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On 2/1/2018 at 8:23 PM, Infernette said:

Account registration was closed for the Advent Calendar and the admin hasn't really been active to turn it back on yet; last we've heard is they've gotten pretty sick over the past month w/no ETA on updates. I'm hoping everything will smooth out soon! 

Thanks for the update. I hope they will be okay! 

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It really annoys me how the breeding works on there. I tried going by the whole finger paint thing, got eggs I didn't want, or repeats of what you can grab in the basket. Plus I don't understand why so many of the prettier ones cannot be bred. The holiday ones should be able to breed during their respective holidays in my opinion. But still. Some of the ones like Ocean eyes, Forest Shadows, Striking Starlight, Cloud Chasers. We're not given an answer as to why other than "It's to keep the colors similar."


Which is just really stupid to me. Why shorten the color wheel possibilities like that? After going through and make a few new barns and placing all the unbreedable horses into them, it came out to about 20 pages or more of colors that we can only get through events or those treasure boxes. 


That leaves plenty of others to breed sure. But what's the point when you very rarely get what you want? Plus, it's very tedious now without the suggested mate page to look at. Having to copy paste the number is very cumbersome. Another thing that annoys me is the market. If the colors haven't been released yet, then why even add them to the drop down box? If they can only be obtained through breeding I'd love to know which combos I need to get them.


I'm really for the rant too. ><;



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