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Hopes, Dreams & Goals

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Goal in this year is - Take CSAT(College Scholastic Ability Test (or suneung)) well and go to good (college) university...

Kinda succeed this goal. (it was 3 years ago. ohmy.gif )


Still not sure difference between meaning of 'college' and 'university'


Goals in these days is... ... improve my drawing skill?

Still have to get good grades in college though...

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It is always nice to look back at past goals, especially those that have been completed. It seems that quite often, it is easy to forget the journey once in the destination.


At the moment, my goal is to successfully start a business. ^^ Of course, I have other goals but I like to tackle them one at a time. This one goes first.

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- Finishing lots of short courses this year.

- Finally be able to study Chemistry in Europe. Come on, I'm already turning 21 soon, good enough to start college, right?

- Meet my friends in real life.

- Get a good, stable job.

- Move to a better, safer country.

- Get married and have kids (preferably daughters XD)

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