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gloryKAT's Writing Thread

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Welcome to my writing thread!


All the writing is below this post. ^^

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WIP Stories:




Snow swirled around in the frigid air, and frost crystals glimmered in the faint gray light.


Yawning, a winged, ocean-blue dragon emerged from her den, striding out onto the fresh, sturdy ice. She fluttered her wings, causing small snowflakes to fall off.


Bending her head down, she began to scan the ice for any food, but after a quick search of the frozen pond she found nothing.


Almost immediately, she skimmed over to a bush with radiant blue berries growing on it.


Using her tail, she plucked off a couple berry branches, wrapping them up in her tail and heading home.


Growling, the large dark blue sea dragon watched the dragon retreat into her den from beneath the smoggy frozen pond.


As her tail disappeared into the cave, he swam off through a long tunnel leading to the ocean.


Birds chirped outside in the cool summer morning, awakening the red dragon sleeping in his den from his light slumber.


He knew that for now he would have to stay here due to the last spring snowstorm in the boreal forest just north of the place he was currently taking shelter in.


Bored, he made the decision to fly off into the light of the rising sun.


The ocean floor began to quake as the great winged beast began to stir beneath it.


Quickly, fish and other oceanic creatures swam away or fled back to their hideaways. A colossal black wing erupted from the sea floor, stirring up menacing clouds of underwater sand.


A second wing and the beast's head shot up, creating a dark brown cloud of swirling sand around itself.


The dragon flicked it's charcoal-colored ears and shot out of the water, roaring and screeching as it escaped from the place where it had slept for many years.


"Odd..." said the ocean-blue dragon after she finished her berries. She sensed an eerie aura in the calm, still breeze. Noon had passed and normally by this time the creatures of the boreal forest had calmed down and began to settle in for the evening.


Out of nowhere, a burst of flame hit the grass around the pond in front of her cave, the size of the blaze melting the snow in the forest and the ice over the pond. The strong dragon who set the grass around the cave on fire snarled, and began screeching its ear-piercing, eerie tune.


The ocean-blue dragon shrieked, unable to escape due to the raging flames and the dragon outside whose awakened anger threatened the world.


The red dragon heard the shriek as he soared in the evening sky, and so he decided in a heartbeat to barrel into the hissing, spitting inferno. The water dragon had returned, but he was too stunned to move as the great black beast loomed above him, growling and snapping.


The red dragon rushed into the cave, his ears twitching. He roared, calling the other dragon he had heard.


When she stumbled to the mouth of the cave, she gasped at the strange dragon.


"Hurry up!" snorted the red dragon, swatting out some of the flames. The ocean-blue dragon stopped and hesitated for a moment, but quickly ran out of the cave and burst into the sky, her wings shooting out.


The red dragon swooped over to the pond. "Get going!" he snarled to the water dragon, who snapped out of his dazed trance and unfurled his large wings.


The water dragon erupted out of the pool, sailing away on strong wind currents with his large feathered wings.


The red dragon nodded and flew off in the direction the two others had gone in, just before the giant dragon noticed him and snapped at him.


Soon, night fell, and he spotted the two catching up to each other in mid-air in the star-filled sky.

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