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Marie's poems

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Hey all! I noticed that most of the threads here art art-based, sprites and drawings and such, so I don't know if I'll get any interest here. But a chance to show off some of my better writings? Why not. I write novels and short stories too, but I'll probably just post a few poems, maybe a prompt-fill if I write something interesting. .... That's assuming anyone actually responds, lol.


This is technically a song, but it can be read as a poem, and it's personal, wrote it to my gf after we broke up (I had to phrase it that way to point out that she was already my ex when this was written).




There's a reason my heart breaks, with every touch

There's a reason your words, are just too much

There's a reason that nothing is ever enough

When I say that I want you

I mean that I love you, too

I can't say the words

It would be much too absurd

Ruin what we have now

For the chance to allow

This profound sensation

Giving in to temptation

Risk this wonderful feeling

While reaching for the ceiling

What we have is too real

To mess with it's appeal

So I'll hold my breath

And try to forget

That my love for you

Is deep and its true

Stronger then you'll ever know

And more then I'll ever show.


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Thank you Onix!


Another poem... This one has a story behind it as well, but it's stupid and honestly I think the poem is more mysterious and interesting without knowing.




Tears on my pillow

Blood on my sheets

Is there any wonder

I sit here and weep

Guilt in my heart

Anger in my mind

I should have known from the start

That it was all a lie

The way she looked at me

The way she said my name

It was too good to be

I should have known better

Then to trust in her love

With just a short letter

She left me here alone

And now I cry and pray

Hoping and denying

Thinking maybe someday

She will come back to me

But I know that it cannot be.


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It's been awhile, so.... bump?


This poem is a bit long, but I couldn't find any other recent ones to share. Yes, almost all my writings are personal.




Love me like you need me

Make me love you

Like I need you

Remind me constantly

All those little things

Subtle whispers in the dark

Little nudges in the afternoon

Remind me always

How much I need you

Envelop me in your arms

Your soft gentle touch

Whisper those words

About needing you so much

Keep me safe in your grasp

Hold me tight when I falter

Pick me up when I fall

Because you are my strength

You are my all

Push me when I hesitate

Remind me again

Why you are here

What I need

How much you matter

Let me drift off to sleep

Cozy and safe in those arms

Cover me so completely

That nothing else can do me harm

Nothing can do me harm

Except you

Only you

Because I need you

It’s been hammered into my head

That I need you

No matter how far astray

You may lead me

No matter what they might say

I need you

To push me

To hurt me

To shape me into what you want

To remind me

So insistently

That I can’t live without you

But then

Through the haze

Through your presence

That nagging voice

That truth that can’t be ignored

If I need you so much

How have I lived so long without you

Why is my life so wonderful

When you are away

If you are so vital

To my well-being

Why do I feel so miserable

When deep in your embrace

If I need you so much

Why do you hurt so bad

Why do you take everything

And turn my life upside down

Yeah I need you

I accepted that years ago

But just as true

And just as real

While I can’t live without you

I certainly can’t

Certainly won’t

I refuse

To live with you.

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