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- Nightmare - | A Werewolf vs Weredragon RP

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There once was a beautiful land named Valhalla. Tall mountains, dense forests, and beautiful rivers and lakes filled its space, bringing life with them. Fish swarmed under the surface of crystal clear water, and deer nibbled on fresh, deep green plants. Bees hummed and pollinated orchids and tulips. Foxes barked under canopies of trees and snakes slithered amongst rocks.

Then, the Creators of the land, Nimue, Dmitar, and Anila, spawned two more creatures to inhabit Valhalla. One was the lycan, a graceful being that switched from having the body of a man to having the body of a wolf at their wish. The other creation was the draykan, which was similar to the lycan, with the exception of turning into a dragon and not a wolf. The lycan, a female, took to staying in the underbrush and shadow of the forest, while the draykan, a male, lived in the mountains. The gods were so pleased with their creations that they made more, enough for the two species to thrive in the beautiful land.

One day, a female draykan and a male lycan united in a mating, and produced such a horrible being that made both of their kinds reel in terror. They killed the hybrid spawn and realized their massive differences. How could they live in the same lands and be so in contrast with one another? They would never intermingle with each other in one group, they proclaimed.

That was when the species made two Tribes. One was the Tribe of Green Leaves, the other was the Tribe of Burning Flames. The Tribe of Green Leaves, which was filled with lycans, inhabited the forests. The Tribe of Burning Flames brought the draykans to the mountains and made camp there.

Even then, it was not enough. The Tribe of Burning Flames believed that only one kind should populate the land as the dominant species. They said that the lycans were too weak and that they should be destroyed. So they plotted together, in their own Tribe...

When the Tribe of Green Leaves' men were away on their duties, the draykans attacked the many women and children that were left behind. However, they did not predict for the women to fight back; a bloody mess was left in the battle's wake. The draykans were able to pick off a few pups and kill them, but only one she wolf died. Either way, the attack was not enough for the draykans to achieve their goal. The males of the Tribe of Green Leaves found out, and, of course, declared war...





The word war is on everyone's lips. The two Tribes that roam the lands of Valhalla are sharpening their swords, fangs, and claws to prepare. The war may engulf the whole land of Valhalla and leave everything a devastating wasteland. The draykans may win and destroy the lycans, or the lycans could chase out the dragonoid beings and claim their land.

You are either a draykan, lycan, or a very rare hybrid. Either way, you must defend what you believe in and who you love, or be a coward and run. Death will find you sooner or later, though... And when it does, you will be judged on what you did. Did you do what was really right? Or did you let your greed or hate fill your life?




- No cussing, godmodding, poweplaying, etc.

- There will be romance and violence, but keep it PG-13.

- Please follow the rules and read everything about the species and land, which will be found in the following posts.

- There will be weapons, but keep them simple.

- Please use correct grammar!

- No less than six sentences per post.

- For your information, "turned" means that your character is in his or her creature form.

- To prove that you have read the rules, please put your character's catch phrase in the "Other" part of your form.

- Keep the coding on your form.

- Use realistic appearances, ages, and histories!

- Remember, the Tribes are exactly like Native American tribes. They do not have plumbing or modern medicines, but get their water from streams and use herbs for wounds and illnesses.

- Fill out all parts of the form!

- Hybrids are rare and usually belong to no allegiance! Remember this when filling out your form.




[b]Human Appearance:[/b]
[b]Turned Appearance:[/b]

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Species: Lycan

Tribe: The Tribe of Green Leaves

Turned Height: 3.5-4 ft

Turned Weight:

Females: 60-100 lbs

Males: 70-145 lbs

Physical Human Traits: Lycans look like normal human beings, but they have several traits that distinguish them from people.

Their canines are sharp, much like a wolf's.

Their eyes are brighter colored than humans'.

Physical Turned Traits: Exactly like a normal wolf.

Personality Traits: Their of their positive emotions are numbed, and negative emotions are heightened. For instance, their sense of right and wrong are dulled at times, and they are very...passionate creatures.

Special Traits: Good sense of smell and hearing.

Fertility: Medium.

Mating Rituals: When it comes time to mate, a pair of werewolves will exchange bright red jewelry and objects, such as pretty red sashes or glossy feather earrings. After the gift giving, they go off to their huts to... Well, you know about the birds and the bees.

Gestation Period: Three months.

Tribe Customs: When it comes time for spring, the Tribe holds a great festival where males fight to show off for the females. That is when the females usually pick their mates.

Also, when two alphas or two betas become mates, the whole Tribe holds a giant celebration with food and drink, and statues of the gods are carved for that very occasion. The only lighting used that night is from the glow of fireflies that are caught in small baskets.

Tribe Clothing: Much like Native American clothing. They are either made out of leather or silk, and sometimes pelts of mountain lions and bears. They wear dark, earth colored accessories, except when it is time to mate.

Tribe Ranks:

The alphas are the highest ranked of the group. There is one female and one male. One of the alphas comes from the litter of the previous alpha, and then chooses a mate. They become mates for life. They have the final say in any action being done in the Tribe.

The betas are also mates, one male and one female. They are second in command and advise the alphas. They are also usually the ones leading the Tribe into battle.

The delta can either be male or female, and are third in command. They usually sort out scout patrols and organize battle parties.

Warriors hunt, fight, and scout for their Tribe.

Pups are NPCs.

Tribe Rules:

No battles, squabbles, or drinking at full moon. This is a time of peace and neutrality.

There must be no forbidden love with a draykan. If one is caught breaking this rule, the punishment is death.

Hybrids must be killed unless they are of great use to the Tribe.

Tribe Religion: The Tribe of Green Leaves worships the three gods that created the land of Valhalla and their species. However, they view the three gods as lycans, unlike the members of the Tribe of Burning Flames, that views them as draykans. The Tribe carves statues of them during ceremonies and rituals.


Species: Draykan

Tribe: The Tribe of Burning Flames

Turned Height: Twice the size of a lycan. They are not that big.

Turned Weight: 120-200 lbs

Physical Human Traits:

Are usually paler than lycans.

Usually have light hair and light eyes.

Have narrow, slit like pupils.

Usually very attractive.

Physical Turned Traits:

They are small western dragons.

Their wings are twice the size of their bodies.

They only have one tail and a pair of wings.

Their rack of horns come in many different sizes and shapes.

Their color comes in many patterns and colors.

Personality Traits: Draykans are very loud in their turned and human states. The males tend to be much more womanizing than male lycans. The females like their share of males as well.

Special Traits: Able to breathe fire in their turned forms. They are also a much more artistic species than the lycans, which are warriors.

Fertility: High. Give birth to live young instead of eggs.

Mating Rituals: Before two draykans come together as mates, the male must woo the female. This usually leads to the male playing instruments, singing songs, or drawing something nice for the female. When she accepts the motion, the two turn into their dragon forms and fly off into the mountains, and conduct the second part of their mating ritual: the courtship dance. They fly as high as they can, and lock talons. Once they have a good grip on each other, they free fall, breaking apart only when they are about to reach the ground. When the female accepts him fully, the two then proceed to somewhere secluded so they can have privacy.

Gestation Period: Two months.

Tribe Customs: For mating ceremonies and the induction of a new alpha or beta, there is much music and merriment.

Tribe Clothing: Unlike the lycans, the draykans usually wear bear, mountain cat, or wolf pelts.

Tribe Ranks:

The kaiser and kaiserin take the alphas' place in the Tribe. They are the opposite sex and are mates.

The drummer takes both the betas' and delta's place. They are usually battle strategists.

Fleetlings are the same as the warriors from the Tribe of Green Leaves.

For information on fledglings, see the pup information in the Tribe of Green Leaves.

Tribe Rules:

No forbidden love. If one is caught, the punishment is torture and death for both parts of the relationship.

Hybrids must be killed. No exceptions.

Tribe Religion: Believe in the three Gods, but see them as draykans.



Species: Hybrids/Laycans

Turned Height: The size of an actual wolf.

Turned Weight: 110-160 lbs

Physical Human Traits:

They have bright eyes.

They have narrow, slitted pupils.

Physical Turned Traits:

They have the body of a wolf.

They have wings of a dragon, along with horns.

They have long, scaled, and tufted tails.

Special Traits: Some are able to breathe small amounts of fire.

Fertility: They are sterile.

Mating Rituals: Simple human mating rituals. Sometimes they exchange colorful objects.

Gestation Period: None.


Wolf/Dragon Behaviorish Things. [Lycans and Draykans use somewhat the same movements!]



Wolf Ranks


Alphas are the leaders of the pack and their word is law within the pack. Alphas can decide if a wolf's rank and fate within the pack. They are the first to eat meals and will fight any wolf to show their dominance when necessary.


Betas shadow the Alphas and are second in command within the pack. They can enforce punishment upon wolves and make decisions for the welfare of the pack without the Alphas' consent. The Betas take over Alpha position when they are busy or away.


Deltas are third in command, and third to eat. They are still highly respected and obeyed, but cannot punish wolves without the Alpha or Beta consent.


Warriors are the protectors of the pack and will fight intruders and defend the pack's territory. This is a very important and necessary position in the pack.


Hunters make sure the pack is fully fed at all times. They will choose who leads a hunting trip within their own rank, although higher ranks often join in.


Scouts are wolves who run border patrols and explore new land for the pack to expand.


Elders are highly respected wolves, which once held a rank, but are now retired. They have earned the right to relax their days away and often watch pups and spin tales for them. They may offer the Alphas advice, when asked for it.


Pup-Sitters take care of the pack's next generation. This is a common position for young young wolves and retired wolves.


Pups are the packs next generation and are protected and cherished at all times.


Omegas are the lowest rank within the pack. Weaker wolves or those that have fallen into disfavor with the higher ranks are ranked as omegas.






Behaviors and Postures


Dominance - A dominant wolf stands stiff legged and tall. The ears are erect and forward, and the hackles bristle slightly. Often the tail is held vertical and curled toward the back. This display shows the wolf's rank to all others in the pack. A dominant lupine may stare penetratingly at a submissive one, pin it to the ground, "ride up" on its shoulders, or even stand on its hind legs.


Submission (active) - In active submission, the entire body is lowered, and the lips and ears are drawn back. Sometimes active submission is accompanied by a rapid thrusting out of the tongue and lowering of the hindquarters. The tail is placed down, or halfway or fully between the legs, and the muzzle often points up to the more dominant animal. The back may be partially arched as the submissive wolf humbles itself to its superior. (A more arched back and more tucked tail indicate a greater level of submission.)


Submission (passive) - Passive submission is more intense than active submission. The wolf rolls on its back and exposes its vulnerable throat and underside. The paws are drawn into the body. This is often accompanied by whimpering.


Anger - An angry lupine's ears are erect, and its fur bristles. The lips may curl up or pull back, and the incisors are displayed. The wolf may also snarl.


Fear - A frightened wolf tries to make its body look small and therefore less conspicuous. The ears flatten down against the head, and the tail may be tucked between the legs, as with a submissive wolf. There may also be whimpering or barks of fear, and the wolf may arch its back.


Defensive - A defensive wolf flattens its ears against its head.


Aggression - An aggressive wolf snarls and its fur bristles. The wolf may crouch, ready to attack if necessary.


Suspicion - Pulling back of the ears shows a lupine is suspicious. In addition, the wolf narrows its eyes. The tail of a wolf that senses danger points straight out, parallel to the ground.


Relaxed - A relaxed wolf's tail points straight down, and the wolf may rest sphinxlike or on its side. The wolf's tail may also wag. The further down the tail droops, the more relaxed the wolf is.


Tension - An aroused wolf's tail points straight out, and the wolf may crouch as if ready to spring.


Happiness - As dogs do, a lupine may wag its tail if it is in a joyful mood. The tongue may loll out of the mouth.


Hunting - A wolf that is hunting is tensed, and therefore the tail is horizontal and straight.


Playfulness - A playful lupine holds its tail high and wags it. The wolf may frolic and dance around, or bow by placing the front of its body down to the ground, while holding the rear high, sometimes wagged. This is reminiscent of the playful behavior executed in domestic dogs.




Ears forward + Bite muzzle + Growling = I am your Alpha!

Stiff Legged + Ears pulled back upward + Tall + Tail high = Do you dare disrespect me?

Ears forward + Bares teeth + Tail straight out = Respect your Alpha!

Snaps air + Bite side + Head below shoulders = Get out of here!

Stands over submissive wolf + Snarling + Tail high = I’ll put you in your place, do you want to be an omega?

Pushing on shoulders with paws + Growling + Snapping = Submit now!

Bares teeth + Glares at = Im not in the mood right now, Leave me alone!



Ears pulled back + Whining + Tail low = Im sorry! Please forgive me!

Ears pulled back + Whimpering + Tail tucked + Looking away or on ground = I mean no harm

Ears flat against head + Arched back + Tail tucked + Whining = Fear

Ears flat against head + Arched back + Tail tucked + Lick Alpha’s chin = You are my Alpha

Ears flat against head + Roll on back exposing neck/belly + Tail tucked = I give up! You are my alpha or Im sorry!

Bows head = Respect



Male Crouching/Standing Angrily Infront of Female = Shes Mine, Back Off!

Lowers head + Snarls = I’m warning you! / Last chance!

Snarls / Bares teeth = Get away!

Snarls + Bristles + Bares teeth = Back off!

Lunges = I will attack!

Backs away + Growls = I’ll get you later

Ears back + Tail tucked + growling low = Scared or get away!

Snaps at air = This is your neck/leg!



Lick constantly = Grooming

Lick cheek / Nuzzle = Comfort or Its ok

Touch noses / nuzzle = Hello

Play bow + Yipping = Lets play!

Tackle/Glomp = Dogpile! or Playfight!

Tackle + nip anywhere on body = Lets playfight!

Paws face = Your silly

Play bow + bounds away = Cant catch me!

Nip on nose = I win!

Roll on back = I give up!

Flick ears = Unsure

Marks territory/area = This is mine now


ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ Rules Of Love ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ

.♥. Licks chin = I like you .ღ.

.♥. Licks cheek= You’re cute .ღ.

.♥. Licks ear = Will you be my mate? .ღ.

.♥. Licks nose = u are mine love .ღ.

.♥. Licks neck = We belong together .ღ.

.♥. Licks back = Stay with me .ღ.

.♥. Licks tail = Im ready to mate .ღ.

.♥. Licks paw = Im sorry/Dont go .ღ.

.♥. Lick constantly = Grooming /I love you so much .ღ.

.♥. Rubs tail under chin = Flirty .ღ.

.♥. Rubs body against = You are mine now .ღ.

.♥. Lick forehead + face = I need you forever .ღ.

.♥. Nip neck + lick shoulder = I need you now .ღ.

.♥. Lick on the belly = Im ready for pups or I want pups .ღ.

.♥. Nuzzle = Comfort .ღ.

.♥. Twine tails = Be mine .ღ.

.♥. Lays head on back = Dont forget that you are mine .ღ.

.♥. Look into each others’ eyes = I think I’m falling for you .ღ.



Loud long howl: Calling for a mate

Loud howl: Calling someone

Low Howl: Calling my pups

Long Howl: Telling pack to attack!


Nose Touches:

Nose to Nose: You are the one.

To Forehead: I respect and love you.

To Cheek: You are such a cutie.

To Stomach: It’s okay, it’s just a kick to mate, it also means hey guys! to the pups.

To Neck: Protect me.

To Chest: You have a beautiful soul



Other wolf talk


Pounce: Lets PLAY!

Tail between legs:i am scared

Twirling around in circles: Being a show off or a flirt

Gets down low and snarls: BACK OFF OR DIE!!!

Rubs Tail Under Chin : Flirty

Unsheathes calws and snarls:I’m breaking up with you/I hate you

Tail In between Legs: Scared

Alpha Pins You: Leave now!

Rubbing Bodies Together: You are so hot.

Brushes Tail Under Chin or Stomach: Flirty

Roll On Back: I give in!

Paws At Chest: Flirty

Twines Tails: Be mine forever.

Male crouches in front of female and bares teeth:She’s mine

Thanks to xxAngelxx




Name: Nimue

Gender: Female

Element: Water

Represents?: Purity, gentleness, mothers, winter, snow, and love.


Name: Dmitar

Gender: Male

Element: Earth

Represents?: Fertility, family, pregnancy, community, perseverance, good hearts and minds, good conscious, and fathers.


Name: Anila

Gender: Female

Element: Air

Represents?: Clear skies, calm minds and hearts, freedom, young men and women, and children.

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The Tribe of Green Leaves' Territory


Camp: Located in a forest clearing near the mountains. The huts are built in rings. The alphas' hut is all of the way in the middle. The betas' hut and the delta's hut is in the middle ring, and the warriors' huts are all on the outside ring.

Wildflower Keep: A clearing away from the camp that has a small waterfall coming from a mountainside and water source. It gets its name from the many flowers that color the area.

Weirwood: A part of the forest where the trees have white bark and russet leaves. It serves as a place for prayer.

Flame Wood: It is a part of the forest that borders the Unknown Lands. It is named after the deep brownish-red bark that the trees have. It is another place of prayer.


The Tribe of Burning Flames' Territory


Camp: The camp is made on a cliff edge overlooking the forest. The huts are connected by stone pathways. At the highest point is the kaiser and kaiserin's hut, and at the lowest point are the fleetlings' huts. In the middle of the two is the drummer's hut.

The Tears of Nimue: A cold and crisp stream that runs on the other side of the mountain. The waters there are said to have healing powers.

Winged Peak: A large overhang that serves as a prayer sight. It is so high above ground you can see the Unknown Lands.

Ember Den: A small, vacant den that gapes on the side of the mountain. It is used merely for a couple trying to get away from the Tribe members.


Neutral Territories


Unknown Lands: A dangerous stretch of land where no one has tried to occupy yet. It is filled with hills, forests, and mountain. Hybrids lurk there, along with other deadly creatures.

Moon Falls: Another mountainside clearing where a pool of crystal clear water lays in the middle of it. A knocked over tree is in the pool. The alphas, kaiser, and kaiserin make their announcements there, while the rest of the Tribes sit around the pool. Meetings are held here every full moon.

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Tribe of Green Leaves


Alpha Male


Username: Raven301

Name: Javon

Age: 25

Species: Lycan

Position: Alpha Male

Tribe: Tribe of Green Leaves

Weapons: Javon's main weapon is a broadsword but he is also very good with a longbow

Human Appearance: Javon has shaggy red-gold hair that, in humidity, curls slightly. Javon Is 5'11" and has Hazel eyes that seem to peer into your soul when he looks at you. Javoin usually wears a long cloak made of deerskin with a tight fitting shirt, deer skin pants and boots that lace up to his knees. Face

Turned Appearance: Javon is slightly bigger than the average wolf and had a thick mane of fur around his shoulders.

Personality: Javon is always experimenting, he is very cursious about his word and has learned many things bu exploring and experimenting. Javon will always try to consider every side of a case before passing judgement on it and always encourages curiosity, questions, and sometimes even a little trouble. Javon is very kind but will fight viciously to protect the tribe.

History: As he grew up Javon was always discouraged and shunned because of his bright personality and strange interests, because Javon ran away at the age of 13. For years Javon explored the unknown land and many times almost lost his life. At the age of 19 he returned to the tribe, but had always been mistrusted until he saved the precious alpha in a fight with the Draykan.

Talens: Javon can move very fast and is one of the best fighters in the tribe

Crush: Sita - of course

Kin: One brother that has always shunned him, Parents

Other: "Face your fear and more often than not they will fade like mist in sunshine."


Alpha Female


Username: TMD/Twilight

Name: Sita

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Lycan

Position: Alpha Female

Tribe: Tribe of Green Leaves

Weapons: A carved out bone knife, painted wooden bow and arrows.

Human Appearance: Face, Normal wear, Battle armor.

Turned Appearance:Always look for the silver lining...

Personality: Sita is sort of a cocky she wolf. She believes that everyone should listen to her no matter what, and when they don't, her temper rises. She isn't very social. Other than that, she is very loyal and would kill for the people that she loves.

History: Born to two alphas, Sita was chosen as the next alpha at birth. When she was growing up, she outranked her brothers and soon became alpha when her parents died. She then picked out her mate.

Talents: Understanding people.

Crush: Her mate.

Kin: Her dead parents, her brothers.

Other: "Keep your head up, no matter what happens."


Beta Male


Username: SkullKrusher

Name: Angello

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Lycan

Position: Beta Male

Tribe: Tribe of the Green Leaves

Weapons: A one-edged yet two-handed sword with steel as dark as the night sky, yet with a pure white handle out of dyed leather. Strapped to his side on the belt.

Pretty much this sword.

Human Appearance: He has short black hair in a messy spiky style of his own that still is very classy and actually looks normal, paired with rare dark blue eyes that remind of the depths of the oceans. Usually wears the same clothes, but may change his attire at times. Otherwise, he wears whatever passes the moment and the mode, yet isn't really a modest person.

Face (with dark blue eyes); Normal Clothes (sleeves pulled up to the elbows); Battle Armor

Turned Appearance: His turned appearance makes him look like a beast. His body is more werewolf-like, yet he still goes on all fours and attacks with his claws and fangs. Otherwise, he's a tad bigger than a normal wolf and has black fur, along with dark blue eyes.

Something like this.

Personality: Since his main goal is to inspire the troops, he is normally cruel and hard on the others when he is with them or on the battlefield. When he isn't being the leader of the forces, though, he's quite caring, kind and sweet. No one knows what happens in his mind, though, as he is like a walking tactician, being able to make plans on the go and yet have strength to back them up.

History: Before he could remember anything, Angello was left without his parents. After his mother gave birth to him, the village was attacked. Knowing the sacrifice they made yet being a brave pair, they went out and fought with the other tribe until their life was taken by force and their bodies were burned, for what they had done together was more than an army could imagine and with that, they made the enemy respect them. So, the young child had barely any support in it's early years. Growing up, Angello didn't have many characteristics of a beta leader. Actually, when a poll was made as for who would become a male beta, he was on the bottom. But nobody did see what happened inside of him and they kept him quiet and alone until he came out of his shell. In battle, he was fast on his feet and yet his strikes were quick, and he was able to even manage patrols for a whole week when he challenged the last delta because of a bet. Because of his skills as a warrior when he fought at a battle and managed to take down the force with his and four other groups of five, he was chosen to try and become a beta. He went through the trial quickly and managed to best it, after which he was given the role of a beta on the spot.

Talents: A very skilled fighter who strikes hard and quick, yet is able to go on the defensive if something threatens a person he finds important or even the basic soldier. Also, a very smart tactician, able to think plans even when clashing swords with somebody else.

Crush: Of course the Female Beta.

Kin: His parents, long dead.

Other: "To fight is to keep the ones you love safe, not to kill mindlessly."


Beta Female


Username: SaberLily

Name: Stern

Age: 19 and a half

Gender: Female

Species: Lycan

Position: Beta Female

Tribe: Tribe of Green Leaves

Weapons: Best with archery, though she carries an axe with her at all times.

Human Appearance: Has short, red hair in a rather lovely cut. She's tall and thin, preferring pure grace over massive muscles. Usually she wears rather un-tribe fitting, but overly modest, clothes, though she has a special outfit that she traded for that she wears during battle.

Basically this without the armor. Battle clothes. Normal clothes.

Turned Appearance: Compared to her human form, her wolf form is a hulk. Though it looks like a regular wolf, it's somewhat bigger with unlupine like claws and a grizzly bear physique.

Like this, but less extreme with the fur.

Personality: She's ladylike in everything she does. The way she walks, fights, and talks. Stern doesn't call her tribe a "tribe," she calls them her "family." Compared to the Indian clothes the tribes wear, she prefers European style clothing. She knows her negative traits are more shown, so she tries to best to dull those too. But insulting her clothes are the easiest way to get a major thrashing.

History: She has a rather simple history. Raised young, she was given the beta female position due to her expertise in healing. That, and she would constantly say "i'm the only one worthy of being a beta!" so they gave it to her to get her to shut up. They haven't regretted it. Though in actuality, she had a sister who died due to a Draykan attack who was supposed to be beta. Her real name was Chris, a much more normal name. They lied and said Chris died, then renamed her to Stern, her sister's name. They haven't told her this yet, and don't plan on it.

Talents: She is a capable healer and fighter. She's able to defend herself while defending others.

Crush: Her mate, of course.

Kin: Her parents and long dead sister.

Other: "Don't close your eyes."




Username: Flamma

Name: Somni de dia (or Somni)

Age: 18yrs

Gender: female



Tribe: Tribe of green leaf

Weapons:Manly a dagger (Before it was broken) but she has a variety of other weapons she has fashioned to choose from

Human Appearance: Somni has strawberry blonde waist-length hair and has pale skin and blue eyes. She is 5 feet tall

Turned Appearance: Somni's wolf form is a white wolf with grey paws

Personality: Somni is very friendly but gets distracted easily and is often found staring into space. A lot of time she like to be alone but is always there when you need her. Somni is very protective of her friends and has few enemies.

History: Somni had a normal life until her mother was killed. Then her father trained her hard to protect herself from any thing that could hurt her.

Talents: Somni is very flexible and can climb things very well. she also has a collection of tools that she fixes things with.

Crush: none

Kin: Father and younger sister

Other: Bravery isn't to take a life, but to spare one.-Gandalf




Username: SpiritWolfe

Name: Dre

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Lycan

Position: Warrior

Tribe: Tribe of Green Leaves

Weapons: Bow and Stone Arrows Painted Obsidian Blade

Human Appearance: Face Normal Clothes

Turned Appearance: Dre has deep, ruddy red fur that is tinged with black, making her look slightly

sooty and dark. She has lighter brown fur along her chest and legs, along with some intricate marking on her face. Dre's eyes are a rich golden-hazel

Personality: Dre is a brutally honest Lycan with a gentle voice and an even gentler demenor. She rarely raises her soft voice, but is good at using words to allow someone to understand her emotions rather the shouting or sobbing. Though she does not always like to, she's good at guilt trips and making someone feel small if they deserve it; one of her odd quirks. Dre gives out advice often and always lends a shoulder to lean on for those who simply listen.

History: Dre has grown up as normal as a Lycan can get; she is devoted to find a waorgor her tribe to be successful in the war against the Tribe of Burning Flames.

Talents: Dre is actually very skilled in the art of healing, and enjoys caring for those who are hurt.

Crush: None...yet

Kin: Deceased parents and siblings

Other: "A smile is the light in the window of your soul."


Username: TMD

Name: Rakion

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Species: Lycan

Position: Warrior

Tribe: Tribe of Green Leaves

Weapons: Obsidian Blade, Several Bone Weapons

Human Appearance: Hello there. Wears wolf pelt along, to show his fierceness.

Turned Appearance: Very nice, indeed.

Personality: Rakion is a rather strange he wolf, as he stays to himself most of the time. He is aggressive and hostile to most males, but he is actually flirtatious and tolerant of most females. He is solemn and serious, and usually gets very drunk off of alcohol.

History: His mother and father died when he was very young. Since then, he tried to prove himself a worthy warrior.

Talents: Crafting weapons.

Crush: None.

Kin: None living.

Other: "Some say that you're a good warrior. I don't believe it. I'll only believe it when I see it. Seeing is believing."


Username: DP

Name: Raven

Age: 29

Gender: female

Species: Lycan

Position: Warrior

Tribe: Tribe of Green Leaves

Weapons: daggers, arrows and bow, and sword

Human Appearance: Raven

Turned Appearance: Lycan form

Personality: sweet, kind, a bit shy at times, and stubborn.

History: doesn't like to talk about it much since it's hard for her to do.

Talents: can learn anything after she's first taught how to do something like fighting with daggers, swords, etc.

Crush: Rakion (if that's okay with you TMD)

Kin: n/a

Other: "Some choices are easy. Some stay with you forever."


Username: ArchiosLukos

Name: Epsilon

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Werewolf/Lycan


Primary: Hunter

Secondary: Healer

Tertiary: Songstress

Tribe: The Tribe of Green Leaves


Primary: Tooth and claw

Secondary: Poisoned dagger

Tertiary: Poisoned darts

Human Appearance:

-eyes: Grey with golden flecks

-hair: Black

-skin: Olive

-height: 5'7"

-weight: 123 lbs

-build: lean


-- Deerskin top (white spots on back)

-- Deerskin skirt

-- Horned coyote headdress

-- Draykan tooth necklace

-- Leather belt and pouches

Turned Appearance:

-eyes: Grey with golden flecks

-hair: black with dark brown undertones

-height: 3'11" at the shoulder

-weight: 91 lbs

-build: lean


-- Draykan tooth necklace


- Epsilon is usually cool but can easily become hot headed when provoked by the wrong people, pack or not. She carves figurines to give to the gods as a theraputic activity though her primary task has always been to hunt.

- She is very friendly and loyal to those she trusts (which are a select breed whom she will treasure for life). Sometimes she even becomes a little flirtatious with the males

- She is merciless in battle unless her opponent pleasantly surprises her in which case she may let them go if they wish. Sh does not kill pups or yearlings.

- She has wanted to find a suitable mate for a long time but all of the males she has seen so far do not impress her though she thinks that she should be more than impressive to most of them.

- Epsilon enjoys praying to and creating things for the gods. She primarily prays to Nimue because she most relates to her, though she takes time for Dmitar and Anila in her work. Her favored place of prayer is the Flame wood and most of the pack knows to look for her there if she's not around the camp grounds.

History: [Grumble Grumble]


-Primary: Singing/Carving

-Secondary: Apothecary

-Tertiary: Hunting


- None yet


- Two brothers

- One sister


- "I protect the family, I serve our gods"


Username: StormCry

Name: Aiden

Age: 22

Gender: male

Species: Lycan

Position: Warrior

Tribe: Tribe of Green Leaves

Weapons: throwing axes, and a bow

Human Appearance: user posted image

Turned Appearance: user posted image

Personality: The best word to describe Aiden is fiery. He is opinionated, outgoing, determined, and adventurous. He loves to have a good time, even if it means stirring up a little trouble, and, with his twin brother’s help, he can liven up a battle, turn a party into a riot, and make near-death-experiences a hilarious fiasco. To simply put it, few adventures are started without him, no adventure is complete without him, and life would be a bore if he were not around to liven it up! All with his twin brother of course…they are pretty much inseparable.

History: Born to well respected and well ranked parents, he was taught to revere the tribal beliefs, and was trained to protect his tribe, even at the cost of his very life.

Talents: He is a skilled warrior, almost unstoppable with his twin brother at his side. He is fast and agile and has steady arms that can launch a weapon at any target and rarely miss.

Crush: It’s gonna take a special girl to get his attention, because he is ADD and hardly notices anything around him

Kin: Kieran, his twin brother

Other: “What’s fun without a little blood?”


Username: StormCry

Name: Kieran

Age: 22

Gender: male

Species: Lycan

Position: Warrior

Tribe: tribe of Green Leaves

Weapons: War hammer

Human Appearance: user posted image

Turned Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Kieran is focused, thoughtful, and industrious. He lets his twin brother, Aiden, do most of the talking, since he rarely disagrees with him on anything, and it is just so much easier to get a riot started if Aiden does all the talking. All Kieran has to do is sit back and wait for his twin to start up the fun! He likes to go everywhere with his brother, joining him on adventures of every crazy sort, helping him start riots of fun, and together they plow through skirmishes with laughter. He also likes to sit back, relax, and ponder in silence…usually when Aiden is sleeping.


Talents: He is quite creative and likes to invent things when he has the time. He is very good at brute force and strength of arm, thus why he chooses a war hammer over any other weapon.

Crush: He really thinks Dre is lovely...

Kin: His twin brother, Aiden

Other: “Laugh. It unnerves your enemies and strengthens your friends.”




Name: Fenrir

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Lycan

Position: Mainly a scout, but has taken part in several hunts (unsuccessfully), he strives to be a warrior.

Tribe: Tribe of Green leaves


- 2x Dagger[x]

- 1x Long bow made from the antlers of a deer

- 1x Bolas (A thrown weapon, a string attached to three heavy rocks, the purpose is to catch the target by getting them tangled up)

Human Appearance: [x]



-Pants: Black in color, but designed in a similar manner to the shirt

Turned Appearance:[x]

Personality: Despite his age he still shows pup like traits, his natural curiosity to stick his nose / hands into things he shouldn't often coming back to haunt him in some form or manner. His inexperience is obvious in terms of combat, often jumping in without considering the consequences, his lack of strategy one of his big flaws. He is however proud to be a Lycan giving him a slightly arrogant appeal. Due to this he has a tendency to bite more then he can chew, challenging bigger and more experienced tribe members into a spar. When it comes to hunting, the others tend to avoid including him; not due to hate, but due to the added difficulty of having him participate. On more then one occasion, his impatience has lead to him spoiling the ambush.


His parents never officially got 'married'. One night, whilst his mother was still in her low twenties certain events during a celebration led to her and a young male isolating themselves from the others. Months later Fenrir was born, his size smaller then that of your average new born.

His mother was not one to take responsibility and had smuggled Fenrir into a group of pups being taken care of by one of the pup sitters and since then there had been no contact between them, Fenrir oblivious to who his parents are and the pup-sitter clueless to the appearance of a new pup in the litter acted normally. It was only when no one came to claim Fenrir, that his situation was brought to light. With no one coming forward, it was left to the sitter to care for him. His smaller size meant that he needed extra attention from the pup sitters, this extra attention has lead to him being rather spoiled and to this day he still enjoys the occasional pampering.

Talents: Has a lot of potential as a fighter, his slightly smaller frame enabling him to be faster and more agile thus he relies more on speed and fast reactions then out right strength. A keener sense of smell then most. His talents however are held back by his own inability to focus and polish them and his lack of discipline.

Crush: No one in particular

Kin: Unknown Parents

Other: "Youth has no Age"


Username: Totallydrow

Name: Phaine

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Lycan

Position: Warrior / hunter

Tribe: Tribe of the Green Leaves


- see his human appearance image. The sword and black guntlet.

- 2x this

Human Appearance: Human Appearance

- On his left Shoulder is a large birth mark that looks like this

Turned Appearance: Turned Appearance - face Full body appearance - tip of his tail is black.

- Coat color - see first image.

- On his left Shoulder is a black fur pattern that looks like this


A lone wolf, Phaine would much rather do things alone then partake in a pack activity. Due to what happened with his father, he feels the need to prove himself to the others to compensate for his fathers disgrace. Whilst he is a lone wolf, if a lycan of higher rank commands him to be part of a group he will obey, he just won't enjoy himself as much. He may come off as being anti-social as he tries to distance himself from others.


For the first few years he was raised like any other, a normal family, a normal upbringing. His father a warrior and his mother a herb gatherer, however that changed once his father became an omega; one that has fallen out of favor.


His father had abandoned his post along the border; word reaching him that his wife had been ambushed by some Draykans whilst out gathering some medicinal herbs. Despite being told that a pack of warriors had been dispatched to aide her, he still abandoned his post.


Upon reaching the spot, there was no sign of his wife besides a blood stained boulder. Whilst there were no major consequences of abandoning his post, it was still an unforgivable act and as punishment he was demoted to an Omega. Disgraced his father left the tribe.


Since that day Phaine has not spoken about his father to anyone and has since been somewhat of a lone wolf. Whilst he is a strong fighter and experienced combatant, he has shown little desire to advance past his rank as a warrior; feeling that due to his bloodline he is undeserving of such a thing and is inferior to the other Lycans


He holds no grudges against the former alpha's for their decision on making his father an omega.


Talents: Highly skilled fighter, he is both strong and quick on his feet. Skilled swordsman and close combat hand to hand.

Crush: No one in particular

Kin: Disgraced father, Deceased Mother.

Other: "Do not make mistakes, follow your orders to the law and do not fail"


Tribe of Burning Flames





Username: TMD/Twilight

Name: Tahon

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Species: Draykan

Position: Kaiser

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: Second sword from the right.

Human Appearance: Loopdy loop!

Turned Appearance: This is my basking ridge...

Personality: While Tahon might be tough and cruel to anyone that he sees, he is a loving mate to his Kaiserin. Other than that, he is usually cold and distant from the rest of the Tribe.

History: All that is known about Tahon is that he was an abused child.

Talents: Great at music.

Crush: His Kaiserin.

Kin: None loving.

Other: "All is fair in love and war."




Username: Moose

Name: Rei

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Species: Draykan

Position: Kaiserin

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: Flames (in turned form), knives, and poisoned darts.

Human Appearance: Rei is beautiful, but does not show off very often. Only during festivals or other special occasions does she appear to notice her beauty. On normal days, however, she wears a thick dress woven from dense wool and a wolf claw suspended on a necklace.

On a Normal Day On a Special Occasion Face

Turned Appearance: Rei is a rather muscular dragon. Her scales are an icy blue and her eyes are dark and black. She isn't particularly large, but she has a lot of fight in her, despite her being small.

Imagine she's blue (and has smaller wings)...

Personality: This draykan is rather laid-back for her race. She does things slowly and doesn't like to force anything. Rei takes out all her negative emotions on art and rarely ever expresses such feelings when around others. Her calm exterior can sometimes calm others around her and, because she is a leader, she often calms those who come to her in a state of distress. She likes to help others and often goes out of her way to do what's best for those around her. However, she is not perfect as far as personality goes. Due to her being so very calm, she plots against those she had grudges on (and she very often develops grudges) and sometimes has outbursts of emotion for no reason at all.

History: Rei grew up surrounded by bliss and art and was trained the ways of the fleetlings, despite being born to the two leaders of the tribe. They wanted her to be prepared in case a war should break out. So, despite her being rather small (perhaps 1.5 times the size of an average-sized wolf), she grew strong and became adept on the battlefield. But that wasn't the extent of her training. She was also taught politics, public speaking, philosophy, and art. The young leader is currently trying to learn how to use herbs and other mountain supplies to heal, but she isn't too good at it.

Talents: She can capture the likeness of almost any person if she has seen them even once.

Crush: She is in a relationship with her Kaiser.

Kin: Rei's parents died and she has no living siblings.

Other: "There is beauty in all chaos and chaos in all beauty."





Username: RainDash

Name: Aki

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Draykan

Position: Drummer

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: Fire (in turned form), Knives, and poisoned arrows

Human Appearance: She usually wears a poorly cut bear pelt that she brags she made. Her eyes are usually bright and full of mischievous thoughts. She actually looks much younger than she is. Not to mention she's barely over five feet two inches tall.

Normal Day (Minus the buckles) Special occasions Except with light blue eyes

Turned Appearance: Sans the metal band thingees

Personality: Childlike and full of energy would be putting it lightly. She's quick on her feet and even quicker to form battle plans. Most call her the 'idiot savant of battle strategies'. When it comes to tribe life and names of anyone not the leaders, she doesn't really care. Unless it's a good day for a prank or two. Then she knows just about everything about you. Most people know that if Aki knows your name, then you'd better be careful.

History: Aki was raised in a house of a warrior and an artist. Pushed both ways, but adept at neither, Aki believed herself stupid and unworthy of the tribe. She attempted to leave the tribe, but discovered an attack coming on by the Tribe of Green Leaves as she left. They didn't notice her, and she escaped back to Draykans and warned her tribe. She even set up traps, guided troops, and stepped on the old Drummer's toes. Unfortunately, her predecessor disregarded her advice and died during the battle. She was appointed to the rank and has since been scouting and fighting behind the scenes.

Talents: Very quick on her feet. She small, and can think up battle plans quickly.

Crush: Her mate?

Kin: Her parents

Other: "In my mind I've fought a thousand battles, and even if I don't win all of them, it's my job to make those wins a reality."




Username: TMD

Name: Uraka

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Species: Draykan

Position: Fleetling

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: Stone knife with bone handle, Painted longbow made from birch tree.

Human Appearance: Face, Similar to her clothing of deerskin.

Turned Appearance: Roar!

Personality: Spunky and loud, Uraka gets into all sorts of trouble. She drinks and cusses as much as a man, and behaves as one as well. This is why she hasn't gotten a mate yet. However, if you know her, she is actually someone nice to have around. She can also speak about many interesting things.

History: Her history is shadowed and dark. Some say that she is actually the daughter of a Laycan, due to her rowdiness. It isn't true, however.

Talents: Sneaking, stalking.

Crush: None.

Kin: None known.

Other: "Don't let anyone ever put you down. When someone says you can't do it, prove them wrong."


Username: ND

Name: Xieri

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Species: Draykan

Position: Shaman (he made it up)

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames (though loosely)

Weapons: A staff (it’s in one of the pictures below)

Human Appearance: Clothes and stuff Face His ears aren't pointy, though. Because stuff.

Turned Appearance: Rawr

Personality: Xieri isn’t one to follow the leader, rather straying off the path to do his own thing. Despite liking to live off on his own apart from the others, he isn’t a grump or hateful person; he just likes the tranquility of being alone. He has to keep himself busy, not liking long periods of time of nothing. Helping others is his top priority, either Draykan or Lycan, it does not matter to him, and for this reason he keeps his secrets well locked up. In the end, Xieri is practically a pacifist unless all other methods fail.

History: Xieri’s past is mostly unknown, for the fact that he doesn’t want anyone to know. It is known that he has perfected his practice over many years and it is always available- as long as one brings a shiny stone.

Talents: He’s a healer, a doctor, whatever you prefer. He also carves rocks and gems into fancy pieces of jewelry on his spare time.

Crush: None

Kin: None

Other: “What? I like my rocks. At least they’re quiet.”


Username: Shadowwolf6

Name: Tecum (Tek-um)

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Species: Draykan

Position: Fleeting

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: A longish sword that he normally keeps strapped to his back. It has a sturdy leather grip, and is made of bone.

Human Appearance: Completely white hair, reflecting his turned form. He wears tough hide which can withstand quite a bit, useful for him to take in the blows he takes from being a more close-combat fighter. He wears it light, though, to allow him to retain his agility.

Face (Ignore the pointy ears. They are... uhh... a figment of your imagination.)

Turned Appearance: 'Cause it's pretty.

Personality: He's quiet, and will avoid conversation if possible. He doesn't really like to talk about himself. Tecum is one of those calm guys who will take all of the verbal abuse in the world, if you are the right person. If you are not one of his kind, he will just save his anger for later. On a battlefield, he becomes a completely different person. Some might say he has multiple personalities, triggered by the adrenaline rush he gets when he swings his sword.

History: Pretty standard upbringing, just your average person.

Talents: Swift on his feet, able to weave between his opponent- not as fast as the best in the tribe, but packs a lot of punch.

Crush: None that he knows of, at least.

Kin: None known

Other: "My time will come, just as your time has come."








Tribe:tribe of burning flame

Weapons:Mystictor has a slingshot. He makes special darts that he uses in it.

Human Appearance:Mystictor has black hair and deep blue eyes. He is tall and has pale skin.

Turned Appearance:Mystictor's dragon form is a dark blue dragon with large and rather scaly wings

Personality: Mystictor is very kind and likes to help people. He is very talented and always uses his talent for good. He has never believe in the war but follows his orders to help the tribe. He is very careful about things and hardly ever gets into trouble.

History:Mystictor's father was a craftsman. He taught Mystictor everything he knows. He has been an only child sence his younger sister died eight years ago.

Talents:Mystictor is an excellent craftsman. He can fix/make almost anything, and everyone knows that. When ever someone needs something fixed/made, they come to Mystictor.


Kin:mother and father

Other:Always look before you step.


Username: Shadowwolflegend

Name: Freda

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Species: Draykan

Position: Fleeting

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: Fire (in turned form) The One labled Trikal It’s a Pole staff like Trikal in the picture the tip being made out of bone.

Human Appearance: Face and Normal clothes (Just ignore the ears they are not pointed you just think they are and the rune on her forehead...) Festival Clothing

Turned Appearance: Better be my good side (Just ignore the runes on the body and wings.)

Personality: She tends to go exploreing, trying to find items that can be used to trade with others, Because of this if she finds something that she feels could be useful she will try everything in her power to obtain it.

History: Freda always tended to find shiny things at a young age. She always gave them away to whoever had something that she wanted ether it be a snack or some other item that caught her interest at the time. She tends to be gone for long periods of time in search for items returning for about a week before heading off again to look for new items. She does stay longer during the Mating Festival and Meetings but once they are done she is off again.

Talents: Great at finding materials of high value and sell them for items she needs. ( Think of her as a trader)

Crush: None that she knows of

Kin: One Brother

Other: “Don’t expect me to give you something without payment.”


Username: ArchiosLukos

Name: Adstrum

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Draykan


Primary: Hunter

Secondary: Tribe Romeo

Tertiary: Artist

Tribe: The Tribe of Burning Flames


Primary: ornate bone dagger

Secondary: bone staff

Tertiary: Tooth and Claw

Human Appearance:

-image: [Link] ((because all of the good male pictures are elves, ignore the ears)

-eyes: artic blue

-hair: bleach blonde

-skin: fair

-height: 5'11"

-weight: 194 lbs

-build: muscular


-- wolf fur vest

-- wolf fur boots

-- leather trousers

-- dragon headdress

-- ceremonial dress

Turned Appearance:

-image: [Link]

-eyes: red

-color: Black with a purple sheen in the light

-height: 7'3" at the shoulder, 14'3" long

-weight: 189 lbs

-build: muscular, fast



- Adstrum is extremely flirtatious and coy as well as playful. He isn't too selective about his women so long as she looks pretty and lets him do what he likes.

- He doesn't always like men very much. This is probably because of his aptitude towards women and he sees them as competition even when they're trying to be friendly.

- He is more of a lover than a fighter and his words tend to stave off violence fairly well. However, he will fight fiercely and even to the death if need be and he has no qualms with seeing Draykan blood.


-was born

-was raised

-strived to outdo his older brothers

-became a bit of a jerk for attention

-here we are


Primary: hunting

Secondary: painting

Tertiary: flirting




- three older brothers


- "They say to let your heart be your guide and so that's exactly what I'm doing."


Username: DP

Name: Sachi

Age: 26

Gender: female

Species: Draykan

Position: Fleeting

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: arrows and daggers that she crafted herself.

Human Appearance: Sachi but without the kimono.

festival garb: this

outfit for other times of the year after the festival: this

Turned Appearance: closest color I could get to her hair

Personality: quiet most of the time since she doesn't talk much, kind, sweet, stubborn, and a bit sensitive.

History: doesn't talk about it much and just keeps it to herself.

Talents: crafts her own weapons and has a pretty singing voice.

Crush: a bit undecisive as to whom she likes at the moment.

Kin: none living

Other: "I love you for who you are and not for what or who you're supposed to be."


Username: StormCry

Name: Narri

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Draykan

Position: Fleetling

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: Boomerang and double boot daggers

Human Appearance: user posted image

Turned Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Friendly, fun loving, and adventurous, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with Narri. She loves to get out and try new things and have fun. She enjoys being around people, trying new challenges, and making others feel happy and good. She occasionally enjoys a good skirmish, but prefers things to stay peaceful and free-flowing. She hates prolonged conflict, feeling suffocated and constricted by it.

History: Raised by an elderly woman with as sharp mind and as good of humor as anyone, Narri is strong minded, witty, happy, and outgoing, always ready to pass a smile to someone. She loves riddles and puzzles, and can outwit most, often enjoying to toy with the minds of her opponents before finishing the game….or the battle. Though she likes an occasional skirmish, she dislikes long, drawn out conflicts. They make her feel suffocated and constricted.

Talents: she has sharp eyes and ears, can be quiet when she wants to, is good at hiding, and is very observant… so she is skilled at spying.

Crush: Tecum intrigues her and puzzles her terribly, because of his quiet, deep personality. But she thinks highly of Mystictor, because he is kind and helpful to others. However, she’s never going to stop and try to get any man’s attention. She believes it should be the other way around, and besides that, she has far more better things to do than chase boys.

Kin: She has an elderly grandmother that she lives with and cares for. Her father was killed when she was little, and her mother passed away from grief not long after that.

Other: “Do you wanna live forever?”


Username: Totallydrow

Name: Vrael (Vhra-ale)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Draykan

Position: fleetling

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames


- Dragon Teeth, claws, Tail, Fire

- Daggers

- Concealed Dragon Bone Dagger (Used to belong to his foster mother)

Human Appearance:

How he looks

- Clothes : White linen shirt, long black pants, leather boots, leather belt.

Turned Appearance: Dragon Form

Personality: Vrael can sometimes come off as immature, his tendency to make a joke out of everything has often landed him in hot water with the other tribe members. Whilst he does respect his elders, he will sometimes question their views... especially if it requires him exerting energy in a task he has no interest in. Under circumstances were others may be in a state of seriousness; such as a war, Vrael won't be; especially if he can make a game or squeeze some fun out of it. It is very rare for him to loose his temper, but it does happen.


In terms of battling; he is more rogue like. His preferance for ambushing the target another way for him to make fun of the situation (think, jumping out from a corner and saying boo!)


History: An orphan from war. During the fight against the Lycan's, his young inexperienced mother had left the tribe to join his father in the fight; despite the warnings from the older females. Due to her inexperience and lack of any real combat training, she fell victim to a group of lycans that had managed to ambush her in a clearing.

The stress of the situation caused her to go into labor; she died upon giving birth to Vrael. Left for dead and alone in the field the newborn hatchling looked like he would not make it however luck was shining on him, flying back to the tribe an elder female healer spotted the deceased mother and upon closer inspection saw the squirming frame of Vrael. From that day she raised him as her own until the age of 17 where she too passed away; age finally catching up with her.


As for his father, his current wherebouts are unknown. He dissappeared during the war and no body has been found.


Talents: Getting into trouble, trickery, close combat - daggers, deviating from plans. Sleeping.

Crush: - As far as he knows, none.

Kin: Foster mother - deceased,birth mother - deceased, father - unknown

Other: His flame has two colors, whilst the majority of it is orange like his dragon scales, there are also fragments of black colored streaks in it. Catchphrase: "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun"


Username: Sylverfinger

Name: Jori

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Species: Draykan

Position: Fleetling

Tribe: The Tribe of the Burning Flames

Weapons: Double-headed spear made of ironwood and bone

Human Appearance: Short red hair, bright blue eyes, average height, slender. Wears mountain cat pelt clothing.

Turned Appearance: Smaller than most draykans

Personality: The first thing most people think when they see Jori is 'rebellious'. She makes it almost her mission to stand out. Jori challenges authority; she is her own master - within limits, of course. Sometimes when no one is nearby, though, she withdraws and a glimmer of something else shows.

History: Jori was a foundling, and grew up a runt amongst larger, more powerful fledglings. She never was able to quite mix with others, and so she would go off alone - and practice fighting and (when she could) flying. Her dream was to be the best fleetling in history when she grew up. As she got older, she kept practicing, excluding herself from the others willingly. Gradually, however, she began to socialize more with other draykans. It was still more a farce than anything, though. She built a reputation as a fiery, rebellious, somewhat reckless draykan.

Talents: Higher agility in human and turned forms; combat

Crush: None yet

Kin: None that she knows of

Other: "I'm going to do it."


Username: IceFyr1928


Name: Ryu-en


Age: 23


Gender: Male


Species: Draykan


Position: Loner


Tribe: N/A


Weapons: Everything here (only one bow) plus the war bow he has in the human appearance.


Human Appearance: BOOM! Like a bau5.


Turned Appearance: Basic appearance | In battle | Close up facial detail


Personality: Ryu-en is quiet for a Draykan, and is highly observant of his surroundings. As such, it is quite difficult to sneak up on him. He tends to regard others with hostility, and it is not rare that he has attacked another Draykan. He does not see a difference between the tribes, and his personal view on the war is that the fighting will only kill off the two sides, giving more territory to loners and deserters such as he. He sees females as weak and inferior, which is the main reason why he has yet to find a mate. Ryu-en is impartial to the existence of hybrids, though he respects them a bit more than other species. He favors to use his powerful war bow, however, when hunting, he likes to use a smaller, much quieter bow. He is a master marksman with both of them, which comes from shooting a bow since he could hold one. He also knows how to make complex traps from the most unlikely items. For example, he can make a basic snare trap using nothing but a length of fern, which also helps hide i in the undergrowth of his forest home.


History: Ryu-en was born in the Clan of Burning Embers, and lived thee for two years until the incident. His mother was taking him to a meeting, carrying Ryu-en in her claws, when an arrow mortally wounded her. The origins of the arrow are still unknown, but the clan did not discover her until it was too late. Ryu-en was already gone, and his mother already dead. Ryu-en wandered the forest for days, it was a miracle he survived, Jen often told him, before he met Jen, a hybrid that had witnessed the incident and felt pity for young Ryu-en. He took the young Draykan under his wing, teaching him everything he needed to know to survive as a loner. However, along with adopting his survival skills, Ryu-en also adopted Jen's mentality about the clans. He and Jen survived together for ten years, living as father and son, before another tragic event happened. A pack of wolf-men had discovered Jen, and pursued him. Jen he been able to hide Ryu-en away, promising to return. He never did. This hardened Ryu-en's resolve against the clans, and drove him to his reclusiveness. This event showed him that outsiders could not be trusted, and from then on he blamed every intruder he came accross of Jen's murder, even if they aren't a wolf-man. He has survived among the Uncharted Lands to this day, living as a nomad.


Talents: Ryu-en is quite stealthy, along with being a good scavenger and hunter.


Crush: None


Kin: Unknown...


Other: "I'll hear your doubts after I've left you to die in the middle of nowhere..."

Ryu-en calls the two races wolf-men and dragon-men respectively, due to his lack of training in the species and clans. Out of respect of Jen, he does not call hybrids any defiling names, instead finding their true names first.


Username: Aralyn27

Name: Layla

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Draykan

Position: Fleetling

Tribe: Tribe of Burning Flames

Weapons: A dangerously sharp dagger that she keeps strapped to her waist at all times (except when turned), with a bone handle and a small ruby in the handle. She also keeps a bow nearby if the need for it arises.

Human Appearance: user posted image

(older than she looks in this picture)

Turned Appearance: user posted image

Personality: Layla has a very fierce personality, and can be opinionated if she has something to say. She is strong, sometimes makes rash decisions, has a red hot temper, and not usually too quick to trust, but when she does, you have her absolute loyalty. She would do anything for the few friends who love her, despite her flaws.

History: She was raised by a friend of her parents, who she was not close with, after her parents had died. She didn't know them, however, and doesn't get upset one bit to talk about them, but there wasn't much to say because they died just days after her birth.

Talents: She has amazing skill with her bow, or any craft that includes weapons. She is also pretty good at patching up wounds.

Crush: nada

Kin: Nada

Other: "In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away."

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Hybrid Rogues



Username: TMD/Twilight

Name: Connor

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Species: Laycan

Position: N/A

Tribe: N/A

Weapons: A wooden club.

Human Appearance: Well, hello there.

Turned Appearance: Black fur and gray stripes.

Personality: Connor is actually kind of sweet and shy. Other than that, he kind of secluded from the rest of the world.

History: Connor used to be part of the Tribe of Burning Flames. When he was born, his mother knew that he was to be killed. So she abandoned him and he survived on his own.

Talents: Survival.

Crush: None.

Kin: None living.

Other: "There is no such thing as right or wrong."


Username: Shadowwolflegend

Name: Remy

Age: 25

Gender: male

Species: Hybrid

Position: None

Tribe: Neutral

Weapons: Flint Knives and a spear

Human Appearance: Remy has black hair that just passes his chin with dark blue almost violet eyes. Face Clothes He normally wears clothes like these only without the necklaces and the robe.

Turned Appearance: Remy Has a lean body all muscle no fat and can fly a short distance with his wings.

Personality: Remy is normally quiet and observes what is going on before deciding what to do next, though he does have moments where he acts without thinking.

History: Remy’s mother was a Draykan while his father was a Lycan. His mother knowing that being found out would be not only the death of her son, but of her mate and herself she abandoned him at the edge of the unknown lands. Though it was too late for her and her mate once the deed was done. Remy was left to fend for himself learning that being quiet and waiting is a main key to survival.

Talents: Is very silent when he walks and can tell how far away something is by the foot prints and scat from minutes to days.

Crush: None

Kin: Parents are dead

Other: “Even monsters deserve a chance to live.”


Username: RainDash

Name: Liara

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Species: Laycan

Position: None

Tribe: None

Weapons: Flint knife, her teeth

Human Appearance: I can't help it if I'm that pretty. (Not red, but bright green. No pointed ears either. )Roomy and comfortable.

Turned Appearance: What chu want?

Personality: Prickly and antisocial, it's surprising that she's ever had a single friend. She's more of a fighter than a talker, and prefers actions over words.

History: At a young age, she was abandoned in the Unknown lands and left to die. She refused to die. End of story.

Talents: Survival

Crush: None.

Kin: None known or living.

Other: "Winner decides who's right and wrong. It doesn't matter until I've won."









Weapons:Heradara uses a bow and arrow

Human Appearance:Heradara has short chocolate colored hair.

Turned Appearance:(pretend it has horns tongue.gif)

Personality:Heradara is very protective about what is hers. Most people think shes rude but she tries not to be. This is probably because she likes to be the boss of people.

History:When Heradara was born, her family was killed. Her father got away with her and taught her how to survive. When she was old enough, her father left her to fend for herself.




Other:"There is no good or evil, only power"-Lord voldimort

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I have to join this!!!


Can I be the alpha female? /I'll get a profile up in a minute

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[i claimed the Alpha Female... ^^ If you want a high female role, the Kaiserin is open.]

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(May I reserve the Kaiserin?)

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((Hi I'd love to join! Can you reserve me the delta spot in the tribe of green leafs while I work on my character Thanks:)))

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(Shall we start? Are you ready, TMD?)

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[Let's get this party started!]


Aki was flying about the tribe. It was one of the things she loved to do. To point out each little flaw in planning or where it was strongest. Also to see if a family received her present of a harp which strings were ever so slightly warped so that it would be out of tune. It was a game to her, to play to see how everyone would react. It was easy that way too, because then people would show her what they truly thought. If they hated her, they hated her, if they thought it was funny, they laughed. Not unlike her parents, who were so transparent. Be an artist, be a warrior. She was good at neither. She was given a bow, but couldn't hit anything unless it was still. Even then, it would a be miracle if she hit it in a vital spot...

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Tahon flapped merrily in the mountains. He was patrolling his lands. You know, sometimes the lycans could sneak in... And he didn't want that... He flapped more rapidly and soared into the clouds. Ah... This is great... he thought, laughing. He wondered where everyone was.

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As Javon raced through the forest he felt the exhilarating thrill of the wind through his fur and the ground beneath his paws. Skidding to a stop Javon morphed back into a human as he neared the Flame Wood. Such a beautiful place Javon thought to himself as he walked among the red-brown trees that sparkled with morning dew, a perfect kind of beauty that mellows the heart and calms the soul. And yet at its border lies another beauty, the kind that is rugged and free, that makes your mind wander and your beliefs run free. A beautiful place. As Javon finished his own kind of prayer he quickly moved with the lope of a wolf to the very edge of the Flame Wood and stared out over the Unknown Lands letting his thoughts carry him away.

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(Limited posting due to emotional issues and homework.)


Rei ruffled her hair slightly and walked along, surveying her camp. She wasn't sure where her Kaiser had gone, but it didn't concern her much right then. She was merely looking for a good scene to paint. Ah. It was beautiful up in the mountains, but she grew weary of the rocky cliffs and snow. The emerald forests below sparkled and caught her attention day after day, but she also reminded herself of the fact that she would never lurk amongst the trees and the green fauna. It would always be alluring and captivating, but it would would always be out of her reach.

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Somni sat in a tree near camp. She felt a breeze in her face as she stared off the unknown lands. Somni then felt herself nodding off to sleep. All of a sudden, she remembered that she had cracked the handle on her dagger. I'm glad I remembered that. I would have had to do that over night! she thought as she jumped down and headed back to camp. Edited by Flamma

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Suddenly she heard laughter. It was Tahon! She'd know him anywhere. Mostly because he was the only one she bothered to know for an extended amount of time. She turned and waved at him. "Hi Kaiser!" She used his title because she was afraid she'd say 'Talon' instead of Tahon. Again. She wove her way up to him, and tried to talk. "What cha doin' up here? Are you wondering how to fortify the upper left quadrant? Because that's fine, it's that other side you have to worry about, even if we aren't going to war-" She caught herself. She was rambling again. "Uh, sorry. It's just so easy to get caught up in that stuff..."

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"... Oh hello." Tahon looked down at the drummer. "... It's okay. I was just thinking about taking some time for myself."



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"But you're the leader. Doesn't everyone say that its a full time job?" She asked, looping around. Even in the air she couldn't sit still. She was always moving, twitching and flying and running, as long as she could move she was happy. How could people sit still and enjoy life? "Are you gonna go to the secluded cave with Rei for a while? People say that it's a great place! I dunno why, but after a while, people who go there have big bellies! Is Rei gonna have a big belly soon too?" Vaguely aware her mouth was running much faster than her mind, she ended at the last question. Maybe he wouldn't answer and he would storm off like everybody else. "Oh, uh, you don't have to answer that... I just ramble..."

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Aki seemed to be more energetic than usual. Tahon felt himself warming up when she went on and on asking questions, but he supposed that she was just... A happy draykan. "... Maybe she will, maybe she won't." Tahon answered as calm as he could, shrugging and beating in place. Well... Now that he thought of it... "... Aki, are you sure that there's no lycans around here? Or hybrids?" he had seen one once. Bigger than a lycan, but it was such as horrifying beast that it sent shivers down his spine.

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"Well... uh, no. But the forest's not somewhere I can factor into the building plans... I have not been there very much. The trees offer a lot of hiding spots and areas to strike. Also, I haven't been watching for them. Why? Is there a surprise attack coming? Well, it wouldn't be a surprise attack because we knew about it would it? A foiled surprise attack then?" She asked, curious. She knew something about the lycans being enemies, but nothing about hybrids. There were too few of them to make a frontal assault anyway. It would come crashing down faster than they could build up their numbers. Which meant that it would be nonexistant. Everyone knew that hybrids were sterile. Aki had no idea what that meant, but she knew they couldn't have children at all. She did another lazy loop as she waited for an answer from Tahlon.

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"... Maybe they will go and attack? Who knows?" Tahon followed Aki and grinned. She was always a nice drummer. "... Hey... Do you think Rei likes me? Like.. A lot?"


[Training new dog.]

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