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I love to create art from Concepts people have, ideas they share. I'm actually pretty good at it, and have even drawn up basic sketches for people to take in to tattoo parlors so the artists There can have a better idea of whats desired. I will take however long is needed to get a project done, and work in a variety of mediums but here I"m focusing on sketch-based work via pencil/paint or CGI.


Post ideas or PM me if preferred. Whatever I'm given, I do go in order. And I will check back in during the process to make sure what I create is to the person's desire.


ALSO, if it isn't obvious I Am TRYING not to break any of the rules here - I hope I understood them correctly.


Good luck and Blessed be!

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Also, I will present examples of work I've done, both Concept art and just examples of my experience and skill level. The only thing I ask is that if you want to see examples, I need to know what kind are relevant, i.e. if you want a tattoo design I would show you tattoos I've sketched out, vs If you are looking for a landscape image to embed in your signature or computer or online profile, I'd show you landscapes and creatures I've done.


Thanks and Blessed be!

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