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Adding more forum skins

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My suggestion is to add more forum skins.


There is a running list in the second post.

If any issues arise, or something happens that relates to this post, then it will be announced here and with a new post.

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Popular ideas-

Basic colors (orange, yellow, green, purple, pink, black)

Dragon themed (various DC dragons)

Scroll theme

Seasonal skins (spring, summer, autumn)

Other ideas-

dark/silver –PerfectLulu

Bright green- Code Cod


Black and Orange

Red/ruby- ClawsofDeath

Forest/nature skin- chickenhound

Black and bright blue- Code Cod

Lime green- Libby2999

Banana- Drer’Ahv

Rainbow- RheaZen

Precious metals and various gemstones- 48844

Artist (paint splatters and scribbles)- monica3981

Valentine (various shades of pink and red with Valentine’s dragons)- Voxezi

St. Patrick’s Day- Kjakings

“cave” theme (scary, with red eyes everywhere) – Emerald Shadowclaw

Neon backgrounds – mrmrkohl

Pac-man – mrmrkohl

Earth, fire, air, water (elements) – mrmrkohl

Potato and Carrot – SockPuppet Strangler

Portal 2 for the forum- Aislein

Blackout (black with white font) – Thuban

Black with green font – Pokemonfan13

Day/night auto switching theme (based on time zone, switches to dusk then dark then back again) - Spelunker

Biome skins- cheese 456

Citrus- Sparkle10184

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Yes! More skins please *-*

I was searching the other day and found a lot of free skins for the Invision forums. It would be nice if some where downloaded into the forum happy.gif

Maybe TJ could start by adding a few generic ones, I have been alternating the 3 skins we have for a looong time xd.png

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I think that, if it's possible, there should be a contest on who can make the best skin.


Like have a month or so where people put in their 'entry' into it and like the top 10 or something get chosen to have their skins displayed on the forum. It would also be a good idea for the actual site too.


Have no idea if that's possible or not xd.png Just to make it so it's less work for Staff/TJ.

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I definitely think that having some sort of way for users to submit skins, contest or not, would be a great method. Limits the work that TJ and the mods have to do, gets members involved, and shows of a wide range of styles.


Is there a particular program used for designing skins for Invision Board?

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Yes, more skins please! I have a suggestion: citrus theme smile.gif

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^ Once a month? Maybe once a year, because that would quickly accumulate to 12 new skins D:


Or, have your contest once a month, and at the end of the year take those top 12 and whatever top [3? 1? X?] get in?

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Suggestion: A skin for every biome, i.e. a desert skin, a forest skin, volcano skin etc.

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Yeah, I'd really like more skins. None of them really appeal to me that much, so I just stick with the basic red. I think basic colors would be a great start.

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Interesting ideas, everyone.

Sparkle, I like the citrus idea. Were you thinking bright citrus colors?

cheese- <3 biome skins, that'd be great.

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I'd love to try and make skins, but I have no idea where to begin. =o Not even sure if it's something just customized in the forum software or something you upload to the forum or what. First thing I'd make is a potato/carrot themed one, of course. ;3

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Just my guess but I believe they work the same way as on blogspot skins, html codes and such~

I'd like seeing something with small pygmy drawings :3

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