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The End of the Day

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The End of the Day


Long ago, there was a huge war over rulership. The states throughout the land were in mini wars with each other. The one who won the battle would rule both pieces of land. This went on until only two halves were left. One half ruled its kingdom in tyranny, the other in oligarchy. The world was tired of all the fighting and war, and sent a fire across the land. Only few were on earth when this occurred, and half died from the fire. The few that survived are trying to survive still, they aren’t alone though; they have angel guardians that send them news when trouble is going to appear and give them comfort, advice and lessons of how to survive. Each of the humans that survived have a pet with some sort of power that help the guardian do their job. However, the humans do not know about the pets helping the guardians, thus the pets can’t always help. One day, when the survivors were all training, a dangerous animal appeared that scratched a special marking in their arm and chased them to a place in the jungle where they all met. The survivors now have the abilities of the animal that chased them. All of the survivors paired up to make a new generation, which had the ability of two animals now, and had the benefit of a wise guardian to protect them from danger. Each of the six couples had two children. All of the adults died and now only twelve people remain on earth.


There is a camp in the middle of the jungle with twelve small huts. Each has two beds inside. In the middle of the camp there is a small market where you can put your spare food for others. There are four watch towers at each corner of the camp; between the watch towers are farms for extra food. Underneath the camp there’s an underground base in case of danger. A small river runs through camp to a waterfall. Beyond the waterfall there is an unknown part of the jungle; it’s darker there and filled with more dangers. The unknown jungle makes a circle around the camp, but it’s the only place that has a mine. In the mine are all the minerals the campers need to survive. There is also a path leading to a beautiful ocean. Many burnt up islands are scattered across the ocean that contain only small food sources.



These humans are the last people on Earth, they have special traits of certain animals and are struggling to survive. They each have a pet and an angel guardian. Their parents have died and they only have each other for support. They also have technical items and are in the year 2030.


Angel guardians:

The angel guardians are those who perished in the fire and are there to help the last humans on earth.



1. Only 2 characters.

2. No god modding, power play, Mary Sue’s or Gary Su’s.

3. A pet is required, as are an angel guardian and a sibling. Even if they have died you will see why they are so important.

4. Don’t be your own crush/ girlfriend or boyfriend, that’s boring.

5. If you don’t reply for two weeks without notice, your characters will be passed on to someone else, there’s only a certain amount of spots.

6. If you read the rules put |o.o 0.o <.<| in the other section .

7. PM me the forms.

8. Fill out all parts of the form.



Character forms:






Age (10-16):

Angel guardian:


Animal abilities (2):




Picture of character:



-angel guardian-





Who you're protecting:



Picture of character:







Type of animal:




Accepted Characters:



Username: kingcobra2018

Name: Nove

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Angel guardian: Alec

Pet: Skittles

Animal abilities: Fast like a cheetah, excellent climber like a monkey

Sibling: Cody, died.

Personality: Nove is a sweet, shy girl most of the time. If you do something to upset her she will run and hide and hold a grudge. She is very sensitive and cries easily. She will hurt you in words if you hurt one of her friends.

History: Not much, her brother died of illness and her parents died of old age.

Picture of character: Nove

Other: code word ;D


Username: kingcobra2018

Name: Alec

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Who you're protecting: Nove

Personality: He acts like he doesn't care, but he does. He can be mean, rough and uses words and actions to fight. He has a lot of anger issues and it can hurt Nove some times.

History: Died when the world set itself on fire, before that he can't remember.

Picture of character: Alec

Other: Code word ;D


Username: kingcobra2018

Name: Skittles

Gender: female

Type of animal: Bernese Mountain Dog.

power: Healing.




Username: SkullKrusher

Name: Christopher

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Angel Guardian: Revy

Pet: Clark

Animal Abilities: Agile like a panther, smart like a dolphin

Sibling: Derek (killed defending Christopher)

Personality: Christopher is often quiet and unsocial. He prefers to stay silent and instead observe, being mostly seen watching the surrouding nature or the others in the camp. Otherwise, he's friendly and kind, and if somebody becomes his friend he'll hang around with him and defend him.

History: Christopher was born to a strong, bear-like father and a smart, crow-like mother. Both of them were very happy with him and even though they didn't really grow old to see him become what he was now, Christopher was something they cherished. His older brother who had secretly appeared one day was pissed at his parents, and even though he was strangely much more powerful than them, all three killed each other. That's one of the reasons that Chris became unsocial, fearing that he'll have to turn to somebody else.

Picture of character: Christopher

Other: Often can be seen making drawings or sketches of whatever he's observing in a small notebook with a couple of pencils, even if it is simple things like ants or colorful butterflies.


Username: SkullKrusher

Name: Revy (from Reverter, but normal name is Lindow)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (looks 16)

Who you're protecting: Christopher (+ his friends)

Personality: Easily angered, Reverter is very defensive and caring about Christopher. He is quite smart, actually a bit more than Christopher himself, and so he may get ideas that Chris hadn't even thought about. He is also tough, even though his young age probably would mean the reverse, and he is ready to both take and deal a beating before going down. If somebody warms up to Christopher and he does warm up to them too, he may consider defending them himself with the help of their own guardian and he becomes calmer and a bit friendlier to that person.

History: Reverter was once a boy named Lindow. He would often go out each day to hunt or scavenge even if it took him whole days to gather the required materials for something, and he would often wander around. As he tripped from a high building, the flames... caught him, shall we say, and made it a bit easier for him to die. The agony caused by the pain shifted him post mortem, and he soon found himself alive again, but helping a young child named Christopher. Soon they met, and then they became good friends.

Picture of character: Reveter (Lindow)

Other: Strangely, he is like a brother that Christopher never met, as they are seemingly close to each other in many ways.


Username: SkullKrusher

Name: Clark

Gender: Male

Type of animal: Arctic Hawk

Power: He can use ice to attack, defend, or utility - tools, shapes... igloos.



Username: Shy

Name: Alexia

Gender: Female

Age (10-16): let’s go with 15

Angel guardian: T.K

Pet: ‘Drone’

Animal abilities (2): agility, speed. (Agility: um…snake…? Speed…cheetah.)

Sibling: Nani.

Personality: Quiet. That’s about it.

History: Nothing really out of context.

Picture of character: Alexia



Username: Shy

Name: T.K

Gender: Male

Age(10-16): 16

Who you're protecting: Alexia

Personality: Happy, kind, but worries a little too much.

History: NA

Picture of character: T.K

Other: Nothing really.


Username: Shy

Name: Nox

Gender: Male

Type of animal: Python.

power: Speed, agility.

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