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Nathan For You

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This is a fairly new program on comedy central. My husband and I had finished watching something else when this show came on, and we left it on purely because the opening of the show was humorous. But I was absolutely unprepared for the actual show which had us crying with laughter.


It's a reality show about a guy with a business degree who tries to help businesses by giving them extremely unconventional advice and tactics. One such tactic was having a gas station offer extremely low gas prices, but you could only get that price by sending in a rebate. If that wasn't a big enough catch, the rebate box was on top of a mountain and would only be revealed by answering a series of riddles that turned out to be never ending.


Here's a clip from one of the episodes where he tries to prove that you can get any job with enough confidence. He has a 7 year old tell him what to say.


The episode gets even funnier when he has a jerk(H. Jon Benjamin) tell him what to say, and then later, a turtle.


Has anyone else watched this show? I was so excited to hear it was renewed for a second season.


EDIT: Whoops this was supposed to go in visual media. Not sure how I let that happen.

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