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The Wolf Gift

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I have always loved Anne Rice and I just picked up The Wolf Gift a few days ago and have been reading it like crazy. So far I have enjoyed it, it's still Anne Rice just something new for her.


Has anyone else read or is reading this one?


What's your favorite Anne Rice book or character?

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I haven't read anything from Anne Rice outside of the Vampire Chronicles series...I need to, though! I'll look for this one.


My favorite character...hmm...it's tied between Louis and Marius! All throughout Interview, I sympathized with Louis and his wish to be mortal again. And then in The Vampire Lestat, I grew to love Marius. His story is so unique and odd, and I just flat out love Marius. But Lestat...he's charming at times, but too big-headed for me. xd.png


I'm currently reading Queen of the Damned! ^^

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