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No problem smile.gif I'll be making myself and Jsward Co-Leaders when Fun's not around

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(Joining cuz Jumbo made me. =3=)


User: SparksflY

Name: Jack (Yes, it's just Jack)

Human or CP (species): CP... Human?

Gender: Male

Looks: Dirty blonde hair tinted red, right eye blue, left eye bloodshot. Always smiling. Black hoodie and ripped jeans stained with blood. Bat wings and sharp claws and fangs.

Personality: Insane. I mean, INSANE insane. He's not grumpy, or shy, or wise, just a psychopathic bloodthirsty killer. The only thing he won't kill is a fellow creepy pasta.

Powers: Draconic abilities- can fly, enhanced senses, stronger, faster, & more agile. Good with knives.

Other: Doesn't talk much, and when he does he repeats himself. (e.g: "I'm Jack, I'm Jack!")

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As long as he's way different than Batty, I say accepted. Also, I was supposed to do this yesterday, but I forgot, but I'm going to be PMing Fun for permission to continue on without her so that way this RP won't die out


*read Raptor's message* Are you sure you wanted to go through with that?


Positive. Fun only posts once in a blue moon and I don't want this RP to die

Edited by Raptor of Dragons

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Okay, since it's been almost 2 weeks and Fun hasn't responded I'm going to wait 1 more week before deleting this RP-


NOOOOOO! You can't delete this RP!



There's more?


-I will be starting a new PastaTown RP so I can keep up with the front page of the RP. So in other news, all the characters (minus Dark Heart) that Fun was RPing can be taken by anyone. If you try to take Dark Heart, I will not accept as it is Fun's OC and I don't want her to get mad

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Hey, I'm really sorry. I got pulled into a wormhole with school, catching up with friends, relighting the fire in an awesome relationship, and YouTube. The last one is unnecessary I know. But give me some slack and cut me a break.


Yes, you guys can take over when I'm gone.

I'll make Jsward and Raptor forum Admins. Your job is to approve any forms that don't overdo it or break the set rules, and to take control of my characters if I don't post in a week. I'll try to post AT LEAST every weekend, what with school holding me down that's all I can honestly manage. I really want to get into college, so I'm pushing myself into insomnia now without my meds helping me focus. It's so much harder but my life is so much better without them so trying to cram in everything is killing me and I love it.


But yeah, you guys are in charge while I'm away. This is the only successful forum I've ever made and I don't want it to die!! Let's make this a good one!


Dark Heart


PS I spent hours steampunking out in Dishonored. Seriously, it's just Steampunk Assassin's Creed.

I love it to pieces.

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Oh my god I'm REALLY sorry!!! I kinda forgot about this RP, and then when I remembered I couldn't find it, and then school got in the way... And I am just so sorry!!! sad.gif

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Oh, and I added something to JaCK. To make him 'different', his name and whatever he says iS SPeLLeD LiKe THiS. Is that Ok? (Jumbo yelled at me for not having an original OC)

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User: Fun

Name: Dark Heart

Human or CP (species): CreepyPasta-Human Hybrid

Gender: Female

Looks: Her mask gone, her face is now openly revealed. Her right eye has been reduced to an empty socket because of her fight with her father, which has only strengthened her piercing blue left eye. Her golden blonde hair covers her bloody socket and she usually wears it in a side-ponytail. She wears a black tee, grey hoodie and dark skinny jeans paired with knee-high combat boots. She wears black fingerless gloves and sometimes a black choker around her neck.

Personality: With her change of heart came a new beginning for her. Now, she's no longer the weak child she once was. She is serious, solemn and as dark as her namesake. She doesn't screw around, and she's more venomous than a snake. Her love for her master is passionate, and she's extremely loyal to her friends.

Powers?: The ability to heal herself and others, and to teleport short distances. This teleportation ability is an upgraded version of her Shadow Walk, because now instead of just dark places, she can go anywhere. She's the best shot you've ever seen, and you'd better pray that her gun isn't pointed at you.

Other: Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

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User: RoD

Name: Doesn't have one yet

Human or CP (species): CP hybrid

Gender: male

Looks: This CP looks like a fox and has two tails, a fox tail and a Shinx tail. His hindquarters is completely black like a Shinx and the rest of his body has the normal fox colors with a black ring of fur around his neck

Personality: Unknown

Powers?: Unknown

Other: The egg of Static is hatching soon


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Also her teddy is smooth and soft, not fluffy. It looks as though it was homemade, of cloth and twine. Its mouth-less expression and it's black buttoned eyes just stare straight ahead into nothing. Its belly and various areas of its body are patched up with a variety of cloth colors and patterns.


And she loves it.

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I might consider updating Endyr's Sign-up sheet, considering I've made a variety of character adjustments, a somewhat new design, (seen in my new avatar, and proud considering it was done on a 5th gen. Ipod. By finger.) and a bit more backstory.

Don't Forget I have an Instagram now! You may contact Me, JS, (now wants to be called Yaymijay.) or Insan... Temporarily. Insan is hopefully going to have another account. Right?

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Okay...so I am going to be updating a few of my characters, mainly Zoey, Theo, and Dreamshade for now. I need to get on Batty and Soul after a while and maybe Static. Anyway, here's the updated versions of my characters:


User: RoD

Name: Dreamshade

Human or CP (species): CP Plant

Gender: Prefers to be male

Looks: He looks exactly like a human, but he has thorny teeth and pitch black eyes

Personality: Dream is cold and heartless when it comes to hunting humans, but he doesn't show this behavior when it comes to experimenting with his creations. He takes delight in trying to experiment only to be disappointed in their deaths

Powers?: He has serious plant manipulation (his own vines anyway) that can reach out and drag a person out from hiding or hold him in place; or if his hand is cut off, he can regrow another one. His other ability is he can turn into an actual weapon and posion others due to the plant manipulation

Other: He now has control over Theo



User: RoD

Name: Zoey/Slicer/Zlo/Elizabeth/Misty

Human or CP (species): Human CP

Gender: All of her MPs are female

Looks: Has brown hair, is short, and her eyes change color depending on who she is.

Personality: Zoey and Slicer are the main two personalities trying to figure out who is in control. Zoey is the main calm one while Slicer, the mad Australlian takes over when she is very angry. Zlo is the mischivious, Russian one who often comes out during a good prank. Elizabeth is the brave bold type who talks in an Old English language and hardly gets a say in things. Misty is the annoyance out of all of them and only comes out when something fustrates Zoey

Powers?: Possibly has the powers to know exactly where her twin brother, Theo, is and what he is doing



User: RoD

Name: Theo

Human or CP (species): Human Plant CP

Gender: Male

Looks: Kind of like Zoey but is rather tall and has black hair

Personality: Theo is the stubborn person who won't give up on anything, even if it gets him killed

Powers?: None so far


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Revamp of endyr's sheet




User: Jsward322

Name: Endyr Serifi

Human or CP (species): CP (ish?)



Personality: Endyr is bright, sweet and caring, even though she is a bit oblivious of some of the Real world things. She can be extremely tactical and observant if she wanted to, but she doesn't act like it.

Powers?:flying, Turning her Obsidian sword, Devagel into a scythe, and her inventory.

Other:She won't let anyone move her bangs out of her face for some odd reason... And it turns out she enjoys ramen noodles.

Edited by Jsward322

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User: RoD

Name: Foxy

Human or CP (species): CP Fox

Gender: supposively male

Looks: Because I don't feel like describing him in detail

Personality: Foxy is really shy when a camera is on him, but he is cunning and rather quick when people aren't looking

Powers?: He can walk around during night time hours and tries t ostuff humans into a costume

Other: I'm dropping The Yowler and yes...I'm bringing in Five Nights at Freddy's

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God zdangit raptor. But. I like foxy so go head

*starts laughing hysterically* Yes! I love Foxy so much, all of them are CPs in their own way

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