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The Heart of a Wolf | Nightshade RP

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A small, mountainous, unnamed countryside town in Colorado is the start of it all. The town isn’t even on the map of the beautiful, mountainous state, and yet it contains all of the action of the world.


It is more than it seems. Some may say that this small town contains rowdy adolescents that cause mayhem and trouble in their neighborhoods. Others say that they get to sneak into bars and clubs without even flashing an ID. Students in the nearby high school whisper that they are very weird, and yet they keep a respectful distance from them. It is said that the students and teachers of the Mountain School know what they are, but no one can know for sure.


Werewolves. Shape-shifters. That is what they are called by those who do not know what they truly are. However, they are called Guardians, people who can change into the majestic form of a wolf.


The Guardians do not partake in anything else but what relates to their own pack. They protect their Keepers, who are powerful warlocks that are at an even higher rank than alphas. With the Guardians being the armies of the Keepers, they fight against the Searchers, horrible beings- sometimes unhuman –that want to destroy the packs for good.


Alas, rumors have been floating around in the packs; the Keepers are not telling them everything. Are they really fighting against their enemy? Or are they working for them?




You are a student in the Mountain School, a high school where things don’t really appear to be what they really are. Whether you are a human, a Guardian, or a Keeper, you are entangled with the two packs that study in the school as well.


Humans seemingly know about the Guardians residing in their school, or they simply think that the kids are savages. They stay clear of the packs and usually don’t interact with them in any way.


Guardians look like humans in their human form, of course. However, they have unusual physical traits about them; they may have golden eyes or a different colored pair of pupils that are a shade lighter than their irises. They serve the Keepers and fight against the Searchers. There are two packs in the school, the Fallon Pack and the Cuyler Pack.


Keepers are the total rulers of the pack. Each pack has one Keeper that strictly keeps the pack under control, and make sure that nothing goes wrong. They, too, look human, but are very dangerous warlocks.


There is a book that is kept well hidden by the Keepers and Guardians are forbidden to look upon it. It is written in Latin, and explains the true history of the Guardians, Keepers, and Searchers. Why the Keepers have hidden it and why it is forbidden to look upon it, the Guardians don’t know… But what if curiosity catches them by surprise and they come across something that is too difficult for them to swallow..? There might be a war on the horizon, and everyone will be caught in its midst.


About the Guardians


Guardians are the most complex types of characters that are in this RP, so I will only explain them. Humans are just humans, and Keepers are just warlocks that control the packs, that’s all.


- Guardians are very young. They are around fifteen to eighteen years old, thirteen at the youngest and nineteen at the oldest.


- Guardians are usually mostly active in serving their Keepers during their high school years.


- In human form, they can willingly sharpen their canines. When provoked, their human shadow slowly becomes one of a wolf.


- When they turn into their wolf form, a magical spell takes place so their clothes won't go flying off of them. When they turn back into humans, they are wearing the same clothes they were before.


- Pack blood is highly vital to them. Pack blood is the blood that runs through a Guardian’s veins. It has fantastic healing powers and will heal almost every wound or affliction, including their own.


- Pack blood is very sweet. It has the taste of honey.


- Using pack blood on a human is strictly forbidden by the Keepers.


- Blood Moon, Samhain, or Halloween is a sacred holiday for them. It is when the veil between the spirit world and the real world thins, usually bringing bad luck. If two alphas of two packs were to marry and merge the packs together, they would take their vows on this date, and make a sacrifice for good luck.


- Guardians are paired in matings by Keepers. Even if this is unfair, the alphas can always convince the Keepers to pair pack mates that are already romantically involved.


- They are not allowed to turn a human being into a Guardian. If they do, it will be severely punished by the Keepers.


- Alphas turn humans with a bite and the incantation “Spirits of the forest, the alpha of the pack calls upon you in this time of need”.


- If a Guardian does something that crosses the Keepers, they will be severely punished.


- They communicate through telepathy in their wolf form.


- They usually do not accept humans to mingle with them.


- They do not cope well with another pack.


- The packs are named after the SURNAMES of their Keepers.


- Full moons do not affect Guardians in any way.


- When they are provoked, they must contain their fighting wolf inside of them, or they turn unwillingly.


- There is only one alpha and one beta per pack. There are no other formal ranks such as deltas, hunters, etc.


- Inter-pack love is forbidden and punished by both the Guardians and the Keepers.


- The alphas and betas of opposite packs must be opposite genders. For instance, if the alpha and beta in the Fallon Pack are females, then the alpha and beta in the Cuyler Pack are males.


- The alpha and beta of the same pack are usually the same gender.


Behaviors and Postures


Dominance - A dominant wolf stands stiff legged and tall. The ears are erect and forward, and the hackles bristle slightly. Often the tail is held vertical and curled toward the back. This display shows the wolf's rank to all others in the pack. A dominant lupine may stare penetratingly at a submissive one, pin it to the ground, "ride up" on its shoulders, or even stand on its hind legs.


Submission (active) - In active submission, the entire body is lowered, and the lips and ears are drawn back. Sometimes active submission is accompanied by a rapid thrusting out of the tongue and lowering of the hindquarters. The tail is placed down, or halfway or fully between the legs, and the muzzle often points up to the more dominant animal. The back may be partially arched as the submissive wolf humbles itself to its superior. (A more arched back and more tucked tail indicate a greater level of submission.)


Submission (passive) - Passive submission is more intense than active submission. The wolf rolls on its back and exposes its vulnerable throat and underside. The paws are drawn into the body. This is often accompanied by whimpering.


Anger - An angry lupine's ears are erect, and its fur bristles. The lips may curl up or pull back, and the incisors are displayed. The wolf may also snarl.


Fear - A frightened wolf tries to make its body look small and therefore less conspicuous. The ears flatten down against the head, and the tail may be tucked between the legs, as with a submissive wolf. There may also be whimpering or barks of fear, and the wolf may arch its back.


Defensive - A defensive wolf flattens its ears against its head.


Aggression - An aggressive wolf snarls and its fur bristles. The wolf may crouch, ready to attack if necessary.


Suspicion - Pulling back of the ears shows a lupine is suspicious. In addition, the wolf narrows its eyes. The tail of a wolf that senses danger points straight out, parallel to the ground.


Relaxed - A relaxed wolf's tail points straight down, and the wolf may rest sphinxlike or on its side. The wolf's tail may also wag. The further down the tail droops, the more relaxed the wolf is.


Tension - An aroused wolf's tail points straight out, and the wolf may crouch as if ready to spring.


Happiness - As dogs do, a lupine may wag its tail if it is in a joyful mood. The tongue may loll out of the mouth.


Hunting - A wolf that is hunting is tensed, and therefore the tail is horizontal and straight.


Playfulness - A playful lupine holds its tail high and wags it. The wolf may frolic and dance around, or bow by placing the front of its body down to the ground, while holding the rear high, sometimes wagged. This is reminiscent of the playful behavior executed in domestic dogs.




Ears forward + Bite muzzle + Growling = I am your Alpha!

Stiff Legged + Ears pulled back upward + Tall + Tail high = Do you dare disrespect me?

Ears forward + Bares teeth + Tail straight out = Respect your Alpha!

Snaps air + Bite side + Head below shoulders = Get out of here!

Stands over submissive wolf + Snarling + Tail high = I’ll put you in your place, do you want to be an omega?

Pushing on shoulders with paws + Growling + Snapping = Submit now!

Bares teeth + Glares at = Im not in the mood right now, Leave me alone!



Ears pulled back + Whining + Tail low = Im sorry! Please forgive me!

Ears pulled back + Whimpering + Tail tucked + Looking away or on ground = I mean no harm

Ears flat against head + Arched back + Tail tucked + Whining = Fear

Ears flat against head + Arched back + Tail tucked + Lick Alpha’s chin = You are my Alpha

Ears flat against head + Roll on back exposing neck/belly + Tail tucked = I give up! You are my alpha or Im sorry!

Bows head = Respect



Male Crouching/Standing Angrily Infront of Female = Shes Mine, Back Off!

Lowers head + Snarls = I’m warning you! / Last chance!

Snarls / Bares teeth = Get away!

Snarls + Bristles + Bares teeth = Back off!

Lunges = I will attack!

Backs away + Growls = I’ll get you later

Ears back + Tail tucked + growling low = Scared or get away!

Snaps at air = This is your neck/leg!



Lick constantly = Grooming

Lick cheek / Nuzzle = Comfort or Its ok

Touch noses / nuzzle = Hello

Play bow + Yipping = Lets play!

Tackle/Glomp = Dogpile! or Playfight!

Tackle + nip anywhere on body = Lets playfight!

Paws face = Your silly

Play bow + bounds away = Cant catch me!

Nip on nose = I win!

Roll on back = I give up!

Flick ears = Unsure

Marks territory/area = This is mine now


ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ Rules Of Love ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ

.♥. Licks chin = I like you .ღ.

.♥. Licks cheek= You’re cute .ღ.

.♥. Licks ear = Will you be my mate? .ღ.

.♥. Licks nose = u are mine love .ღ.

.♥. Licks neck = We belong together .ღ.

.♥. Licks back = Stay with me .ღ.

.♥. Licks tail = Im ready to mate .ღ.

.♥. Licks paw = Im sorry/Dont go .ღ.

.♥. Lick constantly = Grooming /I love you so much .ღ.

.♥. Rubs tail under chin = Flirty .ღ.

.♥. Rubs body against = You are mine now .ღ.

.♥. Lick forehead + face = I need you forever .ღ.

.♥. Nip neck + lick shoulder = I need you now .ღ.

.♥. Lick on the belly = Im ready for pups or I want pups .ღ.

.♥. Nuzzle = Comfort .ღ.

.♥. Twine tails = Be mine .ღ.

.♥. Lays head on back = Dont forget that you are mine .ღ.

.♥. Look into each others’ eyes = I think I’m falling for you .ღ.



Loud long howl: Calling for a mate

Loud howl: Calling someone

Low Howl: Calling my pups

Long Howl: Telling pack to attack!


Nose Touches:

Nose to Nose: You are the one.

To Forehead: I respect and love you.

To Cheek: You are such a cutie.

To Stomach: It’s okay, it’s just a kick to mate, it also means hey guys! to the pups.

To Neck: Protect me.

To Chest: You have a beautiful soul



Other wolf talk


Pounce: Lets PLAY!

Tail between legs:i am scared

Twirling around in circles: Being a show off or a flirt

Gets down low and snarls: BACK OFF OR DIE!!!

Rubs Tail Under Chin : Flirty

Unsheathes calws and snarls:I’m breaking up with you/I hate you

Tail In between Legs: Scared

Alpha Pins You: Leave now!

Rubbing Bodies Together: You are so hot.

Brushes Tail Under Chin or Stomach: Flirty

Roll On Back: I give in!

Paws At Chest: Flirty

Twines Tails: Be mine forever.

Male crouches in front of female and bares teeth:She’s mine

Thanks to xxAngelxx





- No god-modding, power-playing, etc.


- There can and will be romance, but keep it PG-13.


- Please post in proper grammar.


- Post more than four sentences per character.


- Forms go in the OCC!


- You can only have three high positions [Alpha, Beta, Keeper] at one time.


- Please read all of the information!


- Your characters must die eventually.


- Fill in all parts of the form!


- Keep the coding on the form!


- If you have read all of the information, put the name of the Guardians’ and Keepers’ sacred holiday in the “Other” part of your form.






[b]Age:[/b] [13-19]


[b]Species:[/b] [Guardian, Keeper, Human?]

[b]Rank:[/b] [Alpha, Beta, Warrior, Keeper?]

[b]Pack:[/b] [If any?]


[b]Human Appearance:[/b]

[b]Wolf Appearance:[/b] [If any?]







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Fallon Pack





Username: Mousie the Epic Fail


Name: Lance Fallon


Age: 19


Gender: Male


Species: Keeper


Rank: Keeper


Pack: Fallon


Weapons: Lance has his magic, of course, but he also relies on a small pocket knife.


Human Appearance: Lance is slightly taller than average and has average muscle mass for a boy his age. He has blonde hair that's ruffled and blue eyes. He often wears casual jeans and T-shirts with sneakers.


Wolf Appearance: N/A


Personality: Lance doesn't care. That would be a good phrase to describe his overall demeanor. If someone was asked to describe the young man, those words would probably come out of his or her mouth before any other description. He's just carefree and brushes everything off. Yet, somehow, he gets everything done. He's even enrolled in an online college, even though he's caring for an entire pack and looking after the book.


History: Lance was born and raised close to the unnamed town, but he was more of a rural boy. So when he turned eighteen, he moved to the town to better care for his pack and get away from his parents, who moved to Europe shortly thereafter. After enrolling in an online college, he began to pay more attention to his pack and use them as the basis for a lot of in-class discussion because he is currently studying for a degree in psychology - specifically: mobs. He's still working things out, but he plans to graduate early to devote more time to his pack.


Likes: Studying, getting things done, giving backwards answers, trolling


Dislikes: Demands, annoyances, noise, most people


Crush: A different girl every week.






Username: TMD, or Twilight


Name: Sita De Garey


Age: 17


Gender: Female


Species: Guardian


Rank: Alpha


Pack: Fallon


Weapons: A simple Swiss Army knife.


Human Appearance: I am the alpha, and people should respect that.


Wolf Appearance: What is that?


Personality: Sita is rather quiet and serious, and she doesn't really like fun occasions. She is squeamish when it comes to being alpha, afraid that she won't be able to fully serve her Keeper. She is overly loyal; even though there are rumors and suspicions about the Keepers, she swears that they are truly faithful to their cause. She doesn't like the Cuyler Pack, though, and especially despises the alpha. Some say that it's because she likes him, but even she doubts that. With her friends she is friendly, especially to her Beta. To others, she is shy and cold.


History: Sita was born and raised in this tiny unnamed town in Colorado. Her father and mother were both Guardians once, but now they serve the Keepers in other ways. When she became alpha, her mother explained to her that she eventually may have to marry Tyler, as it has always been. Ever since, she has been trying to avoid him at all costs, trying not to even think of his name. But she sees him every day at lunch, since the packs sit near each other.


Likes: Reading, writing, drawing, and watching TV.


Dislikes: Tyler, storms, spiders, the Keepers' unhuman henchmen, like wraiths.


Crush: None.






Username: Mousia


Name: Drew Knight


Age: 17


Gender: Female


Species: Guardian


Rank: Beta


Pack: Fallon


Weapons: Drew carries a pocket knife in her pocket in school for basic protection. Otherwise, she has at least two knives on her person as well as the pocket knife from before.


Human Appearance: Drew is of average height and weight. She has dark blue eyes with almost sky blue irises. Her reddish-brown hair is slightly curly and almost reaches her elbow. Most commonly, she can be found wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a jacket. However, she sometimes wears cargo pants or shorts depending on her task or the weather. Drew almost always has her hair down, but she has no permanent fixation on that and will wear her hair up occasionally. Her complexion is pale and her body isn't very muscular, but she can hold her own most of the time. People don't usually mess with Guardians anyway...


Wolf Appearance: In wolf form, Drew has ginger fur and a white underbelly. She's fairly small, but not abnormally so.


Personality: Drew isn't afraid of much. The werewolf will try anything once and will always take a good dare. She'll always voice her opinion and often playfully dares others to do something about it. She's kind of a jokester and tries really hard to make people laugh. More than anything, she loves it when people are smiling. Drew isunashamed of herself and isn't afraid of what other people think of her. This doesn't mean that she shuts people out, though. She likes making friends and is kind of a people person. She even talks to humans from time to time.


History: The blue-eyed werewolf lived a normal life, mostly. She had a few brothers and lived in Texas for a lot of her life. When her parents divorced and she and her mother (her brothers were left to her father down in Texas) moved up to Colorado, she was fourteen. She had just completed her freshman year of high school at the Mountain School when she was turned. Her mother worked (and still works) most of the time, so she still hasn't noticed the change.


Likes: People, talking, joking, laughing, happiness


Dislikes: Shopping, downers, boredom


Crush: None at the moment.






Username: TotallyDrow


Name: Phaine Velariore


Age: 17


Gender: Male


Species: Guardian


Rank: Warrior


Pack: [if any?] Fallon



-2x Daggers

-2x chakrams

Human Appearance: [X]

- Red Eyes instead of the Hazel shown in the image

- Height: 5ft 9

- Around both wrist's he has identical tattoo's

Wolf Appearance: [X]

- His tail is longer and bushier then shown in the image.

Personality: Phaine is not one to take things seriously... atleast when it comes to things related to school. He has on more then one occasion been singled out by the teachers due to his lack of effort in class as well as his lack of interest in studying. To Phaine, the tedious task's of school life is just something that doesn't warrant his effort... homework, grades, attendance... none of it is important to him.

He can get lost in thoughts on occassion and may wander off to a secluded spot; normally a shaded area under a tree, or the rooftop of the school. He has a habit to cloud gaze; the clouds ability to wander around freely without any concerns or obligations is something he envies.

History: The 'black sheep' of the Velariore family. He is the son of a wealthy business man; head of the Velariore family, but not the son of his wife. Phaine in fact is the son of one of the maids that once served the Velariore family, the head of the Velariore family falling for the maid. One thing led to another and 9 months later, Phaine was born. His mother however had died during childbirth. Having already lost his mother, Phaine's father was not able to abandon his son decided to care for him, much to the anger and annoyance of his wife. Phaine does not speak to her, nor does he speak to his half siblings.

To please his wife, Phaines father had bought Phaine his own place in colorado, miles away from their mansion and supplies him with an allowance each month; more then enough to cover for the expenses.

He was turned at the age of 16 while wandering around at night and due to his living arrangements and lack of contact with his family, he has no problem hiding this from them.


- Meat. Chicken, Lamb, beef, pork.

- Cloud gazing

- Avoiding tedious school work

- Music


- Seafood

- Tedious school work - homework, revision, listening in class etc

- His Family

- Really strong perfume scents

Crush: None.



Username: TMD, or Twilight


Name: Jon Lance


Age: 19


Gender: Male


Species: Guardian


Rank: Warrior


Pack: Fallon


Weapons: Strangely, bow and arrows. He only uses it outside of school. Other than that, he has a simple pocket knife to protect himself.


Human Appearance: Swimming makes me feel free. He has unusual hazely green eyes.


Wolf Appearance: Strangely doesn't have the same pelt color as his hair.


Personality: Silent, yet compassionate and kind. Jon has a rather unusual personality, switching from the silent type to the angry type in just a few moments. It is like he is the waves of the sea: calm and collected at one moment and angry and fierce when provoked.


History: His history is dark and strewn all over the place. He is one of the only orphans he knows, and it is said that his mother and father were both killed on Samhain. Ever since, he's lived in his own shack that he built himself. Other times, he lives in the forest, making camp and hunting for himself. He has a crappy cellphone, and that's it. Other than that, he's an actual wildman. Due to this, he is often hard to contact other than actually howling.


Likes: Nature, swimming, fishing, writing, music, singing, being in his wolf form.


Dislikes: The Keepers, angry people.


Crush: None.






Name: Maria


Age: 17


Gender: Female


Species: Guardian




Pack: Fallon


Weapons: Baseball bat, her fists, and a pocket knife


Human Appearance: Interesting. Now go away.


Wolf Appearance: Woof.


Personality: Cold, calculating, and quite possibly the nicest person you've ever met. She'll pretend to be your friend while pinpointing your weaknesses. She doesn't beat around the bush, if she has a question, she'll ask it. Regardless of social cues or perhaps the awkwardness of the question, she has to ask. She's curious to those she likes and cruel to those she hates.


History: Having lived in Colorado most of her life, she was turned at 13 due to her cold and calculating nature. She's since been a good Guardian.


Likes: Chess, Studying, and being serious


Dislikes:loud people, loud music, and the Keepers interfering


Crush: TBA




Username: Shur'turgal ~ Call me Shur!


Name: Luna Savin


Age: [13-19] 16


Gender: Female


Species: Guardian


Rank: Warrior


Pack: Fallon


Weapons: Duel wielded daggers. They are long and thin, black in colour. The hilt is made of a reflective metal that makes it appear translucent, this metal is woven through the blade in an intricate, vine-like pattern. The daggers are kept at her hips or between her shoulder blades.


Human Appearance: Isn't she lovely Her hair is not black, it is a very white, unnatural silver colour, hence her name. Her height is above average, standing at 5'11, and her muscles are toned but she is slender nonetheless. One of her eyes has a sharp, emerald green iris and the other has a sort of dull opal-like iris (across this eye there is a small scar that only shows below her eye and just below her brow).


Wolf Appearance: Woof This is mostly accurate, however, the colours of the markings are swapped and the white is shimmery, like her hair. Also, her eyes remain the same as they are when they are human but the scar over her right eye is much more visible, longer if anything. Luna is a rather large wolf, standing taller than practically all of the other wolves.


Personality: Despite her past, Luna is very friendly and outgoing. She is always dying to make friends, as is in her nature, and likes to keep people happy. Sometimes though she is shut down and can be very cold. When she is angry she can rarely be calmed down or controlled, fortunately she is not quick to anger. She loves a good fight and will help or hinder whoever she pleases. With this reckless attitude it is surprising that she can be very loyal and honest. All over the place pretty much sums up Luna.


History: Luna doesn't like to talk about her past much and would rather keep it hidden. She doesn't speak to her parents anymore, and isn't exactly sure where they live. She came to the small, unnamed town at the age of 10 and has pretty much grown up alone since then. She was turned at the age of 13 and doesn't really have to hide it from anyone.


Likes: The woods, water, reading, photography, animals and old books.


Dislikes: Complications, discrimination, t.v., being cooped up or cornered.


Crush: none




Cuyler Pack






Name: Sam Cuyler


Age: 19


Gender: Female


Species: Keeper


Rank: Keeper


Pack: Cuyler


Weapons: Her magic, and some martial arts


Human Appearance: S-sorry... She has the jacket and wears black cargo pants.


Wolf Appearance: Uhhhhh.... she has none.


Personality: Shy and quiet. That is, if you ask strangers. Having to cope with leading a pack of wolves (who are also teenagers) she's more occupied with keeping everyone straight than actually trying to meet people. She's pretty smart, even distracted she has straight A's. She's more open and friendly with people she knows extremely well. However, her shyness prevents her from getting really good friends though.


History: When going to high school, her parents were in Europe. Then... she buried them during her freshman year. Though she had o lead a pack, she spiraled downward, barely keeping in control. Eventually she pulled herself together and started to lead. She knows the name of every one of her pack members, and who they talk to. Unfortunately, this has left her little time to attend a real college, so she is taking classes in an online one. She's earning a degree in creative writing.


Likes: Quiet, books, and studying the history of the pack


Dislikes: Loud, irritating people, too serious people


Crush: TBA






Username: LegendOfKorraFan


Name: Tyler


Age: 17


Gender: Male


Species: Guardian


Rank: Alpha


Pack: Cuyler Pack


Weapons: Tyler keeps a switchblade on him at all times. He has a special pocket in his pants that makes it so that if he were to be patted down, they wouldn't find it.


Human Appearance:Tyler


Wolf Appearance: Wolf Form


Personality: Tyler is a pretty outgoing guy. He likes to hang out with his other friends/pack mates, but he is also a very hard worker when he needs to be. He's courageous, affectionate towards certain people (which we will eventually get to), and he is generally diplomatic when it is an option.


History: Tyler moved to Colorado from Canada with his mother and father when he was 12. Ever since he has had a slight resentment towards his parents. Since he's been here, he has acquired a rugby scholarship and a few friends. He was first turned when he was 15.


Likes: Peanut butter, rugby, tennis, music, his pack mates, pasta, and the colour orange.


Dislikes: REALLY cold water, extreme heights, the sensation of falling, and being alone for too long.


Crush: T.B.A






Username: TMD


Name: Garett "Crow" Thompson


Age: 18


Gender: Male


Species: Guardian


Rank: Beta


Pack: Cuyler


Weapons: A dagger, some throwing knives. Has a gun in his home.


Human Appearance: Garett usually keeps his curly red hair to the front.


Wolf Appearance: I'm a pretty damn good hunter.


Personality: Garett is very cocky and full of himself. He usually boasts about some kills and how he wiped out a herd of deer in the forest single handed, but it really isn't true. Garett earns his nickname for not being able to keep a secret, especially when disoriented. He has a blabber mouth, and a loud one at that. Not to mention he's a huge womanizer, loving to spend time around women, both human and not. Other than that, he stands true to his pack.


History: Born in the East, Garett is a true city boy. Even with all the land in the town, he usually gets lost. When he moved to Colorado, he was a bit grumpy that he lost contact with his friends. However, when he met Tyler and learnt of his true reason that he moved, he quickly changed and became happy once more. Garett has been a very good Guardian ever since.


Likes: Women, his pack, Coca Cola, food.


Dislikes: Heights, and party poopers.


Crush: None.






Username: Misty-Shroud


Name: Sarah Roth


Age: 15


Gender: Female


Species: Guardian


Rank: Warrior


Pack: Cuyler


Weapons: Sarah has a knife that she constantly has with her. The sheath she holds it in is strapped to her ankle.


Human Appearance: Sarah is slightly shorter than average, standing at about 5' 2", with a rather athletic build. She has dark brown hair that is slightly curly and reaches down to nearly mid-back. She has grey eyes that darken near the edges and has light silver irises. Her outfit consists of a grey sweatshirt over black t-shirt. She wears dark blue denim jeans and ankle high black shoes.


Wolf Appearance: In her wolf form Sarah has grey fur that lightens to a dull white near her underbelly and muzzle. She is an average size in her wolf form, unlike her usually shorter than average height.


Personality: Sarah is very kind and warm-hearted, though she does have trouble expressing this at times. She is quiet, but not shy, simply choosing to speak up when she feels her opinion is most needed. She is not extremely outgoing, but will not shy away from making making new friends. She is not quick to anger, but when she becomes angry she is the very opposite of who she usually is.


History: Sarah lived in a big city in Colorado with her father. Her mother had died from an illness when she was only thirteen. About a week after turning fourteen she moved with her father and started going to the mountain school. Nearly halfway through the year she was turned. She hasn't yet told her father, and she does her very best to keep it hidden from him.











Crush: None




Username: TMD, or Twilight


Name: Minerva Catalan


Age: 16


Gender: Female


Species: Guardian


Rank: Warrior


Pack: Cuyler


Weapons: A simple Swiss Army Knife, and brass knuckles kept somewhere safe at home.


Human Appearance: Is there something you have against me?


Wolf Appearance: I love the thrill of the hunt!


Personality: Minerva is very rash and ruthless, and extremely loud. She likes to pick fights and win them as well. Other than that, she is a very angry Guardian. But she loves her pack, and loves those who are close to her.


History: Her past is dark and shaky. She often says that she was born and raised here, and that her parents are Guardians as well.


Likes: Fights, winning, those who submit to her.


Dislikes: People who think they are higher than her.


Crush: None.




Username: TotallyDrow


Name: Kasper Diaz


Age: 16


Gender: Male


Species: Guardian


Rank: Warrior


Pack: Cuyler



Metal Bat

Bicycle chain


Human Appearance:[X]

- Height: 5ft 6

- Weight: Average

Wolf Appearance: [X]

- Average build

Personality: Reckless, difficult, rebel. They would be the best words to describe Kasper, he shows no concern about the consequences of his actions or any signs of learning from his mistakes. He is the type of person who will do what he wants, when he wants. Apart from the higher ranks in the pack, he has no respect for figures of authority; even the higher ranks in the pack may find it difficult to keep Kasper in control.

He is not afraid to push the boundaries in a situation, for example if he is in 'trouble' he won't show resentment and may even try to escalate the situation just to see how much he can get away with before he is in serious trouble, another example would be how he acts around the other tribe. He isn't afraid to start something up with them on a whim. If the situation calls for him to be serious, he may act like a fool... turning everything into a game. The words disciplined, behaved and patient will never be used to describe him in a positive way.


History: Kasper is a runaway. His father was always drunk and his mother was an abusive woman who never worked a day in her life. Needless to say, his childhood was nothing to brag about. At the age of 15, he simply had enough of it and left, hitching a ride on the back of a truck heading to Colorado. Here he has an Aunt in her mid thirties who willingly took him in and allowed him to stay at her flat. She understood the situation completely and did not hesitate to offer him her help.

Her work keeps her busy most of the time, so they seldom run into each other, except for the occasional dinner and breakfast.



- Getting into trouble

- Gaming

- Food

- To make jokes/pull pranks


- People of Authority (Teachers, Principals, Cops etc)

- His Parents

- Responsibility

- Being told he can't do something

Crush: none.





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(Are you gonna make an OCC or should people post their stuff here? And may I reserve the Fallon beta?)

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The day was sunny and bright. Their surroundings were beautiful, shining with dew and mist and crisp newness. The birds chirped and the leaves swayed in the slight breeze as the sun rose higher and higher in the sky, moving so slowly that it almost appeared to be still. And all this was observed from inside a bedroom by a girl who went by the name of Drew Knight. Judging from her name, a lot of people had mistaken her for a boy. But this wasn't on her mind right then as she looked out at the pristine world around the unnamed town. Her mom was already at work. She was a nurse and rarely was home but to eat dinner at one in the morning and sleep a few hours before going to work again, rarely seeing her teenage daughter who, unbeknownst to her, was a Guardian - a werewolf. Looking at the clock, the girl with reddish-brown hair noted the time - 6:12. Early for an average person, but early to rise and late to bed was her way and she wasn't intent on changing that just then. Climbing off her bed, she lazily stumbled to the bathroom and showered. After checking the time again, she found that it was 6:57. It had run a little long, but she'd been thinking. Thinking about who the Keepers were going to pair her up with. It's been what...? Two years? Yes. Two years she'd been a Guardian, one of which she'd held her current position as beta. How long would it take? And who would it be? She was getting antsy. To make matters worse, her old flame from her freshman year wouldn't trust her again. She felt lonely. Isolated and alone. Her brothers were down in Texas. Her father too. Her mother was never home and the only people she could talk to were her tribe-mates. So as she dressed for the day and made herself some waffles, she debated on whether to watch a romantic comedy or a crime drama. Whether to pretend she had what she didn't or to forget about it altogether. Wasn't that what life was all about? People were never satisfied, she'd learned that long before. But dealing with it was always a challenge. A challenge that all people shared but that not all faced the same way. She chose neither and stood up, putting her dish in the sink to be washed later. Perhaps she'd see a tribe-mate. It was Saturday... Would she go out or call somebody? Ah, maybe she'd just sit and think some more. That would be best... Right?

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Sarah sat at the edge of her bed, rubbing her eyes sleepily. Her hands finally fell away and she looked at the clock. It was just about 7:00, the usual time she woke up. She let out a groan and looked at her messy bedroom. Like always a combination of clothes and paper littered her floor. She rubbed her eyes again, letting out a lazy yawn as she resisted the urge to fall back on her bed and fall asleep. She stood up, her arms reaching into the air as she stretched. Letting out a sigh, she walked into the bathroom that was connected to her bedroom and showered. When she stepped out she dressed and walked out, looking at the clock again. 7:28... Great, maybe I won't be late today. she thought to herself. She grabbed her knife, strapping it to her ankle as she always did. She stifled another yawn and walked out of her room and towards the kitchen. She grabbed the toast her father had left out her and sat down at the table, resting her head on her hand. The weekend had started and she was already starting to feel bored. She didn't know that many people at her school yet, even after having gone for a year.

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It was Saturday...

(Most people don't have school on Saturday.)

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((...The one part I didn't see when I read that... shades.png totally meant to do that. I'll go edit my post xd.png))

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The morning sun shone through a gap between his bedroom curtains, the sun's glare managing to find its spot directly across Phaine's eyes, causing them to twitch ever so slightly.


Unconsciously he rolled over to his side, so that his back was against the window, but even that was all in vain. As if on cue, his unreliable alarm clock had decided to break the silence; its annoying ringing radiating through Phaine's head, causing him to jolt up out of bed; the half asleep expression and drool on his face more then enough to express his lack of desire to be awake at such an early hour.


Phaine looked down at the time and groaned... "It should be a crime, to be awake at this time..." he grumbled, getting out of bed and unsteadily making his way to the bathroom.

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Sita walked up the steps to her Beta's home, her hands in her jeans. Her green eyes flickered to the floor several times before she actually raised a fist and knocked on the wooden door to Drew's home. There was no way she was home. And if she was... What was she going to do? Sita would just nod stiffly and step inside. That was all until Drew started to blabber on about their Keepers.


Jon padded through the forest, his nose low to the ground and heaving a sigh. The herd of deer that he had been tracking had suddenly disappeared, and he didn't know where they had gone. That was the source of his food... And if it was gone, he would have to ask for money from the Keeper and eat at some take out place. Raising his head and shaking out his ruff, he turned into his human form and walked back to camp. The fire he had lit had smothered itself out, and smoke slowly teased into the air. He began to poke at it with a stick.


Garett shoved earbuds into his ears and walked down the street, humming a tune as he shoved his hands into his pockets. Like always, he had a smirk on his face, and he ran a hand through his ginger hair. There was a human lady walking by with attractively long legs, and he smirked, hearing her giggle as she walked past. He grinned more broadly and walked the rest of the way down the street. The song that he was listening to was Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy, something a little softer than he was used to.


Minerva darted through the mountainside, her fur streaming in the win. Her ears were flicked back and she looked like a black bullet. In front of her, there was a herd of deer that she had driven from the forest to the rocky terrain. They were very agile. But she could take them down...

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Tyler woke up in pain. Gahh, my shoulder's killing me he thought. It took him a moment, but he sat up and started to rub it with his hand. Tyler slowly crept out of his bed, then opened his bedroom door. He didn't bother checking the time, because it was the exact same time he always woke up at. 7:30am. He started walking down the hallway towards the kitchen when he stumbled a little. He let out a large yawn the chuckled slightly.


When Tyler arrived in the kitchen, he cracked the fridge open, took a carton of eggs, some peppers, a stick of bologna, and a cold beer out and placed them on the counter. He popped the top off the beer and took a swig out of it. He reluctantly swallowed it and looked at the can in disgust. "Beer is definitely not a morning time beverage" he said to himself. Tyler placed the beer back down, put the frying pan on the hot stove, and put some of the cracked eggs from earlier onto it. Tyler the sauntered outside to take a leak.


(Tyler doesn't like using toilets... X3)

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Garret walked down the street some more, whistling along to the tune of a heavy metal song that blasted in his ears. He was making his way to his Alpha's home, something that he did on weekends. They would usually talk and go on patrols in the forest, something that he loved to do with him. They would talk about girls and about their classes, about the Keepers. Also, about their latest accomplishments. When he came upon the alpha's home, he could smell a bit of sweat on him, along with a twinge of beer coming from his breath. Probably took a swig. "Gonna piss in the bush again, are you?" Garett said, chuckling as he walked up and pulled his earbuds out. "I should take a leak in the same place as you just to spite you."


[Lol. He's marking territory! xd.png]

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Drew heard the knock at the door and looked up, bouncing over in a matter of seconds. Ah, even a lazy Saturday morning held surprise visits for her. She answered the door and saw Sita there, greeting her with a smile. The host stepped to the side a little to allow her guest some leeway to enter. "What brings you here? Come to nag me about annoying the Keeper too much?" She smiled softly. "Or about how I should come to visit you for a change?" She ran her fingers through her hair thoughtfully. "And have you got any news from the Keeper about new pairings? I'm so excited! You've seen the hotties, haven't you? Even the humans are starting to look good." She tried a joke again, but Sita usually wasn't surprised or entertained by them. Drew made stupid jokes a lot and that didn't fly a lot of the time. Still, the two girls were friends and enjoyed each others' company. Probably due to their differences. But, reasons aside, Sita had come and that was good. It would mean that her morning would be filled with friendly interaction and conversation instead of lonely thoughts and boredom.

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The young woman grinned at her friend, and shook her head. "How about we just watch a movie and talk about school?" Sita asked, walking inside and resting a hand on Drew's shoulder. "Actually, skip the taking about school part. This week has been very stressful."



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Sarah took one last bite of her toast and then drummed her fingers lightly on the table, wondering what she should do. Biting her lip she let out a sigh and looked out the window. Ever since she had moved here her entire world had been turned upside down. Moved from a large city to the country side and then turned into a guardian. Of course, it was fun sometimes, but it could be bothersome too. She frown and then stood walking at the front door and heading towards the forest near the outskirts of town. A quick hunt would be refreshing, maybe then she could relax. She shifted into her wolf form as she reached the edge of town and bolted, feeling her long fur ripple as the wind blew over it. She was barely looking for anything to hunt at the moment, she felt like she could run forever.

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Drew closed the door after the brunette and nodded, smiling a little. "What's up?" She breezed along into the kitchen to pop some popcorn. "Teachers being dicks?" She tapped her fingers on the counter impatiently, the microwave always seemed to take forever. "And what movie do you wanna see? Action or romance or horror or what?" She finally rejoiced as the microwave beeped, signalling the end of the heating process. Then she proceeded to get a bowl and pour the popcorn into the bowl, throwing the bag away afterwards. It seemed kind of pointless, but she hated the butter that got all over her hand when she used the original package, she she just poured it into a bowl for cleaner eating. It was something that she just did for no reason but to say that she did.

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"If you did that Garret, I'd have to kill you" said Tyler in a joking manner. He smiled at Garret, but suddenly he really had to go. Like bad. Tyler started sprinting towards his regular "piss bush", shifted to his wolf form, and proceeded to remove all the contents from his bladder. Tyler let out a sigh of relief then turned his head back to Garret. So, how's your morning going so far? Any news from the Keepers about... anything? barked Tyler.

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Phaine looked at his reflection in the mirror through half opened eye's and sighed. His body had clearly detested the walk over to the bathroom, evident by how he stood there slumped over, his muscles aching ever so slightly from yesterday's excursion.


He bent over and reached for the tap's, turning both the hot and cold water on. Phaine was not a fan of washing his face with scalding hot water nor was he a fan of the overly cold water present at this time of day. He waited for a few moments until the tap water was nice and warm, before he began to splash his face.


Hopefully this would wake him fully.

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"Nah, it isn't that. I've just been very stressed lately, that's all. I'm basically losing interest in school. Thankfully I only have a year left." Sita watched as Drew poured the popcorn into the bowl, and rested her elbows on the counter. "I really don't mind what we watch. Seriously, Drew, put on whatever movie you want." she stated with a friendly smile.


When Tyler switched into wolf form, he followed and stepped into the garden. Or yard. Whatever Tyler called it. His blue eyes darted to Tyler and grinned. Haven't heard anything yet. But there's still the rumors about the two packs merging together. he replied, sitting on his haunches and peering at him. Would you want that to happen?


[Going to the beach. ^^]

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"Well, I don't think I would mind come to think of it. If we merged then that would just mean more pack members! Although, it definitely would be more of a challenge to protect everyone and keep them in line." Tyler then thought about what would have to happen for the packs to merge. But that would also mean I'd have to mate with... He shuddered at the thought of her name. Sita he spat. Tyler didn't really know her that well, but he knew enough to not like her. Although Tyler admitted, she does have a rockin' bod he chuckled. He took a quick look at Garret then nipped his tail playfully. Come at me bro! he yelped with his tail swaying.

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"We only have one year left," Drew corrected with a smile. Taking the popcorn over to the living room, she placed it down on the coffee table and plopped down on the couch. "But fine. I'll choose. But if you hate it, it's not my problem." She grinned slightly and flipped on the TV and selected the Netflix option on it. Flipping through the movies, she finally settled on Ted, a movie about a talking teddy bear that was a comedy. She'd seen it before and it was a real tear-jerker at the end, but she wanted to see it again because it was funny movie. Most of the time. Some of the jokes were a bit "out there", but it was nothing to scar anyone unless they'd been sheltered from everything and anything forever. "Just sit back, relax, and enjoy it."

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Garett scuffed the ground with his paw and peered up at Tyler. The alpha was cocky, and he probably knew what he was doing all of the time. I dunno, man. I think Sita's pretty nice. Garett shook off his scruff and blinked when the alpha nipped his tail. Chuckling, he raised his head and looked around. Shouldn't we go inside? If humans pass by and see wolves tussling in the backyard, we're in deep, deep doo-doo. he usually wasn't a party pooper, but the Keepers frightened him.


Sita settled down with Drew and smiled when she saw that it was the all too familiar Ted that they were going to watch. She drew in her legs to her chest and looked at Drew. "Maybe this will take my mind off of the chemistry exam we'll have on Monday." Sita said to her, and looked back up at the screen. She ran a hand through her brown hair and sighed.

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Kasper leaned on the railings and stared at the pack of wolves which resided in the Zoo enclosure, an idea forming in his mind. It was still rather early and the Zoo didn't have that many visitors yet, which gave Kasper the time to plan out this little 'prank' of his.


He bit down again on the Chicken leg; part of the leftovers from the dinner his aunt had purchased from the supermarket. It was rare for her to have the time to cook the dinner herself, so every so often she would purchase a ready cooked roast chicken sold at the local grocers.


Deciding to find a park bench he could take a short nap on, he tossed the remainder of the chicken leg into the enclosure before walking off. He could hear the younger members of the Zoo pack fighting over the scraps.

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