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Gifters list

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I've seen many threads of different type of trading/gifting lists where people fill forms to ask for certain type dragons from people who have been listed as breeders or are simply giving eggs away as gifts.

This thread is ment for only listing people who want to be counted as gifters of their dragons who people can PM asking if the gifter would kindly be willing to try breed egg from their list for them.


Here's the code:

[font=Geneva][color=Green][size=6]I'd like to be listed as a gifter[/size][/color][/font][/b]
[b]Profile name with a link: [/b]
[b]Scroll Link: [/b]



1. Only post the code with you profile link and scroll link


2. Ones who are thinking of asking for dragon, don't ask it on the thread, PM a gifter after checking their scroll and ask if they are willing to try breeding a dragon for you


3.No talking about IOU's in the thread, they belong to PM's


The people who want to be gifters will be listed here in the front page, with their name shown as in example:



Hisa(with link into profile throught name)- Scroll (link into scroll throught name)"


If a mod sees this thread as nonsense you may close it, however I think this would be a good idea of listing people who don't mind about getting PM's with questions wether they would like to breed something from their list and are willing to do it for them smile.gif


If this thread has peoples interest and doesn't get closed, I'll be trying to do my best to keep the thread up to date and name few mods if it gets uncontrollable for me ^^

Lets try to keep it nice and clean ok?

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