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Ethril Dragon

Initiates of the Order - OOC

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Initiates of the Order RP thread


”Welcome young ones,” a regal and smiling woman says to a crowd of teenagers. A sleek and stunning black cat sits next to her legs. The woman moves with grace as she walks up onto a raised platform to address those gathered. “You are all here because you were invited. Soon you will become initiates in the Holy Order and join either the Sisterhood or the Brotherhood.” She looks over everyone gathered with her warm green eyes. “Starting today your lives will change for the better.”


There is a murmur from the gathered teenagers as the woman pauses. You are among the other teenagers, tense as you wait for the woman to finish. Like the others gathered, you were invited by a Sister or Brother of the Holy Order to become an initiate.


“For the next several years, you will spend time on the Holy Island to train. At the end of your training, you will be assigned a temple somewhere in the world where you will live your lives as fully fledged Sisters and Brothers.” The woman smiles again and then motions towards the boat waiting to be boarded. “Come. Let us depart to the Island where you will take your first steps to becoming Holy Sisters and Brothers.”




The plot is simple. Sometime during your life you received an invitation to join the Holy Order; either because one of your parents is a part of the Holy Order or because a Sister/Brother saw something special about you. You’re old enough now to go to the Holy Island to become an Initiate and begin your training. You will go to the Island, start your Initiate training, and then go through a ceremony to gain your animal companion.


There is a problem in the world though. Anarchists are gaining strength and have been bombing Temples and kidnapping Sisters/Brothers. Their new target is the Island and the Authorities believe some Anarchists have infiltrated the group of Initiates. Find the Anarchists before they do something dangerous.




So yup, this is the OOC thread. If you have any questions go ahead and message me. If you want to know more about the RP check out the actual RP thread!

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Umm, did you want to post or you want to? I really hate to see this RP die right when it starts. However it seems like it is.

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Ethril, you didn't seem to get my PM, but can you remove Darren? I'll start RPing then happily.

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