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About Me ===================================== user posted image


I've been drawing all of my life, so 18 years. I only really became serious about my drawing ability in the 8th grade, which is where my skills picked up.


For traditional media I use normal 2HB pencils, Mechanical Pencils, Crayola Pencil Crayons, Prisma Verithin, White Gellyroll And Sakura Mircon 05. For digital I use a Wacom Bamboo and GIMP. The tablet is currently borrowed from my friend, as I don't have money to buy one.


I have more experience with traditional media and therefore am better in that area. I've also taken basic drawing lessons from Stephen Bauckman. But otherwise I am self taught.


Art Status ===================================== user posted image


user posted image Commissions/Customs are Open. Please PM me if interested.

user posted image Trades are Open. Please PM me if interested.

user posted image Requests Are closed. Friends only.


I currently am saving for;

My own laptop

♕ A Wacom Bamboo tablet

♕ A wig (for my best friend's birthday~)


Rules ===================================== user posted image



I can draw animals and humans. Though I'm better at drawing people, in my opinion

I can do Fanart! I am not biased against any fandom, so whatever you'd like feel free to ask~

Yes I'll draw your OC's! If you like you can even order a character design as a character re-design



I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING OVER PG 14 so don't ask. This just a matter of me personally not wanting to get my account shut down/being a bad influence for younger members, ect, ect.

You may not re-upload my artwork anywhere. If you want to use it for your blog/profile/website just let me know, I probably won't have a problem with it

You may not resell/redistribute my work


What are adoptables?

Adoptables are a character design created by another person, often sold for points or money depending on the seller. Once the buyer has purchased the adopt they may use the oc for whatever they like; roleplays, stories, gifts, persona, fursonas, ect.


Why are your "___" so expensive!??

If you have a problem with the price of my wares then you can take your business elsewhere. It's very rude to post negative comments about the price as it makes the seller feel guilty. If you want to share your opinion on why the price is too expensive you should do so politely.


Paypal only please~

Once we've discussed all the detail's of your commission please send the money right away. I will not start your commission until I am payed 8')

Also, please don't' send it as a gift, send it as "goods and services." Apparently people's accounts can be blocked if they receive too many gifts? Idk, better to be safe than sorry


Forms ===================================== user posted image


Character Design Form
Please fill in the following form when ordering

Gender: (Male, Female, Androgynous?)
Species: (Human, Anthro, Devil, Angel, Monster?)
Theme/occupation: (Steampunk, Apocalyptic, Doctor?)

Hair/Skin/Eye Colour: (Dark, Light, Heterochromic?)
Expression: (Happy, Sad, Angry?)
Preferred Colours: (What colours do you like? What would you like on the adopt?)
Accessories: (Any item to include?)
Things to Avoid: (What do you hate?)


Commission Form
Please fill in the following form when ordering

[B]Character:[/B] (Who am I drawing?)
[B]Commission type:[/B] (Sketch, character design, Bust?)
[B]Lineart/Colour:[/B] (Only for busts)
[B]Accessories:[/B] (Any item to include?)
[B]Things to Avoid:[/B] (What do you hate?)


Wares ===================================== user posted image




Busts ($3.00 + $2.00 for extra character)

Halfbody ($5.00 + $3.00 for extra character)


Character Designs/Customs


Humanoid Chracter Designs ($5.00 + $3.00 for extra character)

Feral Chracter Designs ($6.00 + $2.00 for extra character)




Line art ($5.00 + $3.00 for extra character)

Full Colour ($6.00 + $2.00 for extra character)


((If I'm breaking any rules someone please tell me because I went and looked in the rules but couldn't find anything :c ))

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And, finally, here's some art. Sorry the pictures are so big I dunno how to make them smaller :c


user posted imageTeenage Crime - Unnamed Character


user posted imageLoud + Shameless - Hunter Graves, my Homestuck fankid


user posted image

user posted image Random designs


user posted image My cat, Maggie


user posted image Unnamed Character


user posted imageWelcome to the New Age - Crappy doodle


user posted imageCrash - Issac Crane, one of my older OCs


user posted image Aeruin, my Autumn Seasonal in the style of HTTYD

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I really really really like the Welcome to the New Age one and the Isaac Crane one! They are my fave! biggrin.gif


All of them are great, though! smile.gif

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Thank you biggrin.gif Right now my personal favorites are Teenage Crime, "Donate," Crash, and Aeruin~ They all have a lot of love in them

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*points and stares*


Times like this which I wish I was older v.v

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*covers mouth with hands because silent giggle*

Know what I advise? Draw every single day, no matter what you're doing smile.gif


That's LITERALLY the only way to improve

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*making ahdbjagsjabs noises while pointing at the screen*


Your skill. I envy it. I really wish I could draw loose-fitting clothes... And boobs. I can't draw those either. Oh the irony.


I would make a request, but I'm not old enough to operate Paypal on my own, so sorry. sad.gif

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Eeeeheheheh thank you! Personally I have a bit off trouble with it too sometimes too, so I study guides extensively uwu


And don't worry about it! biggrin.gif

Though I think my brother's had an account since he was like 13 or something??

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You require a credit/debit card to open an account.


Ktav!!!! *glomps* Long time no see! Would you still be going back to Hatchlings? (Yeah, it's still somewhat alive)

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Ahh okay. Well again my brother and I have both had bank accounts since we were I believe 13 and 11? Idk maybe it's a Canada thing


Oh gosh no *facepalm combo x2 and laughing* I was reading my old posts and I'm just thinking to myself how terrible of a writer I used to be back in the eighth grade like gosh ;w;

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You have such a unique style~ I watched you on DA too hehe >w<


And you like Homestuck ahh :'D ((I need to get caught up >_> Hussie finally updated, but I'm so far behind dry.gif))


I really wish I could request something, but alas, my age prohibits me xd.png Perhaps an art trade? I have to get better at drawing first though, because I would feel guilty if you agreed and my art was bad ;w;

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Ahh thank you! .O.

And I love Homestuck~ My fan kid actually has a rping blog too~


And sure maybe sometime in the future~ feel free to shoot me a note on DA or a PM here~

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Ah, looks fun! I might ask a question when I get back on my own computer~ (My school computer does not like Tumblr for some reason >3<)


Alrighty! My DA name is SamuraiSammy, but I haven't drawn anything for a looong time >_>


I'm going to be stalking this thread and your deviantart *w*

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Ooh yay~ There's quite a few good M!Anons there too, which are always fun~


Eheheeh +w+

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Hehehe, yes they are~ I should make an ask blog, but I don't have any kind of fan character for Homestuck or anything >_> Which is weird cause I love making fan characters xd.png

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Reeeeally quick sketch of Carola done in GIMP

Her face is a little thinner and her nose isn't quite that small


user posted image




Thinking of doing some concept sketches! It's a toss up between Carola, Hunter Graves - Loud + Shameless AU, or Mafia Rocket Pokemon

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Hmm is Carola one of you RP characters?

You should do some Mafia Pokemon |D


Also, do you use a tablet to draw? And do you usually use GIMP? (I have GIMP but I have no idea how to use it >_>)

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Yes, Carola is my rp character in Inferno High, in the freeform section smile.gif

And yes, I use a tablet and always work in Gimp. I suggest looking up some tutorials, I personally find it easier to manage than photoshop


user posted imageuser posted image


Okay! I figured out how to make them smaller! biggrin.gif They're linked in case any of you want to see them at full size


Okay, let me tell you a bit about Essie. Essie was first created back in the 8th grade here on DC - under the Name Excel Hato - for an rp called "Pokémon Island." She was originally based off of this trainer;

user posted image

Her story and appearance have been reworked several times over the years as I've tried to figure out what to do with her and even now I still only Have a small idea of what I'm want. I'm too lazy to tell you so I'm just gonna drop some info on her and go hide under your bed


[ Name: ] Essie Roth

[ Age: ] 19

[ Gender: ] Female

[ Hometown: ] Celadon City, Kanto

[ Residence: ] Near Fortree, Hoenn


[ History: ]

Essie was born and raised in the busy city of Celadon, and showed an affinity to pokemon at an early age. Essie's parents were both scientists working for team Rocket, so she naturally grew up placed in that lifestyle. She was placed in their training program a few years earlier than most due to her natural skills with pokemon.

She developed her skills with pokemon simply by interacting with the pokemon her parents left to look after her while they worked. Due to her fathers jealous Gengar, that used to bully her, she grew up with a slight fear of ghost types and obvious phobia of Gengar.


She was an extremely successful member of Team Rocket - despite her hidden distaste for it all - and even nearly became an executive. However, due to some 'meddling kids' who had shown her what it was like to be a legal trainer the Rocket organization turned on her under claims of traitorhood. The international police were involved, but it still took nearly two weeks until she was taken into social services.

She was moved to Hoenn, where she now resides.



[ Trivia: ]

- She's only been a legal trainer for three years

- She gets very restless and so has volunteered at the Petalburg gym as a trainer; mostly it's just an excuse to travel across region

- She sometimes has flashbacks and terrible nightmares


- An incident with Electrodes, near Lake of Rage, caused her parents death.

- Her original pokemon from Kanto are deceased

- Her first pokemon was an Eevee named Del, which grew into an Umbreon



[ Pokemon: ]

Charter - Combusken

Male | Serious, Likes to fight

Ability - Speed Boost



-Poison Jab

-Double Kick



Charter - despite his 'cranky' disposition - can be extrememly gantle, mostly towards Essie. So far he has been the only one of their group to be able to calm her down when she has nightmares and flashbacks. He was given to her by the International Police upon moving to the region, hence why he has such a rare ability



Arlee - Smoochum

Female | Naive, Highly curious

Ability - Oblivious




-Ice Beam

-Grass Knot


Arlee is one of the four youngest of Essie's pokemon, the other three being Nia, Imogene and Malik. She was bred by her friend Brannon in the Johto Region; a suprise for Essie's birthday.

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Y do I never has teh money.


I hate pensions.


Beautiful work here <3 Totally wish I could buy something off you, but that likely won't be a thing for a few years.

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Ahh thank you~ .w.


And don't worry about it

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So I sent off a letter to Disney, I don't expect to hear back from them, but I figured I'd share what I wrote because feels


I am a young artist who loves Disney. It is one of my greatest goals in life, and has been  for quite some time, to be a part of Disney family. From as long as I can remember Disney has captivated my imagination and creativity. From the time I was just a child, enjoying the entertainment value, I have grown up enjoying Disney movies. As I've older I've grown to appreciate not only the stories themselves, but the art, creativity and passion that is put into each movie.

I admire how much time is spent carefully shaping each character to be as realistic and individual as people I know in my own life; to the point where it feels like they're real people I've met - rather than just characters in a story. As an example; Treasure Planet. Today I look at Jim Hawkins as one of many of Disney's believable relatable character's; who show a common issue many people have gone through and grown up with.


As long as I can remember I have found comfort and joy in drawing and creating characters. Even though this is not yet my career, this is my life. I work constantly, every day, to improve upon my skills and abilities. It's to the point where I have gotten off track in my life goals. Though I am eighteen I have not yet graduated, however my current main life goal is to graduate and go to secondary school. I have struggled academically all of my life, however I do find joy in learning new things. I find the structure of a school environment stifling and I have trouble staying engaged, and so I have gotten off track but am determined to return to school and get a good education as a good foundation for my life and career going forward.


I will be returning to classes and working full time towards that goal as of September this year. What I need, and will greatly appreciate, would be any guidance you can provide me as to where I should be placing my focus, to be employable by Disney in the future. That being said, I need some kind of plan to structure my life path to get me to where I want to go, which is living a life where art is not only my job but my passion and career. I need more than high school math, I need art to be truly happy.

I am an artist, not just a simple drawer, and this is my life."

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user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Redesign and turnaround of my fankid, Hunter Graves. All that really changed is his hair. He's also quite a bit happier than he has been in a while


user posted image

Just a doggy doodle sketch tongue.gif

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Hunter still looks slightly nervous xd.png But did you draw it in only colored pencil? OAO


The letter to Disney is also really cool. I hope you get in! You sound like you really want it. You're drawings are really good, and I'm not saying that just to be nice. I think you have what it takes to train under Disney! I hope you get a call smile.gif


Also, I started drawing in colored pencils a few days ago ^^ It's actually really fun to do~

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That's his 'well okay, I feel awkward and creeped out' smile. He's still at least a little happy though. I'm actually using the kind of pencils that some teachers use to make tests, they're erasable


And I so want it. I've never even been to Disney, but I've always been obsessed with them (except for that small time between 12 - 16 where I was like 'ew that's baby stuff' ) but anyway, thanks biggrin.gif

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Ohh. I see~ Are they easy pencils to use? I think I know the kind you're talking about smile.gif


I hope you get into Disney. It would be really cool~ You've never been to Disneyland/world, or to the Disney studio? Have you ever drawn any of the characters before?

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