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My Poetry

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I have been writing a lot of poems lately, so here are some:

(Quick note - most of my poems use metaphors so if I say something like "The flowers will bloom" I'm probably not talking about flowers x3)




A storm is brewing

I see the dark clouds on the horizon

Tension is in the air

Some say it will not come

But it will

There is nothing we can do to stop it

Every day brings more clouds

Every minute leads us closer

Closer to the moment

The moment of the storm

It is coming

Even if you say it will not come

Deep inside you know that is a lie

The storm will bring dark clouds

Angry winds

And booming thunder

It will be hard to survive

But we will

Because after every storm there is a rainbow


I Smile Back

I hate it when he gets mad

I hate it when he tells me I should be ashamed

I hate all this and much, much more

I used to cry or huddle in the corner

But now I've found the courage

The courage to stand up and smile

I won't let him take me down without a fight

When he tells me I'm wrong

I just smile back

Because crying won't help

Yelling back isn't the answer either

He says I owe him an apology

But I'm not ready to say sorry

I might never be ready

He hurt me, he hurt me so much

And it's hard to forgive someone who hurt you

So instead just stand up and smile.

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I don't mind "requests". You can just suggest what the poem should be about, for example: "Can you please write a poem about friendship?" or something like that.

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