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The Legend Trio Gift/Trade Thread

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Legend Trio Gift/Trade Thread


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Thread Moderator(s): Thorn4

(PM me if you'd like to help mod this thread!)



- You may only trade one of the 3 legend trios between players

- You can post links giving away one of them if you wish

- Only post if you are looking to trade one legend for another


Dragons Allowed:

- Thunder

- Ice

- Magma


Post using the following layout if looking to swap eggs:

Offering: CB Magma

Looking for: 2nd gen Ice


Post teleport links or you may include a message for people to read such as "PM me if interested" or any other things you may need to outline.


Gifting eggs:

Simply post the teleport link; all members be quick, free eggs never last long!


Hope you all find what you're looking for!


I'll go ahead and post mine;

-trade removed-

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Closing the legendary trio can be traded for in the other trading threads and can be gifted in the existing threads as well.

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