for a few hours at least.

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"Now your shooting at me when I don't act like a robot!" he shouted as the darts lodged in the armor but not in him. There was a shout further down the area from the direction the female had run off to. All clad in similar but grown up armor Varren had on. "MOM! THERE SHOOTING AT ME!" Varren shouted at the top of his lungs causing more yelling to happen and shots of what looked like slugs wizzing by, one hit a tree and seemed to explode in a small shower of acid. "Get away from my child!" came a female voice from the seemingly leader of the group "Or those next shots will not be warning ones!"

Mean while if not restrained more from his shout he started to try and scramble away.


((He's only a kid after all.))

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Defas angrily grabbed his rifle and turned at the raised voice, quickly joining the other two hunters in a firing position, each careful to cover a different target from the others. The three exchanges quick words in a wierd language before Defas nodded slightly.

"You are the boys den mother? You speak for him?" Defas asked, ignoring the scrabbling sounds from behind him. The three exchanged more words, then suddenly their demeanor changed. The two extras kept their weapons raised, but Defas went to Varren and grabbed ahold of the armor, quickly hauling him up and out to a halfway point between the two forces. There he quickly reached into a pouch on his side and extracted a tool which he played across the needles lodged in Varrens armor. With a tug the needles popped out and were placed within another pocket, quickly followed by the tool.

"This is your..." He looked at Varren, assessing the alien then looking back at the the woman who called herself mother. "This is your offspring yes? We have not harmed him, nor will we. You may take him and go if you wish, but we are interested. We haven't seen anyone else in this place since we arrived. Your offspring would not answer the questions, so we thought to take him to the town to be questioned further. We thought he was fully grown, but now we have an adult. So we will ask you the questions. We want to know of what clan you are, what your position in the clan is, and what do you want now that you know of us?" He asked, backing away from Varren as he spoke.

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The armored Shatong group stopped at a distance not taking there weapons off the ones still aiming. The leader stepped forward "Yes I am is mother." she said weapon lowered. As soon as Varren could he scrambled to his mom the size difference showing a clear amount of growing to be done.

"Funny how you say you won't harm him yet there are clear signs of damage there." she said clearly not happy pointing to his legs and the area's where the spike thing had sunken into. "Varren get back to base, get your self checked up." she ordered quietly and he nodded heading back to the colony.


She looked at Defas and suddenly her helmet seemed to mold off her head showing her unhappy face as she crossed her arms "Tou thought that he was an adult? Little hard to miss the size, and the developing proportions of anything." she said before sighing "Concidering you held one of our young hostage till we put you at gun point, visible signs of damage on said young. Never mind the fact you pulled needles out of him after we showed up. we should be the ones taking you in for questioning." she stated "I'm second on command of the race Shatong on this... dome what ever it is." she explained "Where not a war faring species so I don't think we'll consider you an enemy yet. But your kind will be treated as a potential threat after what we just saw, until I can speak with your leader however I am not allowed to discuss terms of territory's or treatys. go back to your camp and inform your leader.... deligator, that the race you ran into today need to speak about terms of territory's and treatment of those who do cross the boarders." she said "Do we have an agreement? I'm letting you and your team off easy considering that was my son."

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Defas barely kept himself from hissing and picking a fight with this woman. She was blaming him for what had happened? How dare she, how-. He stopped that line of thinking and considered a tactful way of putting things.

"The way your... Son moved suggested a scout, and his firearm only drove this point home. Who would let a mere child wander about with a firearm? He attempted to enter our hunting grounds uninvited which is considered an act of aggression among our people. However, I also recognized that he was of another race, so I confronted him. He refused to answer, another sign of disrespect, so I demanded again. Then he ran to hide even after I told him not to move. You would not have shot one who has acted so suddenly and against orders? I could have killed him easily, but I shot for the legs, hoping to learn more from him. You notice that I did not hold him hostage when it became apparent he was a child. I freed him immediately. Now you throw around lies and say that you would not attack us? How d-" The female that he had addressed as Gera suddenly stepped forward and put a hand on his shoulder then whispered something.

Defas visibly tensed at the words before relaxing and lowering his weapon.

"Your child is unharmed, as are we all. My father and the council have been watching this and have passed judgment. We will wait here until my father arrives. He will act as our... Negotiator." Defas said, practically spitting the last word. He watched the Shatong for a long moment before cautiously moving back into the swamp and activating his camouflage. The rest of his hunters joined him seconds after and like that they were gone without a trace.

The wait was about half an hour or so before a large party emerged from the swamp. There were about twenty or so in total, with four obviously being guards. These stayed near the swamp but were very alert, always watching any moves. The one who was obviously in charge was a giant compared to the others, easily reaching seven and a half feet tall, whereas Defas, still not full grown, was just cresting six feet seven inches. The rest of the party were on hover trailers that were loaded with different items. The trailers themselves were pulled by large creatures that continuously tasted and sampled the leaves and grass around it. The large being in front held up his hand and gestured around. Instantly the other Kas-Mah began to set up a large table, some tents, and a few fire pits. A huge fire pit was dig quickly, easily eight feet across and almost five deep. Lumber was tossed into it and the spark lit.

While this was going on, the huge Kas-Mah came forward and stood before the Shatong delegation. He carefully reached to his belt and removed a hilt from it which he brandished aloft.

He activated it, this one made purely from energy and carefully brought up a hand. He sliced his hand with it, and all could hear the sizzle of evaporating blood.

He brandished the knife again, holding it aloft, then deactivated it and handed it to the female Shatong.

"Nowhena kuiswana nobreeon os lefkq." He said before nodding. A servant came forward and passed a tool over the wound, causing it to heal instantly and the armor to mold back into shape.

Defas had reappeared at this point and was standing nearby, watching the proceedings.

"I am Dalnr Zadra, leader of the Kas-Mah within this place. You hold the blood dagger. It has tasted my flesh and is hungry for more just as any blade would and should be. You are entrusted with it as a sign of trust. To break this trust is to break all honor and declare yourselves prey. Only you will break the truce. No Kas-Mah have broken the oath since the tradition started over ten thousand years ago. But enough of such things. We will discuss politics after the meal is cooked. For now we have a gift." He gestured at a nearby trailer where two Kas-Mah waited. Each gripped something heavy within and lifted. Out came a skull of a great horned beast with fangs over five inches long and horns to match. It was obviously a feline in shape though even with the horns and fangs. The skull was truly massive and weighed almost five hundred pounds.

Dalnr picked it up by himself however and set it before the Shatong.

"This is a beast that was slain by me. I did it with only my wits and a single knife. The meat from this let my village eat like kings for a month. It is a Frul-As, Death Stalker in this tongue. To hunt one is to be considered a true master. Stealth, hunting, tracking, they have become one with you if you can kill a Frul-As. I'm not trying to boast, but to explain what this means to my people. To have this in your village is to have the favor of the gods. Now it's yours. Use the favor well." He turned and looked at the sky where the light was quickly dying and gestured again.

"I have brought food and drink for us. You will join us in feasting and drinking, then we can talk politics."

As this was all happening Defas was getting more and more agitated until finally he seemed to snap and stalk over.

"Father, you can't be serious. These beings encroached on our hunting grounds then refused to answer who they were or what they were up to. Now you give them the skull, let them eat our food and even talk peace with them? They admitted to being non-violent. Doesn't that make them prey? Shouldn't we hunt them?"

Dalnr listened to all this before shaking his head. "We cannot afford that here. We have two hundred mouths to feed and limited protection. Having allies will help us more then having prey. Now move."

Defas couldn't believe what he was heading and stood his ground, shaking his head.

"You are speaking against all of our traditions! This isn't just foolishness, this is a betrayal of our planet and our race! You are a coward i-"

Instantly Dalnr had his sons neck in a vice-like grip and dangled the choking boy above the ground.

"Do you think you are ready to make the challenge? Do you think I could not kill you and eat your heart? I would gladly do it if the challenge were called for. You are not yet fully grown and yet you claim to know better then your leader. Make no mistake, I am your leader first and your father second. A new son is easy to create, so replacing you is a quick process. Understand, you are my blood, but if I ever hear you call me a coward again, I won't wait for the duel, I will kill you there and leave your flesh for the swamp to eat." With that he threw his son away from him.

Defas flew about twenty feet before hitting the ground and tumbling to a stop, coughing as he tried to get air after being choked for so long.

Dalnr turned again to the fire and led the way to the table where dishes were already being set down. When the delegation had sat itself down the Kas-Mah began to eat ravenously as more and more food was piled onto the table. Huge glasses of green liquid were brought forward and all present at the table drank greedily. A few minutes later and Defas came and sat down before beginning to eat as well.

"Come, eat and drink with us." Dalnr said to the Shatong. "The meat is tender, the drinks are cool and more comes every second. Eat, eat!"

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Shaza put her weapon on her back the armor seemingly growing a holster on the spot the helmet remaining off. She just took her retilian eye's off Defas till he cloaked. "Quen, head back to base, bring back some peace talkers. This could be interesting." she said before waiting.

By the time the new ones arrived also in armor but no weapons they could hear the transportation of the new race arriving. When she saw it she seemed interested "Looks like a..... transport yet none of them are... inside it." she muttered before watching them stop and unpack.

She lead the group closer but paused a respectful distance away. The 6 guards on her side from the rescue party holdin there weapons not taking there eye's off the other ones with weapons.

Shaza watched the leader take out a blade and it seemed to turn to a energy blade. Leader slit his hand before giving her the blade and she took it as he explained. It hungers for more he said. Was she suppost to slit her hand now or is her holding this blade simply a way to show there not to be hunted and accept the honor and are not prey?

Then he spoke of gifts and she looked somewhat puzzled till they lifted the hue skull out of there wagon. When it was explained she nodded then looked at her guards. 2 of them clearly female as well went over and picked it up bringing it over to there side before they gently set it down.

Shaza looked at the leader once again as he mentioned feasting. Ok this was getting strange, honors, gifts now feasts? The smaller one from before seemed to think that too but he was met with more force then she was used to seeing enthrusted on young ones. But they where a different race though. And the leader did mention a good point. a war between there kind would not go well for either of them. It would deplete there already low numbers.

She came over to the motioning for her party to join her. She took some of the meat and ate it though not quite as.... ravenginly as Dalnr. Though she made it clear to the others at the table she was the other leader and would put up a fight if challenged. She might be smaller then there leader, but size did not always mean better. "This is unexpected but we accept this honor your allowing us to have." she said with a bow. "We do not normally eat out of our homes in these unfamiliar grounds none of our wild life came with us. However we'll gladly feast with your people. And as for you Defas, if you wish to find out if where prey, feel free to challenge us and you'll learn we too can be hunters." she said before taking another bit. This felt so new to her. She did not know what to offer in return. This race clearly was one of hunting, aggression in some cases. Her race was more passive though did have teeth when angered. She got an idea though and picked up the wine glass and stood up "To fortune! We could be at each others necks trying to wipe the other off the face of this place, but instead we are feasting together." she said holding her glass out in a toast.


((Stepping into new grounds for RP'ing, let me know if something is.... off or something.))

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Dalnr looked at his wine glass, slightly confused at this custom, but finally put down the bone he was eating and stood as well. The others followed suit and raised their glasses then drank long and deep. After that the Kas-Mah began to eat with gusto again, their teeth ripping apart the meat as easily as a knife through paper. Finally it seemed as though they were sated as they sat back one by one. The wine glasses were refilled and they all turned to the great bonfire which was roaring ito the sky now. To the sides stood four females, each clad in nothing but their skins. Beneath their armor the race was mostly covered with fur, their heads ending with a short snout where two long teeth were prominent. Their ears were short and pointed, and their four eyes glinted in the firelight. On their backs were a number of short spines that were razor sharp and maybe a foot long. Two of the females were orangish colored with dappled black spots here and there. One was pure black, and one was pure white. All were painted from head to toe, and all waited as a nearby band got ready. More wood was thrown on the fire, huge logs that caused the flames to roar and the sparks to fly.

"These are the greatest fire dancers in our clan. They have trained their whole lives just to master this art." Dalnr explained. "They are considered as brave as a hunter and are held in high esteem. They must hold their breath for the whole of the dance, because wearing a mask is both dangerous and against the spirit of the dance. The gas could also combust so their is that."

He gestured to the four women who split into pairs, the white and black ones going to opposite sides of the fire and taking up positions with their partners, the two orange women. They all picked up masks and breathed deeply and carefully, taking slow breaths before turning and going to the edge of the fire. The musicians started playing, and the women started dancing. It began with acrobatics of sort, each side copying the other perfectly. Then it got dangerous as the white and black jumped into the fire, each landing on one of the large burning logs where they continued to dance, their feet never remaining in one spot for two long. Now the orange women joined them, and soon they were all dancing within the fire, all complimenting each others moves even if they were all doing different things. Finally the four jumped from the fire, landing in a pose and the song ended. Overall it had lasted almost ten minutes, and the Kas-Mah all leapt to their feet, yelling their approval and eating their fists against the table. The women went to the gas masks and breathed again before disappearing into the night. Defas made to stand up but his father shook his head, causing him to sit down sullenly.

"You have seen our hospitality, shared our food and enjoyed our culture. You have the blood dagger and now we may talk. He gestured for all but a few of his people to go, leaving only Defas, and another large Kas-Mah.

"This is Fesa-Onfil, one of my council. He will sit with us for the discussions. Defas will listen as well. He is my son and most likely to take leadership. He must learn of these things."

Though Defas' face was hidden by his helmet, he scowled all the same, hating that these people had seen him humiliated.

"First, we would like to apologize for today's events. The young are stupid and hotheaded, quick to make bad decisions. Luckily no one was hurt, so we can try again with not blood between us. Now, my people have the swamp, and you have your lands. We propose a treaty to begin. Trade will be allowed, but neither side will enter the others territory without permission. Mostly this applies to us because our home is so dangerous. You wouldn't want to go there without a guide!" He laughed a little then continued. "That is all for now. Neither side will carry weapons ito each others territories without permission, nor will we hunt upon your lands. I believe this is fair don't you?"

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The Shatong bite into the meat afterwards as well eating about the same pace due to there mouth size yet not so much like there starving. Shaza felt like leaning back but had decided it would be a good idea not to show weakness in the face of this race. Though the food was good the wine..... interesting though not what she'd chose to drink though she said nothing to that nature. She looked at the females as they walked in wondering what they where for. When the music started she found it a interesting sound. When she realized that by fire dancers they litterly met, fire dancers as the females where dancing in the fire. This got her attention and wondered why they where not burning up. Though the male Shatong clearly were thinking about the moves and the females looks. But that's to be expected.

After the show was over she stood up with the rest of the Shatong and applauded. As they left and it came time for the talks she nodded to her guards who nodded back there helmets covering there faces again as they backed into the shadows to leave. Shaza looked at Defas for a moment before looking at Dalnr as he spoke She gave a nod to Fesa-Onfil.

She did not move when they said they where sorry for how they first met. She looked at Defas briefly when they called him stupid more or less.... she would say more inexperienced her self but that was not for her to say here. "Agreed." she said when Dalnr suggested to start with no bad blood. She listened though still wondered how they would aid or trade with this race. From what she could tell.... they'd rather eat anything living then take care of it, and unless it was a fluid of some kind, everything was living in Shatong territory, even the armor suits and weapons. She smiled a little at Dalnr's joke or what seemed to be one. "Sounds like something we can agree on, We'll mark the tree line as the boarder. As for trade, I have to inform you, we use a lot of oganic tech, our own homes right down to our vials for study all move breath and live. When you build a device we spin its genetics in a spawn pool. However we do have an array of medical supply's. If your ever in need of medical attention or aid, we'll do what we can. And one other thing, if we catch any or our races crossing our boarder, they are to be detained until the leadership of there race is notified and one of the race will come to pick up who ever is captured." she said "weapons fire will be on a return fire bases." she said unable to not glance at Defas when she said that before looking at Dalnr

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Dalnr leaned in close to Fesa and they both conferred quietly before Dalnr nodded and looked back at Shaza again. "The terms are agreeable. We will remain out of your territory until another agreement is made. Trade can be initiated by either side and will meet at a designated location on the border. Weapons will not be traded unless another agreement is made. We cannot guarantee that food will be traded at all times, there is a limit on how much we can hunt without damaging the ecosystem after all, but we can provide other things, technology, perhaps some of our Frewa?" He said, gesturing to the beasts of burden that had hauled the hover carts in. "That can be decided later of course."

Defas had been sitting quietly up to this point, but finally spoke out. "This is pointless, they had nothing to trade that we need. We do not use medicine, it is for the weak."

Dalnr turned to Defas, obviously angry, but restrained himself. "We have need of medicine now because of our current numbers. If we lose even a single person it hurts us. Following the old customs is no longer viable. The weak must survive so that the strong can survive. Now enough from you. Get out of my sight."

Defas stood and left without a word, going off in the direction that the fire dancers had gone, soon disappearing behind a tent that had been erected.

"I wish I could just kill him like I would a rival, but I can't. He is my son, and what is more he isn't yet a man. I have been told many times that I was like him once, but I can't remember that time." Dalnr sighed and shook his head before turning back to Shaza.

"Please don't be offended by him. As I said, he is young and stupid. He wants to be man, but he is still a boy. He wants it so badly that he makes rash decisions to try and show others that he is strong. He doesn't do it out of spite, just out of frustration." Dalnr shrugged again and drained his cup.

"I have given a fair deal I think, but I need to know that you agree. If something is wrong, please say so, that we might work the treaty to both our agreement."

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Shaza looked at the others still behind her and they seemed to just look at each other before she looked back at Dalnr "If you allow it we could looking into those creatures DNA strands and help supply them. breeding or.... cloning is something that is easy for us to do." she explained ignoring the comment about him wanting to kill Defas. Maybe if she could speak with Defas alone she might be able to aid in keeping him on the path of a good leader. Because right now only conflict will happen if he becomes leader.

"For easy of identifying trade party's we should requier them to have a mark of some sort to show their there for trade and nothing else." she explained before she drew on her armors scales a faint blue out line forming as she seemed to be putting instructions into it with her drawing. Doing it far too fast though to pay to how she moved her fingures as she did it. After a moment she had a symbol on her armor of a creature that seemed to have a wagon behind it. "Or something if you want." she said "We should have a regular meeting time as well to discuss things we may want to change, things we dislike about it and the positives. A method to also show the peace between our 2 kinds." she explained

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Dalnr listened quietly and nodded, glancing at his councilor.

"I think your suggestions are bet. We can give you samples for you to take a look at, and I will have the weavers begin crafting flags with this symbol on it." He paused and considered things before looking at a nearby guard. "Bring my son to me." He said, watching at the guard run off.


Defas meanwhile was in a nearby tent that was sealed to allow gas for breathing. Inside he sat on a couch, holding the white fire dancer in his arms. He didn't wear armor now, instead sitting in a type of underwear like the girl in his arms.

"You were beautiful tonight." He said quietly. "Your best performance ever."

The girl, and she was that, smiled up at him and shook her head. "No it wasn't. I missed five steps and messed up a jump. I landed wrong." She said, still smiling.

Defas smiled down at the girl in his arms then leaned in and kissed her gently.

"It doesn't matter, you were beautiful Shelna." He said, kissing her again. "When I come of age, I will take you as my wife, and I will make you the most happy woman in the world.

Shelna smiled and touched Defas' cheek and kissed him. "I am already happy, just being with you." She said.

"I'm g-" A knock on the sealed door interuppted his words as a guard came in. "Your father requests you Defas."

Defas opened his mouth, his eyes already showing how angry he was when Shelna touched his arm.

"It's alright, I have to prepare to head back anyways. Go see what your father wants, and I'll see you in the village." She said, giving Defas another kiss, then handing him his helmet.

Defas sighed but nodded and began to get his armor back on. He did it quickly, obviously well practiced in putting it on, then left the tent, pausing to look back before continuing. Shelna gave a small wave, then Defas was gone. He walked quickly to the table where his father still was and stood at attention.

Dalnr smiled inside his helmet as his son arrived, but didn't say anything to him. Instead he spoke again to Shaza.

"I would like to trade right now if that's alright." He said. "It's more of a gift actually. My son. I would like for him to go with you. He would stay with you for seven days. He would learn your ways, take in the culture. Do any work you want him to do, partake in your food, do as your people do. I think it could be very enlightening for him to do this, maybe it will give him some insight into other people and teach him some humility."

"Father you can't send me with these people, they don't hunt, they don't fight, they aren't wor-"

"Silence! You will do this! If I find you have not done this, you will be banished to the swamp! You will never be a man, and you will be left to die! You will never see her again!"

This stopped Defas short and made him go silent. He nodded quietly and his father did the same.

"So, would you like my gift? He won't be any trouble, I assure you." His father said, his tone saying everything about what would happen if he found out there was trouble.

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Shaza nodded showing a small smile. She wondered though what he wanted to do with his son though. When he said his offer she blinked. Had he just read her mind? Other Shatong could read other Shatong minds to a degree but not to or of other races. She looked at Defas before looking at his father "We accept the gift, perhaps he could also teach us a few things on your way of life as well." she said with a small bow not sure why she was given the honor of taking care of this kinds leaders child. But she was not going to turn it away either. "My own child will be of age to go through the melder, once through perhaps we could return the favor and he could spend 7 days in your homes and culture." she said "Does he have everything he will need to survive unique to your kind?" she asked noting his armor "You mentioned gas with the dancers." she said moving her hand to signal Defas to stand beside her now.

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Dalnr smiled in his helmet at her acceptance, but on the outside he merely nodded.

"The gas I spoke of is what the Tah-Mas need to survive. We don't just wear armor for protection, it also takes in normal air and makes the gas we need from it. We have less... Intimidating wear however. That is what he will wear for the duration of his stay. He will have a scanner to check food before consumption, a communicator which I will give to you, and a single knife. We have never found a meat that we could not eat, but if there is nothing for him to consume then you may send a message and we will bring enough food for his stay to the border." He watched as Defas walked over to stand next to Shaza. He was obviously angry, but he also knew what acting out would get him.

Dalnr considered his son for a moment then looked at Shaza. "Please wait a moment." He said, gesturing for his son to follow. He led the boy back to the tent where Shelna was.

"Say goodbye." He said gruffly as Defas walked in and took off his armor. He ran to Shelna and kissed her, then just held her. He quietly told her what was happening, and said he was sory. She merely smiled and said she understood, and that she would be waiting for him. She quickly ran to a bag nearby and produced a small box.

"I was going to give this to you at home, but now is a good time." She explained, watching as he opened it. Inside was a woven necklace with a long carved tooth on it.

"It's a tooth from that Twana you killed for that meal you made me. The one in that big tree? I took a tooth and made it for you. Here." She said, gently touching a small pin. The tooth opened to reveal a picture of her in a beautiful robe on one side. On the other side five words only: I bind myself to you. Defas was stunned by the gift and the words. He couldn't speak but Shelna knew what he was trying to say. "I love you two. Come back safe." She kissed him and left the tent, her heart aching at the thought of being seperated like this.

Defas turned closed the locket after she had left and turned to find a simple set of clothes sitting by the door. A simple clear mask would provide gas, and other then that it was just a pair of pants and a shirt along with a belt that had a single knife and a scanning tool.

Defas cursed his father and this stupid exercise under his breath, but knew he had to do this, of not for himself then for Shelna. She would keep him strong through this. He touched the locket and gently put it on before getting dressed and putting on the mask. Then he left the tent and followed his father back to Shaza. When he arrived his colors were on display for all to see, a light grey with black marks here and there on his body. He did his best to remain calm, but he hated that he had to be seen like this. He was a hunter! He should be wearing his armor, the armor that marked him as strong, not wearing these rags that bespoke of a peddler on the streets. He almost lost it right there, but instead touched the locket again and wheezed his eyes shut.

"For Shelna, for her." He whispered to himself as he took up his previous spot besides Shaza.

"Alright, we will meet you at the edge in seven days. Defas, learn from them. Do as they say or I will hear about it." He punctuated this by handing a communicator to Shaza. He gave the woman a quick bow, then turned and walked away. The others had almost finished packing up by now, and within five minutes the whole troop was walking away towards the swamp, leaving Defas with Shaza and her party.

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