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Hybrids OoC

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Made by Lythe and I. Approved by soupnazi.


This is the OoC

The IC thread is here!




​​​ The people of Lyria have lived peacefully in their cities for as long as they could all remember. Lyrians lived off the land in their separate countries, making the most of what they had. Eventually they developed more complex cities, and focused on improving their kingdoms. Their lives became quickly organized, with the upper class living in nice, beautiful homes and being involved in politics, while the lowest class lived in tiny homes or even on the streets. Of the five countries, Lavida was the worst, with a tendency for disregard toward her lesser citizens and the whims of other countries. Nonetheless, the arts and trade are highly valued in all of the countries, even the secluded Sendar.

​​Suddenly, a few people began to notice odd things happening. A child from a poor family would disappear, but the people would think little of it until the child returned, changed. Some Lyrians, usually at the brink of death, suddenly would be different—very different. One would have a tail, pointed teeth, dog-ish ears atop their head, and feral green eyes. Another would return to their town with a strange face that resembled a deer, or green tinted skin and webbed feet like a frog. These people possessed great abilities, too, resembling that of the animal they looked like. And these- creatures- terrified the Lyrians.

​They began to be known as Hybrids, but they weren’t welcomed. Humans with claws and wings were made out to be monstrosities, and the public feared them as the devil's work. The kings of each country were forced to take action to calm the people—and soon it came to be that any Hybrids found were turned in and enslaved. They were sold off at auctions to wealthier land owners as property, where they were forced to work in shops, homes, and fields, doing whatever their masters demanded. Some were quite useful to the Lyrians for certain jobs which their attributes assisted with, but they were treated like slaves no less. Hybrids, while now accepted in the world as slaves, were still considered disgusting and unnatural, and feared if they didn't have a master to control them. They were forced to wear collars around their necks to signify their positions in the social system, but Hybrids are easily identified by the one thing they all have in common—the yellow tint and golden rim to their eyes, present even in their normal human form.

​ Lavida became known as the slave country of Lyria. It was there that the slave trade was central—many cities went corrupt because of the trade. The Lavidan upper class became rich with the gold they made from trade. Many Lyrians who wished to possess Hybrid slaves would most often visit Stoneway, the capital of the country. Slave auctions are often held at the Castle as well as in many large cities in Lavida, distributing slaves for sale all over Lyria.

​ Recently, rumors have started to spread about the secluded and quiet country, Sendar. It is said that the Hybrids there aren’t forced into slavery, that they walk free without worry of being captured. This has inspired many enslaved Hybrids all over the land to revolt from their owners and try to escape to this land of freedom, though few get away. What has changed that would make escapes easier than they were in the past? Very few were ever heard of that had gotten away, but those that were captured again were tortured and killed. It is very risky for Hybrids to attempt escape, but the stories circulating again about those who have gotten away and now live in secrecy tempt those enslaved Hybrids looking for a way out of their servitude.


​ Even in the security of Stoneway, the rumors make their way to the people. A few Hybrids catch word of this and are brought together by chance, inspired by the freedom they crave. They must risk their lives to be free, making their way across the continent to reach free land and running from everyone just to make it to Sendar. Will you be one of those Hybrids?

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Character Sheets





Username: Lythe


Name: Raisa (Rai) Frey

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Hybrid: Squirrel


Appearance: Raisa is a small, light girl of 16, and is very quick and agile, as well as muscular. Her bright red hair is cut short in typical slave fashion, with a wild flop of bright red hair falling across her forehead that is always falling into her eyes. She is always smiling, but with her pixie-like face, it looks like she is always up to something. She has a jagged scar on her hip from when a bear attacked her. Rai wears the slave uniform every female slave is given at first by the kingdom, a white tunic with the kingdom's crest embroidered in gold, although Raisa cut the sleeves and slitted the sides for a freer range of movement, and wears a pair of tight black leggings. She walks around barefooted, as she was never given shoes.


Hybrid appearance: Raisa is an elegant looking Hybrid, with tufts of soft, red-colored fur covering the backs of her hands and a matching bushy tail she uses to help her keep balance when climbing. When in Hybrid form, her nails grow to longer claws and the pads of her feet grow firm like pads of a paw. Her Hybrid form is her favorite, and she is usually in it except when she needs to go out in public alone.


Hybrid attributes: Raisa has heightened senses in her Hybrid form, and has a better sense of what's going on around her. She can also balance better and has a greater jumping power thanks to her squirrel counterpart. With her long claws she can hold and grip onto smooth surfaces better, thus making it possible to climb things no one else can.


Personality: Rai is the center of attention whenever she can help it, and she loves to clown around and joke. With her bright and sunny disposition, she can make friends with anyone, and she knows it; she can often be found persuading someone to do something for her. She is always bouncing around and laughing, but when with people she trusts, she acts much more relaxed and calm, and is found to actually be very smart and collected. When hurt or confronted, Raisa will blow up with anger, often making the situation worse.  She hates many things and is very picky, and she struggles not to voice her opinions whenever they come to mind.


Strengths: Rai is extremely flexible, and acrobatic. She can leap longer distances than most, and can climb faster than almost any other Hybrid. She also is extremely good at the art of persuasion.


Weaknesses: Rai must always eat constantly, since she burns off so much energy; since being a slave means very little food, she is almost always tired and can fall asleep in a matter of minutes. She also has a quick tongue, and has anger issues, which always gets her punished if she is pressed. She also gets in trouble for staying in her hybrid form so much.


History: Rai grew up in a small foresting village close to the city of Stoneway. When she was twelve years old her father became a Hybrid, and, scared, she ran away from home to escape him. She soon got lost in the forests surrounding her home. Slowly starving to death, she wandered into a grove of trees where a bear lurked. The bear, feeling threatened, attacked, and she barely managed to escape by climbing a tree. The bear had clawed her hip before leaving her alone, and she was left in the tree, bleeding out with a bad leg and about to die from over-exhaustion, starvation, and blood loss. Breathing ragged gasps, she tried to climb down, which was when she 'merged' with a squirrel nesting nearby. With renewed energy and sharper senses, she was able to forge her way to Stoneway, where she passed out. The circus found her lying on the road, and nursed her back to health after putting a slave collar around her neck. She has been in the circus ever since, slowly working her way up from a lowly servant to a great acrobat. She hopes to find the secret organization that frees Hybrids, and has been secretly collecting money in order to escape and find her father, to take them both to Sendar.


Location: Traveling Circus. Raisa works as a chained acrobat with a few other enslaved Hybrids, putting on a show for the common people. Raisa climbs her chains that is connected to her wrists and the ceiling of the tent and flips and spins through the air. She rooms in a small tent in the back, watched over by the circus matron. There she helps with small jobs such as cleaning, and when it is time for the circus to move, she handles collecting the ropes strung from the top of the show tents.





Name: Kelissa Eyre (often called Kel for short)

Gender: female

Age: 18

Hybrid: cat

Appearance: She’s slim and slightly curvy, though could be considered underweight. She has chocolaty brown hair with black tips that hangs just below her shoulder blades. Kel usually wears a pale blue, low-cut shirt with a dirty pair of very dark blue pants. The collar she wears around her neck is black, with the symbol of Stoneway Manor (a sword wrapped in thorns) inked in white on the left side. Her eyes are Hybrid gold.


Hybrid Appearance: Kel’s grace carries over to her hybrid form. While her face remains the same, some things are noticeably different. Her finger nails sharpen to seem like claws, and her teeth are slightly sharper. Her pupils dilate into slits, much like a cats’, especially when she is frightened. A brown tail accompanies her hybrid form, aiding to her balance. Kel usually does not wear shoes, for when she shifts, her feet transform to appear more cat-like—fur included. She walks on her toes similar to her hybrid animal, yet it isn’t very noticeable unless you were to look at her paws peeking out from under her pants.


Attributes: Kel’s hybrid animal allows for enhanced senses, hearing and seeing. She also has better balance and strength than normal humans as well as stealth. Loud noises will sometimes scare her, whether she’s in her hybrid form or not. Although she is part cat, her sense of smell is only heightened in certain cases, thus dulling some scents and making others more noticeable. Because of this, this is not one of her strengths, and turns out being more of a burden since she often gets confused.


Personality: Kel has a very laid-back personality. She’s friendly to most people and tries to ignore the looks from those normal citizens on the street. She dislikes conflict, and often doesn’t meet the eyes of people she passes if they seem hostile. But on her own, she’s a ball of energy and creativity. She practically floats in the manor kitchens, especially when tasked with making deserts. She also enjoys wandering in the gardens and spending time with her best friend, Shane.


Strengths: Exceptional balance and hearing in either form; enhanced strength and sight in hybrid form; she’s very calm in most situations. Also makes great deserts.


Weaknesses: She uses up energy quickly while in her hybrid form, easily gets scents confused, isn’t too great with names or directions, and can’t read or write past basic sentences and common words.


History: Kelissa’s home life was quiet and simple, with a small amount of money and little food to fill their stomachs. She was happy, however, and loved living in Sombra. One day, her curiosity overtook her and she decided to wander the streets to look for any dropped money in hope of a few extra pieces of food. But after taking a few too many corners, she found herself lost. Too embarrassed to admit that she needed help, Kel wandered and wandered, but ran into a dead end hours later. She broke down into tears and pulled herself under a large bush, terrified and starving. She spent the night there in the stinking streets, believing that she would never find her way back home. She wandered more the next day with dried tears on her stained cheeks, until she passed out in the shade of a building. When she woke an hour later, she realized her nails had sharpened and she had paws in place of feet, as well as a tail. Kel had screamed, attracting some unwanted attention. A group of slave traders found her in the alleyway, and took her away from the city.

  They paraded her around with a leather collar around her neck for weeks. Finally, they reached a city near Stoneway with a group of other hybrids, and Kel was put up in front of a crowd. A woman walking with a young boy a year older than Kel noticed the girl and took pity on her, fighting to take the poor hybrid to safety. The woman won, and Kel was taken to Stoneway Manor to live. She befriended the boy, Shane, and was somewhat close to the woman who had saved her. There, she grew up, and her and Shane continued to be the best of friends, especially when they helped each other through Shane’s mother’s death. Kel has lived there since, and has grown fond of working in the kitchens where she would spend her spare time when not with her best friend.


Location: Stoneway Manor. Sleeps in a room to the back of the first floor, but is mostly given free range. Often runs errands to the market or works in the kitchens.





Username: Narath

Name: Samuel

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Hybrid: Wolf

Appearance: Samuel is a tall and strong individual, being about six feet and three inches tall. While he is strong, Sam is not overly muscular, and appears rather lean to people when he is wearing looser fitting clothes. He has long ragged black hair, reaching just past his chin. His facial features are somewhat sharp. Samuel will often wear a brown leather tunic without sleeves, revealing his muscular arms (this is mostly because his 'masters' want to show off his strength), light brown linen trousers (They have a small hole for his tail), and brown leather boots. The collar that he wears is also a brown leather, with two crossing gladius' that show that he is a 'gladiator'. When he is in fights, he will don leather greaves and bracers, and fights with a gladius and a wooden round shield.

Hybrid Appearance: When Sam turns into a hybrid, he grows black fur all over his body about an inch long, and his hands and feet grow inch long claws, and he also grows a furry wolf tail. What is more noticeable is how his head changes. It morphs into a wolf head, gaining a long snout, sharp white teeth, and pointed furry ears. The one thing that stays the same are his eyes which, like other hybrids, are golden, but they still have the human element in them.

Hybrid Attributes: Like a wolf, both his sense of hearing, his sense of smell, and his eyesight are increased past a regular human's abilities. Samuel's strength has also increased by quite a large amount, especially in his wolf form.

Personality: Samuel is a fiercely loyal person... That is if you don't treat him as his masters do. He absolutely hates cruelty, and fights back when he himself, or others are mistreated (which happens often since he is sometimes prone to anger). This has led to many punishments, so he has scars all over his back from being whipped. Whenever possible, he will show compassion and mercy, but the line of work he has been put in seldom allows it.


Heightened hearing

Heightened smell

Increased strength

Lots of stamina


Prone to anger

Hates water

Hates being in tight spaces (never corner a wolf)

History: Samuel was always a troublemaker. His family was poor, so he constantly roamed the streets in search for food or money, and often scuffled with other kids to get it. When he was twelve years old, him and his father wandered out to the woods to hunt. A last resort for food since they knew little about it and about how to survive the woods. One night while they slept, a small pack of wolfs came across their camp and attacked them. As the young boy was struggling to keep one of the wolves off of him, he suddenly blacked out. When he came to, the wolves were gone, and so was most of his father. When he wandered back to town, the guards stopped him because they saw that he now had yellow eyes (of course he wouldn't know, he can't see them himself). Samuel ran away, but he now had both guards, and slavers running after him. When he was finally cornered in an alley by a few slavers, he lashed out at them, turning into his wolf form as he did so, and he finally realized what he had become. As he was distracted, the slavers captured him, and sold him off as a fighter, seeing firsthand that he had potential.

Location: He moves from place to place, owner to owner, since people who arrange the fights that he participates in are always trying to trade up.





Username: PureDark006

Name: Sidley Dussander, or Sid for short

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Hybrid: Ghost Bat (Macroderma gigas)

Appearance: Sid has short, black hair with a long strand on his right side that reaches his chest, and slanted eyes that tend to make him look like he's thinking of something even when he's just bored or spacing out. Dark-blue when he was born, his eyes took on a yellowish green color and the golden rim around the pupils when he gained his hybrid status. Like most slaves, Sid is on the skinny side and doesn't have a lot of muscles, though his clothes conceal those facts most of the time. They're the long-sleeved variety, usually of dark colors, and all of them have two cuts on the back starting a little below the shoulders so he can sprout his wings through there when he transforms. His collar is made from leather with a lock at the back, and is usually too tight for it to be comfortable. On the side of it is the mark of the family that owns him, a white feathery wing over a black one facing the other direction, both surrounded by roses. He's usually leashed too, to restrict his movements, the leash made of interlocking chains with a hook to attach at the collar. Since he's a slave for show, he's also better groomed and dressed than the average.


Hybrid Appearance: The most noticeable thing are the leathery wings that sprout from his back, from his shoulder-blades to his hip, supported by four long fingers. The membrane of the wings is an almost see-through light grey, equipped with all the receptive cells a normal bat has. He has a short muzzle, and his teeth sharpen into fangs, the four canines growing in length. His human ears disappear, replaced by ones akin to a cross between a mouse's and a rabbit's; big, long, round at the top and thin, and located on the top of his head. The ears are very sensitive to properly translate the information he gets with his echolocation, with a special muscle inside to close them between calls so Sid can avoid deafening himself. All his hair turns grey, a cross between his natural black hair and the pale grey fur of a Ghost Bat, and he grows fur of the same color in the wings, muzzle and the front part of the neck. The fur on his chest and shoulders is almost white, and don't mention near him that it's fluffy or he'll be mad at you.

Other changes that can't be seen are the specialization of his digestive system to a carnivorous diet, the lowering of bone density in all his body leading to a very low weight, the slight change in his vocal chords to be able to emit the calls, and his body's switch to a nocturnal behavior.


Hybrid Attributes: His main skill is echolocation. Sid can emit high-pitched calls and get a detailed picture of his surroundings by the resulting echo, detecting things as small as a mouse. The distance covered varies, depending on how many obstacles the terrain has. The calls are outside the hearing range of humans, but canines and some other mammals can hear them too. Stronger calls can even penetrate soft structures like skin, acting as an X-ray, but it only works on nearby objects or creatures. His wings allow for flight, and the specialized Merkel cells on them make him a very efficient flier, allowing quick and accurate maneuvers. However, the flexible bones, especially the ones on the wings, can be broken much more easily than a human's, and the thin membrane is delicate.


Personality: When alone or with other slaves, Sid's rather detached and doesn't interact much. Easy to approach at first glance, he'll listen to you talk, though expect him to joke around. He has a very bad memory regarding faces, though he gets around by mentally associating people with characteristic features, things they often wear or the way they carry themselves. Sid rarely gets angry and even then doesn't shout, and you can tell when he's starting to get annoyed or nervous because he starts being sarcastic and using a weird sense of humor. In front of his Masters, he doesn't talk unless spoken to and does what he's asked of, knowing that insubordination means punishment. As expected, he's not particularly thrilled about that, but he knows that laying low is better than being rebellious in the long run, as he waits for the opportunity to escape.



-Pretty smart and observant

-Can use a bow and arrows


-Very sensitive ears

-Can fly, and is pretty agile in the air


-Terrible memory regarding faces and names

-Gets tired easily, especially in his hybrid form

-Not physically strong in either form

-Loud noises affect him, even making him flinch for a while

-Easily hurt because of lower bone density to support flying

-Suffers a kind of jet lag every time he transforms


History: Sid was born and raised in a farm in Sombra, near the mountain range that marks Illusia's territory. He lived with his parents and older sister, and was taught how to take care of the animals and plants they were growing. While he didn't receive a solid education, his father made sure he could read and write, and taught him how to use a bow and arrows to hunt, and how to clean and prepare the meat so it wouldn't spoil.

His life was pretty normal until he turned fifteen. Sid had gone out at noon to see if he could get something for dinner, and had headed towards the foot of the mountain near his home. Nearly at dusk, he was going back with the two rabbits he managed to get, and he was climbing down the rocky terrain when he felt a sharp pain in his ankle; one of the indentations he had used as a foothold turned out to be housing a wild animal that didn't appreciate the intrusion. The shock and pain were enough to make him lose his balance, and he fell, the hit rendering him unconscious.

He woke up at night, the screech of bats all around him as they flew out of a nearby cave. For a second, he was overwhelmed with all the sounds he could hear, but the thought quickly left his mind when he tried to stand up and caught a glance of a giant wing next to him. The short scream of surprise also hurt his own ears, and it took a while for him to calm down and understand what had happened.

Sid never returned to the farm, knowing that it would be better if his family thought him dead. He knew enough about surviving on his own to keep him alive for the next two years, and on that time, he learnt how to properly use the skills his hybrid form granted him. However, he never expected slave traders, and didn't take the necessary precautions, an error that ended with him found and caught, his weapons taken away from him. Beaten up and leashed too, after his attempts to escape.

The caravan headed towards Lavida, with another six hybrids besides Sid. They made a short stop in Ira to get provisions, where he was bought by a passing rich family, and introduced to the concept of being considered property. The slave traders took advantage of the color of his fur when transformed to sell him as an albino, since bats usually had dark colors, so his new owners decided he was suited to be shown as a symbol of the status of his Masters. Sid hated it from the first day, but he had to admit it could have been way worse. He never bothered to correct the wrong assuption about the bat he had merged with, though; first because the slave traders would have gotten revenge on him, later because of the preferential treatment he received, and at the end because his Masters would have been furious and probably would kill him.

Though life as an object to be shown meant he didn't have to do harsh work, the lack of exercise ended up weakening him over the five years he spent there, since he was only able to actually go out when his Masters wanted to take him with them. There were many things he needed to keep in mind to not get disciplined too, and, having watched others get seriously hurt or even killed because of their transgressions, he knew he needed to follow the new rules that came with his new lifestyle or face the consequences.


Location: Usually, a city called Kuray, in the middle-south of the country of Ira. He needs to go with his Masters wherever they go, though.





Username: Limn


Name: Drea Bodil

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Hybrid: Mountain Lion

Appearance: Dark olive skin, bright brown hazel eyes, and a shaved head for the show of shame itself. He is 5'7 in height, and various scars embroider his body, the most noticeable being the large gashes in his forearms and the deformed print of scars and new tissue trying to grow in on his back. His muscles are well-toned and largely fine despite this, when the whip is brought to him it is mainly for punishment, but they wouldn't risk damaging his strength, his strength is his master's money maker. His features are sullen in defeated contempt, with is fine for his occupation.

Drea's spine is decorated with tattoos of his previous owners and his current one. At the base of his neck rests a silver Fleur-De-Lis surrounded by various colored morning glorys, a Pian family that used him as one would use an ox. Below that entering in the shoulder blades, is the picture of a seagull, wings outstretched in flight, its neck adored with jewels and a load of sticks in its talons. A scroll ends this picture, words saying "The Voyager" have been scarred unintelligible, this was the mark of a Forlian family that bought him to work on their ship The Voyager. Under this, the largest picture by far rests, the likeness of something truly strange, the twisted form of a Siamese twin snake. The snake's head looks to either side of Drea's back, mouths open to strike bearing its fangs, their tongues outstretched, curving over Drea's sides. The snake's scales resemble that of a rattle snakes, though it would be hard to say, the snake's heads are bare of scales, showing the bone underneath, as though to incorporate the diminishing of physical for mind, and mind for body. Now would be the best time to inform you that the Pian that created this mark felt it best to mix Drea's previous owners marks into her own. The snake's tail is elegantly wrapped around Drea's neck, the snake's body draping down his spine until the parting of the heads, leaving the other tattoos in the illusion of decoration for the snake's body. For the dramatic flare of dimension, a light spiked brush of black ink surrounds the outer and under figure of the snake. This particular master is his current one, using him as a cage fighter.

Drea's given collar is a rotting, bone white.


Hybrid Appearance: Drea inherits a short muzzle to accommodate his large fangs. His eyes and ears enlarge in a display of feline sharpness. Twisted human paws laced with claws is what becomes of his hands and feet. His arms and legs change in bone structure to mix his bipedal nature with his animals previous four-leggedness; an average sized tail peaks out to help attain balance. Markings natural to a Mountain Lion's coat grace his skin in decoration. His fur also breathes out in the same color one might expect from a Mountain Lion. Fur lightly coats his body, thickening over his feet, ankles, hands, shoulders, hips, spine, below his jaw, and atop the back of his neck reaching towards his skull and forehead. His eyes turn a striking gold in this form.


Hybrid Attributes:

Heightened smell and hearing as well as night vision and the ability to pounce given the strength he inherits from his Mountain Lion part. Also the flexibility of a cat.


Personality: He is broken to stay the least. Drea lives everyday for exactly what it is, a day, he does his best to get through each day, and that's about it. After years of captivity under his current master's direction, he's accepted the fact that dreaming or hoping for something else is hopeless in itself. Escaping from Lavida is difficult in itself, even if he did escape, his markings and scars would give him away even if his eyes didn't. He knows he will either die in the ring or be sold again once he wasn't useful or someone paid a high price for someone of his talents, but who on earth would buy a slave used to caged fighting instead of a new fresher one?

Drea is generally soft spoken as he is rather unused to talking after a few years without much of it. He's awkward socially and keeps to himself, but he can be kind, as he understands there's no need to make other peoples lives difficult. While he may seem broken he is still highly willful, a trait great for cage fighting. Any anger and regret for his situation he vents through his brawling, he is vicious when angered.



Strength itself,



Knowledge he gained from his varies lives and occupation.



Bad in a team

Quite emotionally drained

Stubborn when he believes he's right

Has sleep and organ problems from stress

Mildly bad hygiene from whenever he is neglected basic needs from his master from whenever he loses a match or he just conveniently forgets.

Distrusting of others


History: Born in Rheohr, Illusia, Drea Bodil grow a pretty normal life in the mountains, tending his family's flocks as they roamed in search of grass. He was an aspiring blacksmith, he wasn't talented by any means, but his passion was enough for a good teacher to agree to take him in as an apprentice. As a favor to his family he'd come home and preform his past duties to them as their son on his days off, he'd take the flock roaming about the mountains. Like many times before, he was confronted by some predator seeking to devour some of the newborns who strayed to far from the flock. With the predator on higher ground on the steep slopes of the mountain, the fight quickly turned sour. The rock under the predator's feet crumbled as he struck, sending the cat tumbling onto Drea, his claws sinking deep into shoulders, becoming frantically snagged to the human. Mountains have their funny way of being harsh to those who stumble, Drea and the Mountain Lion were no different. They both fell to their death, or that is what should have happened.

Drea awoke hours later, bounded to the very animal he had been at war with hours before. He'd been found by another shepherd who he knew quite well, or did know quite well. The moment his eyes were discovered, they told him to leave, get out and run while he could. The shepherd promised to get the sheep back to his parents and inform them what happened; a mercy really, years of friendship had granted him this, to everyone else Drea Bodil would have died, there was no need to shame his parents family with a hybrid son. Drea was caught a few hours after he had reached the mountain's bottom, by a farming Pian family. The tattoo was soon put in, as the family prided themselves on keeping beautiful things near and making everything beautiful. Slavery was not ugly, it was beautiful, they helped the unfortunate by giving them a purpose, yes that was what they did. They preferred Drea to assume his hybrid form when he worked, or whenever their daughter wanted to use him as a model for a painting. Always in a position of praise to one of them though, they sold paintings that toned slavery's harsh tone down to the delight of others.

Drea wasn't exactly an amazing slave in physical labor, so when a friend of a sailors family expressed interest in buying him for his coats natural resistance to cold, they accepted. Thus began another chapter in Drea's life, his life as a sailor on The Voyager. Never before had he been surrounded by so much water, and he found he was afraid of it. The ocean was nothing like the mountains, or even plain ground, it was bottomless, without end, ever consuming and cruel. He eventually learned to get over it, none of his master's had ever been above whipping him, but it never stopped him from being incredibly cautious. Within a month he was branded, after a year and a half he was sold again, well kind of.

Trade with Lavida has always been strained concerning ships, a slave could easily swim out and become a stowaway. So as a sign of good faith, The Voyager gave several slaves to a group in Lavida for trading permission, but they wanted more. One had taken a particular interest in Drea, bargaining his owner for him. In the end Drea was sold, for what and how much he'd never know. He was taken to Stoneway, the fabled capital Lavida and slave trading. He was immediately thrown into a life of conflict, his years of heavy lifting, work in stamina, and protecting others of wild animals proved useful. He was a cage fighter now, or hybrid fighter as some called it, but to put it best it was caged fighter, there was always a cage and always fighting. Sometimes he'd be put against an especially haughty human or some savage wild animal. He learned that the future was of no concern, he only needed to fight for the moment. If he evaded an attack that could lead to an opening after being wounded, it might prove to be a loss, and a loss would mean a beating and a lack of food, which only made things harder. He began to grow distrustful of others, they were only human, as was he despite his hybrid status. In the beginning he did his best not to kill and only injure to the point of being unable to fight, he eventually learned it was a mercy to die. Perhaps not like that, but if they failed there would be no one to care for their wounds or give them the nutrients they needed to heal and fight. Drea did his best to make any kills painless, or to thoroughly knock them out before it could even get to that point. Sometimes you didn't have a choice in the manner, there was always those "to the death" matches, the mountain lion part of Drea made killing easy, if not natural. Drea eventually made a name for himself in the brawling/cruel entertainment/gambling world. He was known as "The Spine", for his tattooed spine and the flexible twisting spine his feline part produced, watching the snake on his spine dance to his movements proved alluring to those in the crowd; his owner made a wise choice in deciding to glorify brand his spine.

Members of Daedris that managed training of soldiers and guards became interested in renting Drea for battle practice on occasion. If Drea imagined the ring to be bad, the academys were worse. He wasn't allowed to kill or even injure the students, but he wasn't allowed to go easy on them either. He was required to be just right, the easiest way not to hurt them was to be in his human form, but they always wanted him in his hybrid form. If he even scratched a young student he was quickly whipped until his masters believed him to have learned lesson. When they found he wasn't that phased by the whips strike they began to escalate their weapon of punishment, until they finally rested on the nine tails whip. Drea had never experienced such a cruel sensation burning, clawing, no, screaming through his skin as it was torn. As time went on his owner realized those who rented him were beginning to ruin her bread maker, she began to take better care in deciding who to trust her fighter with.

A few years have passed since then. Fifteen years with a family and a home, a year and some months of his life spent with farmers, a year and a half spent on the sea, the remaining time spent fighting for what he had. All in all, six years as another man's possession, who knew what the rest of the year would bring?


Location: Stoneway, Lavida, cage fighter, master a Pian by the name of Grace.






Username: Starriangel


Name:Aquila Esthiem






Hybrid:Red Fox


Appearance:She is an extremely small girl (about 5' tall and 100 pounds) with long pale blond hair going to midway down her back. She has bright cerulean eyes(with the golden rim of course) and a very fair skin tone.


Hybrid Appearance: In hybrid form, she sprouts red fox ears and a bushy orange tail with a black tip. Her nails also lengthen into claws


Hybrid Attributes: In her hybrid form, Aquila run extremely fast. Also, she has a heightened sense of hearing which is not always a strength because she can be easily startled. She also can jump up to 15 feet in the air in extreme cases. However, this takes a lot of her already limited energy, and is therefore done only in extreme cases.


Personality: She's generally a very kind and sweet girl, but she is extremely sensitive. She also is not quick to anger but when provoked she can be quite a menace. She is also a bit of a prankster among the other slaves, but is very subservient when it comes to her masters.


Strengths:Aquila is extremely intelligent and clever, which makes her adept at manipulation. She also has her heightened hearing, which can allow to sense danger and react accordingly. She is also extremely agile and careful when running.


Weaknesses:Her sensitivity causes her to get discouraged a lot because she always internalizes every piece of criticism or negativity she ever receives. Also, she gets frightened easily, so her heightened sense of hearing causes her to get scared and hide when there is actually real threat. She is very frail as well, so she can and does get injured and tired fairly easily. Finally, her pranks, while harmless, can get her into lots of trouble because she doesn't always think before she pulls them.


History: Born a noble but orphaned at the age of 4, Aquila spent most of her early years on the streets of northern Ira. She developed her quick wit and cleverness when learning that to steal is to eat, at least when you live on the streets. When she was 10, however she was in the middle of one of her typical market raids when she was caught by a local textile merchant. He took pity on the frail child, whom he had seen bargaining on the streets with the food vendors many times, and decided to adopt her. He was not wealthy and could barely afford to care for himself let alone the young girl, but one look in the frightened girl's eyes shows him that she needs him. He gave her everything he could, mainly telling her a lot of stories about creatures he has seen when he used to travel through the forests, mainly the red fox.


A couple of years later however, Aquila feel ill. She had caught pneumonia from walking outside in the cold without proper protection. Being a poor merchant, her adoptive father had no ability to provide her with the proper care and thus, she was destined to die. Or so she thought. One day, near the supposed end of her life,her father decided to take her for a trip to the woods, hoping it would make her last days a little happier. He pushed the girl around in a makeshift wheelchair until they came to a clearing and he turned away from her to set up the picnic. She was looking around when she saw a red fox at the edge of the clearing. Even though she could barely move at the time, her curiosity caused her to push her wheelchair towards the fox to get a closer look. At once she was bonded with the animal and became a hybrid.


Worried that her new appearance made her unwanted to her father, Aquila ran away before he finished setting things up, determined to live on the streets again. One day a month later, one of the members of the Stoneway slave market saw her and captured her. She was then sold to a noble family named the Avalons to live as an exotic pet and a housekeeper. She has worked for them for 4 years.


Location: She lives in the attic room in the Avalons' mansion in Stoneway. She wears a golden collar with the Avalon family crest (an eagle wing with a five-pointed star on the middle feather) on it. She is commonly kept inside due to her frailty except when she is needed to shop.





Username: davinhadaway2

Name: Efray Crier

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Hybrid: Panther

Appearance: X.He received his necklace from his father, before he became a Hybrid. He has never taken it off since.


Hybrid Appearance: His teeth grow to fangs, and his ears go to the top of his head, turning like that of a panthers. He grows a long black tail. Otherwise, he looks rather normal.


Hybrid Attributes: Excellent sight at night, he also becomes very strong, as the panther is the strongest of all cats in the big cat family. He becomes very agile and balanced, mostly from the panther's adept ability to climb trees. The panther side also gave him his dark hair, which was previously blonde. Strangely though, it stays black all the time, even when he is normal.


Personality: Often seeking to isolate himself, Efray is very calm, sincere, and conflicted. He's soft spoken, and a bit emotionally unstable. In splite of this, Efray will bear no good will towards those he believes evil. One of the few times he will attack is when he believes you to be thus.


Strengths: Efray is very agile and balanced, as stated above. He's hard to knock over, and is very graceful when it comes to his movements, almost ghost-like. He can see very well at night, almost perfectly, unless he is locked in a room in which not even a little light can reach his eyes. Then he can see very little. Lastly, he is very strong, stronger than a usual child his age, though he doesn't seem so, the only way you can see it come out is when he is working.


Weaknesses: He is terrible at fighting, and is often freaked out when someone attempts to attack him. When he lashes out he is usually unaware of it, as he has anger flashes that completely take over him, it isn't on purpose, and he feels terrible afterward. He's extremely afraid of small spaces, as when he was a child he was locked in his room, which was more of a small closet, for many months after his parents found he was a hybrid. Lastly, he is completely terrified of wolves, due to a terrible experience he had with them.


History: Efray was born to a Pian family in Rivera, Ira. He was very young when he was taken, only a few years old. When he was found again, everybody marveled at his now black hair, though many assumed it was simply dyed. Nobody noticed his eyes, as he often kept his head down to the point his hair covered them. He was first found out to be a Hybrid when he was out hunting with his father. His father, thought a Pian, liked to hunt for sport. They came across a pack of wolves by accident. Efray's father simply rode away on his horse, but Efray fell off his. Upon coming back, Efray's father found him fighting off the last few wolves, in his Hybrid form. When he was finished, and now terrified by any sight of a wolf, his father took him back to their manor. His mother and father, disgusted now with their son, but unable to kill him, locked him in the smallest room, and told the villagers he died of a fever. He stayed locked in that room for many years, terrified, before he bucked up the courage to leave the room. He ran away, scavenging for food, and walking all the way to Lavida, where he stayed in a mountain cave no far from the city Stoneway. He is unsure what to do now, scared if he leaves, his parents will find him.


Location: Efray is currently ownerless in Lavida.






Username: Zeditha


Name: Zeditha

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Hybrid: Hawk

Appearance: As a human, she was fair-skinned and blonde-haired. She now has dark hair, but apart from that and yellowish eyes, she retains her regal figure.


Hybrid appearance: She will gain large wings, and shrink slightly. Her feet become clawed, like a bird's. She also gains a few randomly scattered feathers, particularly around the wings and over her face. She can also grow a beak, separately.


Hybrid attributes: Flight, heightened eyesight and hearing (includes being able to see UV light), speed.


Personality: kind and caring to friends and strangers, but if she makes an enemy she's not going to stop until they're dead.


Strengths: Agility and speed, as well as heightened senses, allow her to escape from most danger before it arrives. She can't see UV light in human form, but still has heightened eyesight and hearing. Her bird-form claws let her scratch and carry prey.


Weaknesses: Her feathers are easily flammable, and she is afraid of fire. Also, bows and arrows allow her to be shot while airborne, so she dislikes those. Another 'weakness' is that she cannot stand other hybrids being tortured. She liked them even as a human, and will always attempt to free them even if it means her own capture.


History: She was a Pian princess, or so her lowly trader family thinks. Her family dealt mostly in fine art, but occasionally played music to gain extra pennies. They dealt briefly in enslaved Hybrids, but despite her original slight repulsion to them, Zeditha recognised their human nature and freed them. Her parents whipped and starved her when they discovered what she had done, and she crawled into the forest as a near-death outcast from her own family. She encountered a large hawk, which settled on her back as she lay on the ground. They merged and became a Hybrid.


Location: She went back to her family, in human form, to show them that her cause in setting the hybrids free was just. They recognised her, but captured her anyway and sold her. Therefore, she begins her journey into this RP in Stoneway, at an auction.



1 spot open~!

Urgh, why did I put this at the bottom of the post...takes forever to scroll down here to edit it.

Open spaces are first come, first serve. If you express an interest in joining, then you may be able to reserve a spot.

Edited by Lythe

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Me too! :3 When do you guys want to start? When all the spots are filled, or sooner? I have someone who's about to fill up a space, so we basically have three open spaces.

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Doesn't matter to me; I'll make the first post if you guys want. :3


Edit; that is, when we do decide to start. xd.png

Edited by WolfLover8

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I just wanted to point out that I've added a little something.


"Slavers mark their slaves by forcing them to wear leather collars. The collars are color coded depending on the job the slave is forced to carry out. High ranking families usually have their own collar specially made for their slaves."


So now I'm leaving it up to you all to decide color codes for occupations! biggrin.gif We can discuss it here.

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If you don't mind me posting here before sending in the finished form, I'd love golden color for slaves meant to show off the family's status (kinda like exotic pets), since it matches the golden rim~

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Not at all, post away~


Anyway, that's a nice thought. But, really, it just can be whatever. Like, for instance, my character lives in Stoneway Manor and the symbol of the manor is on her collar.

But the gold is a nice idea, I didn't think of that at all, that's cool.

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OoH! If we're going to have colored collars, maybe merchant slaves can have a light blue one! :: is totally color coordinating to make it look good on Sentz ::

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Alright so we have this so far.


Merchant slaves: light blue

Presentation slaves: golden

Anyone else have input? I'm thinking maybe green for hard labor and maybe red for messengers.


Also! Since we have a lot of flying hybrids already, no more! If you wish to make a character don't make them winged.

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Random observation: The ages of the girls are 16-16-16-18 and the ages of the boys are 18-19-22. Sid's gonna feel old and I'm laughing at him.


Anyone knows when we'll start? Are there people with their forms being reviewed?

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Poor Sid. xd.png


I've got someone to pm and I'd like to give her a bit of time, but I can start it tomorrow?

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Tomorrow is great. I'm sorry I've been so busy, this month some certain circumstances popped up in my life and I have gotten very busy. But I will try my best to stay updated and keep this active!

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Thank you for accepting me.


*Tips hat*

Greetings, my name is Limn and I shall be joining you all in your adventures in Lyria. I am delighted to have joined on the beginning of this journey so we may become acquainted on an easier playing field, in that note, I do hope you come and enjoy the show.


Also those were some lovely starting posts everyone. And thank you PureDark006, those descriptions of Sidley's attire is wonderful, also as you can see after a quick look upon my character's age, Drea is 21; now he doesn't have to feel so old. (Though I didn't notice that comment while I was writing him, purely a coincidence.


Off to write hopefully a good post, just giving ya'll a chance to view my character before finding out of nowhere a new character is in.

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Welcome to the Old Man Club, Limn! xd.png


Thanks for the compliment, that was very nice. Also, you can all just call me PD or Dark ^^

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Welcome, Limn; we're glad to have you~

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Old Man Club? Old Man Club?!? D: When was this decided??? XD


I just wanted to say that as of right now all spots are full! Well, the last one will be full soon. Starriangel is going to join us soon, and that decides the last spot.


Oh yeah, welcome Limn. Hope you have fun. :)

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Lythe, I meant only Drea and Sid since they're the only ones above 20, not everyone. Don't worry, you aren't old (I think) xd.png

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I am delighted to be apart of the old man club. *_*


This is taking longer than expected.

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Skyra has informed me that she will be inactive for a week, so she won't be able to get into the roleplay until she returns. She will make her entry post then, I assume.

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