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HellHorse Breeding/Trading

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So I'm (trying) to start a Hell Horse line that goes to pure Hell Horse after the 3rd generation, and As they're a breed-obtained only dragon New blood is always a must. So for anyone and everyone that can breed hell horses, I want a spot for specific trading.


Doesn't matter if you're starting a staircase line, spiral line, a pure line, even generation or even an Inbred line. Hell horses all the way here.


Just Post with the information on the egg, preferably a link to the egg itself and its line as well, and a trade or a gift link.


Also please follow the general guidelines on courtesy - and keep everything On-topic as much as possible.



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And so, I'll also start with a display of where my own even-gen-from-staircase line (idk what to call this thing honestly, but its symmetrical on both sides so far, as I'm trying to get this Hellhorse a mate from a parallel line of male horse/female hellfire) is starting.


If anyone has 3rd gen hell horse eggs from a line similar to this one, please PM me!! I'm trying to avoid inbreeding. Thanks! :3



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Closing. Hellhorses can be traded for in the dragon trading thread

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